tagLoving WivesTracey, the Naughty Canadian Housewife Ch. 4

Tracey, the Naughty Canadian Housewife Ch. 4


John led Tracey and his friend into the house. She was confused now, not sure what was going on with her but she knew that she could not control what was happening. She was in strange surroundings and she had just had sex in the back yard with her American neighbor John and a woman whose name she did not even know. She had never touched a woman's body like that but she did indeed like the way that it made her feel. She wanted this woman again, she wanted to touch her, to kiss her, to taste her but most of all she wanted to have this woman do the same to her.

John took them to the living room and motioned for her to set on the couch and she did as he wanted. She sat down on the couch, as naked as the day she was born, with two people in the room whom she knew nothing about. She sat there, trying to cover her nakedness but keenly aware that it was doing her no good.

John walked over to the girl. "I'm going to go take a nap. Take Tracey into the bathroom and get her cleaned up for later."

The girl nodded in agreement and took Tracey by the hand and led her into the bathroom and sat her down on the stool. Tracey watched this girl as she went about her business. She turned on the water to the tub and Tracey watched her move around the bathroom. She still had not put any clothes on and Tracey eyed her body, taking in her beautiful, soft feminine curves. She watched her ass as she bent over to test the water. "God, what am I doing here?" Tracey asked herself as she sat there. The girl moved over to Tracey and she watched her breasts, moving her eyes down her torso and focusing on her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

"Since we've been so intimate, I think I should introduce myself. My name is Denise, but my friends call me Dee," said the girl.

Tracey could not get any words to come out even though she wanted to tell Dee how much she wanted to eat her pussy and have the same done to her. She just nodded in agreement, mind spinning from the day's happenings. Dee walked back over to the tub and turned the water off. Tracey watched her as she moved, taking in all of her features. Dee reached out her hand to Tracey and she got up and moved toward the tub. Denise took her by the hand and she stepped into the warm water.

Tracey sat down, feeling the warmth of the water on her legs and ass as she made her way down into it. Dee moved to the head of the tub and stepped inside it, sitting down behind Tracey and opening her legs so Tracey could slide between them. She pulled Tracey back and she could feel Dee's nipples touch her back as she moved toward her. Tracey felt herself relax as she put her arms around her and moved her hand up to stroke her face. She could feel her passion rise once more as the girl touched her, as she stroked her face. Denise moved Tracey's hair from the side of her face. She gently kissed Tracey on the ear and began kissing her on the neck. Tracey closed her eyes as Denise sat there in the warm water, stroking her cheek and kissing her on the neck.

"Mmmmmm," Tracey purred as Dee's soft warm lips touched her skin. She worked her way down Tracey's neck and onto her shoulder. Denise moved her hand down Tracey's neck, across her back and then under her arm till it touched her breast. She gently massaged her titty, kneeding the soft flesh, working her way toward her nipple. Dee massaged her breast for a minute as she continued to kiss her neck and then moved her hand and found the hard bud of her desire. Tracey moaned with pleasure as she started rubbing her finger across the tip and then taking each one and squeezing it between her fingers.. "Oooh," Tracey moaned. Dee increased the pressure of her nipple between her fingers as she played with it.

"Oh, you like this do you Tracey?" Dee whispered as she massaged her breast, feeling her nipple get hard. "Well, if you like this, you are going to love what I am going to do in a while." She stopped kissing Tracey's neck and gently moved her forward. Dee reached for a bottle of liquid soap on the edge of the tub and poured a little on Tracey's back. She flinched slightly as the cold liquid touched her warm skin. Dee dipped her hand into the water and splashed a little of it onto Tracey's back. She could feel the warm water splashing her and then she felt Dee's hand begin to rub the soap onto her skin. She could feel the muscles start to relax and her desires were building more and more by the minute.

"Stand up Tracey," Dee said. Tracey put her hands on the edge of the tub and pulled herself up. Dee took some soap and put it on her hand and started to massage it onto her buttocks. "Did anyone tell you that your skins was so beautiful. Silky smooth and white?" Tracey just moaned under her breath, unable to talk. Dee caressed her ass cheeks as she rubbed the soap onto them. As she slid her hand over her bottom, she let her finger work it's way to the crack. She worked her way down the crack of her butt till it was moving between her legs and sliding across her pussy.

Tracey spread her legs slightly, not wanting to fight the touch of her hand. Dee moved her finger down farther across her pussy lips, pushing up into them gently as she moved her hand back and forth.

"I love the feel of your shaved pussy Tracey," Dee said as she ran her hand over her lips. Tracey was starting to get into the rhythm of Dee's hand movements and then suddenly she stopped.

"Turn around Tracey," Dee said, almost in a commanding voice. Tracey turned around and Dee looked at her freshly shaved pussy. "Nice," she said as she looked at it. Dee put a little more of the liquid soap on her hand and moved it toward Tracey's pussy.

"Now, spread your legs, I need to make sure that you are clean for later." Tracey spread her legs and Dee moved her hand onto the smooth skin. She could feel Dee's fingers slide across her clit as she rubbed her cunt. She inserted her finger into the opening of her pussy and move it in and out of her opening.

"Oh it's so nice, and warm and tight. I bet it tastes terrific." Tracey started to move into Dee's hand as she moved her hand in and out of her love tunnel. Dee inserted a second finger into her pussy and pushed them in. She took her thumb and rubbed across her clit as she pushed her fingers in and out of her cunt. She brought her other hand and moved it to Tracey's ass. She rubbed her ass and fingered her pussy. She moved her hand off of Tracey's ass and then swatted her lightly on the soft flesh.

"Ouch," Tracey yelped.

"Oh now, that was just a love tap Tracey," Dee said as she rubbed her ass. She slid her hand down the crack once again and found the opening of her anus. She put the tip of her finger into the opening of her but and pushed it in hard, making her flinch and push into the fingers inside her pussy. Dee moved her fingers around in her pussy and played with her clit as she fingered her asshole.

"Oh myyyyyy," Tracey said.

"You like that don't you. You like me fingering your pussy and your ass don't you baby."

Tracey moaned with pleasure as Dee worked her fingers in and out of her. She removed her hand from her ass and once again she felt the blow of Dee's hand against her ass flesh. She squeezed the ass cheek and then once again moved her finger to the opening of her ass. She pushed her finger in deeper this time, with more force. "Oh, yes," Tracey moaned as Dee worked inside her anal opening.

Dee removed the fingers from Tracey's cunt and reached over and took the wash cloth and dipped it in the warm water. She brought the cloth to the soft skin of the pussy she had just been fingering. She rubbed it across her pussy, rinsing the soap off of it, dipping it in the water and then rinsing it again, all the while leaving her finger inserted in Tracey's ass. Dee put the cloth down and put her other hand on Tracey's ass and pulled her toward her face. Tracey could feel her hot breath on the smooth skin of her pussy as she moved forward. Dee pulled her toward her and pulled Tracey's pussy into her face. She took her tongue and licked her twat, first on the outer flesh and then, pulling her closer, took her tongue and run it on the outer skin that covered her clit.

"Oh yesssss," she said as Dee licked her.

Tracey spread her legs a little more, opening her lips so Dee's tongue could do its thing. She reached down and spread her lips so her opening and clit would be exposed for Dee's attention. Dee tilted her head slightly so she could get a better angle and began to lick Tracey's pussy, flicking her tongue across her clit and then back across her spread pussy lips.

"Oh shit," Tracey said as Dee tongue fucked her. "Oh fuck yeah Dee, lick my pussy."

Dee slapped Tracey hard on the ass this time, sending her flesh to trembling as she licked her cunt. Tracey took her free hand and pulled Dee's face hard up against her. "Oh my god Dee, lick me baby," she said as she started to ride the girl's face. Tracey pulled her pussy lips apart as far as she could, and then Dee sucked her clit into her mouth.

"Oh fuck, Suck me Damnit. Suck my clit you little cunt!!" Tracey almost yelled as she worked it in and out of her mouth.

Tracey grabbed Dee by the hair and pulled her into her cunt as tight as she could. Dee responded by sucking her cunt flesh deep into her mouth.

"FUCK YES!! SUCK MY CLIT YOU FUCKING WHORE!!" Tracey cried as Dee sucked it deep and then she pushed her finger as deep as she could into Tracey's ass.

"OH FUCK YES BABY, FUCK MY ASS, SUCK MY CLIT," she yelled and then she could feel her climax building as Dee was finger fucking her ass hard.

"Ohhhhhhh shit!!. I'm gonna cum hard baby," Tracey cried as deep increased her suction on her clit. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Suck me Dee, SUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!" With that, Tracey tensed and she started to tremble and she rode Dee's face as she came.

After a few minutes, and she was sure that Tracey had stopped cumming, Dee removed her finger from Tracey's ass. She slapped her ass cheek one more time, this time making it ring through the room. Tracey released Dee's head and she looked down at the woman who had just given her the best pussy licking of her life. She sat back down in the water and gave Dee a deep kiss as she put her arms around her. Tracey put her tongue into Dee's mouth, tasting her juices, tasting the inside of her mouth.

The two women released each other from their embrace and then finished the bath, giggling like a couple of school girls.

John knocked on the bathroom door. "What the hell is taking so long for you to get Tracey cleaned up?"

"Oh nothing honey, we'll be done in a minute. You told me to make sure that she was clean and I wanted to do it the best way I knew how. They looked at each other and giggled and then kissed one more time as the got out of the tub and dried each other off.

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