tagInterracial LoveTracey's Family Affair

Tracey's Family Affair


"Bob sweetie, are you sure that everyone is coming today? Even Billy?" Tracey asked her husband Bob with more than a hint of eagerness. They had just pulled into driveway at her mother-in-law's house, ready to celebrate her 70th birthday. Tracey was hopeful that a certain family member would be present.

"I think so hun. Mike and Gloria are away, but I am pretty sure Billy is going to make it for his grandmother's 70th." Bob responded to his wife. She smiled and hopped out of the car.

Thank heavens, Tracey thought to herself. She was desperate to see her nephew. Tracey grabbed the sandwich tray and her little black purse and headed toward the house.

"You grab the baby, sweetheart!" Tracey called back as she quickly walked past the house and toward the backyard, eyes peeled for her target.

"Oh hi Tracey! Thanks so much for coming!" Tracey's mother-in-law Carol said as she approached.

"Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 29!" Tracey sweetly greeted Bob's mother.

"Oh thank you dear, I feel it though. You really look great though! It's hard to believe that you had the baby." The old woman responded, as she took the tray from Tracey.

Tracey beamed. She always took tremendous pride in her appearance and loved receiving compliments. It's true, Tracey thought to herself. She had worked hard to get her gorgeous figure back after having her baby nearly 16 months prior. Tracey had exercised regularly to get back in to shape. The extra-curricular exercise with Billy was the best part though, Tracey giggled to herself. The only noticeable difference in her appearance since before her baby was that her breasts had grown a cup size from their original C-cup. Tracey knew that she did not put so much effort into her appearance on that day to impress Carol though. She scanned the yard for Bill. He would not be hard to miss. He was by far the largest member of the family, and the only black relative as well.

"There's my little girl!" Carol said as Bob stepped toward his mother, holding his young daughter. Ariel was a beautiful young girl, who looked almost exactly like her mother with soft white skin and blonde hair. Tracey was glad that her daughter looked so much like her. She would have been upset if she had looked like Bob. Tracey's husband was a relatively handsome man, with a fit build on a slim frame. Still, Tracey did not want her children taking after him.

"Carol, is Billy here?" Tracey interrupted her husband as he wished his mother a happy birthday. She could barely contain herself. She did not have to wait for an answer.

"Right here Trace." Bill answered from behind, his deep voice making Tracey spin around instantly. She was unleashing her perfect smile at Bill, and her big, dark blue eyes looked over him excitably. Tracey had curled her eyelashes and was wearing her usual pink lipstick. Her beauty was not lost on Bill. Tracey's blonde hair, perfectly manicured as always, was pushed to the side in front and hung just above her shoulders in back. Her innocent beauty never failed to have an effect on Bill. He noticed Tracey's large pink earrings and necklace, typical for his fashionista aunt, as she moved toward him.

Tracey reached up and put her arms around Bill's neck. Although he was a foot taller than her at 6'5, Tracey's 4 inch heels left her at the height of Bill's chest. Tracey pulled her nephew Bill in for the kiss that she had always greeted him with since first meeting him as an 11 year old roughly 9 years prior. Tracey had kissed Bill on the cheek initially, but over the last two years they had always kissed on the lips. Tracey felt a jolt of excitement shoot through her body as Bill pressed his thick black lips into her soft pink lips. It's been way too long, Tracey thought to herself. She was careful to make sure that the kiss did not appear as sexually charged as it felt. Still, it was Bill who pulled away as the kiss stretched beyond one second.

"We're all so glad you came Bill! It's too bad your parents are still off on their mission!" Carol told her grandson. Bill's parents were missionaries stationed in Africa at the time.

"I would never miss my grandmother's birthday. Of course it's great to see the rest of the family too." Bill laughed as he hugged Carol. Bill had been adopted by his missionary parents while they were in Africa nearly 20 years ago. He had been brought back to a family that was completely white, and they had accepted him with open arms immediately. Some of the in-laws who would join the family in the following years did not accept Bill completely, but they generally kept their opinions to themselves. Since marrying his uncle Bob when he was 11, Tracey had always been fond of Bill. She was eternally grateful that he had become her nephew.

"Hey boss how's it going?" Bob asked his nephew as he gave him a playful punch. Tracey was still beaming following her kiss with Bill as she watched. Her husband looked puny and small next to his huge black nephew, and Tracey was more than aware of it. He could never match Billy, Tracey thought to herself knowingly as she felt a tingling sensation in her vagina. Bill was 6'5 and very muscular, although his body retained leanness due to how highly defined his muscles were. Bill shaved his head and had a handsome face with strong, thick African features. His nearly pitch black skin was shining in the summer sun. Bill was a complete alpha male and completely irresistible to Tracey.

"Not too bad at all. I'm liking this shirt you gave me too." Bill responded. He was wearing the white running shirt that his uncle had given him. Tracey had picked out the shirt, and was glad to see her nephew wearing it. She loved the contrast of white and black, particularly when it was Bill's black skin. The shirt was very tight on Bill, and every movement caused another muscle to stretch the white fabric to its limit. Tracey could feel herself getting flustered. On Bob, the shirt would have hung loosely and looked ridiculous. She looked down to Bill's shorts, black with red on the sides and down to just above his knees. Just long enough to conceal that big black cock, Tracey thought to herself. She bit her lip as her excitement grew.

"Billy, I need you to help me get grandma's present! I need someone with lots of muscles for this job!" Tracey interrupted their conversation and handed Bob her black purse. She walked toward the corner of the house, her cheery disposition hiding the desire in her voice.

Bill ended his conversation quickly and followed after his aunt. He watched her as she walked away, her hips swaying as she walked in her trademark black high heels. Tracey was wearing a little pink sundress with small blue floral designs on it. Bill was happy that the dress allowed him to see so much of Tracey's body. The dress only went halfway down Tracey's thighs, and the thin pink straps covered up hardly any of Tracey's shoulders. Bill had noticed earlier how much of Tracey's milky white cleavage was visible in the dress, which was aided by her lack of a bra. Bill's only complaint was that Tracey's ass was largely obscured by the billowing fabric at the bottom of the dress, the only hint being the way the fabric bulged out immediately below her lower back. Bill loved his aunt's ass. He had never seen one so big that remained so firm and kept such a round shape. Billy broke into a half sprint to catch up to his aunt as she reached the corner of the house.

Tracey felt a powerful hand grab and squeeze her ass cheek under her dress as soon as she rounded the corner of the house and they were out of sight. Tracey's pulse raced. She loved having Bill's strong black hands grabbing her body.

"Damn I miss this perfect ass!" Bill said to Tracey as they continued walking toward Bob's truck. He let Tracey's ass flesh fill his hand repeatedly.

"I miss you so much! It's been so sooooo long!" Tracey replied. She had found the weeks since she had last seen Bill to be very long. Her best friend Shannon had moved to the west coast. Lonely, she had flown Bill in for a two week visit.

"We'll have to make up for it today then." Bill responded slyly. He felt his cock twitch. Next to him, Tracey felt her pussy dampen.

Upon reaching the truck, Tracey went to the trunk and opened it. As the trunk opened, she felt her dress lift up and both of Bill's hands grab on to her ass. Bill squeezed and pulled on Tracey's ass, moving the round white cheeks around with his large black hands. When he pulled the cheeks apart strongly, he heard Tracey let out a soft moan. Bill always enjoyed watching himself play with Tracey's ass, but something had caught his eye. He crouched behind his aunt's ass.

"I thought I told you not to where these." Bill scolded his aunt as he pulled her black thong down. The fabric clung tightly between her thick cheeks.

"I know baby, I just forgot!" In her excitement, Tracey had forgotten what Bill had told her long before. She was not to wear any underwear when they were going to get together. He did not want anything obstructing his access to Tracey's pussy or ass.

Bill quickly forgave his aunt. His face level with her gorgeous ass, he could not help reaching up and squeezing it as Tracey leaned forward into the truck. Tracey's soft white skin bulged out at him, and Billy playfully bit down on her ass. The light, sharp feeling sent erotic sensations through Tracey's body. Bill continued pulling Tracey's thong down, enjoying the feeling of her smooth womanly legs. Tracey always had a wax when she knew that Bill would be near. When Bill got down lower he noticed that Tracey was wearing the bracelet that he had given her on her right ankle. It was silver, with one charm hanging off it. Tracey stepped out of her thong, and Bill stood up, placing the thong in his pocket.

"I'm glad to see that you're wearing your anklet." Billy said as he began kissing Tracey's neck, completely obscured from the party goers by the opened trunk.

"Of course! I wear it every single day." Tracey responded as she took pleasure in the feeling of Bill's burly black lips on her white skin. Bill had given Tracey the silver anklet with a black spade charm on their one year anniversary. They considered their anniversary to be the day that Bill had first seduced and fucked Tracey. It was a discrete symbol to the world that Tracey was black owned. Tracey loved the anklet. She knew that her body belonged to Bill. Tracey had often told herself that her body was built for black men. Since their first time, Tracey had fucked Bill with regularity and almost complete exclusivity. She occasionally gave her husband Bob a pity fuck, usually on his birthday or on their wedding anniversary. The first time she had cheated with Bill, Tracey had felt guilty and fucked Bob, the result of which was her daughter Ariel. Tracey had no desire to have sex with Bob, and she was sure that white men had nothing to offer her. Tracey only wanted to fuck her nephew and his big black cock.

Bill continued kissing his aunt's neck as he reached in her dress and began pinching and twisting her nipples. They stiffened, instantly responding to his touch. Bill smelled his aunt's sweet perfume and could feel his cock stiffen. He was always turned on by Tracey's body, and he was pleased that she was wearing the anklet. Bill and Tracey both got off on Tracey's symbol to the world that she belonged to black cock, and Bill's specifically. No one in their town understood the meaning of the symbol, which would have caused a tremendous scandal. Bill could remember laughing when his uncle had given Tracey additional charms, having noted that she loved wearing the anklet every day. She never wore anything other than the blade spade.

"You miss that big black cock?" Bill softly asked his aunt, his deep voice making her shiver.

"Yes baby!" Tracey answered breathily. She began grinding her ass into Bill's crotch. Tracey's pussy throbbed as Bill continued playing with her nipples. Tracey looked at her chest and felt the throbbing intensify. She was enthralled watching the dark black skin against her own white breasts, and Bill's strong black fingers pulling on her pink nipples. Tracey had dated, and fucked, black men exclusively before she met Bob and settled down. Bill had more than reawakened Tracey's lust for big black cock. She fucked her nephew whenever the opportunity presented itself, and fantasized about him the rest of the time.

Bill took one hand and pulled the front of his pants down slightly. His semi erect cock sprung out like a cobra. It was as black as coal and nearing 10 inches in its current state. With one hand Bill held his cock, and with the other he held the back of Tracey's dress up. Bill began rubbing his jet black cock head against Tracey's ample ass crack. He loved seeing his huge ebony monster between Tracey's white mounds. Bill would start at the bottom and bring his cock up Tracey's ass, his head sliding in her crack along the way. When it reached the top, the black knob would spring out from her white buns, more erect than it had previously been.

"What are you going to do with this black cock?" Bill asked his aunt.

Tracey turned around. She could not take any more. Bill was driving her wild with lust, and she knew that she would have fucked him right then and there if her screams would not have given them away. Tracey kissed Bill passionately. Their lips pressed strongly into each other, and their tongues hastily pushed together. Both felt their excitement grow as they kissed and wildly groped each other. Tracey reached down and felt the big black cock that she adored so much. Tracey knew that it was her duty to please Bill's powerful black cock, and she took her responsibility very seriously. Bill cherished the opportunity to feel all over Tracey's body, and she was always ecstatic to have his black skin touching her. Tracey was massaging Bill's tongue with her own while he grabbed her ass, when they heard someone approaching the truck.

"Jeeze what's taking so long back here?" Bob asked as he reached the back of the truck.

He saw his nephew and his wife facing each other, both looking slightly flushed. He missed the strand of saliva that hung between their lips for a moment. Tracey quickly moved over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek. Bob smiled, always happy to get affection from his beautiful wife.

"Just trying to get that big present out of the trunk. Billy can handle it though, he's so big and strong!" Tracey looked back at her nephew, her deep blue eyes filled with both lust and relief.

"Oh, and Billy? I forgot to answer your question. Drain it" Tracey smiled and walked away with her perplexed husband. Bill grinned.

Bill carried the present back to the party, while his aunt and uncle walking just in front of him. He noticed his aunt's ass swaying back and forth more than it had before, and knew that it was for his benefit.

The party continued, with Bill and Tracey eying each other constantly. Both were intent on catching the attention the other as much as possible. Tracey had an advantage in this regard, as her nipples were still erect from when Bill had been pinching them and the flimsy fabric of her dress did little to hide it. Whenever they made eye contact, Bill would give Tracey a long gaze. His dark eyes never failed to make her melt instantly.

Bill eventually broke away from his cousins and moved over to the conversation that Tracey was in. He stood next to his aunt, wedging in between her and his uncle Bob. They were engaged in a conversation with a few of his aunts regarding sweets.

"I just love anything vanilla flavoured." Bill's aunt Jill stated. He put his hand on Tracey's back.

"I love coconut! I'll have it with anything." His aunt Nancy responded. Bill brought his hand down to Tracey's ass, but she brought her hand behind her back and slapped him gently away.

"What about you Trace?" Bill interjected. She felt an iron grip on her ass. Tracey held her hand on Bill's for a moment, and then removed it. She knew that she could never deny him, and she was confident that no one could see what he was doing. Tracey was turned on by her nephew's dominance.

"Well I LOVE chocolate. The darker the better!" Bill smirked as Tracey talked. She gave him a quick glance and a knowing smile. Darker is always better, Tracey thought to herself.

"What? Dark chocolate is so bitter!" Bob responded. Bill squeezed Tracey's ass.

"It's not bitter. It's rich." Tracey snapped back quickly.

"Nothing fills me or satisfies me like a piece of big black chocolate!" Tracey excitedly continued. No one in the circle had ever heard of black chocolate before.

"I prefer white chocolate. So tasty." Bob replied, still holding Tracey's purse.

"White chocolate could never satisfy me. If I had my way, I would never have it again!" Tracey answered him. Oh god I need some big black cock, Tracey thought to herself. I need it so bad.

"Most of the girls I know like their dark chocolate too." Bill stated.

"All this talk has got me hungry though. I'm going to see what desserts we have in the fridge." Bill continued.

"Me too!" Tracey added rapidly. Their mutual seduction proved highly effective. They hurried into the house together.

Bill and Tracey were accustomed to this. Not a single family get together had come and gone in recent times without Bill and Tracey hooking up at some point. Initially Bill had taken it upon himself to seduce his aunt, but it quickly became a mutual seduction. This was never enough however, as they always rented a motel room at least once every week and fucked like animals. This particular day was a struggle however, because the house and yard were packed with family members. Aunts and uncles patrolled the grounds, while the cousins ran around both inside and out. Bill and Tracey were desperate for some privacy.

"You must be looking for some big, black chocolate." Bill laughed as he spoke. Tracey laughed as well and rolled her eyes playfully.

Tracey could still feel where Bill's cock had rubbed on her ass. I NEED that big black cock, Tracey thought to herself as she thought of places they could go. Every room in the house that she could think of would have children running in and out of it, or her in-laws poking around. As much as Tracey loved being with her nephew, she knew that they could not be caught together. She was glad that Bill felt the same way, because she did not trust herself if Bill pushed for them to fuck in a public setting. He's so sexy, Tracey thought as she felt a tinge of pleasure in her vagina. I could never resist him. Tracey had an idea. She moved to the bathroom, with Bill right behind her. The door was open, and Tracey looked around. Temporarily, there was no one to be seen. They walked into the small bathroom.

After closing the door, Tracey felt Bill's muscular arms pick her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in. They once again began to kiss, as Tracey greedily suck on Bill's tongue. Tracey could feel her pussy throbbing. He's so strong, she thought to herself. Such a man. She released Bill's tongue and moved her mouth to his ear.

"I need that black cock." Tracey told him as she bit down on his earlobe.

Bill put his aunt down as his cock shot straight out. He could think of nothing but using Tracey's body to make himself cum. Tracey lowered his shorts.

"Ohhhh it's so big and black!" Tracey called out as she began stroking. She was always amazed by the sight of her nephew's huge black cock.

"Tracey?!" a female voice called from the hallway. Tracey looked at Bill nervously, as he reached for the doorknob to hold it shut.

"... Yes?" She responded nervously.

"Are you ok in there?" the voice asked again. Bill and Tracey realized that it was his aunt Janice.

"Yep, I'm fine!" Tracey responded, her bubbly personality able to mask her tremendous nervousness.

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