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This is a work of pure fantasy and goes back to when I was a teenager and had a HUGE crush on my mom's best friend.

The Divorce happened, but unfortunately, I didn't get to help her through it. All persons engaged in sexual antics in this tale are at least 18, and all characters, while having a loose basis in reality, are of my own creation.

FAIR WARNING: Unlike most of my tales, there is a LOT of sex in this one. I'm talking WALL- to- WALL BALLING- FUCKING- MAKING- LOVE- YOU- NAME- IT- SEX!! Oh, and there's a little story thrown in too.

Enjoy the ride, folks. ;)



***Chapter 1: News of Divorce***

"JUSTIN!" That would be my mom, yelling for me to come down to breakfast. Saturday, the day after High School gradu-fuckin'-ation, and I'm getting woken up at... I look at my clock... 7 fuckin' AM. SERIOUSLY?! And add to that the dream she'd interrupted. God, I'd been dreaming of Lee again.

Leeandra Watson was my mom's best friend. Everyone has called her Lee since forever, as far as I knew. Forever was also how long she and my mom had been best friends. Since like 1st Grade, I think. Gorgeous body, tall with big round breasts and a voluptuous bubble butt ass. Rich dark mahogany skin gave her an exotic look that I had loved for the past 6 years.

"JUSTIN DAVID BANNISTER! BREAKFAST!" Mom yelled, interrupting my internal monologue with her grating voice, and I winced at the Three Name Call.

"Let me piss and get some clothes on!" I shouted back. I pushed the sheet back and went naked into the bathroom across the hall from my room. I damn near had to stand on my head to take a piss, but once I did, my hard-on went down at last. I stumbled back to my room and threw on some boxers, board shorts, and my old Batman t-shirt. I looked in the mirror at my fairly muscular 6'1", 198 lb. physique, short dark hair, cobalt blue eyes, and smirked as I thought that this is what Bruce Wayne must have looked like going to the beach. Maybe. Meh. I needed coffee, and I needed it yesterday. I'm Justin Bannister, and we live in Westwood, near UCLA. I just graduated from High School, and now here I was with the entire summer ahead of me before starting at UCLA in the Fall.

So I headed downstairs, and saw my brother sitting at the breakfast nook.

"Hey, dickhead." He greeted me with a sneer. Shitty little bastard.

"Hey, asslick." I greeted him back. Yeah, my brother and I really don't get along. He's a year younger than me, and thinks his shit don't stink. The fucked up thing is that our parents agree that his shit don't stink. I can't count the number of times I've taken the heat for his bullshit, even when I wasn't around, nor could have even been around to have anything to do with what he'd done.

Oh, well. I had a full ride to UCLA in the fall thanks to Track & Field, and the recruiter was so impressed with my dash times in the 50 and 100, he was thinking Olympics. Yeah, right. A white boy like me in the Olympics for Sprinting? My point is that I wouldn't have to put up with my kid brother or my biased parents for much longer. All I had to do was survive the next 3 months without killing my little bro.

Mom didn't like the way we greeted each other. "Language." She said, smacking us both upside the head.

"Ow!" We said in unison. Ha! At least Golden Child had got the shit smacked out of him too! I counted that as a victory. To this day, I will never understand how I, a Track athlete with a 3.85 GPA and a full ride scholarship to UCLA could come in second fiddle to my dipshit 2.25 GPA moron brother. I told my parents every day that I loved them. I helped out every chance I got around the house. What did Patrick do? Jack and Squat, and Jack just left town.

"Justin, I have to drop Patrick off at summer school, and then go to my hair appointment. If Lee calls, tell her I will be back in a couple of hours."

"Ok, mom." I said, more sullenly than I was feeling at the mention of Lee.

Lee Watson, as I stated earlier, is my mom's best friend, which is saying something, since Mom is about as white as you can get. They had been best friends since forever, also as I said earlier, in spite of growing up in the '70s just after the Equal Rights Movement. They were both now 40, and while mom was kind of ugh, Lee was SMOKIN' HOT! For reference, I would compare her to Kelly Starr, the porn actress. Same basic body shape and skin color.

I'm the kind of guy that doesn't care about skin color or whatever. Hot is hot. Beautiful is beautiful. Gorgeous is gorgeous. Sexy is sexy. Granted, I did experience some "jungle fever" when I looked at her and imagined us entwined, our skin tones contrasting so erotically... yes, my teenage hormones were in overdrive whenever I looked at her, heard her smoky voice, or even closed my eyes and imagined her.

"Good." Mom's voice broke me out of my reverie. "Just make sure you be polite to her."

"Will do, mom." I gave a half-assed salute and a resigned smile. Like I was ever NOT polite to Lee!

"Good. We'll see you later." Mom gave me a peck on the cheek, then left with Patrick in tow.

"Love you too, Mom." I smirked as they headed out the door. I plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. Ooooh, the Dodgers were playing against the Giants! NICE! I love Baseball.

The game was into the third inning when the landline rang. I groaned involuntarily, since the landline was usually one of my shithead brother's shithead buddies. I checked the caller ID and my cock got hard as I recognized Lee's number. I picked it up. "Hi, Lee." I said with a smile.

"J..Justin?" She said, her voice shaky. She'd obviously been crying. I sat up straight.

"What's wrong, Lee?" I asked, feeling a lump in my throat. This wasn't like her. 'Maybe Dick died?' I thought, somewhat hopefully. I never liked Dick. He's one of the black guys with a humongous chip on his shoulder. He barely tolerates Lee's friendship with my mom, and HATES it when I go over to swim in their pool at Lee's invitation. He can't say much, though. Lee inherited her house from her parents, who died a few years back, and his name wasn't even close to the deed. He usually just made himself scarce when I was around, which was fine by me.

That's another reason I love Lee. She was almost a surrogate Mom to me, since my own Mom had plenty of time for my little bro, but not much time for me. Lee was the one to come support me at my Track meets. Not Mom. Dad would sometimes come, but those were once-in-a-blue-moon occasions. Lee, however, was there every time, even on Road trips. Hell, she was there when I took 3rd in Nationals in the 100 meters just a month ago! She was the one who came up and hugged me tight after the meet, even though I was all sweaty from the sprints. She didn't seem to mind. She would then drive me home, or fly with me from Nationals. She's an accountant who works from home, and does business and law firm accounts, so her schedule is very flexible. Yeah, she makes good money. More than enough that she could get rid of Dick if she wanted.

"I wish!" She laughed harshly. Shit, had I said it aloud about Dick dying?

"Umm, Ok, Lee. Start over. What happened?" I asked calmly.

"Don't worry about it, Sugar. Is your mom home?" She asked, her voice barely holding together.

"No, she went to take my brother to weekend summer school, then to her hair appointment. She tried to get through to you last night, but your answering service was full, and you weren't home." I remembered mom going off about it the night before. "Now, what's going on, Lee?"

She sighed. "Dick was cheatin' on me, so I kicked his worthless ass out." My mouth dropped open as I heard her breaking down in sobs again.

"Lee, let me leave a note for my mom, and then I'm coming over. I'll be there in five." I said, then hung up before she could protest.

I scribbled a post-it and left it by where Mom usually sets her purse, then grabbed my keys, wallet, cellphone, and made sure the door was locked as I slammed it behind me. I jumped into my Civic and broke all land speed records covering the two miles to Lee's place. I pulled up out front and saw that indeed, Dick's Escalade wasn't in the driveway. I hopped out and sprinted up the lawn to her door.

I knocked as I opened her door. "Lee, it's me." I called. Another great thing about visiting Lee. Being pretty much extended family, me and Mom had the privilege of barging in as long as the door was unlocked and we announced ourselves.

"In the family room, Sugar." She sniffled. I went in and she rose from the sofa as I crossed the floor and hugged her tightly. She was wearing her plush bathrobe. God, her body felt good against mine, and I had to move my hips back a little so she wouldn't feel my hard cock pressing into her.

She broke down in my arms, crying into my shoulder. I lowered us both back to the sofa, and she clung to me as I stroked her back soothingly.

When she'd finally settled down enough, I pulled back gently and looked into her lovely dark brown eyes. "Lee, what exactly happened?"

She took a deep breath to steady herself, then began. "Last night was our date night. We had a wonderful night out, and thanks to the wine, I was a little tipsy and a lot horny when we got home. I checked the Answering service and saw that our box was full. I told Dick to go upstairs, and I'd be there as soon as I checked the messages. Every message I heard was some drunk bitch asking something like 'Have you left that stupid bitch yet?', and I know for damn sure she wasn't talking to me! So I yelled for Dick to get his worthless ass down here, and when he showed up, I played one of the messages for him. It scared the black right off of him!"

I had to fight back a laugh at her analogy, but rallied quickly. "So what happened then?" I asked.

"He gave me the whole 'I can explain' bullshit, so I said 'fine, explain it to me'. So he said that his boss at the firm was sexually harassing him into sex. He said that she was holding his job over his head." She rolled her eyes. "I almost believed it, except then I thought back to the Griffiths' Christmas party last year."

"Ok, I'm a bit lost. What happened at the Griffiths' party?" I asked. I had been upstairs with Sharice Griffith since I'd gotten there with my parents, and we had been making out on her bed through most of the party. I didn't tell Lee that, though!

"Well, after you and Sharice went upstairs, I noticed that Dick wasn't in the living room or outside. When I went looking for him, I found him in the den. He was getting a blowjob from that bottle blonde bitch Evelyn. You know, his boss. He looked like he wasn't being sexually harassed to me. I left him there that night and drove home alone. I had his keys, so he couldn't get in." She suddenly got a look of pure rage on her face. "When I finally let him in the next morning, he said that he was too drunk to remember it, but that he thought it was me sucking his dick. He LIED to me, but I was dumb enough to take him back. I told him that if he ever did that shit again, drunk or not, he was gone!" She had given him a second chance, and he had blown it. He really was a Dick. Oh, yeah, and OH SHIT! She HAD seen me there going upstairs with Sharice. SHIT!

I blushed furiously. "I... I'm sorry, Lee." I stammered.

She looked at me, and her expression softened as she smiled knowingly. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Sugar. Do you like sistas?"

"I like all kinds of girls, but I've had a crush on you since I was 12." I blurted, my blush growing to epically red proportions. "Well, more than a crush. I've been in love with you since I was 12. Sharice is what I imagine you would have looked like at her age." I admitted, and her eyebrows rose. It was true. Sharice Griffith had the same mahogany skin tone, the same high cheekbones, and the same almond shape to her eyes.

"I... I don't... don't know what to say." It was Lee's turn to stammer. She was stunned.

"Lee, I'm really sorry." I winced.

"Don't be sorry, Justin. I find it extremely flattering that a young man as handsome as you finds me attractive." It was her turn to blush, as her reddish dark chocolate skin turned just a bit redder.

I took her hand in mine. "Lee, you're more than just attractive. You're the most beautiful lady I know! All I know is that Dick is a... well... a Dick for screwing around on you! If I was your man, I wouldn't be messing around on the side when I had perfection waiting for me at home." I decided to throw the dice as I leaned forward, and my lips brushed hers. Her rich full lips were soft and moist, and as mine touched hers, an electric shock went through me.

It was as if a switch had been flipped in her as her lips parted and her tongue advanced into my mouth. Her arms came up around my neck, her fingers entwined in my hair as she pulled my head closer. Our kiss deepened with need and lust as our tongues danced together.

For the first time, it registered on me that she was wearing her bathrobe, but she had nothing on underneath. She moaned into the kiss as my hand slipped under her robe and around her waist.

The knock as the door opened broke the spell and the mood, especially when I heard my Mom's grating voice.

"Lee, it's Elaine!" She entered just as Lee and I had regained our composure.

"In here, hon." Lee called, then looked at me and winked quickly as she mouthed 'later' to me. My cock was harder than stone.

Mom came into the family room and Lee rose to greet her. I didn't dare move, since my hard-on was down the left leg of my board shorts. I surreptitiously moved it to a more comfortable position as they sat back down, and mom's view of me was obstructed.

"I saw the note from Justin." Mom said. "What happened, Lee?"

Lee told her what she'd told me, then told her about the Griffiths' party and catching Dick getting oral sex from his boss.

Sorry to bust up some peoples' illusions here, but Dick really has an average sized dick, according to Lee. She says he's around 5 and a half inches or so. He's not one of those BBCs that some women keep talking about and lusting over. She said he has a pencil Dick (pun intended).

Luckily, my Mom's voice is the greatest anti-arousal drug known to man. Imagine fingernails on a chalkboard, and you come close. Ok, I'm exaggerating... a little. But just hearing her talk smack about Dick with Lee, I was once again safely soft. I just sat there and enjoyed the show, and let my mind drift to the fact that Lee was completely naked under her robe. No bra strap between her DD-Cup breasts, and no panties from when my hand had rested on the bare skin of her waist. Whenever I felt my cock growing, I tuned in and listened to my mom's fingernail/chalkboard vocal chords, and it went right back down.

I wasn't completely idle during their chat. I held Lee's one hand supportively, while mom held her other hand. I just wasn't able to contribute much to the conversation, except for backing up what Mom said sometimes.

After about an hour of this, Mom was finally winding down.

"Don't worry, Lee. I have the number for my brother, who's a PI, and if you let him know I referred you, he can give you a discount. Do you have a Divorce Attorney?" Mom said as she handed Lee one of my Uncle Jack's business cards. Jack is a former Green Beret, and now operates as a PI/Bodyguard. He's the one who taught me how to fight when my parents wouldn't.

Yes, I was bullied as a kid until I learned how to fight back. Mom is a complete pacifist, and believes that everything can be solved with talking and listening. Dad goes along with her on this, even though he kind of rolls his eyes when she isn't looking. Uncle Jack, on the other hand, once he found out the situation, taught me how to subdue an opponent quickly, and other useful fighting techniques. He even taught me, after a very long discussion about using what he was about to teach me ONLY has a last resort, how to kill quickly if necessary.

"Yes, hon, I have one. I put Selene on retainer after the Christmas party, just in case. I might give a second chance, but I'll be damned if that cheatin' asshole gets a third!" Lee broke me out of my reverie with that one, and her blazing anger was actually turning me on. God, she's sexy when she's angry! But then, she's sexy 24/7/365 with her 38DD-27-38 Total Package, as far as I'm concerned.

"Well, I have to get going then, but Justin can stay and keep you company if you need him." Ok, while I wouldn't mind staying, and was in fact PLANNING to stick around after Mom left, it still made my teeth itch whenever she volunteered me for something.

That's another thing my Mom does. She volunteers me for shit without even asking me to do it. I've lost girlfriends and potential girlfriends because she volunteers me for something on Friday or Saturday night, and it doesn't mean a good goddamn to her that I've already made plans for a date. Ok, I think you get the idea. I was very much looking forward to leaving home and never returning.

But this time, even though I wanted to stay, I gave Mom my usual tight smile that told her that I didn't appreciate her always volunteering me, and then her Guilt Trip Voice said "I know you probably had plans with your friends, but Lee needs you more. You wouldn't want to disappoint her, would you?"

Years of listening to the same crap over and over had made me immune, but I wasn't about to play my hand yet. That would come later. For now, I just said "No, Mom. I wouldn't want to disappoint Lee." I kept my voice remorseful... well, as remorseful as possible when I considered the possibilities of spending my time with a newly available woman that I'd been In Love with for years.

"Good, then." Mom smiled triumphantly, thinking she'd won yet another battle in our war of wills.

Lee stood and showed Mom out, then came back after locking the door once Mom was unlocking her car in the driveway.

"She really does that shit all the time, doesn't she?" Lee was shaking her head in mild disbelief. I had told her all about how Mom treated me, but she had just laughed, thinking I was exaggerating.

"Yep." I said simply, nodding.

She sat back down and put her arms around me, pressing her generous breasts into my chest as my arms went around her waist. "I'm sorry I doubted you, sugar."

That was another thing that was special with us. "Sugar" was her pet name for me, and as far as I knew, me alone. She always said it was because I was sweeter than sweet, which I was to her. I would do anything she asked when I was growing up, and she ALWAYS asked. She never TOLD me what to do, which was a welcome change from my Mom and Dad.

Yes, Lee and I had become pretty much best friends during my teen years. I had never hit on her before, because as much as I disliked Dick, I wasn't going to break up their marriage. But Dick being Dick, he went and did that himself. As I sat holding her in a loving embrace, I had to mentally thank Dick for this opportunity.

"It's ok, Lee." I said at length. "You couldn't have known unless you saw it for yourself."

"Oh, but I should've known, Sugar. She used to do that shit sometimes when we were growing up. Just up and volunteer me for something. She never pressed it if I couldn't do it, though." She admitted.

"That's where we differ. She's cost me two girlfriends and two potential girlfriends because she volunteers me for shit when she knows I have a date." I admit I sounded a little bitter.

"Did you mean what you said earlier about me being beautiful?" Her voice had taken on a lower tone as she pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

"Every word." I nodded with a smile.

"And that you would never fuck around on me?" She asked in that same tone, and my cock was quickly becoming a steel I-Beam in my shorts.

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