tagLesbian SexTracey Unleased Ch. 02

Tracey Unleased Ch. 02


Part 2: Whatever Happened To Tracey?

As soon as Tracey exited the elevator to the third floor, she could hear her roommate Jewel moaning and screaming. Tracey smiled deliciously, everything was coming to fruition. It had been four years since she entered this world and in that four years she hasn't aged, she never would. She would never age, never gain weight, never have to worry about getting old and never have to worry about dying. She would never lose her tan, her tits would always be perky, and her pussy would forever be tight.

She glanced around the apartment hallway, Jewel's moans were getting louder. Her screams, echoing through the hall. Tracey had been waiting for this moment ever since she met Jewel and convinced her to be her roommate. Tracey knew Jewel would be perfect. Perfect for her and perfect for her plans. Tracey couldn't help but feel the charge of excitement rise from the depths of her stomach, both from hearing Jewel in sexual bliss as she approached and knowing that finally everything was about begin.

Tracey stopped in front of door. Number three twenty-one, their apartment. Tracey pressed her ear against the door. She smiled and licked her lips, Sam and Adrian had done exactly what she had hoped, what she had wanted them to do. She couldn't stand them herself, but she knew of Jewel's obsession with their kind. Tracey had known this because she was constantly going into Jewel's room when she was at school. She would go through her photo albums, her notes and of course, Jewel's computer.

She knew almost every about Jewel. About her family, friends, ex-boyfriends, she knew about Jewel's brief experience's with women. She also knew about everyone of Jewel's sex desires and wants. And that was the information Tracey was most concerned about. Tracey now heard Jewel loud and very clear through the door

"Cum in my fucking ass, Sam. Shoot so deep in to me, it doesn't come out for days!" Jewel command from inside the apartment.

Everything she had been planning ever since that day was coming together, right behind that door.

Tracey thought about how she had gotten this far and how she almost never got there. Her thoughts slipped backwards to that morning. That morning after she came through the mirror...

"Finally I am free."


Tracey ran out of the house, her red fuzzy robe clutched tight against her, screaming for help. The flames behind her were wild and out of control. She spun around, towards the house, screaming for her mother, Ellen. Most of the small community was gone that weekend, the few that had remained came outside. If only to see why the young woman was screaming. And only one of the neighbors, a Honey TreeFeather, came over to actually comfort Tracey, who at this point had fallen to her knees. Honey sat next to Tracey, holding and rocking her. Tracey, continued to scream for her mother. A mother who never came out of that burning house.

Tracey stayed on her knees and just wept into Honey's arms and shoulders, on the dry grass. It wasn't until after the fire engines left. That police cars had drivin away and the fire was finally snuffed out that Honey brought Tracey to her feet and brought her over to her house. The house that was just next door.

Honey TreeFeather was shunned by most of the town. She was known as the local crazy. She was twenty-six years old, but to the rest of the tiny community, she might as well be the crazy old shut in. A witch they called her, and for the most part they were right. She more than dabbled into the occult, she was a Hedge Priestess, the part taker of "White Magic." To her it was religion, to everyone else it was evil and wrong. If this didn't make her an outcast, then the fact that she was the only non-white in the area made that only more apparent. She never let on to where she was from, but from her light brown skin, thick black hair and accent most guessed she was a Mexican.

Honey was also shorter and rounder then Tracey. At five foot and one hundred and fifty pounds, she still put one of Tracey's arms around her shoulder and helped her through the front door into her house. It entered to the living room, which was dark and dusty. It that smell of a grandparents house. The carpet was brown and matted with a horrible plaid style. The room only housed two very off white chairs and a blacked brick fireplace.

Honey placed Tracey into one of the chair and went off to get her some water. Tracey sat there her eyes closed and her red, fuzzy robe still wrapped tightly against her. She held her head in her hands, sliently. Honey walked back into the room and stood in front of Tracey. Tracey slowly lifted her head up and looked over Honey.

She was wearing a long black skirt that was frayed and torn at the bottom. As the sitting girl moved her eyes upward she saw a the black corset that held her naturally round body tight. Yet it extenuated the curves of her hips and breasts. Tracey then looked up at her face, her exotic facial features and long thick curly hair made her look untamed. The black hair sprawled around her face and into the space around it.

As Honey handed Tracey the glass of water, their eyes meet. IN that exact moment, fear and a sense of something dark, and unnatural filled Honey's senses. She felt evil, and knew the girl in that chair was not Tracey. Honey did her best not to show any trace of the way she felt this. And she believed that she done just that. Tracey took the glass, looked down at the water then drank it.

"Ugg, thank you Honey!" Tracey said softly before taking another sip.

"Don't worry about it dear. You just drink and rest now. You've been through a lot today. Now, while you rest, I have to go straighten up in the basement for a bit. Just sit there and relax," Honey said as she started to walk away briskly. Tracey eyed her as she left the room. She took another sip of water.

Honey didn't look back. She knew something was seriously off. She made her way down the wooden dusty stairs, continued past the cobweb covered boxes and into a room in the back. She opened the wood door and closed it quietly behind her. She walked carefully to the middle of the pitch black room. She reached for the hanging string that, when pulled it, turned on a very low light bulb.

The room lit up and revealed a large wooden alter with various object laiden upon it. A wooden mortar and pestle, various dried plants, herbs and also an assortment of multicolored liquids. On the cement floor below her, in white chalk, was a beautifully drawn large pentagram within a circle.

Honey quickly moved in front of the alter, chanting in Latin. She moved about, placing several of the dried ingredients into the mortar and began smashing them with the pestle. Her chanting changed from Latin, into another old dead language.

"Achtime. Memoname. Drafarah. Laetvasha. Jear'ok'lar. Larvachar."

Honey moved about the alter, her skirt flowed along the concrete floor swept gray dust up onto it. Her corset that barely moved. was pressed and tied tightly against her larger, curved body. When she had finished grounding, she added a deep almost glowing blue liquid from a vial on the alter. The concoction began to bubble a bit. Honey moved into the middle of the pentagram circle and kneeled in the center, rocking and chanting.

"Adrainama. Brabic. Ven'an'lad. Colmina...." She continued.

"Not the best thing for you to be doing don't you think? Tracey interupted, standing behind Honey. Her red robe was open. Her naked body exposed.

Honey, startled, turned around quickly, dropping the mortar onto the circle. The blue liquid contents seeped out onto the pentagram and Honey fell onto her back. Propped up by her elbows Honey stared back at Tracey.

"Oops, did I ruin your little magic trick?" Tracey said bring her hands up in a questioning manner.

"What kind of devilry are you?" Honey asked as she backed up, using her arms and feet.

Tracey laughed and shook her head. She moved slowly towards Honey. Her breasts swayed slightly in rhythm with her hips. Her pussy was now completely bare shaven, very unlike it had been that very same morning. The lips between her legs were very pink and pouted. Honey continued to back away till she her back was against the wooden alter.

"Not a very proficient witch are you? If you were, you wouldn't have to ask such questions! But no, instead you come down here. Leaving poor little me alone, and after you were so nice! Only to find you down here. Playing with things you shouldn't be!!!" Tracey said as she moved more quickly towards Honey, the anger rising in her voice.

She grabbed a fistful of Honey's wild black hair and threw her onto her stomach in the middle of the pentagram. Honey hit the cement hard, scrapping her hands and arms. She brought herself up to her hands and knees. She started to crawl for the door, but Tracey's bare foot came down hard on her back. Bringing her back down on her stomach again.

"I don't think so, my little witch! I just got into this world and I'll be damned, if I'm going to let someone like you try anything that could complicate that!" Tracey yelled as she grabbed the back of Honey's skirt, ripping it off and throwing it to the back corner of the room.

Honey just laid on her stomach. Her face and ears burned red with fear. Tears started to swell in her eyes. She could feel the cold stale basement air against her bare legs, and over her exposed white cotton panties. Honey squirmed under Tracey's foot. This only caused Tracey to push her down harder.

Tracey looked at the woman under her foot, squirming. She glanced down her body. Tracey licked her lips. She reached down and grabbed Honey's white cotton undergarment.

"Let's see what this is hiding shall we?" Tracey said darkly, as she forcefully pulled on the back of the panties.

"OH GOD NOO!" Honey screamed as she felt the panties painfully pulled against her pelvis. The pain of tearing fabric agains her belly. The echoes of Tracey's laughter filled her hot, burning ears. She wept some more.

Tracey kicked Honey, sliding her a bit across the floor. The chalk from the drawn circle was now all over her corset and skirt. This made them look very faded. It also covered her legs and arms. This caused her brown skin to look pale. Honey buried her head into her arm sobbing from fear and embarrassment. Tracey walked slowly and stood over the crying girl. She laughed as grabbed the strings on Honey's corset.

"This needs to go too, I believe!" She grunted, as she started to yank on them.

"Please stop it! I, I won't tell anyone anything. I promise just, just please leave me alone!"

Honey lifted her head, crying loudly. Her eyes wide from the pain. The tears ran her black eyeliner and lipstick, messily down her face.

"Oh I know you won't! And I know, " Tracey strained as she pulled harder on Honey's corset. It wrapped even more tightly against her body, "You won't try anymore spells either!"

Tracey yanked harder on the corset strings. Honey gasped for air and struggled violently against the pressure. Her body sprawled around the in the pentagram. Then, just as Honey thought her ribs were going to break. The corset strings snapped, causing all the pressure to release from her. She gagged and coughed while she breathed fast and deeply. Her flesh red and swollen went out into it's natural round shape.

"I can see why you wear a corset, my pudgy little witch. Tell me witch, does your coven allow you to behave in such a manner? I mean look at you, naked and sprawled out on the floor for me?' Tracey said as she kicked her over onto her back.

Honey grunted, tears fell from her eyes onto her face and landed on the cold hard concrete, that her body laid out on. Her giant fat breasts covered her chest and part of her stomach. Tracey looked over the crying woman who tried in vain to cover her naked and exposed body. Tracey laughed some more as she turned around and sat on Honey brown and slightly large stomach. She grabbed her legs and lifted them, raising Honey's ass and pussy into the air.

Honey's eyes went wide and she started to shrill a loud and desperate wail. Tracey laughed and rocked back and forth on top of Honey, letting her own pussy slide up and down her belly.

"Oh this is so much fun! My own little portly virgin witch all for me! To do to as I want," Tracey said hiking Honey's legs up higher.

"Please, stop this! This isn't right! Not like this, not by some devil!" Honey cried, as she bucked wildly trying to get the naked woman off of her, but to no avail.

"Devil, you say?! Now that's not a very nice thing to say to your first fuck, is it?!" Tracey said, a evil grin covered her face.

Honey eyes went wider when she heard this. She was exhausted from the struggle. She couldn't even cry anymore. She just breathed heavily. The sweat dripped out her. Down her face and, over her body. It flowed between her tits and down the crack of her ass.

Tracey giggled and muttered some Latin words, then the whole pentagram changed from white to red. Honey felt the strength leave her. She knew she couldn't fight anymore.

Tracey felt Honey's body stop fighting her. She let go of one of the legs and dipped two fingers into the glowing blue liquid. She again muttered some Latin. The liquid turned to a very pinkish red shade of color. Honey eyed what was happening.

"What, what are you doing? Stop it, you demon!!" Honey asked with a worn out breath.

"Now, now," Tracey said as she placed the tip of her index under Honey's dark belly button, and traced a line down her brown skin with the pink goo to her clit, "You say that now. But you'll be thanking me later. I promise you that, my fat little witch."

Then the red liquid glowed brightly. It seeped into Honey's skin. Her body suddenly became warm and filled with something she has been avoiding her whole life. Sexual desire and want. Honey's mind tried to fight this feeling in her body. Bur her hips gyrated under Tracey's body, grinding her captor's pussy more against her stomach.

"My, what a whore you are! Rubbing my pussy all over you. Are you trying to tell me something?" Tracey taunted.

She wrenched the leg in her hands higher. Pressing herself more into Honey's stomach.

"No, no it's not like that at all! You know that!!" Honey pleaded, desperately fighting the fever that filled her body.

She struggled to keep her hands off of Tracey's back. To feel the body that was in front of her. Have her hands move across her back and over her breasts to slide them in her hands. No she mustn't, she wouldn't give in.

"Now, now, my witchie. It isn't good to lie. Your body is telling me something else. I mean, just look at you! I can see your hips moving under me. If you want me to touch you, all you have to do is just say it," Tracey said, as she brought her hands very slowly down Honey's legs.

She started at her ankles and moved down slowly rubbing and massaging her way down her to Honey's inner thighs.

"No, stop that! I, I don't...What did you do to me?! I couldn't want...What? Wait!" Honey started to ramble.

The fire from her body had spread to her mind. She was desperately losing the fight in her head. Tracey started to rub her hands back up Honey's legs. She could see her spell was now driving Honey insane, exactly as it should. She backed up a bit on Honey's body, still holding her legs and placed her wet slit on one of Honey's breasts. She pushed the nipple slightly inside of her and started to move in circles on the rambling woman.

"All you have to do is just say it. Say you want me to touch you. Tell me you're a filthy witch whore, and you need to be touched." Tracey said, the evil grin never leaving her face.

Her pussy pushed and pulled the nipple in and out. Her hands now wander back up to Honey's inner thighs and hips. She massaged them franticly.

Honey's ability to reason, to know the difference from what was right and what she wanted, was fleeting. Her heart raced in her chest, and she started to make excuses. Excuses that she really did want this woman on grinding her. But then, it wasn't really a woman, was she? She was forgetting everything. Her mind seemed to be shutting off. She could feel her nipple getting wet from the pussy that kept pushing and pulling, in and out . The feel of hands massaging her hips and inner thighs just inches from her pussy only cause her fever to rise.

"I, oh no, I...I can't say it! I don't, I don't know...Oh my God." Honey muttered, as drool began to drip from the corners of her mouth.

Tracey slide her hands off of Honey's hips and onto her own breasts. Rubbing and kneading she brought her tongue down to her nipple. She arched her back and pushed Honey's nipple ever so slightly deeper into her.

"No! You're hands, I...no I don't why did you...stop, please." Honey moaned from under Tracey.

Tracey it knew right then. Honey was under her spell. Her mind was in a state of intense sexual arousal and under her control.

"What was that dear?" Tracey asked her looking down behind her, "What do you want?"

"Uhh, your hands. Why did? Ohm, why move?" Honey asked low.

She smacked her lips, trying to wet her mouth that was dry from her drooling," Your hands, I. Put them. Oh God, put them back."

Tracey whispered as she took her hands off her breasts and hovered them over Honey's wet and extreme reddened-brown pussy, "Put them back where, hunny? Where would you like me to touch you?"

Honey raised her hips and moaned. She moved them up and down reaching for Tracey's hands. She kept them hovered inches above her as she bucked.

"Ah ah ah! I want to hear you say it." Tracey said.

She stopped grinding the tit she sat upon and raised her ass off of Honey. She wasn't touching her at all anymore.

"NO! No, come back!" Honey yelped her eyes went wide as she reached up and grabbed for Tracey.

She clawed at her ass and back trying to bring her back down onto her, "Touch me! I need you to. Touch me. Oh God, please! I'm losing my mind!"

Tracey giggled a bit, "Of course you are! But I can help you with that. Just tell me you want me to touch your cunt. That you're my slut and whore. Then I can make you feel all better"

Honey looked at the ass that was hovering just above her breasts. She could see Tracey's slit just barely below that. Further down she could see the hands that hovered above her pussy. It was going crazy for the feeling something inside of it.

"Touch. Touch my cunt," Honey finally broke down, her mind lost completely with madness few would ever know.

"I'm your slut, I'm...your whore," She whispered

"Yes, you are," Tracey said.

"No!" Honey suddenly heard in her head, but it was too late.

Tracey brought her body crashing back down onto Honey. She slid her hips back, her pussy glided over Honey's tits. Up her chest and over her neck. She then raised her ass just out of reach from Honey's face. She brought her hands down onto Honey's pelvis and massaged her cunt. It was all too late for the once good witch

That "No," that was spinning in her head silenced.

Tracey had broken the mind of the white witch, who's naked body was sprawled out before her. She laughed wickedly as she started to massage the outside of Honey's wet opening. She played and pulled on her lips. stretching them outward and rubbing them together. She had been waiting for the bitch to break and now she was going to abuse her. She placed her mouth over the vagina she was toying and breathed onto it as she spoke.

"So you're my bitch now, do you understand?" Tracey said, as she now as she ran a finger up and down between the two lips. She was careful not to actually penetrate them.

"Yes I. I'm your bitch." Honey moaned.

Her hips rised to met the finger, trying to get it inside of her. Acheing to push it past her opening.

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