tagRomanceTrack Meet in Purgatory Ch. 02

Track Meet in Purgatory Ch. 02


You will probably enjoy this more if you've already read the first chapter so that you'll know what's going on.

* * * * * * * * * *

We slept, fitfully for the most part, in close contact with each other, through the next six hours or so. I think that at least one of us was awake most of the time. I, at least, was never quite warm enough. On several occasions, I felt her trying to wriggle in a little bit closer, and I guessed that she wasn't quite warm enough either. There wasn't anything I could do about that except for what I was already doing—and was doing with a will, because I enjoyed the feel of her body against mine!

Our boulder, as I'd hoped, retained a good bit of heat through the night, and that may have saved us. It certainly kept us from being supremely uncomfortable! It probably also helped that the storm had brought cloud cover that didn't clear away until nearly daybreak, and that kept the temperature from dropping very far during the night.

I think I'd been asleep for an hour when I awoke a bit after five. Lynne rested against me, breathing slowly and regularly; she was fast asleep. The overcast was gone and sunrise was still a good half hour away. But dawn had broken, and there was enough light that I could see the colors in our warm-ups.

We had made it!

I waited a bit, and confirmed that it was getting lighter, before I shook Lynne gently. "Wake up, Nerdette," I murmured to her. "It's time to go home!"

She woke, slowly, but surely, and, once she was aware, she looked into my eyes. She greeted me sleepily, "Hi, Nerd! I had the nicest dream!"

"Oh?" I said.

"Yeah! I was in love with the world's most wonderful guy!"

"Yup," I said, "must've been a dream. I'm in love with the world's most wonderful girl! We can't both be in love with the world's best!"

"Hmmm…" she smiled at me in the growing light. "Maybe it wasn't a dream. Is it morning?"

"The sun isn't up yet, but there's enough light to travel. And it's only gonna get lighter! Let's get ready to head for home!"

We kissed, gently and lovingly, before we helped each other to our feet. We stepped into the open, stretched, and ran in place for a few minutes, to shake off the night's persistent chill, stretch aching muscles, and move stagnant blood. We hadn't yet realized that, although we had yet to see each other's bodies in anything but cloud-filtered moonlight, we had nothing left to hide. So after we had walked twenty or thirty yards from our boulder, we hid behind other, separate, boulders, and emptied our bladders. Once back in our alcove, we dug the remaining two power bars out my pack, along with a bottle of water, and ate what had to pass for breakfast.

Then, hand in hand, our cold, soggy jeans and shirts now in our packs along with our baseball caps, we walked down to the river, hoping fervently that it had gone back down. Our fears were groundless; it looked very much as it had when we had crossed it the afternoon before. We took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our pants, and crossed it as effortlessly as we had when we'd come the other direction.

Once we were back on its north bank, we used the river to rinse out the shirts we'd cleaned ourselves up with the night before. It was still chilly in the canyon, but the sun was about to peek over the horizon, and we didn't know how hot it would get before we reached the car. We didn't relish the idea of having only our warm-ups to wear in heat anything like yesterday's! Wet cotton, on the other hand… But maybe not sticky wet cotton!

We had learned, the day before, something about preparation.

Then we considered jogging back to the car. It was only five miles or so, and neither of us thought that a difficult distance. But we had also learned something about taking chances, and we decided that we shouldn't expose ourselves to the attendant risks: exhausting ourselves in the soft sand, twisting an ankle, stumbling into a cactus, falling, or—worst of all!—taking a rattlesnake by surprise at close range. At long last, we were thinking ahead. Instead of jogging, we walked briskly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We'd passed the mission and its cemetery when I remembered the doubts I'd had the night before, right before everything had changed—before, that is, we had changed everything. I had to know if we had really changed everything, or if one thing, the one most important thing of all, was still the same. "Lynne," I asked doubtfully, hesitantly, "are we still friends?"

She stopped in her tracks and pulled me into her arms. Putting her arms around me and pressing her body tightly against me, she looked into my eyes, and I read the love—steadfast love, sure and certain—in hers. "We've never been better friends, Jase!" she assured me before she kissed me. When she'd kissed me thoroughly, she broke our embrace and we started walking again. And she added, "You don't ever need to worry about that!"

"Thanks!" I said. "You don't need to worry about that, either! But there's one other thing." I had one more nagging worry.

"What's that?"

I stopped in my tracks; she took another step before she realized what I had done, and then she stopped, too. She turned and looked quizzically at me. I started, "Did I… Well, did I…" I was having trouble getting it out. Finally, I simply blurted: "Everybody says that a girl's first time hurts! Did I hurt you last night?" I waited, miserable now, eyes turned from her and cast down, dreading her answer and the possibility that I had caused pain for her.

"Jason!" she exclaimed. She reached for my chin and pulled my face up a bit and around toward her, so that I looked into her eyes again instead of at the ground. "No! You didn't hurt me! I wanted to feel you in me! And when you were, I loved it! Even if you had hurt me, it would have been worth it!" She was smiling, now, richly and sincerely. "And I meant exactly what I said about going on the Pill!"

I was still doubtful. "But what about… What about your…" I was having more trouble spitting out what I thought I needed to say.

Once again, she was ahead of me. "Do you mean 'What about my hymen?' Is that what you're trying to ask me?"

Mutely, I nodded. I'm not sure whether I couldn't speak from shame at the question or from shame at being unable to to ask it.

"Oh, Jase!" she replied. "You're such a nerd! A sweet one, but a nerd! Yes, last night was my first time. But I'm a runner!"

"Hunh?" I said. I was in over my head, now.

She reached up to kiss me again, putting both her arms around my neck. In spite of my embarrassment, I took the opportunity to squeeze her against me. She didn't object; in fact, she squeezed back.

When that kiss ended, she backed up some, but we remained in each other's arms as she looked me in the eye. "Now that I think of it, I needed to have somebody make the connection for me, too," she said. She pulled me down and kissed me again, gently and quickly this time.

Then she went on, still holding me close, looking me again in the eye, smiling.

"Last winter, Mom told me that going to a gynecologist was part of growing up and becoming a woman, and she took me to see hers. The doctor talked to us a bit about what we were there for. Then she threw Mom out of the room and examined me. While she was poking around down there, she told me that my sex life was nobody's business but mine and any partners' I might choose."

She reached up and kissed me again, reaffirming the choice she had made in the darkness the night before. And then she continued, "She thought it would be wise for me to talk to her or to some other doctor about it, but that was up to me. By law, she said, doctors couldn't discuss anything I told them about it with anybody, including either of my parents, without my consent—which no one could obligate me to give. When she was sure I understood that, she asked me if I was, or ever had been, sexually active."

She was smiling, still, and she reached to kiss me again. I responded, but it was another short one, because she had more to say.

"I told her I wasn't, of course, and never had been. Then she asked me if I exercised regularly, and how. I told her I was a long-distance runner. And then she told me that my hymen had been stretched pretty much out of existence. That surprised me, because I knew I was a virgin, so I asked her how that could be. She said that it was probably caused by all that running, that it was no big deal, and that it was just one worry I needn't have about becoming sexually active!"

"So I really didn't…" I mumbled—too surprised to do much else.

She grinned at me, revealing what she felt about herself and about me. "No," she said. "You didn't. And after you told me that you're pretty average-sized, I knew you wouldn't, so I wasn't worried about it. But, like I said, it would have been worth it if you had hurt me! I love you, Nerd!"

I grinned back at her. "I love you, too, Nerdette!" I said. Things would never be the same between us, I knew. They would be better than ever. And they would get even better and better.

I reached to kiss her again, but she interrupted me before our lips could touch. "Oh," she said, "and the doctor said that there was a worry she hoped I did have, but that when I felt the need, all I had to do was get in touch with her and she would put me on the Pill or discuss alternatives with me." The grin was still very much in place, but turning naughty, as she continued, "And I'm definitely feeling the need…"

And with that, she surrendered to another lengthy, loving kiss. And we set out happily, hand in hand, for the parking lot and the car.

The sun was well above the horizon when we got back to the car. It was about eight, and the canyon floor was heating up already, although it wasn't yet hot enough to make our warm-ups uncomfortable. It was noticeably cooler on the canyon rim.

The abandoned old campground was just as we had left it the day before; there was no evidence that anyone had visited it in the 18 hours or so since we'd been there. It didn't even look like the storm that had caused us so much trouble had reached this far—about three miles—north of where it had struck us. Spring storms in Colorado are like that; folks often say that during that in the spring it can be raining cats and dogs in your front yard while you enjoy a picnic in your back yard!

We were in very good spirits when we arrived. We'd overcome some significant problems; we were unhurt, if tired and hungry; our water had proved more than adequate; and, most of all, we were together. All that remained was to drive into town and find some food.

I fished in my pack and found the car keys. As I opened up the car, Lynne observed, "These warm-ups are pretty dirty, and it'll be too hot for them before long. We should probably put some clean clothes on before we head out."

"We should," I agreed. "I think we can just change here in the parking lot. There's no one around, and we'll hear anyone coming a long time before they get here."

I opened up the back compartment to get to the suitcases that had our extra clothing in them. As I was about to lift the suitcases out, Lynne pulled me away from the car and stepped up against me, front to front. She put her head on my chest, her arms around me and squeezed me as she said, "Thanks, Nerd! You got us through it!"

I squeezed her back and said, "You did every bit as much as I did to get us through, Nerdette! Thank you!"

She raised her head from my chest, stood on tiptoe, and reached for my lips. The kiss extended into deep time as our tongues again played hide-and-seek. Between our kiss and our full frontal contact, there was soon commotion in my pants. When the kiss broke, she grinned up at me, looked into my eyes, and stroked my sides as she said, "That gives me another idea! So does what I feel poking me in the gut!"

I grinned back. "You mean you think it should poke you a little lower?"

She answered me by backing out of my arms and reaching for the zipper on my warm-up jacket. By the time she had it lowered, I'd found the zipper on hers and was tugging it downward. Seconds later, I'd opened her jacket.

My first view of her tits (actually, of any actual, living, girl's tits!) entranced me. I stared, of course. She was well aware of my reaction, but she didn't seem to know how to respond. Her hands hovered between us, her palms toward her body, as if she half-wanted to cover what I was enjoying so much. After a few seconds, she reached for my waist and said, "No guy's ever seen them before, so I'm kind of shy. Do you like them?"

"Like them?" I responded. "I love them. They're beautiful!"

Yeah. I know. That wasn't especially original; in fact, it was about as trite as I can imagine. But it was what I said, and it was heartfelt. Her boobs were small, as you'd expect a runner's boobs to be. But they were perfectly shaped, I thought. And they were, undeniably, boobs! Adorned by nipples! Real nipples! These weren't the useless little doodads that interrupted the blankness of my own chest! I was looking at real nipples on real boobs that were part of a real girl! A real girl whom I loved and who loved me back!

My cock throbbed and my heart rate accelerated. I bent and kissed one of those lovely nipples. I heard her catch her breath, but I was beyond thought. That touch on my lips enchanted me, and, instinctively, I sucked her into my mouth. As my lips enfolded that nipple, I fondled it with my tongue.

The effect on her was electric! She moaned and said, "Oh, Jase! That's so good!" And she pressed herself against me, forcing her nipple even deeper into my mouth.

I enjoyed it, too! I was mouthing a girl's nipple! For the first time! And it seemed to bring her pleasure! She didn't just allow me this intimacy, she encouraged it!

But, however much we both liked what we were doing for each other, it couldn't last; the desires my touch on her nipple brought us were too strong to be denied for long. Soon, I pulled back from her tit and raised my head to search for and find her lips with my own.

We kissed again, deeply, and, as we did, I reached for her jacket to remove it. When it was gone, I shrugged out of my own and, placing my arms about her waist, I pulled her close. I held her, tightly, tightly, while we kissed. The mounds of her naked tits pressed against my bare chest as she caressed my back, making me quiver with delight and desire. We each moaned into the other's mouth as that kiss continued.

We ended our kiss, and she stared into my eyes for an endless moment. "Oh, Jase," she sighed, "I want you so!"

I breathed, "I want you, too, Lynne!" as I moved back a bit and reached for the drawstring that held her pants up.

She replied by kicking off her shoes and reaching for the drawstring of my own pants; I kicked off my own shoes.

Any remaining shyness or modesty was gone, now, for both of us. In a matter of seconds, we were both buck naked, each looking, frankly, delightedly, and hungrily at the other's body. My cock, already standing at full attention and projecting from my groin, throbbed—both at the sight of her body and at the knowledge that she was looking at mine. Not to mention the knowledge of what we were about to do!

I reached for her waist and pulled her close again, wanting to feel her delicious nakedness against my own. She evidently shared my impulse to be close, and, placing her own arms over mine, she stepped toward me until we again stood together, body to body. My cock hinged upward, trapped now between our bellies, and I reached for another kiss. We both moaned the joy we shared as our tongues re-encountered each other.

After another timeless moment, we stepped back a bit from each other but maintained our mutual embrace. I looked into her eyes for a moment, and then, thinking practically, I looked about us. "Where?" I asked. The ground around us was hard and sandy, spotted with clumps of that dry, brown, calf-high, spiky grass, so it wasn't very inviting for what we planned.

She looked about us, too, and her eyes fell on the car. "The Outback's rear seats fold forward, don't they?" she asked. "We could throw our warm-ups on the platform they make…"

I grinned at her. "Even better!" I said. "In the back here's an old quilt that Mom uses to keep dog fur off the seat when Fred has to go the vet! We can throw that over the tent site over there!" I pointed at a flat area nearby where people had pitched tents in the days before the Forest Service closed the campground.

Very soon, we found ourselves lying on our sides on that old quilt, facing each other, pressing our naked bodies together, as we embraced again and shared still another deep kiss. When that kiss broke and we looked once more into each other's eyes, she reached down between us to where my cock was again pressed between our bellies. Grabbing me, she moved her hips away from me and pulled me down between her thighs, so that my length came to rest against her hot, wet furrow as she moved her hips forward again.

Then she rocked her hips against me repeatedly. My own hips answered her motion, so that I slid back and forth in her hot, lubricated groove. She closed her eyes and moaned. We rocked, hypnotically bound to each other, for a time. "That feels really nice," she whispered at length, and reached to kiss me again.

"It really does feel good!" I replied when my mouth was free again. I looked again into her eyes; I could see her love in them. I tried to let my own love shine from my eyes as I continued, "But I'll bet I know something that would feel even better!"

Our hips continued to drive the length of my cock back and forth along the length of her furrow, raising an almost intolerable need in me. She smiled at me, communicating her own need as she acknowledged mine. "I'll bet you do!" she replied. "We'd better! Rubbing against you this way has me so close! I might come when you enter me!" And, as she said that, she drew away from me, breaking that heavenly contact, but pulling me toward herself as she rolled onto her back.

I rolled toward her and to my knees between her thighs, which separated for me. I looked down and saw her pussy, spread in invitation. Dimly, I realized that it was my first real look at a pussy, and that I wanted to explore what I saw. But my desire overwhelmed me, and I could look only long enough to place the head of my cock at her entrance. I looked again into her eyes as I pressed forward and my cock glided easily into her. I closed my eyes at the intensity of the sensation, but not before I saw her close her own eyes. And, as I lowered my upper body onto my elbows, she wrapped each of her legs about one of my thighs, and she clasped me at the waist.

"Shit!" I uttered. "I wish I could tell you how good you feel!"

She moaned in response, and replied breathlessly, "You feel pretty good, yourself!"

She began again to rock her hips, and I knew that she was rubbing her clit against me where it nestled between our bodies. Her gentle rocking made the hot clasp of her channel caress the length of my cock. My hips answered her, driving my shaft in and out, in and out, in and out. The sweet friction of her body's grasp spurred my desire higher and higher, and that impelled me to drive my hips faster, faster, harder, harder into her welcoming body.

I opened my eyes and found that hers, too, were open, looking now into mine as our bodies responded to each other. We both grunted and moaned as we pounded our groins against each other; our lusts for each other grew beyond measure, pushing our bodies toward orgasmic peaks.

My awareness of our surroundings dimmed, and I knew only the loving touch of her body against my own and the heavenly friction between my shaft and her passage. Single-mindedly, now, I thrust myself into her and out! into her and out! And, after I had thought twenty times that I could bear it no more, I reached my pinnacle!

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