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Toys and Strangers


Lisa loved going to the adult store and didn't go often enough. In a way that was okay with her because she didn't want the fun to "wear off" (oh yeah, right, as if it ever could!). But today she was due for a trip. Her vibrator had worn out, big surprise...between her web cam and satisfying her own needs who knows how many times a day, she was lucky it had lasted as long as it did. So she was off to go shopping and was going to make it a good time for all. She was very horny lately and in the mood to find a stranger who would just play with her for an hour or so, then go his way. Was that possible? She was going to find out because that ache between her legs was getting worse by the minute!

She threw on a sundress, a wispy little thing that she could be naked under. She wanted to walk through that door and make sure those guys saw tits and pussy approaching and make sure they got her message: touch me between my legs. She wore flat sandals, showing off yesterday's pedicure. Her reddish brown hair hung loosely in soft curls and her make up was soft, feminine, alluring, as was the gentle but musky scent forming around her sex.

It was just around 1 p.m. when she reached the store. She had tried Saturdays and had had a fair amount of flirtatious fun but today was Tuesday. She knew they did a good business during the week.

She walked in slowly, standing in the doorway while adjusting her eyes from the daylight. She knew that her sundress was transparent and as a couple of men down the aisle ahead of her looked up they could see she was standing their with her legs apart, allowing them a powerful first glance at the silhouette of her shapely thighs. She entered the store and gazed at the magazines. There was little action over there so she glanced around as if looking for something and made her way to the DVD aisle.

She perused titles on lesbian action, group and swinger sex, bdsm, then found what she really wanted to see: exhibitionism. She stopped at that section and slowly began reading one DVD title after another. She figured that if someone in the store was going to be interested in her, this would be the best way for him to know exactly what was on her mind. She felt encouraged when a man she thought to be just around 50 or so slowly strolled down the same aisle and stopped a few feet away from her. She looked at him briefly. He was attractive, tall with salt and pepper hair and glasses. He was dressed casually in khaki pants and navy polo shirt. He smiled at her, gave her a quick wink and she invited him over with a smile and wink of her own.

There were five or six other men in the store, one of them looked up and watched this guy move towards her. Why was he interested? Had he waited too long to make his move? He was good looking too, dressed as casually as the other guy, not quite as tall, fit looking.

Anyway, her new friend approached slowly, taking in the whole of her appearance. The sundress was a material maybe just this side of thin-enough to be legal in public. As she watched him approach she saw his eyes move from her face to her nipples. Yeah, he was hers if she decided she wanted him.

He stood a couple of feet closer now as they both looked over DVDs. She pulled one from the shelf about a woman on a nude beach and when she looked at him, he shook his head a little as if to say that wasn't the one. He pulled one from the shelf and showed it to her as if playing the role of salesman. The woman was in a parking lot in the daylight, leaning up against a car and holding up her skirt, her panties gathered around her ankles, and a hungry man's mouth was on her pussy, his hands holding her swollen lips apart. In the background were several men watching.

She looked him in the eye, with just the hint of a grin and took the DVD from him as she made her way to the toy wall. This was her favorite part of the store. They had things she had never even heard of and it always aroused her intensely to look at these in public. She especially loved it when a guy watched her take a package from the display, look it over, touch the toy through the packaging, then put it back on its hook. Today was even better. Her friend followed her over to the toys.

She was ready to spend a few bucks here because she loved her toys. Her stranger was again just a few feet away from her and she was aware of her heart racing. This man wanted her, she knew that. And she wanted him to touch her. The how and the when...they had yet to be determined. But she knew it was going to happen. Now it was time to enjoy the foreplay.

She found a flesh-colored dildo with such graphic anatomical detail it could have been real! She removed it from the wall, looking closely at it through its plastic cover. It was a bit thicker than the average cock but she loved that feeling of being stretched while a guy pushed his thick meat into her, fitting tightly, hearing him moan as he broke through and moved deeply into her cunt. Oh man was she horny or what! This was a definite purchase.

Next she wanted to find something to buzz on her clit. That kind of toy was always good for a quick cum, especially when she was getting out of the shower on a work day, getting horny at the sight of her naked reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was good for playing on camera, too. She found a most captive audience when she could reach for her pussy, pull back the hood and let a couple of guys watch her orgasm with a buzzy toy vibrating on her clit. She could cum quickly and that's what they wanted so they could move on to the next hot on-line slut. She was no different. It was always a good night for her if she could find three or four cocks to shoot for her while they watched her masturbate.

He watched her in her thoughts, she stood still as if recalling something. He wanted to know what it was and he was ready to make a move. She wanted his attention.

"Decisions, decisions" he whispered to her from maybe two feet away.

She was awakened from her thoughts at the sound of his voice. She wanted that voice whispering in her ear, she wanted to hear him tell her what he wanted from her. She turned to him, nipples pressing against the sheer fabric of her dress. She reached for one of the dress straps, helped it fall from her shoulder. The swell of her breasts became more prominent and she looked into his eyes.

He took the signal for what it was and moved closer.

"Are you finding the toy you really want to find?" he asked.

His voice had quite an effect on her. It was low, husky, even. He sounded like a man in control, another very arousing quality for Lisa. She was always very aroused when a man took control of her body, used it for his own pleasure, causing her to surrender at so many levels. Finding this man was more than she had bargained for.

She found a very cute little deal, a brass tone cylinder shaped tormenter, battery operated.

"Well, I like both of these for different reasons" she said softly.

He eyed them both, the differences between them. Ah, he thought, she isn't fooling me. She likes it slow and deep sometimes, other times she wants it quick, hard.

"Hm. I can see the differences."

She was wet and felt her inner thighs becoming sticky. He leaned towards her and whispered, "You smell wonderful you know. You have the kind of gentle scent that men never forget. It's filling the air around us with a remarkable sweetness."

She could only look at him. He took the DVD and the two toys from her and spoke again.

"I can see the obvious differences. Now this one, the smaller one, would provide you with quick release, while the other would allow you to languish over fantasies as it moved slowly and deeply into you, stretching you to fit into you. Am I right?"

She gave him a throaty, suggestive giggle. He gazed intently into her eyes.

"Ah yes, I can see I am right. My name is Bill."

"Hi Bill. I'm Lisa" and she extended her hand to shake Bill's. He took her hand and while moving his eyes to her blushing cleavage and hard nipples he moved her hand slowly, waiting for hesitation from her and finding none, continued until her hand came to rest on his bulging crotch, his erection unmistakable. Her hand softly engulfed the mass there, aware of his balls, his cock straining against his pants. She gasped softly. He bent towards her and planted a very soft kiss on her cheek.

"Lisa, I think it's time for us to move the counter and pay for these items, don't you? And I won't take no for an answer, these are my gifts to you."

She was ready to follow him anywhere. They approached the counter and that same man was watching them again. Oh well, she thought, she'd be back soon enough and if he were here again, it would be his turn.

Bill took out cash, paid for the purchases and led Lisa outside. Lisa tried to direct him to her car but they continued walking. The parking lot of the store went from front to one side of the building. There was no parking allowed in the back but that's where he led her. Her heart pounded and all she wanted was his hands on her, whatever he wanted from her, he could have.

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