tagLesbian SexTrack Kisses 01

Track Kisses 01


This is my first story. Critiques welcome.


"I'm sorry I grabbed your tits so much tonight," Alex said with a wry smile.

I laughed and shrugged "Honestly, I didn't even notice, it happens so often," I replied as I unbuckled my helmet.

Alex sighed. "I'm pretty sure roller derby practice is not one of the rings of hell but it sure feels like it. Fuck, it's hot."

The room was thick with sweat and heat, and not even open doors or fans running on full blast could make it less oppressive. I glanced over at Alex. Her white shirt was soaked through and clinging to the curves of her body. I could see the outline of her pink sports bra beneath her shirt: the only part of her top that wasn't translucent with sweat.

"You kicked ass tonight," she said.

I smiled brightly. "Only because you went easy on me."

She nodded in disagreement, but it was true. She always knocked me up and down the track.

"I'm still struggling with plow stops," I continued, as I bit my lip.

"They're not so hard," she replied. "They just take practice. Do you want me to teach you?"

My heart skipped a beat. Alex was beautiful. She had shoulder length auburn hair that was shaved on one side. She was taller than me, and curvy with large tits and large ass, but somehow with a waist smaller than mine. I had never seen anyone like her. And she was absolutely lethal on the track.

I stuttered. "I... I would really like that".

"Tomorrow?" she asked. "There aren't practices scheduled tomorrow after 8 PM if that isn't too late for you."

"No, that would be perfect. Thank you so much," I gushed.

Alex just smiled, buckled her gear bag, and walked out the door with a wink in my direction.

When I got home that night, I examined my bruises in the shower. I have always bruised like a peach. I lathered soap in my hand and let the bubbles fall where I gently rubbed each one. I had a full handprint on my left arm and a dark bruise on my left leg where a teammate had cleared me off the inside line. I turned my head as I caressed a dark bruise that looked like a nebula on my ass. I couldn't blame anyone for that one; I had clumsily fallen on my own wheel.

As the suds trickled down down my body, I thought of Alex and her tight white shirt. I thought of how it clung to her almost exaggerated curves. I thought of the slight pink outline of her bra. My hand wandered down to my pussy and I found I was wet.

I ran my index finger across my slit and made my finger slick. I moved it up between the folds of my labia and found my clit. I started to rub my clit in slow circles while the shower pounded gently on my shoulders.

I thought of practice that night. She knocked me down while clearing a path for her own jammer. After the whistle, she picked me up off the track with a hint of smile. I rubbed my clit in slow circles. At halftime, we switched teams.

At the start of the jam, she was bracing me and my teammate. As the jammer collided into our backs, she grabbed me to brace me, grabbing my breast. Her thumb brushed my left nipple. I'm sure she didn't mean it to be sexual, but my body trembled, remembering her touch. I repeated the motion. My tits are ample, but my nipples are small. My thumb caught my nipple piercing and I almost doubled over from the pain that quickly turned exquisite.

Feeling I couldn't take any more without hurting myself, I sat down in the shower and maneuvered the shower head against my clit.

I thought of how she moved her hand back up my left arm and squeezed tightly as the jammer reengaged. That must have been where the bruise came from. I looked at it and smiled as the water stimulated my clit, and my body shuddered.

With my other hand, I started to finger myself. I thrust one finger into my pussy to start, getting used to the feeling. I thrust a second finger in, moving against myself. I thought of Alex knocking me around the track. I imagined Alex knocking me around in bed: her strong hands holding me down, her bruising me in other ways. I could feel my climax building as the shower head pounded against my clit, hard and persistent.

I thought of Alex's tits behind that pink sports bra and how her nipples would feel against my lips. I came as I cried silently. I felt my pussy spasm around my fingers as I lay gasping in the tub.

My thoughts were consumed by Alex. I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

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by Anonymous

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by gjames1707/18/18

Very well done...

and a good start. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you for sharing this.

Btw, I also really liked the film that inspired your name and the theme for your story.

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by stroudle07/10/18

Short and sweet

This was quiet short but i am looking forward to the next training session.
Shower masturbation is great , but i am hoping that Alex joins our narrator [ whats her name by the way ? ] in the shower soon.

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