tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci Gets Off Work

Traci Gets Off Work


You are so hot. I don’t go to the restaurant for food. I go there for you. Watching you seat people in that tight, white shirt and black pants makes me sweat. You’re only eighteen, but I’ve got to have you.

For the past week, I’ve watched you. I learned your schedule and where you park. Now I’m ready.

I drive the four blocks from my condo to the strip mall where your restaurant is. I wait in the parking lot until the spot next to your car, the one between your car and the restaurant, is vacant. Then I pull in. Fifteen minutes until you’re off.

I get out and walk up to the store next to the restaurant. Slowly, I walk and glance in store windows along the strip. Ten more minutes. A couple more stores, then I turn around. Five minutes. I watch for you and feel the gun in my back pocket. When I get two stores away, I stop. And wait. And listen while I look in the window at the paint supplies.

Then I see you. You’re walking quickly toward your car. I follow behind you, pulling the gun out when we’re ten feet from my van. As you turn to walk between our vehicles, I put the gun in your back. You gasp.

“Don’t scream. Turn and look at me.”

You face me and look quickly at the gun now pressed against your stomach. I step closer to you.

“Get in the back of my van. Calmly.”

“No, please. Take my purse,” you plead.

“Get in.”

You open the sliding door and step up. I follow close behind you as you enter the emptiness behind the van’s two front seats. After closing the door, I tell you to lie on your stomach. I grab a cloth gag and handcuffs from the front seat. When I’m finished gagging you, I handcuff your arms behind you. Your little ass strains against the back of your pants as you struggle. I run my hands over the material, feeling your soft cheeks.

“Don’t move until I tell you.”

I can hear your muffled attempts to talk as I get in the driver’s seat. A minute later we’re pulling into my garage. When the garage door is down, I move to the back of the van and open the sliding door.

“Get out and walk around to the door into the condo.”

You awkwardly climb out of the van, tears rolling down your face. We walk to the door and I push it open, allowing you to walk up the two steps into my kitchen.

“Straight ahead. Down the hall.”

I follow you until we reach the door to my bedroom.

“In here.”

You turn into the bedroom and stop just inside the door, sobbing louder now. After closing and locking the door, I pull the key to the handcuffs out of my pocket and grab your arm. The cuffs are unlocked and I place them on the dresser.

“Sit on the edge of the bed and take off your shoes.”

When you’re done, I tell you to lay on your back on the bed. Your long blonde hair falls onto the pillow. It covers the side of your face before ending between your shirt collar and your breast. I brush it off your shoulder so I can see your neck.

I place my hand on your stomach and you flinch. I feel your heavy breathing as I move my hand upward over the material of your shirt. When I reach your breast, I slow down. I press harder to feel the softness of your body under my hand. Your bra feels thin and tight against your breast. I can feel your nipple.

My hand moves to the top button. I open it. Then another. The top of your other breast is visible now under the shirt. I reach over and run my fingers across the skin above your bra. Then I return to the buttons and open two more. Your shirt is opening wider, drawn apart by your breasts heaving as you breathe.

I reach the bottom button and pull your shirt out of your pants. I lay the shirt open, exposing your athletic, flat stomach and bra-covered tits.

“Take off your shirt.”

You remove it quickly and hold it in front of you. I take it from you, throwing it on the floor as you lay back down. Once again I put my hand on your stomach, but this time I move it down, inside your pants. You start to roll over, but I apply more pressure and you are still. I can feel the top of your panties well inside your pants.

I withdraw my hand and unbutton your pants. Pulling the zipper down, I can see the band at the top of your panties. You repeat your efforts to roll away from me, but I grab both sides of your pants and push them down, over your hips. When I get to your knees, you collapse back onto the bed. I feel the soft skin of your thighs and the warmth between your legs.

I move down and pull the pants off your legs. You have pulled your panties up in an attempt at modesty, but that has only tightened them and they now show the outline of your pussy lips. I run my fingers up your leg, over your stomach and between your breasts as I move back to the head of the bed.

You quiver uncontrollably and mumble briefly when I tell you to roll on your side. Your bra unsnaps easily and I pull you onto your back again. The unfastened bra lies limply across your breasts, barely covering the nipples. I pull the strap off your closest shoulder and then reach across for the other one. My hand slips into the cleavage between your breasts and I pull the bra off.

Your magnificent tits rise off your chest enticingly. The pink nipples begin to shine as they harden in the open air. When I brush my fingers over them, they extend even farther.

The stiffness between my legs forces me to be quicker about removing your panties. I jerk them down your legs and over your feet, revealing a neatly shaven pussy along with beautiful tan thighs and hips.

I undress hurriedly while you pull your legs up toward your stomach and lie in a semi-fetal position. Your muted moans and appeals for freedom only arouse me more. By the time I’m naked, my cock is erect and throbbing.

You turn away from me as I approach the side of the bed. It’s tempting to just roll you over and take you from behind. But I want to see your tits, feel them, taste them as I’m inside you.

I grab the inside of your leg and pull you onto your back. I quickly place my right leg between your thighs, then climb onto the bed between your legs. You start to swing wildly with your arms until I clutch your wrists and pin them beside your ears.

“Go ahead. Fight me. Can you see how hard that makes me?”

You purposely turn your head aside. I kiss your neck before moving down to your breasts. My mouth engulfs the nipple and the upper half of your right tit. The hardness of your nipple against the back of my tongue excites me even more. I put it between my lips and “bite”. You squirm under me as I continue to gnaw on it roughly, making sure not to inadvertently get it between my teeth. When I open my mouth and gently run my tongue over the nipple, you settle back down.

My cock has been rubbing against your thighs, pussy and stomach, pushing me almost to the edge of cumming. I need to get inside you.

Not wanting to let go of your arms, I position the head of my cock as near your cunt as I can. Probing thrusts ultimately guide me to the entrance, which I’m pleased to find is somewhat moist. The first push inside makes you groan loudly and the second results in a near scream. I drive forward until my balls smack against your thighs. I let go of your wrists and place my hands on your tits. You send out another muffled moan when I squeeze both nipples.

I begin fucking you in earnest and move my hands under your butt. Lifting you slightly, you resist by hitting me in the shoulders with your fists. I pull back far enough so you can only reach my chest, yet stay well inside you. By now I’m pulling your thighs up and around my waist. Your punching has stopped and you periodically pound the bed next to you.

I didn’t want the feel of your warm, wet cunt around my cock to end. Slowly I pulled out of you until just the tip of my cock remained inside. Then, just as slowly, I pushed in again until I felt the back of your cervix. When I resumed fucking you hard, I threw my body onto yours for the final moments before orgasm.

I could feel your breasts against my chest. Your arms wrapped around me as you hit me repeatedly, but weakly, on the back. My cock felt like it wanted to explode.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. You are SO fucking tight.”

My balls erupted and I could feel the cum flow through my cock.

“Yes. Now. Oh, fuck.”

The initial blast of cum flooded from me. I could feel it surround my cock each time I violently entered you. Two more great spurts of fluid completely filled your cunt. I plunged my cock into you several more times, grunting with each thrust and spewing more cum.

Still, my cock was hard. I came again when I squeezed your large breasts and watched them glisten from my sweat.

Finally I was beginning to soften. I reluctantly pulled out of you and placed my wet cock on your stomach. You lay limp on the bed under me—overcome with the events of the evening. You would be allowed to walk back to your car after a series of threats if the incident was reported. That night I would move on to another city, remembering the feeling of being inside you.

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