tagLesbian SexTracey & Lindsey

Tracey & Lindsey


"That miserable son of a bitch!" Tracey screamed as she slammed her way into the Ladies Room at the club. She could barely see her way through her tears as she pushed her way into one of the stalls and just sat on one of the commodes. "That rotten, cheating bastard!" she sobbed into her hands and feeling her heart break.

- - - - -

The evening had started out much differently. Tracey had been dating Barry for almost a year. He'd been sweet and understanding, considerate and tender. He was everything a graduating college senior could ask for in a boyfriend. Their relationship had begun in a study group and had moved slowly into a pairing. While they had not had sexual relations yet, she had permitted him to feel her breasts during their passionate kissing sessions in his car.

Tonight was going to change all that. She had made up her mind that she was going to give him her virginity this very night. She'd carefully chosen her outfit for the evening with an eye for its impact as it came off. After trimming and shaving and splashing some cologne in some interesting places., she'd put on her tiniest black micro-thong and then a short black "pleather" skirt. She topped it off with a scoop-necked button front silk blouse in a rich royal blue. God, how she loved the feel of silk against her bare nipples! Between the feel of the silk and her plans for the night, she knew her nips would be hard all evening. Sliding her feet into a pair of kickin' slings, she grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

She hooked up with her best friend, Lindsey, as she passed through the dorm lobby. Together they piled into Lindsey's Mustang and drove to the club. Like Tracey, Lindsey was dressed to kill in short shorts and a translucent halter-top. Tracey could easily see Lindsey's nipples and areolas through the thin material. Yep, there was no doubt; they were going to turn heads at the club.

Once in the club, she decided to start the evening with a drink she'd tried the last time. Part Frangelico, part Bailey's, with a shot of milk, a "Nutty Irishman" sounded like the perfect drink for her mood. As she sipped her drink, she saw Barry walk in to the club. He looked around but, before she could signal him, he turned and walked down among the tables near the lower dance floor. She slipped through the crowd and tried to catch up to him. She could see his head as he moved further into the crowd to the corner booth. It took her a few moments to navigate the crowd but soon she was approaching the booth where Barry had sat. There was a break in the crowd and for a moment, she had a clear view into the booth.

Barry was kissing another girl. In fact, he had his hand up her skirt as he kissed her and she had her hand inside his unzipped fly. Suddenly, all those nights when he was unavailable made sense; he was dating the both of them at once! She walked over to the booth and stood there, silently, watching them kiss and fondle each other. The girl opened her eyes for a moment and made eye contact with Tracey at which point she pushed Barry back to break the kiss. He turned and saw Tracey.

"Tracey! What are you doing here?" he stammered as he tried to zip his trousers around his erection.

"Here, let me help you with that," Tracey said as she grabbed the glass of ice water off the table and poured it into his pants. "You prick! We had a date tonight, remember?" Turning to the girl, Tracey added, "Seems he's been two-timing us both. He's all yours now, I'm through with this asshole." Tracey then turned and stormed through the club, her tears starting as she reached the door to the Ladies Room. - - - - - "Tracey, are you okay?"

At the sound of Lindsey's voice, Tracey started trying to get herself back in control of her emotions. She stood up and slid the bolt back on the door of the stall, She walked over to the sink and started to clean her smeared makeup. As she splashed the cool water onto her face, Lindsey explained she had seen the end of the confrontation. She started to laugh when she reached the part where Tracey had poured the ice water into Barry's crotch.

"Let me help you with that! Girl, that was so funny, especially the look on his face as that ice hit! And you missed the best part. That little ho he was with slammed her fist down on his soaked 'nads as she cussed him up one side and down the other. That's one boy that will be out of action for a while. Of course, once the school grapevine gets a hold of this, it will be a cold day in hell before he gets another date. Here, turn around and let's get your face back on."

"I'm not sure I want to go back out there," Tracey said.

Lindsey touched up Tracey's makeup. "Of course you're going back out there! We are going to get some fresh drinks and dance our hearts out. That will show everyone that you are not wrecked by that jerk."

"Oh, Linds, I'm not ready to dance with any guys tonight. You just don't know how close I came to making a big mistake tonight. I was going to sleep with him tonight!"

"Whoa, rewind that thought. You were going to give it up to HIM? Trace, you've held out throughout high school and now we are nearing the end of our senior year at college! You're the only professional virgin I know!" Seeing the look on Tracey's face, Lindsey added, "Well, at least you found out about him before you did! I wondered about the outfit - it was just a bit more outrageous than your usual button-down style. You know, if you want to really loosen up some, go for the Britney look and unbutton a few of those buttons from the bottom. Show that flat tummy of yours."

"Linds, I'm not wearing anything under this shirt!"

"So what? Just undo a few... say even with the bottom of your tits. The men will make fools of themselves hoping for a glimpse."

After a few hesitant moments, Tracey unbuttoned a couple of buttons, exposing her new navel ring. She looked it the mirror, studying how the outfit looked. She shifted from side to side, seeing how the shirt swung. After taking a deep breath, she undid one more button and then turned to Lindsey as said, "Let's go party!"

After getting a fresh Nutty Irishman for each of them, the two girls took over a table at the edge of the upper dance floor. Lindsey grabbed Tracey by the hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. The two began to dance and enjoy themselves. After about every fourth song, they would take a break, return to their table and drink some more of their drinks. The waitress kept an eye on their table, refilling the glasses whenever they were emptied. Several drinks later, neither Tracey nor Lindsey was feeling any pain. Their dancing was becoming even more uninhibited. Neither girl had danced with any of the men that had asked. Instead they concentrated on each other, making sure they were having a good time.

As they danced, they moved closer together, really playing up to one another to the cheers of the guys around the dance floor. Lindsey reached over an undid another button, exposing the bottom edges of Tracey's breasts with each swing of her shirt. She leaned forward and whispered into Tracey's ear, "Let's give 'em a Madonna moment." Taking Tracey's head in her hands, she leaned in and kissed Tracey's soft lips.

Time seemed to stop for Tracey. She had never felt a kiss like this before. Lindsey's lips were soft and sweet rather than hard and demanding as Barry's always were. Her breath was sweet; not like an ash tray. Lindsey's hand resting on her bare stomach was electric. She forgot to dance; she forgot to breathe. The crowd noise faded away and her awareness shrank to Lindsey's lips and that one hand. When Lindsey pulled back, reality flooded back in; the chanting males calling for more, the whistles and catcalls. Confusion swam through her mind as she blushed a bright red.

Lindsey laughed as she pulled Tracey back to the table. "That blush reached half way down your tummy!" Tracey tossed the remainder of her drink down her throat in one swallow then signaled the waitress for another. As she looked at her friend, all she could feel was Lindsey's hand on her stomach and lips on her mouth. She'd liked it ... a lot. As if sensing her friend's confusion, Lindsey spoke again. "Trace, I hope your okay with what just happened. It seemed like the thing to do at the moment with the way everyone was carrying on around us. And, well, I have to admit I liked it. That was some kiss. Girlfriend, you have the softest lips!"

Taking a deep swallow from her fresh drink, Trace looked at her friend and then said very softly, "I liked it, too."

Lindsey grinned, looked at her watch, and then said, "Lord, look at the time. Let's finish these and head back, okay? It's almost two!" They tossed their drinks down, paid the tab, and then headed out to Lindsey's car. Once in the car, Lindsey turned to Tracey.

"Trace, what you said inside. Did you mean it? About liking the kiss?"

"Yes, I did. I liked it very much. It was ... more ... intense than anything I have ever experienced." Tracey looked at her friend and then leaned toward her, tilting her head into alignment. The second their lips made contact, Lindsey reached toward Tracey, sliding her hand inside her unbuttoned shirt and along her ribs. Tracey pushed her tongue slightly into Lindsey's mouth and Lindsey slid her hand up onto Tracey's breast, brushing her hard nipple. Tracey groaned in her throat as small shocks of pleasure arched through her body. Barry's touch had never done that to her. The light scratch of Lindsey's fingernails on her sensitive breast was electrifying. Tracey kissed her harder, tangling her hands in Lindsey's hair as Lindsey used both hands to explore her bared breasts. Shivers of pleasure raced through her, all centering in the growing heat in her groin. Lindsey moved her head downwards and captured one of Tracey's erect nipples with her teeth and tongue. Tracey's shuddered as the spring that had been wound within her released at once in a small orgasm.

Lindsey sat up and started the car. "We'd better get back home before we get arrested for public indecency." Tracey just leaned back into her seat and smiled, her now completely unbuttoned shirt still open so her breasts were on display to Lindsey whenever she looked over. When they pulled into the dorm lot, Lindsey leaned over, kissed one pert nipple, and then pulled Tracey's shirt closed. They excited the car and walked inside.

Since Lindsey was a Resident Advisor, she had a room to herself and had to be available in the night so the two girls made their way to Lindsey's room. Lindsey closed the door behind them, and then took Tracey into her arms. She pulled Tracey's shirt off her shoulders and resumed her explorations of her pert breasts. Tracey reached behind Lindsey's head and untied the straps of her halter, then slid her hands down over her friend's ample breasts. She was surprised at their weight in her hands, so different from her own perky b-cup size. She could feel Lindsey's nipples grow even longer and harder as she caressed them. Then came that sensuous moment when they hugged, their breasts pressed together - nipples touching nipples. Lindsey's hands drifted down along her spine to the waistband of her skirt. Tracey felt the zipper slide down and then Lindsey unfastened the waistband. Her hands then began to slide under the waistband, pushing the skirt lower until it fell into a puddle at Tracey's feet.

Lindsey was surprised at the feel of bare skin rather than panties. There was nothing between her hands and her friend's firm buns except the skinny elastic bands of the micro-thong. She cupped her hands and drug her nails lightly up along the cheeks of Tracey's ass while watching her face. Tracey's eyes were closed and her head was tilted back slightly, her mouth partially open as her breath panted. Lindsey slid her hands further upwards coming around to the front to caress and tease her friend's breasts, then leaned forward to kiss her lips once more. Their tongues tangled in a frenzy as they stroked one another's breasts.

Lindsey took Tracey by the hand and led her across the room to the bed. Tracey sat and then reached to unfasten Lindsey's shorts. She slid them down her long legs and Lindsey stepped out of them. She stopped for a moment to admire the body displayed in front of her. Lindsey was beautiful and the black lace Victoria's Secret lingerie emphasized her curves. Even her pubis was clearly delineated by the tight lace. Biting her lower lip to still her trembling, Tracey reached over to the upper edges of the panties and slowly pulled them down Lindsey's body. As she'd expected from their conversations, Lindsey was shaved smooth just as Tracey herself had done earlier that night.

Tracey lay back upon the bed and let Lindsey slowly remove Tracey's thong. The small wedge of cloth had cupped her lower lips, barely covering the slit. Lindsey's breath caught in her throat as she removed the last tiny scrap covering Tracey's body. She had known Tracey was pretty but now she was even more stunning. Her slim, athletic body was toned and taut, and the slight puffiness of her nether lips showed Tracey was just as aroused as Lindsey herself. Lindsey lay down along side her friend and reached out to brush Tracey's chestnut hair from her face. Cupping Tracey's head, she pulled her closer and they began to kiss.

Lindsey moved over Tracey as the kiss grew more impassioned. She whispered "Just enjoy" as she moved Tracey's hands upwards to rest above her head on the pillows. Lindsey then began to kiss her way down along Tracey's neck and collarbone, running her tongue along her jaw line. Lindsey's hands were busy stroking Tracey's breasts and then she moved her lips down over the slopes of Tracey's breasts. She circled the small areolas, no bigger than a quarter, with her tongue, watching as Tracey's pencil eraser sized nipples hardened. She then closed her lips around the left nipple, applying light suction while pulling back slightly, tugging the nipple even longer. Swirling it first with her tongue, she then gently scraped her teeth along the sensitive bud. Tracey gasped as Lindsey repeated the process again and again. Lindsey switched to the other nipple while her fingers caressed the abandoned left nipple.

Tracey could not believe the sensations flooding her body and mind. She had never before felt anything like this. Her brief explorations with Barry had been harsher, bruising, demanding, insistent. With him, it was all about taking; Lindsey was merely giving pleasure without any demands. Lindsey's hands began to slide farther down Tracey's body, approaching a line that had never been crossed by anyone before.

Lindsey knelt between Tracey's knees as her hands slowly passed along Tracey's stomach and abdomen. She shifted her hands outwards so they passed over each hip and then down along the thighs. Then, slowly, she began to stroke upwards along the inner thighs and then lightly brushing over her labia. She repeated the circuit around, again approaching the juncture of Tracey's thighs. Tracey's breathing was becoming very rapid and her hips would push upward against Lindsey's palm as it passed over Tracey's vulva. Lindsey leaned forward and slowly ran her tongue along the cleft dividing the labia.

OhmyGod, ohmyGod, ohmyGod, ohmyGod! Tracey's mind exploded in a riot of sensation and colors as Lindsey's tongue caressed her. At the precise moment Lindsey's tongue touched Tracey's clitoris, Tracey's insides convulsed in a shattering orgasm. Her thighs quivered in sympathy to the waves of pleasure that washed through her again and again, each stronger than the previous one.

Lindsey's fingers spread Tracey's labia, exposing her clit to Lindsey's eager lips. She closed her lips over the throbbing bud and began to suck on it, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Her finger then drifted down the slick channel to Tracey's vaginal opening, slowly entering the virginal passage, teasing the opening with gentle touches as she continued to suck on the engorged clit.

Tracey's head tossed from side to side and guttural noises came from her throat as her passions were even more enflamed. The teasing pressure of Lindsey's fingers made her pump her hips, trying to push the fingers deeper inside. "Inside me...I need you inside me."

Lindsey slowly inserted one finger deeper into the lubricated channel, reaching the hymen after about an inch. A second probing finger slid in along side, filling the channel and applying even pressure on the membrane. As she increased the pressure, she drew her teeth along the sensitive clit, and Tracey pushed her hips hard against Lindsey's fingers, forcing them through the membrane and deep inside. Inarticulate sounds came from Tracey as she pumped her hips frantically, reaching higher levels of pleasure than she knew was possible until she peaked in a mind blowing explosion of sensations and color that faded into darkness as she passed out from the sensory overload.

Lindsey slipped from the bed and went to her private bathroom. Grabbing a wash cloth, she rinsed it with warm water and then returned to the bed. As she gently cleansed her lover's pubis of the trace blood smears from her deflowering. She was surprised by Tracey's passion as well as her own. Neither had ever discussed anything that would have implied an interest in girl-girl sex. Lindsey knew Tracey had never experimented before with anyone, male or female. In fact, Lindsey would bet that Tracey had never even touched herself sexually. Lindsey had to admit she herself had never expected anything like this; she'd never tried it before but had always been very drawn to Tracey since their days in High School. She guessed that now she knew why.

She became aware that Tracey was now awake and watching her as she continued to stroke Tracey's pubis without even being aware of it. Tracey gave her a shy smile and then pulled her down for a long, lingering kiss.

"That was absolutely incredible. I never suspected it was possible to feel anything like that! No wonder folks are obsessed with sex!" Tracey said after they stopped kissing and lay facing one another. "Is it always that good?"

"Well, I have to admit my experiences have not been that great. From what I could tell, you reached levels I never have."

"This is probably none of my business, but have you had much experience with girls before?"

"Nope. You are my first. I guess, in a way, we both lost our virginity tonight."

"You're kidding! I mean, the way you touched me and knew just what to do and when made me think you had done it all before!"

"Blame it on a fertile imagination and a shady past involving watching porno tapes. As for knowing how to touch you, I just went on what I like and how it makes me feel. I was only worried about hurting you which is why I was trying not to penetrate very deep. My boyfriend hurt me a lot the first time because he was in such a hurry and didn't get me ready for it. I think he was afraid we'd either get caught or I'd change my mind. As it was, he only lasted about three seconds after entry." She chuckled. "Plus he really wasn't very big so it was no big deal."

"Linds, how many lovers have you had?"

Lindsey was quiet for a moment and then said, "Two. Him and you." Tracey snuggled into Lindsey's arms, holding her close, and breathing in the warm scent of her perfume and pheromones. Realizing she was cradling her head against Lindsey's naked breasts, she shifted her head to place her lips against the turgid nipple. She touched it lightly with her tongue, curious about what it would feel like. Lindsey's sudden intake of breath told her that she was doing the right thing, so she closed her lips around the nipple and began to lightly suck it deeper into her mouth while her hand explored the contours of Lindsey's other breasts. As she had noted in the before, Lindsey's breasts were heavier than her own, yet still firm. She thought to herself - Charmin has nothing on these when it comes to being squeezable! As she stroked them, she noticed the nipples and areolas were changing color- growing darker and harder, now a dark red like berries. Lindsey's nipples were almost a half inch in diameter and were now almost standing three-quarters of an inch our from the surrounding areolas. She moved her head to the other nipple and began sliding her hand slowly down over her friend's stomach. As her hand reached the juncture of Lindsey's thigh, Lindsey opened her legs to give Tracey complete access to her most private places.

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