tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci's Orientation

Traci's Orientation


Traci and her parents arrived for the two-day college orientation session early in the morning of the first day. Their first stop was to the dorm where they would be staying overnight. They would be in adjoining rooms-Traci's parents in one room and Traci and another incoming freshman girl in the other. The rooms were connected by a door that could be opened to form a suite of rooms.

The dorm supervisor this summer was a 24-year-old grad student named Matt. He had planned for this day for weeks in advance. All he needed now was the right combination of female students and parents. He needed to control room assignments, so he had volunteered to man the reception desk.

18-year-old Traci and her attractive parents were among the first to arrive, so Matt was a little hesitant to assume right off that they would make the best victims of his plan. But as the morning wore on, he was convinced he had concluded correctly that he couldn't do much better.

For Traci's roommate, he had chosen a 19-year-old brunette babe named Jill. He wouldn't need Jill's parents, which worked out well since only her mother accompanied her.

Everyone had met each other outside their rooms during the morning before leaving for the first activity of the day. Traci's 39-year-old father, John, couldn't help but give an extended gaze at Jill's athletic, curvy figure while his 37-year-old wife, Carol, couldn't help but notice his staring. She was used to his roving eyes, as long as he didn't touch.

It was well after dark before Traci, Jill and Traci's parents were back in their rooms. Security cameras on each floor allowed Matt to monitor their comings and goings from his office. With a small video camera in one hand and an impressively large hunting knife hidden in his back pocket, Matt knocked on Traci and Jill's door.

When the door opened, he stepped into the room quickly and asked the girls if they wanted to attend a party for dorm residents only. They accepted the invitation and Matt suggested they advise Traci's parents of where they would be going. Matt pushed the door closed behind them.

Traci walked over to the connecting door, followed by Jill and Matt. The door opened shortly after Traci knocked and she began telling her parents their plans. While this was happening, Matt withdrew the knife from his back pocket and stuck the tip gently in Jill's back. The girl jumped in surprise.

"Go into the room," Matt said firmly.

The two girls turned to look at Matt. He pulled the knife away from Jill's back to let everyone see it.

"Get in the room," he said with authority.

Traci's mother gasped as the girls walked ahead. When they were inside the adults' room, Matt closed the door. He placed the point of the knife inches from Traci's neck.

"If anyone screams, she dies," he said. The room fell silent, except for the sound of excited breathing. "Sit down on the beds."

The room consisted of beds on either side of the room, a table and chairs under the window at one end, dressers and two study areas nearer the door leading to the hall. Traci's parents sat on the bed opposite where the others had entered. Traci and Jill sat opposite them. Matt placed the video camera on a dresser and faced the other four.

"Welcome to your orientation. Tonight you're going to get a taste of college life," Matt said. "We're going to videotape this so you won't report what happens. I doubt that any of you would want to risk the girls' future by forcing me to send copies to school officials, the media and your hometown neighbors."

Matt let the threat sink in. Undoubtedly, each person in the room was picturing in their mind what he had in store for them. None of them probably anticipated what would soon become reality.

"Dad, why don't you stand up," Matt said to Traci's father. John had a very average body in height and weight, but the tan, muscular legs extending out of his shorts indicated he either ran or cycled for exercise. He stood just in front of where he sat.

Matt looked at Jill. "Stand up," he said. "Take off his clothes." Matt pointed the knife at John. With those instructions, Matt reached for the camera on the dresser, aimed it at the foursome and turned it on.

"You'll be happy to hear that the sound has been disconnected, so nobody will hear anything we say," Matt explained.

Jill had not made any movement toward Traci's father, so Matt repeated his demand to her. Slowly she took a couple steps forward and stood directly in front of John. Jill was about 5 feet 6 inches tall and was about a head shorter than John. When she lifted his t-shirt over his head, she was easily able to pull it up over his outstretched arms. John had a flat stomach with well-defined abs.

Jill timidly reached for the button on his shorts. Her hands plainly shook as she unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts. They easily slid over John's slender hips and Jill let them fall to the floor. John kicked them off and Jill bent down to remove his sneakers. When she stood back up, she looked at Matt.

"Keep going," is all he said.

Jill put her thumbs inside his boxers and lowered them nervously. She slid them down his legs. John stepped out of one side, then the other. His cock was thick, even though it lay limp between his legs. Matt noticed Traci and her mom both looking at the man's cock, before they looked again at Jill as if embarrassed.

"Good job," Matt said. He looked at Jill. "You may be seated." As Jill moved back to the bed, Matt caught Traci's eye. "Stand up, babe. I want your father to have the pleasure of undressing you."

"No, please," Traci cried softly.

"Yes," Matt said. "You'll thank me later."

Traci stood several feet in front of her naked father. Matt urged him to get started and he stepped forward. He put both hands around the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up, exposing Traci's thin white bra. He pulled the shirt over her head. Traci's shoulder length blonde hair fell neatly back in place as he removed her shirt. She was tall and thin, but her breasts were more than ample for her age.

John removed his daughter's shorts and Traci kicked off her sandals. Traci's long legs were perfectly shaped and ended at hips that quickly narrowed to a thin waist. She had on a pair of light blue high cut panties that showed just a trace of the outline of her pussy lips through the material. Her father told her to turn around and he unhooked her bra. With her facing away from him, he lowered the bra straps down her arms and laid it aside. She nervously folded her arms over her chest.

John proceeded to pull down her panties, revealing a tantalizingly small, round ass. Faint tan lines only accentuated the softness of the skin around her crack.

"Turn around," Matt told Traci.

With arms still crossed, she turned to face her father.

"Put your arms down. You certainly shouldn't be ashamed of those tits," Matt said. "Go ahead, Dad, feel them for us."

John looked at Matt disapprovingly, but obeyed without comment. His hands engulfed the girl's soft breasts and he kneaded them softly.

"Now reach behind her and feel her ass. It looks great from here," Matt instructed.

John did as he was told, once again gently caressing the girl's supple skin. His cock was now beginning to enlarge somewhat, especially after making contact with Traci's bare skin while reaching behind her. When her breasts lightly touched his chest, they separated and he awkwardly tried to keep his hands on her ass.

Matt allowed John to let go of his daughter, but instructed Traci to stroke her father's cock. Her small hand wrapped around it and didn't move. After a few seconds, she moved her palm up and down the shaft. Instantly, the cock began to grow until a couple inches of it was visible outside the girl's hand. It stood straight out from his body and the tip turned a light red.

Matt was now ready to get down to the real business he had planned so long for.

"You other ladies stand up," he told Jill and Carol. "I want you to strip for us. I think Dad wants to see more of you." Matt looked at Jill and smiled.

Jill and Carol moved so they had room to begin undressing while John and Traci stood nearby. Traci still held her Dad's hardening cock in her hand.

Matt told John to turn so he was facing Jill and Carol. "Now put his cock in your mouth," he said to Traci. "I trust you know what to do after that."

"I can't," she whined.

"Don't make me tell you the alternatives," Matt said.

She bent her knees and placed her face in front of John's cock. The other women had stopped to listen to Matt's instructions to Traci, but now began stripping. Traci held her father's cock with one hand and delicately put her lips around the tip. Carol and Jill stood in their underwear. Each one unhooked their bra and slid it off. Traci bobbed her head up and down John's thick shaft, moving to her knees on the floor. The other two women took off their panties.

Carol had an incredibly sexy body for her age. Although shorter than Traci, Carol had fuller breasts, curvier hips and an abundant ass. Light brown, neatly trimmed hair surrounded her pussy. Jill was even more attractive naked than Matt imagined. Her long brown hair flowed onto the tops of her breasts. A little waist moved down to smooth hips and a shaven pussy with just a strip of hair above her clit. Her stomach was flat and her ass nicely rounded.

Matt could see that John was now fully erect as Traci's mouth worked on it. Matt's own cock was pressing hard against the inside of his shorts. He told John and Traci to move to the bed nearest them. John's erect cock pointed almost straight up and swayed as he stepped to the bed.

"Go ahead and lay down," Matt told Traci. When she was on the bed, he told John, "I want you to cum. I don't care if it's in her or on her, but you're going to cum. Now get on top of her and start fucking."

The man moved onto the bed and hovered over his daughter's gorgeous body. He kneeled between her legs and hesitated.

"Put it in her," Matt said sternly. "You know you want to."

John lowered his body and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. It was a massive, thick piece of red flesh and would no doubt stretch the 18-year-old girl's cunt to the limit. It would also probably give her the greatest thrill of her young life.

The tip of the cock disappeared between the folds of Traci's pussy lips. As this happened, Matt instructed Carol to lie down on the other bed and for Jill to join her.

"You're going to make her have the best orgasm she's ever had," he told Jill. "You can begin by working on those tits, then move down to her pussy. You'll know when to stop."

Jill reluctantly moved on top of Carol and placed her hand at the base of the woman's left tit. She pushed it upward while moving her mouth to the nipple. The pink tip and surrounding flesh disappeared into the younger girl's mouth.

Traci's father, meanwhile, had inserted his large cock into her tight hole. His initial shame was being overcome by the extreme pleasure he felt. The girl was getting wetter by the minute and his thrusts were increasing in speed and frequency.

Traci's breasts rolled back and forth like thick Jello on her chest. She lifted her legs so her thighs wrapped around John's waist. His hands moved under her ass to pull her even closer and he squeezed the tender skin.

Jill had licked and sucked on Carol's tits until the nipples were hard and red. She awkwardly moved down and placed her head between the older woman's thighs. Carol's legs were beautifully shaped and her inner thighs were smooth and soft. She spread her legs slightly so Jill could get her face closer to her pussy.

Jill ran her tongue lightly over the outer lips of Carol's pussy and up to her clit. She repeated this a couple more times and Carol closed her eyes. Her legs spread farther apart and her hands clutched at the sides of the bed.

On the other side of the room, Traci was moaning quietly as her father continued to fuck her. She grimaced as he rammed his cock into her, but she continued moaning and began thrusting her hips upward to coincide with his movements. A couple minutes later she was arching her back off the bed and holding onto the backs of her thighs. John lifted her higher. His balls fell against her ass each time he entered her.

"Aahhhh, ooooohh, no, no," she groaned. "No, stop, ungh, ungh."

Her father didn't stop. And Traci's moans filled the room.

"There. Now. Yes, yes," she gasped.

She shrieked as the first wave of her orgasm erupted through her body. Violently she pushed up against John's body again and again. Unrecognizable sounds came from her as she climaxed.

Her father couldn't hold back any longer. With a sudden grunt, he thrust into her, forcing her onto the bed. She held the sheets firmly as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into her. His raised his head, eyes closed, then plunged his cock into her little pussy half a dozen more times. Cum dripped down the inside of her leg as he continued spilling sperm inside her.

Traci's mother did not watch, but certainly heard, all that was happening in the other bed. It could not, however, take her mind away from the incredible feeling overcoming her from Jill's attention to her pussy and clit. When she heard John's familiar cries of orgasm, she instinctively wanted to cum. As he was finishing, she began. Her cries of pleasure and frantic movements made Jill hang onto Carol's hips. Jill forced her mouth tightly over Carol's clit and licked faster. Carol came often and hard. She rocked back and forth, occasionally rising off the bed to get her pussy closer to Jill's face.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," she cried. "There, yes."

As John collapsed onto his daughter's body--his limp cock falling out of Traci's cunt--Carol was caressing the back of Jill's head. Finally, Carol's orgasm subsided and she lay on the bed motionless, except for the erratic breathing that caused her tits to rise and fall.

Matt was extremely horny from watching and listening to the two pairs of "victims". His cock was urgently trying to escape from the confines of his shorts. He kicked off his shoes, then took off his shirt and shorts. Left only in his boxers with a noticeable bulge in the front, he ordered Jill to stand.

"Move over by the desk and put your hands on top of it," he said, pointing to the desk under the window between the two beds. She placed her hands as told, bending slightly at the waist.

Matt removed his boxers, allowing his erect cock to spring upward. He moved directly behind Jill, put his hands on her hips and pulled her backward.

"Spread your legs," he said.

Jill's legs separated a little more. Her flawless ass pointed straight out, curving erotically down to her thighs. Matt could see her pink, moist cunt clearly. She was shaven except for a patch near the clit. He let his cock rest on the top of her ass.

Traci, her father and mother watched from their beds as Matt reached under Jill and put his hands on her tits. He squeezed the nipples hard and Jill flinched.

"Put me inside you," he said calmly.

He backed away slightly to allow his cock to slide between her legs. She did not hesitate to grab it with her left hand and place it at the opening to her cunt. Putting her hand back down on the tabletop, Jill steadied herself as Matt pushed. His cock slid in easily. When his abdomen was firmly against her ass, he stopped and enjoyed the feeling. He withdrew to the tip and entered her again. This time Jill moaned. Matt began a rhythmic pumping and the sound of their skin hitting against each other was heard.

"Play with yourself," he told her. "Make yourself cum."

She reached between her legs and put a finger on her clit. Slowly at first, she massaged it. Soon she was pressing it hard with two fingers, sometimes moving her hand down her pussy and back up to gain moisture.

Matt knew it wouldn't take him long to cum, but he wanted desperately for Jill to also cum. He stopped deep inside her and let her manipulate her clit some more before pulling half way out and continuing. Her body quivered as he squeezed her nipples again. She was close.

But, he couldn't wait any longer and groaned loudly as he came. He felt the cum flow up from his balls and spurt out of his cock. He put his hands on the front of her legs and pulled her back to him roughly. Twice more he plunged his cock into her and shot heavy loads.

Jill came with abrupt suddenness and fervor. Her body shook as she and Matt climaxed together. Their sounds of gratification mixed into one big cry. Jill's hand worked her clit feverishly after Matt stood motionless, his cock barely inside her dripping cunt. Eventually, she too was satisfied and could cum no more.

Before leaving the room, Matt grabbed the camera, repeating his threat of disclosure. None of the others had even reached for clothes. Matt smiled and wondered how long it would take before Jill's mother was asked to join the occupants of that room.

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