tagInterracial LoveTracey and the BBC

Tracey and the BBC


This was not how Bill had envisioned his weekend. As he approached the house, he thought of how he had just recently blacked out Ashley and had been looking forward to a weekend full of fucking her in his currently empty house. Ashley has developed the biggest tits in school over the last few months, and it has taken Bill just an afternoon to seduce her once he set his mind on it. Bill had to stop thinking of the titty fucking he had enjoyed that afternoon so that he did not have a hard on when he knocked on his aunt's door. Instead, he started to think of how he could enjoy the weekend. The work probably would not be too strenuous, and it was possible he could finish it in one day. Of course, he could always enjoy the company of his aunt Tracey as well. This thought caused his dick to stiffen again, so he tucked it in his elastic as he knocked on the door.

Tracey's heartbeat quickened as she heard the knock. Before arriving at the door she stopped to look in the mirror and ensure that everything was in place. She knew this was stupid. She had known Bill since he was 11 years old and she married his uncle Bob. Still, in the last seven years he had become a big and, she decided to admit it to herself, sexy man. She applied some mascara to give her deep blue eyes a saucer like appearance. She knew there was no sexual attraction between them... even though he was so big and sexy and SO so so black... because she was his aunt. She was 12 years older, had known him since he was a kid, and she was happily married to his uncle, she told herself. She applied gloss to give her lips a pink sheen. She had always taken tremendous pride in appearance she told herself. All of this primping was not to impress her incredibly sexy black nephew... even if she had always lusted after black men.,. it was just how she always prepared. She checked her ass in the mirror. Good, bubbly as usual. She was ready to open the door.

Bill was getting tired of waiting. He was alternating between damning his parents, away on yet another Christian mission to Africa, for threatening to cut off his car payments if he did not help his aunt around the house, and thinking of all that he could "help" his aunt with around her house. He would never want to hurt his uncle, but his sexual desires usually trumped all else. He knew that his aunt was not a realistic conquest however, as she seemed happily married to his uncle for the past seven years. Still, Bill knew that if the chance ever arose, he would not be able to stop himself from taking his aunt. Just as the sexual thoughts began to dominate his thinking, she opened the door.

Bill immediately ceased damning his parents. Tracey greeted him at the door looking incredible. Her shoulder length blonde hair was immaculate as always. Bill was confident that she dyed it, but you could not tell just from looking. Her deep blue eyes, truly beautiful and surrounded by expertly curled eyelashes, looked at him excitedly. She flashed him a full smile, surrounded by glossy pink lips, that caused him to grin himself. Her round face gave her a look of innocence that Bill found irresistible in white girls. She was wearing short, tight black workout shorts that showcases her large, round ass. That ass had always captivated Bill, even since he was 11 years old. He was glad that his aunt's recent running, an activity that she had taken up with his uncle Bob, had not left her as scrawny as it had left him. If anything, her spherical ass was now tighter. This effect was helped by the pink high heel shoes that were ever present with his aunt Tracey. Always a fashionista, she wore heels at every opportunity. Her silky pink top had a neck so wide that one bare shoulder was always visible. The outline of her C cup breasts was also visible, as Bill thought that running had only improved his aunt. As he admired his aunt's form, she pulled him in for the obligatory kiss.

Tracey was so glad her in-laws had sent her nephew over as she opened the door. In addition to the work that needed to be done, she would enjoy the eye candy that Billy was obviously meant to be, she playfully thought to herself. Her nephew had been 6'5 for years, but she still never associated him with the giant black man before her. Billy was wearing a white tshirt that showed off the impressive musculature that he had developed in the last few years. Tracey noted that her husband's physique, which was certainly not bad, would have been lost in such a shirt. On Bill however, it showed off the muscular bulges she found to be typical of black men. Tracey thought that Bill's light blue shorts were somewhat shorter than typical teenager length... long enough to hide whatever he had in there... although nothing scandalous. Tracey had never seen a person with darker skin than Bill, who really was basically black except for a slight brown hue. His features were traditionally African, large and overpowering in the nose and lips... and definitely in other places... and she had to admit, he was quite handsome.

Instead of standing there admiring her nephew Tracey decided it was best to greet him. At 5'5, and wearing heels, she was able to reach up to Bill's neck and pull him down for the kiss that she had always greeted him with since he was 11 years old. When he was a child he had resisted the kiss and she had needed to bribe him, but as he grew older he became accustomed to it. Tracey always kissed Bill to the side of his mouth, but on this occasion she allowed the corner or her lips to kiss the corner of his. This slight change, a few millimeters really, gave Tracey an almost electric jolt in her lips. She decided that this was all in good fun she giggled to herself, and besides, she needed a little excitement as her husband had left her alone for the past two weeks while he was away on business.

"Hi Billy! Soooo glad you could come over here and help your old Aunt."

"No problem at all" Billy said as he worked to hide the slight smile that his Aunt's initial greeting had given him. He must have subconsciously moved his lips so that they would brush against each other, he thought.

"When does Bob come back?"

"On Tuesday, thankfully. I will have to show you the pictures he's taken in New York so far. So beautiful!"

"Sounds good. Hopefully he brings you back something nice" Bill was always impressed with his aunt's bubbly personality. He knew that she could be intense when she wanted something, usually a big discount at a boutique of some sort, but her bubbly personality had made her his favourite aunt by far. Well, he thought, that and her other bubbly parts.

"Oh I'm sure that he will. I will tell him to get you something nice too for helping your aunt out on this beautiful weekend!"

"That's OK, it's my pleasure to help you any way that I can"

"Oh you're so sweet! I know you probably have a thousand girlfriends though"... lucky little bitches..."but I will try to get you out of here as quickly as possible so you aren't couped up with your old aunt"

"Really it's no problem. The girlfriends can wait" he laughed "more than enough to go around for them. Besides, I always have fun with my Aunt Tracey. No one has an aunt like mine. 29 going on 18." This was mainly true Bill thought. Although he had wanted to be home titty fucking Ashley, he did always have fun with Tracey. She definitely was a 'cool aunt'.

"Oh Billy!" said Tracey as she placed her hand on his arm, pleased with the compliment. "Always such a charmer. No wonder there are so many girls!" Tracey was talking about his charming personality clearly, but also internally referring to the massive bicep she was gently stroking, one of the many bulging muscles on her nephew. She had always founds burly black men sexy as hell, but Billy put them all to shame she mused as she casually stroked his bicep with her thumb and smiled up at him.

The ringing of the phone ended their little chat. Tracey jumped to attention.

"I have to get that, it might be Bob!" Nothing wrong with a little innocent flirtation Tracey thought as she walked toward the phone.

Bill watched his aunt walk toward the phone and finally got a good look at her ass. He was definitely ok with spending a little bit of time with his aunt this weekend. He could watch that thing for three days straight.

Tracey turned and looked at Billy before picking up the phone. She noticed that he had been staring at her ass. She giggled to herself. She worked hard to keep it round and firm, and there was no harm in other people enjoying looking at it, even if it was her nephew. She hadn't really given him a choice anyway, she thought to herself, as these shorts pressed and pulled her ass until it was all but impossible to avoid noticing it... especially for big sexy black men... She hadn't worn these shorts because they made her ass look so sexy though, but because it was so hot out and because there was work to be done. Yes, she told herself, that was it... and anything else was a little bonus...

Bill decided to walk around the house while his aunt was on the phone. She was a talker, so it may be quite a while before she is off. Bill looked at pictures in the living room, including one of he and his aunt when he was 11. He thought that his aunt was pretty at the time, and he had to say that she looked better at 29 than she did at 22. Getting thicker in the right places will do that, he laughed to himself. He walked down to his aunt's bedroom and thought back to the times when he would sneak in there just to touch her underwear. She was the most attractive older woman that Billy knew, and the thought of just touching her panties excited him. Billy had stopped sneaking in there years ago however, as he has stopped fantasizing about women at the very time that he started fucking them. Still, his aunt was a fun, if unattainable, fantasy.

Bill heard that Tracey was on the phone talking to her best friend Shannon and figured that he would be waiting for a while. He decided to raid Tracey's panty drawer for old times sake, and pulled out a silky purple thong. This would have driven him crazy a few years ago. He laid down on her bed and rubbed the fabric of the thong, thinking about its typical contents and how the little string would fit snuggly inside that fine ass. Bill did not want to get caught with his aunt's thong in his hands, so he picked up the phone to listen in for when her conversation ended. When the phone hung up, he would put the thong back and report for work.

"... so Bob has been gone for two weeks? Nice sex life. Are you crawling the walls yet girl?"

"Basically! Two weeks is an eternity. I'm used to getting some every night. I've had to put my energy into other areas."

"Like what? Finger aerobics?"

"Don't be so gross Shannon! I'm horny, but I'm waiting for Bob to come back. He is going to get the lay of a lifetime, I can guarantee that. He had better be able to keep up..."

"Is he still 'underperforming' due to the running?"

"I guess, but that shouldn't be a problem after the big trip! I hope anyway..."

Bill had to smile. His aunt would be absolutely mortified if she knew he could hear her. He had to figure that his uncle would be too if he knew. Bill would never allow a woman as hot as his aunt to tell her friends that he had underperformed. She would never have reason to. He was brought back into their conversation when he heard his name

"...Billy is going to be helping around the house with some chores. Heavy lifting, mowing the lawn and things like that."

"Billy is the black one, right? How did he get in your family again?"

"I told you this before. Bob's sister and her husband adopted him from Western Africa when he was a baby. They were on one of their missions, as usual."

"Oh yeah. He should be a good help then. Last time I saw him he was way over 6 feet tall. Is he still a cutie?"

"Oh my gosh, he is massive now. He has muscles in places that Bob doesn't even have. So handsome too. He always has girls all over him."

"So there are still little mudsharks around town like you!"


"What?! There was like one black guy in town and you dated him. Then we went away to university, and it was four years of jungle fever. I still can't believe you are with Bob and not some guy named Jamal!"

" Shut up! You know that I have always been attracted to black men, but I married Bob. I love him."

"And why did you stop seeing black men? I really doubt that you stopped being attracted to them."

"Oh can we get off this topic? Black men are the best in bed. Everyone knows that. But I love Bob. Can you imagine if I showed up with a black baby? I would never live it down!" Tracey and Bob were now at the point in their life that they were preparing to have a baby. He had been struggling, despite their almost nightly love making.

"That would be hilarious, you racist!"

"OH MY GOD I am not, shut up!"

"I know I know! I'm just joking. No one who spent so much time pleasuring so many black men could be racist against them. Why don't you just get a black lover to satisfy you though?"

"This conversation is so crude Shann! I love my husband and I would never cheat on him!"

"Not even with a handsome black man with a big black dick?"

"No, never. And besides, there aren't even any black men in this town."

"Except for the big good-looking one in your house right now. Are you telling me that you don't miss black dick?"

"I love my husband."

"You used to tell me how nothing could ever fill you u..."

"GOODBYE Shannon!"


Bill put the phone down and stood up. He waited for his erection to go down slightly and took off his shirt. He knew what he had to do.

Tracey was flustered as she hung up the phone. She had not been touched sexually in weeks and was hornier than she could ever remember. The last thing she needed was Shannon talking to her about big, black cocks. She didn't even know they should be called cocks and not dicks! It wasn't fair, she thought angrily to herself. Shannon has been with Tom since high school. She never got to experience the pleasure of big black cocks. It had been hard enough giving them up when she married Bob. Talking about them after weeks without sex was torture. She was so happy with Bob... he can't satisfy me... Yes, she was happy with Bob. Their sex life was good... he can't match the black cocks I got used to... it was as good as she could expect. She would never cheat on him, even if he wasn't great in bed... black cock is so big and amazing... even if there were black men in the area... there is one and he is in the house...

"Let's get to work, Trace"

Bill broke his aunt's train of thought. She looked surprised at the shirtless black man standing in front of her.

"Oh... oh... ye... yeah let's get to work Billy!" Tracey stuttered as she stared at her shirtless nephew. Billy really was built to be shirtless, she thought to herself. A shirtless, sexy black man is not what I need right now... maybe it's exactly what I NEED... in this horny state. She also thought that she needed to get revenge on Shannon for doing this to her, but she didn't yet know what.

"What are we doing then? Mowing the lawn?"

"Yes, we need to do that. It's as good a place as any to start!"

Bill found the mower in the garage and primed it. Tracey found her gardening tools and took them out as well. Bill then headed behind the garage to do some pushups. He wanted to be sweaty while he mowed the lawn.

"Well, I know it's a lot but I'm really grateful" Tracey said looking out at her extensive lawn upon his return.

"Not a problem at all" said Bill, as he set off to his task.

Mowing a lawn had never been so easy, thought Bill, as he watched his aunt working in the garden. Time flew as he watched her bend over time and again to pull out weeds and plant seeds. It was only getting better the closer he got, as his view of his aunt improved.

Tracey admitted to herself that she enjoyed watching her nephew mow the lawn without his shirt, and was glad that her sunglasses obscured this knowledge. The sun was shining off his hard black muscles and she couldn't help but admire them. She wished that Bob looked a bit more like his nephew, but knew that it was out of the question for her to be married to, and procreate with, a black man. It would have been a scandal in their area, and, she wanted a baby who looked like her. She wished to herself that she had never dated black men... or fucked them... so that she didn't know what she was missing. She could look though. And she did. She could also tease; just a little anyway, she thought. Tracey made sure that her nephew got a good look at his aunt's posterior in her tightest shorts. Tracey was impressed with her 29 year old physique, especially her ass... black men like round asses... and was not going to hide it. Her gardening was getting slower as Bill got closer and her staring increased.

As much as he enjoyed looking at his aunt's ass, Bill thought it was time to turn up the heat.

"Hey Trace, why don't you take a break? I'm sure you've been working hard all this time since Bob left. Why don't you just sit out and lounge while I finish up? Should take another hour or so."

"Good idea Billy. Why don't you go get the lounger and I'll get the drinks! You can take a break too if you like."

"Nah, I'd like to get the work done. A drink would be great though."

Tracey went inside to get the drinks. Lemonade would be good, she thought, and she put a little extra kicker in hers. She brought the drinks out and delivered one to Bill.

"Thanks" said Bill as he put his head back and slowly downed his drink.

Tracey could not stop hungrily looking at Bill as he had his drink. Her nephew was even better up close. He was hard as a rock and with the sun shining on his sweaty body he looked like an ebony god. She could feel her crotch moistening just standing near him. Tracey shook her head and then went to her lounger. She sat down and opened her book up to page 391.

That went well enough, Bill thought to himself. She really does have a thing for black men, although he found that most local girls did, when it came to him at least. He then remembered the next part of his plan.

"Hey Trace, do you have any sunscreen? It's pretty hot out here. Don't want to get burned."

"Good idea Billy! I'll go get some" Tracey said as she ran inside.

Billy watched his aunt's tight ass jiggle as she went up the steps. Gotta love gravity, he thought to himself.

"Do you want to do me?" Bill said to Tracey upon her return.

Tracey's heart skipped a beat at this question.

"No... I'm.."

"Here then I'll do you first" said Bill as he squirted lotion into his hands and began rubbing it into his aunt's shoulders.

Tracey was relieved at this event. She was also quite impressed by the strength of her nephew's hands on her shoulders... black men know how to use their hands... As he moved down to her legs, she was very happy that she had them waxed the previous day.

Bill was taking his time rubbing his aunt's smooth legs. She was toned, but not enough to obscure the womanly bulges in her lower body. Bill also noted the pink thong straps that were poking above her shorts. Bill also enjoyed being so close to his aunt's ass. It seemed to come out directly at him, without drooping toward the ground at all. It amazed him, considering how round it was. After making sure that he covered every possible inch of his aunt's legs in lotion, Bill informed her that it was her turn.

Tracey thought to herself that Billy was really very thorough... and great with his hands... and that she should return the favour for him... it would be great to rub down every one of those black muscles...

"So you're ready?" Billy asked his aunt, who seemed to not be paying attention.

"Yep! Lotion me up!"

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