tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci's Summer Vacation

Traci's Summer Vacation


Traci was enjoying the summer. The 18 year old had graduated from high school in June and was waiting for college to start in the fall. She was working evenings, allowing her to work on her tan during the day. Her parents' house sat at the end of a cul-de-sac, backing up to woods on three sides. This permitted her to tan topless on the back deck when she expected to be left alone...like today.

Traci was tall and thin. She had a great body, with full-but not overly large-breasts and long, well-toned legs. Her shoulder length blonde hair was usually pulled tight behind her head when she laid out. It contrasted brilliantly with her bronze body.

I watched her daily routine for two weeks using powerful binoculars from the far edge of the woods. Her parents wouldn't be home for several hours and she had no brothers or sisters. The only visitors she might get were friends who wanted to use the hot tub, and that didn't happen often.

Today I would visit her. But I wouldn't be the only one who would enjoy the feel of her soft body.

I waited until I knew she would be up, but not yet out back. She wore headphones from a portable CD player when she tanned and I knew entering the house after that would be difficult. I walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

With my fake water company ID badge attached to my work shirt and carrying my gym bag full of "supplies", I waited anxiously. I heard a chain lock sliding open before the door itself opened. Traci stood in a long t-shirt, leaning awkwardly from behind the door.

"Hi. I'm with the city water department and we're calibrating all the new water meters," I said rapidly, as if reading from a script. "It shouldn't take more than a minute in the basement. Can I do it now, or should we re-schedule?"

Traci looked at me blankly, then stammered, "Uh, sure."

I stepped in before she could think about it. As she closed the door, I dropped my bag, reached into my back pocket and pulled out a large hunting knife. I threw my body against hers, pressing her tightly against the door. My left hand covered her mouth and the knife poked her in the side. I raised it to her throat, letting her see it briefly.

"I will kill you if you make a sound or try to move. I'm going to take my hand away from your mouth. If you make a sound, I'll cut your throat wide open. Ready?"

She nodded. I removed my hand from her face, but pressed harder with the knife. She gasped and raised her chin.

"Good. Who else is here?" I asked.

"Nobody," she replied.

"Is anybody else coming?"

"Maybe two friends in a couple hours. My parents will be home later."

"Is there a bedroom on this floor?" I asked her.

"Yes. Two," she said.

"Take me to the largest one."

I moved aside to let her walk ahead. I picked up the bag and followed her, the knife between us. Her shirt fit loosely, but curved nicely around her ass with each step she took.

We walked down a short hall before entering the master bedroom. Ahead of us was a king size bed with a large, brass headboard. Chairs and tables flanked the bed, along with tall wood dressers. I threw the bag on the bed and unzipped it.

Looking at Traci, I said, "Get undressed."

She stood motionless, looking at the knife and then at me. When I didn't move, she put her trembling hands on the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She wore a light green bikini that tied behind her neck and on her hips. She slowly reached behind her head, untied her top and pulled it off, revealing her beautiful, tanned tits. After placing the top on the bed, she pulled the string that tied one side of her bottoms, then the other side. She held it in place with her hands momentarily before letting it fall between her thighs. A small patch of light brown hair was neatly shaven above her pussy. Traci placed the bikini on the bed and clumsily placed her hands in front of her.

"Turn around," I told her.

She turned her firm, round ass toward me. It was pale compared to the rest of her body, but had obviously been tanned at some point.

"Get on the bed," I said.

She climbed onto the bed while I moved her clothes to a chair. Reaching inside the bag, I pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"No, please," she cried. "Don't hurt me. Please."

"Oh, this won't hurt. Before the day is done I suspect you'll feel more pleasure than pain," I said. I walked around the bed and cuffed her right wrist to a rail of the headboard. Then I moved the bag to the chair with her clothes, leaving just the naked girl on the bed.

I started to undress. She watched at first, then turned her eyes away and sobbed quietly. When I was done I climbed on the bed and kneeled at her side. She rolled away from me, her legs tightly held together. I ran the fingers of one hand up the back of her thigh and over her ass. She flinched at the first touch. Her skin was wonderfully smooth and warm. She rolled back toward me a little to expose less of her ass.

My hand moved up to her breast. I cupped it in my palm, feeling the hardness of her nipple. I rolled it between my thumb and finger, then traced the outline of the bottom of her breast. My hand slid down her stomach, over the inside of her thigh and back up to her pussy. I forced my hand between her legs and ran my finger over her clit. She tried to move away from my hand, but I wrapped it over her pussy and continued to manipulate her ever-enlarging clit.

I leaned over and put my mouth over her right tit, licking her nipple gently. Traci was now flat on her back and her legs had separated by accident or choice. Either way, I had access to her entire pussy and my hand worked frantically over the area. I sucked on her boob and used my free hand to push it further into my mouth.

I was almost fully erect by this point and anxious to feel her pussy wrap around my cock. I inserted my finger into her, feeling the wetness and warmth. I rolled on top of her and put my knees inside of her thighs. Once again, it took very little pressure on my part to get her to separate her legs. I lowered my body onto hers, aware of her boobs pressed firmly against my chest. My face rubbed against Traci's and I could smell her hair.

With my right hand I guided my rock hard cock to the entrance of her pussy. She tried to squirm away when it first made contact. She whimpered "No, no" and attempted to pull her hips away from me. I pinned her free arm against the bed and pushed my body further onto hers. The tip of my cock entered her. Another push and I was half way in. She gasped when I plunged the remainder of my cock into her pussy.

Her efforts to escape exhilarated me. I started to fuck her harder. I moved my hands under her thighs and pulled her legs up to my waist. My balls slapped against her each time I thrust forward. She was moaning now and her resistance was fading. Every now and then she tried to pull out from under me, but I just pushed myself further into her each time.

I reached up under her ass with my right hand and felt for her clit. When I touched it she inhaled audibly and held her breath. She let it out at the same time she pushed her hips into mine. I rubbed her throbbing clit and felt the first indications of my orgasm. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her up. With her back arched off the bed, I pumped into her quicker and quicker. Her pussy was wet with her own juices. I groaned as cum sped through my cock.

"No, please," Traci said.

The words were all I needed to explode. Cum shot into her in long, heavy streams. I pushed harder-our bodies pounding into each other. Her legs were wrapped around the outside of mine and she squeezed tight. Half a dozen times I felt cum flow into her pussy.

She was silent. But I knew she hadn't cum. I also knew there would be time for that and it would be good if she was left unfulfilled now. My cock grew softer and I pulled out of her. I laid my head on her breasts and put a nipple in my mouth. It was hard and warm. Her hips rose slightly when I licked it. She's ready, I thought.

I rolled off of her, slid off the bed and got dressed. Traci lay on her side with her legs tucked up. Her breasts hung deliciously; her little ass sticking out behind her.

It was still several hours before her parents would be home. I grabbed the knife, walked out to the family room and turned on the TV. I watched for about half an hour before being startled by the ringing of the front door bell. Putting the knife in my back pocket, I went to the door. Two young people, a boy and a girl both around 20, stood on the porch.

"Hi. Is Traci here?" the girl asked. She wore a tank top over a colorful bikini top and cut off shorts.

"Yeah. I'm her uncle. Come on in," I said.

The boy was tall and muscular, with a deep tan. He, too, had on a tank top and shorts.

As soon as the door was closed, I had the knife out. I held it just inches from the boy's ribs.

"No sudden movements," I said. "No screams. Walk straight ahead, down the hall and into the first room on the right."

They did as they were instructed, entering the master bedroom. The girl exclaimed, "Traci", and stopped. She quickly turned around and looked at me. I motioned with the knife to walk further into the room.

"I take it you've met," I said. "Unfortunately, we may not have time to use the hot tub, but I think you'll like what we have planned. Now take off your clothes."

The boy and girl stared at me with disbelief. I sat in a chair and waited. Finally, the boy kicked off his sandals. The girl did the same and they each took off their shirts, then their shorts. Neither one moved for a moment until I told them to keep going. The boy pulled down his boxer style swimming trunks while the girl removed her top. He was certainly well endowed, even in his limp state. The girl was taller and bigger than Traci, with her breasts being no exception. When she took off the bottom of her suit the fullness of her body became more evident. She was well proportioned, but not overweight in the least.

After telling the boy to sit in the chair across the room from me, I pulled a pair of handcuffs from the bag and told the girl to fasten his hands behind his back. When she was done, I said to her, "Traci, here, needs some attention. I believe she wanted to cum earlier and I wouldn't let her. Why don't you help her out. Get on the bed."

The girl slowly climbed into the bed, kneeling next to Traci.

"She likes to have her tits sucked and licked. Why don't you start there first," I said.

"No. I can't," she said quietly.

"Yes you can," I said, rising out of my chair. I put the knife directly in front of her breasts, which she covered with her arms. "Or you will be cut open from your throat to your pussy."

She turned to face Traci and I sat down. She lowered her head towards Traci's chest and braced herself on the bed with her hands. The girl's large breasts swung freely under her. When she was just above Traci's breasts, she moved one arm to Traci's opposite side so that she now straddled Traci with her hands. I saw her look at Traci one time before putting her mouth over Traci's left breast. Her tongue flicked out and lightly brushed against Traci's nipple. She did this a couple times before wrapping her lips around it. Traci closed her eyes, her free hand grabbing at the bedspread under her.

The girl put more of Traci's breast in her mouth and sucked on it. When she opened her mouth, her tongue ran across and around the nipple, which was now protruding noticeably more than before.

I let this go on for a few minutes, then said, "OK. Get between her legs and use that tongue on her pussy. Make her cum."

This time the girl didn't look at Traci before moving down the bed. She got between Traci's legs, which opened for her without any urging required. The girl's round ass was near the bottom of the bed, pointing upward. Her companion had watched the proceedings with interest, I noticed, and was now semi-erect. He continued to watch as the girl placed her head above Traci's neatly shaven pussy. The girl's tongue touched the outer edges of Traci's pussy lips and Traci uttered a mixed sign and moan. The girl put her arms under Traci's raised legs. But she didn't need to raise Traci's body to her face. Traci was doing that for her.

The girl's tongue and mouth explored the pussy from bottom to top, stopping at Traci's engorged clit. She licked it several times, swirling the tip of her tongue around it. Her mouth wrapped around it and Traci moaned louder. The girl made long sweeping motions with her tongue from the bottom of Traci's pussy to the top. The girl's long hair fell over Traci's hips.

By now the boy in the chair had an erection pointing up at a 45-degree angle. My own cock pressed uncomfortably against my shorts.

The girl continued her attack on the wet pussy. When she stopped at Traci's clit and put her entire mouth over it, I knew it wouldn't take much longer. Traci raised her hips and the girl put her hands under Traci's little ass. She pressed her head down while pulling Traci's body up. Traci arched her back and began a rhythmic thrusting.

"Oooohhh," Traci sighed. "There."

The girl was concentrating on Traci's clit entirely now. Traci's body shook periodically with tremors from the approaching orgasm. She straightened her legs, then bent them again and spread them as far as she could. Her ass was a foot off the bed when she screamed, "Yes. Yes. There. I'm cumming."

The girl never stopped licking and sucking as Traci bounced frantically on the bed. "Oooohhhhhh, yes. Aaahhhhhh," Traci cried. Then a series of short, inaudible grunts were made each time she thrust upward off the bed. A final, prolonged moan came from Traci as her body stiffened and her legs straightened, the girl's head caught in a vice between them. "Yes, yes, yes," was all Traci said as the orgasm peaked and subsided.

When Traci's body went limp, the girl put her head on Traci's thigh and kissed it, wiping her mouth dry in the process. Traci's eyes were closed, her breasts heaving up and down with her heavy breathing. The two girls lay motionless for a moment. The boy stared at them, his hard cock pointing straight up.

I pulled out the key for the handcuffs and threw it on the bed. I told the girl to unlock the cuffs on the boy. She got up and I saw her hesitate just for a second when she saw his eight-inch erection. After taking off the cuffs, I told them to get on the bed next to Traci.

"Get on your hands and knees," I told the girl. Looking at the boy I said, "She's all yours. Do her from behind."

They moved into position, Traci watching from on her back while still cuffed to the headboard. The girl's large breasts hung from her chest and her ample hips and ass pointed invitingly toward the boy behind her. He moved forward, his knees inside her thighs. His cock swung above her ass and rested on it briefly. He positioned it under her and the girl parted her legs a little further. I couldn't see her cunt from where I sat, but it must have been wet already, as the boy needed only one preliminary probe before he slid in up to his balls.

The girl moaned as his shaft disappeared into her. He put his hands on her hips and started to fuck her. The sound of their bodies making contact with each of his thrusts filled the room. The bed began to rock with their motion. Every now and then the girl lowered her head, then raised it again, pushing her hair out of her face. Her mouth opened and closed, but little sound was made.

I told the boy to play with one of the girl's breasts. He seemed too glad to move his hand under her and put it around her right breast. He kneaded it roughly before squeezing her nipple. The girl gasped when he rolled the large, red nipple between his fingers. Then he once again tried in vain to put the entire tit in his hand. He pressed it hard against her chest, much of it extending out beyond the width of his palm. His other hand was caressing her ass, perhaps subconsciously squeezing it until imprints of his fingers could be seen on her tan skin.

"Play with yourself," I said softly to the girl, while leaning towards her. Her right hand instantly moved between her legs. It lightly touched the boy's cock before finding her clit. She began massaging the area and dropped her head to the bed.

The boy was slapping furiously against her butt now. Without warning, he grunted loudly and halted his penetration deep inside her. He pulled out slowly, then rammed into her with brutal force. Another grunt and he repeated his attack on her cunt. Three more quick thrusts were followed by another plunge deep inside her.

"Oh, yes. Squeeze it again," he stammered. Apparently the girl was flexing her cunt muscles around his thick cock. "Yeah, yeah...that's it."

He was pounding her again; his eyes closed tightly, his face contorted. The couple's movements caused Traci's breasts to sway back and forth beside them. The boy groaned loudly, incoherently, until a spastic "Ungh, ungh, aaahhhhhh" accompanied an exceptionally hard push into the girl's pussy.

He was cumming now. He rammed her, grunted hoarsely, and shot sperm into her over and over. The girl simultaneously issued a high-pitched shriek that could only signal her own orgasm. Her hips pushed backward and up to meet his plunging cock. The boy mauled her breast with his hand, his body leaning over hers. She buried her face in the bed, her body convulsing with waves of pleasure. The boy must have stopped cumming before her, but was trying desperately to stay inside her until she finished herself. Her hand continued to work on her clit and she jerked erratically with little orgasms for another minute or so.

The girl removed her hand from between her legs and collapsed to the bed. The boy remained on top of her, his spent cock in the crack of her ass.

My own cock was aching badly from confinement in my shorts and it was only a matter of time before I would decide which girl would service me next.

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