tagErotic CouplingsTracy Does Tom Ch. 02

Tracy Does Tom Ch. 02


Second Installment: The Movie

Tom had texted me for other illicit rendezvous twice since then but I'd been unable to make it to the second because I couldn't get away from Rob. As a result I was getting increasingly horny and the video wasn't seeing me through as well as it had been, so eventually I had to pick up the phone, apologise grovellingly and arrange a meeting between us myself. That meeting was tonight, and it was going to have an extra element of excitement involved, specifically due to my growing disenchantment with the keepsake of our first session.

I found the video and stills that Tom gave me disgustingly arousing. When Rob went out I'd switch on my laptop and rub myself raw watching the footage of Tom giving me a darn good seeing to. That final scene alone was well worthy of a youtube 'best of cumshots' compilation, though thankfully Tom was very discrete about the movie. He had copied it onto a CD for me and labelled it as 'The Best of Curtis Stigers'. No way would my husband ever put that CD in anything other than a dustbin, so unless either of us were very careless our dirty little video secret was relatively safe. After a while though (call it twenty or so viewings) I began to long for something a little bit better. Blocky, jerky, low resolution mobile phone footage isn't all that great and if you set it to play on fullscreen you have to sit right across the other end of the room to get the best of it. We had a nice big HDTV mounted on the wall, a blu-ray player underneath, and I could easily imagine myself spread out on the sofa watching Tom screwing me on his bed in glorious high definition instead of having to balance my laptop on a dining table chair if I wanted to give myself a comfortable fingering.

Tom had felt similarly, and when I asked him if we could do it again, but with a proper video camera instead of a mobile phone he quite literally jumped at the chance. To cut a long story short I was to dress provocatively tonight and he would have everything ready when I got to his house at about half past seven. Telling Rob that I was out on a hen night with some girls from work, I got in my little Ford Fiesta and set off for my third extra-marital excursion with hands and knees already trembling with excitement and anticipation and the region between my belly and my pussy aching with lust. How I managed to drive to Tom's house without crashing remains a mystery to this day.

My first surprise came when I knocked on Tom's door and he let me in. I was expecting him to start tearing my clothes off the moment the door slammed behind me as he had last time, but instead he led me through to the lounge where a strange man sat smoking a cigarette, a large digital camcorder resting on his lap. "Tracy, this is Martin." Tom began. "I've done some work for Martin and I've asked him to do the filming tonight. Relax, he's a professional photographer, knows what he's doing, and he promises me we won't even know he's here."

"You're fucking kidding!" I exclaimed, eyes wide with horror. He expected me to jump his bones in front of a total stranger? Fuck that, was my initial reaction. Martin got up and offered me his hand. I hesitated for way too long before accepting it and shaking it loosely, the gulf of silence in the room communicating exactly how I felt.

"Hi Tracy." Martin said softly, a thin smile upon his lips. "Now this is all going to seem very strange and surreal at first, but all you need to do is relax and make sure you concentrate solely on enjoying yourself you'll find I'll melt into the background before you know it. I've done this a couple of times before, it's no big deal to me, I'm totally professional about how these things are conducted. All I want from tonight is to walk away from here having given you guys the best memory of this evening possible."

"I don't know about this," I stuttered, glaring at Tom. If I hadn't been driving I'd have told him to get me a tumbler full of fucking vodka.

Tom squeezed my hand gently and put his arm around my shoulder. "Hey, I thought this was what you wanted," he said sounding hurt.

"No, I thought it would be like last time with you holding the camera, not half a fucking film crew directing me in a full-on porno clip. Jesus Tom, you could at least have given me some warning for fucks sake!"

"If you want to back out, that's fine." Martin said soothingly. "I can leave the room while you discuss it if you like."

"That'd be good." I said, glaring at Tom. When Martin had left I nearly slapped Tom in the face. "What the fuck were you thinking?" I said, shaking my head.

"Sorry Trace but I honestly thought that this was what you wanted. You said you wanted decent quality video of us making out so I sorted it." He shrugged. "Martin's a proper professional and he doesn't mess around. Some of his stuff looks incredible and its totally safe. Nothing we do here leaves in that camera unless you want it professionally edited, so there's no way any of the stuff we get up to tonight can get on the internet. He's on the level, and he doesn't come cheap, but if you don't want to go through with this I can ask him to leave."

By this time my anger had diminished somewhat. I wasn't in any way eager to go through with this but my negativity was wavering in the face of Tom's assurances and my own curiosity as to what sort of memento we might get by the end of it. "How much?"

"A grande." Tom confessed. I almost bit my tongue off. "What?" I spluttered.

"The money ain't important." Tom sighed. "What we get out of it is. C'mon, Trace. I didn't want some cheap and jumpy point-of-view camcorder stuff. I've always wanted to film myself with a woman but never got up the nerve to ask them if they'd let me, and I'm pretty sure none of them would. When you rang me about this it was like all my Christmasses had come at once. I just thought that if both of us wanted to do this, then we should do it properly and not go about it half-arsed and end up with something no better than what we got last time."

I wavered some more, but I must admit that I was warming to the idea. This was, as Tom had implied, quite possibly a once in a lifetime experience and while the fully working part of my brain was yelling at me to back out and run away fast, the parts that were under the spell of both Tom and my own libido were urging me to at least give it a chance. If the camera started rolling and I got stage fright then I could call it off then, but it would be a little conservative and unadventurous of me to just kick Martin out ithout having a go. At least I wouldn't spend the rest of my life wondering what might have come of it, kicking myself over my own timidity. "Call him back in." I sighed.

"Well?" Martin asked as Tom led him back into the room.

"How does this work?" I asked him.

"How do you want it to work?" He enquired.

"You're the expert." I told him. "What's expected of me."

"Just be yourself," Martin said soothingly. "There's generally two ways of going about this. The first way starts with the pair of you just doing what comes naturally and I'll record it all. I'll stay out of the way, as silent as the grave, and after a while once you've started enjoying yourselves you'll have forgotten that I'm there. Once you've finished I give Tom the hard drive out of my camera and that's it."

"And you charge a grande for that?" Jeez, I should start a business doing that I said to myself.

"The hard drives in these things aren't cheap." Martin laughed, tapping the side of his camera lovingly. "In fact they are bloody expensive for what they are, and this sort of thing isn't the sort of service you can advertise in the post office."

"What's the other way, you said there were two?"

"Yes, the other way is like a full-on movie shoot where I introduce you to the camera, ask you about yourself, then bring Tom in and let you do things however you like, but sometimes I'll ask you to move around a bit so I can get a better view, or change position if the light isn't good enough, and I'll occasionally suggest you do some things that you might not have thought of. Not many people go for that but the results are usually a significant cut above the natural option. Some of the videos I've made where the couple have really gotten into it are astonishing, but many people are perfectly happy with the Paris Hilton sex-tape sort of finish. It's entirely down to you how you approach this - you can even tell me what to do as we're going."

It actually sounded quite appealing. I glanced at Tom who I could see was looking at me expectantly. I rolled my eyes. "Fuck it, why not?" I sighed. Tom laughed and kissed me on the forehead. "That's my girl!" he said.

"Full service?" Martin asked as he fiddled with the controls on his camera.

"All the way." I said, giving him a thumbs up sign and a lopsided grin.

"Okay Trace," Martin began. "Go back out to the hallway, then come in and sit yourself down on the sofa and we'll start there, okay? Any limits on the sort of questions I can ask you when I'm doing the introduction?"

"Limits? I guess not." I shrugged. In for a penny, in for a pound. I did as instructed, then when Martin called out that he was ready for me I opened the door, saw Tom sitting on the sofa with his right arm draped across the back and walked across and sat next to him in as ladylike a manner as I could manage. If my legs had been trembling when I'd been driving here, well now they were little short of jelly.

"Hi Tracy, how are you?" Martin said pleasantly, the red light burning on the front of the camera telling me that we had already begun.


"That's natural." Martin laughed softly. "Ever done anything like this before?"

I thought of just saying 'no', but then I decided to just let everything come naturally like he had told me to. "Not really, but this cheeky fucker here decided to record us making out on his mobile phone."

"Really? Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah, I did." I nodded, reddening a little.

"Did Tom show it to you?"

I nodded again. "Made me a copy, too."

"Oh wow, that's hot. And have you watched it together?"

"No," I sighed wistfully, getting into the mood. "I watch it when I'm feeling randy." Tom laughed at that.

"How about you Tom, do you watch it when you get randy?" Martin grinned.

"I watch it all the time mate, even when I'm not horny, but by the end of it I'm hard as rock." Tom boasted. I dug him in the ribs with my elbow.

"Oh, I can tell you two are going to have a great time tonight." Martin commented as he fiddled with the buttons on his camera, aiming it directly at me this time and leaving Tom out of the picture. "So tell me a little about yourself Tracy."

"Well, I'm Tracy, I'm twenty nine." Big whopper that one. "I've been married for ten years and once my marriage turned sexless I seduced poor Tom here. He's my husband's little brother, by the way."

"A sexless marriage? That sounds awful, especially for one so young." Martin frowned. "So Tom fills your needs now?"

"Oh yeah," I nodded, grinning cheesily as I glanced sideways at Tom, who looked a little more uncomfortable about this than I was. I found it quite liberating, being able to talk openly to a total stranger about stuff like having a barren marriage and an affair with a family member. I understood then why people go to psychiatrists to thrash out their problems. Sometimes just getting things off your chest makes your troubles lessen anyway. "Tom knows which buttons to push, all right."

"What are your measurements?" Martin asked me.

"I'm five foot seven, a size twelve with a 36C bust." I said proudly. I didn't want to bother with waist and hips.

"That's a nice figure. Would you stand up and give us a slow twirl, Trace?" I complied with Martin's suggestion, smoothing down my shimmery black dress as I stood up, then I slowly turned full circle, pausing when I was side on to the camera, pushing out my butt and my chest to accentuate the curves, then again when my back was to Martin, looking over my shoulder with a mischievous twinkle in my eyes, then I settled back into the sofa and nestled into Tom's shoulder. He put his hand on my skirt high up on my thigh and squeezed gently. This wasn't going so badly at all.

"You have a fantastic body, Tracy. I hope you're going to show us some more." Martin smiled, giving me a big thumbs up from behind the camera.

"Maybe later." I smiled coyly.

"That would be cool. So Tom, how did you two first hook up?"

Tom started to say something, then coughed and cleared his throat. "It was at a barbecue a couple of weeks ago. I've fancied Tracy for a long time before that, though."

"I'm sure you did. Who wouldn't?" Martin commented, motioning for Tom to continue.

How about my own fucking husband, I considered cutting in and frostily declaring, but Tom got the first word in. "She's an incredible woman." Tom agreed with him. I reddened even further in embarrasment.

"So you two make love a lot?"

"No," Tom said with a shake of his head. "Not enough for my liking."

"Or mine." I cut in.

"Maybe tonight we'll make up for that, eh?"

"That's the plan." Tom nodded.

"There's a plan?" I asked him. "I thought you just made stuff up as you went."

Martin laughed along with us. "So, Tracy, are you wearing anything nice under that beautiful dress?"

I reddened again, nodding my head slowly as my throat went dry.

" Why don't you hitch up your skirt a little and show us?" Martin suggested as the camera shifted again, aiming a little lower. I looked at Tom, but all he did was wink at me lewdly. I pressed my feet against the floor and lifted my butt off the seat, raising the hem of my dress carefully up along my thighs to show the top of my stockings and some bare leg.

"Oh that's fantastic. Suspenders, and silky black knickers too. Very classy." He could see up my skirt? I bit my lip. "Matching bra as well?" Martin enquired. I nodded my head. "You're going to look incredible when you slip out of that dress." I smiled sweetly, reddening further. "Would you like to spread your legs a little for us, honey? Show us a bit more?"

I lifted my left leg and hooked it over Tom's knee, and brought my right knee up onto the sofa. The dress stretched and rode up my legs a little bit further and while neither Tom nor I could see under it Martin must have been having an incredible view, a thought that he confirmed with another thumbs up. " Wow Tracy, you look stunning like that, how about from behind now, maybe you could treat us to a view of your bottom before we get too carried away."

I twisted around on the sofa until I was kneeling on it with my back toward the camera. I hitched up my skirt again, looking over my shoulder and smiling sweetly as I showed them my ass. Tom ran his hand over a cheek, tracing the profile, and I instinctively wiggled my butt to better enjoy his hand. I felt another hand between my shoulders, then heard the zip of my dress being eased down, the pressure against my straining chest relieving as Tom undid me. I bit my lip again and leaned forward, putting my hands on the back of the sofa as the descending zipper revealed more and more of my flesh. When it was at the bottom I felt Tom's hands at my shoulders, easing the straps of my dress off them, and I lifted my hands off the sofa and shrugged the dress off, leaving it as just a bundle of shimmery black fabric bunched around my waist.

"Awesome!" Martin commented as I posed in this position for him for a while before turning around again and settling back in beside Tom, bra and knickers displayed brazenly as I hooked my left leg over my lover's thigh once again. Tom's hand came down high upon my thigh, squeezing encouragingly, and Martin moved close in with his camera, his focus clearly on the black silken triangle between my milky white thighs for a few moments before he pointed the lens back at my face. I swallowed dryly as he rose and stood over us, the camera now aimed clearly at my cleavage, and when he stood I could see the shape of his penis angling down his trouser leg, semi-hard despite his assurances that he was a consummate professional.

Tom's hand wandered further up my thigh, provocatively close to my snatch and I felt myself dampen as the cameraman maneouvred for a better view. Tom nuzzled my ear, his breath warm, his voice husky as he whispered instructions into my ear. In obedience I leaned back, relaxing into the soft leather of the sofa and closed my eyes as Tom's tongue slid inside my ear, a shiver of delight racking my body as his palm closed over my mound through my panties and hugged me there softly. I groaned, oblivious to Martin completely as Tom's hand caressed my heated pussy. I thrust myself at the fingers as he nuzzled my neck, hungry for him to slide that hand inside my black silk underwear and to touch my most sensitive flesh, to tease my engorged labia apart and explore the regions at its centre, but Tom just teased me, feeling the heat build and the moistness well up in the dark pit hidden beyond the flimsy barrier that separated our flesh. I moaned again as he began a lazy circular motion with that hand, my cunt lips following the motion of his fingers and exciting my clitoris further, then Tom's lips were at my chin and I tilted my head to his, hungry for his soft, warm tongue.

Our lips touched and my mouth parted, allowing him to enter that first hole while his fingers expertly played with he other. I was oblivious to the hand snaking behind my back, my senses overwhelmed by the tongue forcing its way into my mouth and the ministrations he subjected my vagina too. I had no idea he had even unclasped my bra until his fingers rudely abandoned my pussy and glided up my belly, over the rumpled skirt, and pushed a cup of the bra upwards to expose one heavy breast. Fingertips closed over the nipple as we kissed, tracing the contours of the hardened teat, and I broke contact with Tom's mouth, gasping for air, and saw Martin crouched between my still widespread legs, the lens of the camera angled upward to capture all the action.

Rather naughtily I slipped my own hand inside my knickers as Tom continued to concentrate on my breasts, deftly releasing the pair from captivity to leave me topless, then before I could even slide a finger inside myself I felt his hand glide back down my belly, touch my forearm and follow it down between my legs and inside my panties. His hand covered mine, pressing it harder into me, and I moaned again as my own finger slipped between the slippery lips. Tom began stroking me, using my own hand to excite me, in total control of my damp palm and fingers. He dragged my hand away from my pussy until my fingertips remained at the hood of my clit, then he pressed down firmly on them and slid them back down my mound, my middle finger splitting my slit, and an ounce or two of additional pressure sending that finger smoothly into the tight, fleshy tube of my sex.

Warm, wet lips closed over my breasts as he masturbated me with my own hand, his free hand easing the gusset of my panties aside to completely reveal the lewd scene to Martin and his camera. The next thing I felt was one of Tom's fingers sliding inside my pussy alongside my own, and that brought a guttural groan from my lips. It felt strangely weird but obviously delicious as both Tom and I fingerfucked my tight cunt, my nipples now being bitten and pulled at by Tom's teeth. He drove my slender finger in deeper, using his thicker one to push the slick digit all the way in to its knuckles. My left hand, previously trapped between our bodies, found its way to his lap and began to pull impatiently at the button of his jeans. When that eventually succumbed to deft manipulation I tugged his zipper down and slid my hand inside his boxers.

Tom sucked harder on my tits as my fist curled around his already steely penis, his finger stabbing into me in quicker, sharper jabs. Martin was forgotten as I trembled beneath Tom's increasingly vigorous masturbation of my soaking vagina, my eyes closed with the ecstacy of the moment, and I gasped as Tom's hand suddenly stopped at the deepest point of the stroke and another of his fingers wriggled between my ass cheeks to stroke that sweat dampened hole. "Fuck, Tom. Take me to bed and make love to me!" I cried as the tip of that finger circled my anus.

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