tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci Goes Home

Traci Goes Home


Traci needed a break. The eighteen year-old college freshman had only been in school a month, but she needed to go home for a weekend of "sanity." Her classes were going OK, she had made the cross-country team (surviving the initiation run with nothing more than sore arms…it was a long story) and she had found a boyfriend. But, she missed her own home--her own bed.

Traci's boyfriend, Tommy, also ran on the cross-country team. Their attraction to each other had been purely physical at first, but had grown into friendship and several dates. Now, he was skeptical about going home with her for the weekend.

"Are your parents expecting us? What if we get there and they're in bed or something," he asked her.

"Oh, yeah, right," she snickered. "They're, like, forty. Can you even have sex when you're that old?"

Tommy looked at her not knowing if she was kidding or not. "Depends on what your Mom looks like I guess," he answered with a smile.

"You've got me. You don't need old women," Traci said, wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him against her. They kissed and she felt his cock stiffen inside his shorts. She put her hand on top of it and said, "Come keep me company and I'll make it worth your while."

Tommy had wanted the tall, thin freshman ever since he first saw her. Her long blonde hair, great tits and ass made him hard every time he ran with her during practice. Likewise, she wanted him. He was older, 20, and very mature, she thought. The fact he had a killer body and knew how to use it was just an added bonus.

When Traci's last class was over at 6 p.m. on Friday, they climbed into Tommy's car and began the fifty-mile trip to Traci's house.

"What a lovely pair you make," Tony said mockingly.

Pete laughed. "She does have a lovely pair, doesn't she?"

The two burglars looked down at Traci's parents, John and Carol, who lay naked with their hands tied to the headboard of the bed.

"Damn right. And I think we should enjoy them while we're here," Tony said. "Surely, the old man won't mind watching us cum all over them. Will you?"

Tony placed the large hunting knife under John's chin and lifted it up.

"No, please," Carol shouted. "Do anything, but don't hurt him."

"Did you hear that, Pete? Do anything. Just what we had in mind," Tony said with glee.

Pete laughed wickedly. "If she insists."

Earlier in the evening, the two thirty year-old men had broken into the back of the house and waited for the couple to arrive home from work. First Carol, then John had walked into the trap. Carol's dress and underwear had been cut off her by Tony and his ever-present knife, while Pete held her arms behind her. Carol's hourglass figure and tireless struggle had excited them both. They were forcing her onto her knees when John got home. His struggle became less violent when he saw Carol in Tony's grasp, the knife positioned ominously below one of her breasts.

John and Carol had been tied to the bed next to each other. Now the two intruders were taking off their shirts, leering intently at Carol's perfect body.

"Mom, you home? Dad?" Traci's voice rang down the hallway.

Carol gasped loudly. "Traci. Run. Get out," she yelled.

Tony grabbed the knife and lunged for the woman, placing one hand firmly over her mouth and holding the knife to her neck with the other.

"Shut the fuck up," he said emphatically. "Pete. Go get her."

Pete sprang out of the room and down the hall at a full run. Before Traci and Tommy understood what was happening, Pete rounded the corner with arms outstretched and gun in hand.

"What…," Traci started to say.

"Hold it right there," Pete said, coming to a stop. "Don't move."

"Where are my parents?" Traci said nervously.

"Who else is here? Are you guys alone?" Pete asked.

"What's going on?" Traci was beginning to sob. "Where's my Mom?"

Pete looked quickly out the windows at the side of the front door. With their captor's face turned away, Traci ran for the hall and her parents' bedroom.

"Hey, stop," Pete yelled after her. When she disappeared around the corner, he stuck the gun in Tommy's back and ordered, "Let's go. Down the hall."

Just as Traci entered the bedroom, Tony was at the door. He wrapped his large arm around her and lifted her off the floor as she came to a stop. At the same time she was first seeing her naked parents tied to the bed, the knife flashed in front of her face.

"Whoa, there," Tony exclaimed, setting the girl down on her feet. Poking his head out the door, he saw Pete leading Tommy down the hall. "Anyone else?"

"Don't think so," Pete said, shrugging.

Even though it was only a matter of seconds, it seemed like time stood still for Traci and Tommy as they looked at the nude couple on the bed and the two shirtless men holding them captive. "Well, now," Tony finally broke the silence. "What do we have here? Looks like guests have arrived. This must be the daughter." He brushed Traci's hair aside and looked around at her face from behind. "And is this your boyfriend?"

Traci nodded, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Pete, it looks like we will be staying longer than we thought," Tony said with a smile. "All new possibilities just arose."

He walked around Traci, knife in hand, until he faced her while standing at the foot of the bed. Pete moved to the side of the bed and continued pointing the gun at Tommy.

"Take off your clothes, kids," Pete said coldly.

At first nobody moved, but when Tommy lifted his shirt over his head, Traci knew there was no getting out of it. She kicked off her sandals first, attempting to delay the inevitable. Then, slowly, she pulled her shirt up, revealing a white bra. As she dragged the shirt over her head, Tommy unzipped his shorts. He let them fall to the ground and glanced briefly at Traci, who was unsnapping her own shorts. Tommy waited as Traci slipped the shorts over her hips and down her legs. When she stepped out of them, they both looked at Tony.

The man with the knife moved forward a couple steps until he stood directly in front of Traci. Looking at Tommy, he said, "Keep going, kid." Tommy pulled off his briefs and added them to the pile of clothes on the floor. He had large thighs, a little waist, flat stomach and big arms…thanks to his farm upbringing and running. And no one in the room could help but notice his disproportionately long, thick cock. Even now, in this unreal setting, Traci's mind went back to the first time she had seen it in the locker room shower. She had been forced to strip naked and hand out towels to the guys as part of her freshman "initiation" on the cross-country team. It immediately had become her mission to feel him inside her, which first occurred as she stood leaning against a tree and he took her from behind during her final "initiation run."

"I think Mom's going to enjoy this," Tony said. "And Dad, we have a treat for you, too."

Tony moved the knife underneath the center of Traci's thin bra. He pushed it up so the blade was visible between her breasts and, in one quick motion, cut the bra in half. Traci shuddered at the suddenness of Tony's actions, but stood in place. Tony situated the knife on the inside of her left breast and pushed the bra aside with the blade. He ran the tip of the knife gently over her nipple, watching as the young girl closed her eyes, then he pushed back the other side of the bra. Traci's firm, tan breasts pointed outward from under the frayed remains of her bra as Tony moved the knife to her shoulder and used it to pull the strap down her arm. When he repeated the process on the opposite shoulder, the bra fell to the ground.

Tony admired the tits before saying, "Take off your panties."

Traci quickly removed the panties and stood nervously with her arms crossed in front of her. All eyes were on the girl's tall, athletic body. Her days of tanning topless on the back porch and naked at a tanning salon had resulted in a consistently gold tan that seemed even darker under her flowing blonde hair.

"What's your name?" Tony asked Tommy.


"Well, Tommy, have you met your girlfriend's Mom yet?"

Tommy shook his head.

Tony looked at Carol. "Mom, this is Tommy. He's going to be your date tonight. Or, I should say, your first date. Dad, here, will be getting to know his daughter better," Tony continued. "Afterwards, Pete and I get our turn."

Pete smiled at his partner, who was already getting hard from watching Traci strip. Now, his cock desperately needed attention.

"OK, kid," Tony was saying to Tommy. "Climb up there and let Mom have a taste of that cock. When you're good and hard, fuck her like I'm sure you do her little girl." "Honey," he said to Traci, "I want you to suck on your father's dick until it's hard enough to sit on. Then I want you to fuck him from on top, so he can see those beautiful tits bounce. Now, get started." With the urging of a gun and large hunting knife, Tommy and Traci moved onto the bed together. Tommy straddled Carol and moved far enough forward so his cock was above her face. The limp cock hit her cheek before he placed it on her lips. Hesitantly, she opened her mouth a crack and extended her tongue. On the other side of the bed, Traci had moved between her father's legs and started to bend over. She placed one hand gently around John's cock and, with the other hand, pulled her blonde hair behind her head. She squeezed the cock a couple times before getting up the nerve to put her lips on its tip. Carol sucked on Tommy's cock as it grew harder. She was torn between the shame of the act and the amazement of the size of the flesh in her mouth. And she knew it was not nearly erect yet. Tommy leaned on the headboard and began fucking Carol's mouth, her hand wrapped around the base of his cock. Traci was beginning to increase her tempo as she felt her Dad's cock thicken inside her mouth. She ran her tongue over the length of the cock several times before returning it to the depths of her mouth. When it grew long enough, she put her hand around it and alternated between stroking and sucking. Meanwhile, Tommy watched the attractive woman under him take his cock in her mouth until it stretched to its maximum length. He slid down her body and put his legs inside hers, using his hands to spread them apart. He was taken by the fullness of her breasts and how smooth and soft her thighs were. The young man was tempted to be aggressive and force himself on her, but decided against it. Instead, he put a finger on her clit and squeezed it. Then he slid his middle finger between the folds of her cunt lips and felt the wetness of her pussy. He placed the tip of his cock at her entrance and pushed. "Oh, God," Carol moaned softly. When John heard the familiar voice next to him and saw his young daughter's body moving over his, he knew it was time for her to climb on. He was afraid of how the feeling of her small cunt enclosing around his cock would cause him to react. John found out very quickly as Traci took little time placing herself over his cock, lowering herself gently and guiding him into her. Tommy took three thrusts before his balls first smacked against Carol's ass. He had lifted her legs and they now wrapped firmly around his waist. He put his hands around her wrists, which were fastened tight to the headboard, and pounded into her. After a couple minutes, he moved down so he could put his mouth on one of her tits, while at the same time putting his hands on Carol's ass and lifting her body up to his mouth. "Oh, my God, yes," Carol sighed when he sucked on her nipple. He switched tits and continued fucking her while licking her other nipple. Carol's cunt was being stretched beyond anything she had ever felt, and she didn't want it to end. The huge cock inside her and the sight of her husband's cock disappearing inside Traci's pussy was becoming more than she could take. Traci instinctively held onto her father's cock as it slid in and out of her cunt. She was losing all inhibitions as the room filled with the sounds of sex. Her goal now was to make the cock inside her cum, because she knew her own orgasm would quickly follow. When John dared open his eyes, he found himself staring at the pair of perfect tits bouncing on his daughter's chest. He had no doubt that, if his hands were free, he would hold them in his palms and squeeze the hard, protruding nipples. Carol squeezed Tommy's cock one more time with her tight cunt and he acknowledged it with a light bite of her nipple. "I'm going to cum," she whispered just barely loud enough for him to hear. He moved his head next to her ear, lowering his body onto hers, and whispered back, "Come on." At the moment his tongue touched the inside of her ear, she felt the rush of her orgasm start deep inside her and explode toward her cunt. "Oh, God, I'm cumming," she said. "God, yes, yes." Tommy felt Carol squeeze her legs tightly around his waist and pull against the constraints above her head. She flung her ass off the bed and tried to ram her entire body into his. Tommy wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up until their stomachs smacked loudly together. "Oh, fuck, fuck……. Carol could only grunt each time Tommy rammed his cock into her after the orgasm began. Her head snapped back and forth on the pillow, her short hair flinging from side to side. Tommy's own orgasm started almost immediately and Carol felt the first splash of cum hit deep inside her like a blast from a hose. Tommy's balls gushed several more loads through his cock and he plunged into her violently. A second wave overtook Carol when Tommy moved his hands onto her tits and pushed them high onto her chest. The strength and size of the young man made her cum longer than she thought her body was capable of. "Oh, God," was all she could utter at the end. On the other side of the bed, John could hold back no longer when his wife's body began thrashing under Tommy. His body stiffened momentarily, then leaped upward toward Traci, who eagerly accepted the rigid cock. Traci held onto his waist as he thrust higher and higher, shooting many loads of cum inside her. When his cock briefly came out of her, she replaced it and tasted the sweet stickiness of their combined juices on her fingers. The second time he came out of her and the cock rubbed against her clit, she reached between her legs, massaged the still stiff cock against herself and came. "Ahhhh, yes, keep cumming," she said to him as more cum shot out from his cock. "Yes, yes." Her boobs hung just inches from his face as she leaned forward, her hand working feverishly on his cock and her own clit. John's cum dripped from her stomach back onto his. She shrieked again as another orgasm hit her, accentuated this time by her fingers squeezing her engorged clit. Finally, she fell limp on her father's chest, panting heavily. Ignored by the other four during the previous several minutes, Tony and Pete had undressed and watched the two couples with cocks in hand. As Tommy finished fucking Carol, Pete blasted a long stream of white cum onto the woman's breasts. Another followed as Tommy and Carol were recovering from their own orgasms. At the same time, Tony stood behind the bent over girl and came several times on her ass and lower back. He pushed his cock against the crack in her ass and allowed the girl's skin to squeeze more cum out of him. Tony rubbed the liquid over the small round ass and watched Traci fall onto her father. Later that evening, Tony and Pete took turns with the females—one tied to the headboard face up and one face down. Neither Traci nor Carol had another orgasm to equal the ones they had felt earlier. Nor would they soon.

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