tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTracy Goes to the Principal's Ch. 04

Tracy Goes to the Principal's Ch. 04


This chapter is dedicated to the real Tracy for her inspiration and to Lyn for helping me with the wedding vows.


"Are you alone, Tracy?" I ask as you answer the front door, your slender body wrapped in a large terrycloth bathrobe.

"Not…not yet." You answer, automatically lowering your voice to a whisper as you glance back into the house. "John's just leaving for work. Mike… Mike stayed over at a friend's house last night; he won't be home until tonight."

"Very well, Tracy. I'll be go talk to John for a couple of minutes." I tell you as I step into the house, pausing to whisper softly in your ear, "Oh, wear some sexy panties today, I want you looking your best."

"Yes…" You answer softly as I walk past you into the house, greeting your husband as he comes to see who's at the door.

"Hello Mr. Willows," I say warmly, holding my hand out to shake his. "I'm Mr. Cash, Mike's Principal. I just stopped by to talk to your wife about a project she agreed to work on with me for PTA. I hope you don't mind."

"Huh… uh, no, not at all." John replies, glancing back towards you as he shakes my hand. "I've… I've got to get to work now. I'll see you later, dear." He says as he pauses to kiss your cheek before rushing out the door.

"Are you ready, Mrs. Willows?" I ask after he has left, walking into your living room, and settling down on the couch as I look up at you.

"Not…not yet." You reply, your hands clutching the robe tighter around your body as you stand in the doorway watching me.

"Then you'd better go get dressed," I tell you pointedly as I put my briefcase up on the coffee table, opening it up and pulling several items out.

"I'll be right back." You say softly, excusing yourself from the room as I pull a small digital camera and tripod out, setting them up on the table as I pull a small jewelry box from my pocket.

I wander around the room as I wait for you, my eyes running over the numerous family photos, each one showing you smiling happily next to your husband in some idyllic location.

"I'm… I'm ready," You announce as you reenter the room a short time later, your eyes fixed on the floor, your face covered by a white lace veil.

"Well, Mrs. Willows, you look lovely." I tell you warmly as my eyes run over your body. The white wedding gown clings to your upper body, the lace along the low slung collar highlighting the expanse of your soft breasts as you look at me uncertainly. "Very nice, Tracy. Very innocent." I tell you, picking up the remote control for the camera. "Let's take a few pictures of you in your gown."

"O…okay," you respond, wondering what exactly I have in store for you as I direct you to stand in the doorway, pressing the button on the remote as I take numerous pictures of you in your gown.

"Now, Mrs. Willows," I say as I move over to stand beside you, smiling at the camera as I take two more pictures, "what kind of sexy little panties did you wear today?"

"I… I'm wearing a pair of white lace panties… high cut and low waisted…" You tell me, your face flushing red as you look into the camera, your hands gripping the skirt of your gown to keep from shaking.

"Hmmm, sounds lovely. Lift your skirt up; show your lacy white panties to the camera." I tell you as I move behind you, my chin resting on your shoulder as my arm slides around your waist.

"Y…yes, sir." You reply softly, trembling slightly as your hands slowly begin to lift your skirt, leaning back against my chest as you spread your legs slightly as the white gown inches up over your knees.

"Mrs. Willows, are you wearing stockings and a garter belt?" I ask as I gaze down your slender body at your exposed legs. "What a good little slut you are," I chuckle as my hand slides down to caress your thigh through the sheer white stockings.

"I… I thought… I thought you would like them." You admit, your legs shaking softly as my hand slides over the bare flesh above your stockings. "I… I bought them especially for you."

"Very good, Tracy." I murmur approvingly in your ear as my fingers trace along the elastic garter, moving up under the edge of your gown. "You're learning what I like very quickly. My little slut is trying to please me," I whisper in your ear as my hand comes to rest on your garter belt.

"Ye…yes, sir." You sigh, looking up into the flash of the camera as I take two more pictures of us together, my hand reaching up under the skirt of your gown. "I… I wanted to make you… happy." You admit softly, your eyes filled with shame as you feel my lips kiss your neck before I step away from you.

"Now, Mrs. Willows, let's go upstairs to your bedroom. I've got much more planned for you today." I tell you, picking up a small camcorder and the jewelry box.

"Wha… what are you going to… to do to me?" You ask me, humiliation mixed with arousal on your face as you carefully watch me approach you.

"Nothing that you don't secretly desire, Mrs. Willows," I tell you simply, making shooing motions towards the stairs. "Now get upstairs."

You look at me for a few seconds in silence before turning and hurrying out of the room and up the stairs. I smirk slightly as I follow you, admiring the way your hips sway in the white heels you are wearing as you climb the stairs.

"Very nice, Tracy," I compliment you as I walk into the bedroom you share with your husband, my eyes going instantly to the large mirror that hangs on your closet door. "Very nice indeed." I chuckle as I set the camcorder up on a dresser, the lens pointing at the center of your large bed. You stand to the side, your hands clasped in front of you as you watch me nervously. "When was the last time you wore that gown, Mrs. Willows?" I ask as I take a small index card from my pocket and set it in the middle of the bed, placing the small jewelry box beside it.

"On…on my wedding day, twenty… twenty years ago," You tell me, your hands smoothing down the white fabric over your hips, "I haven't worn it since…"

"Good, Tracy." I tell you, standing back to look at the bedroom critically. "And after today, you won't wear it again." I assure you as I pick up the remote for the camera and motion towards the bed, "After you, Mrs. Willows."

"Wha… what do you want me to do?" You ask uncertainly as you stand next to the bed.

"Kneel in the center of the bed, Mrs. Willows, and face the mirror," I direct you as I start the camcorder before moving over to kneel behind you on the soft mattress. My hand goes around your slender waist, pulling you back against me as you look at yourself in the mirror, your blue eyes filled with shame as you feel my hot breath against your neck. "You make a ravishing bride, Tracy." I whisper to you softly, my lips brushing against your sensitive neck as my hand slides over the soft fabric of your gown, caressing your stomach as you lean against me. "You appear so sweet, so innocent in your virginal white gown; no one would ever know that you're my little slut. You are my slut, aren't you, Tracy?" I ask as my hand slides up to fondle the soft flesh of your breast through your dress.

"Ye…yes," You whisper softly, your arms hanging passively down by your sides as you watch my hand roughly grope you in the mirror. "I'm… I'm your little…slut." You gasp as my fingers find the hard little nub of your nipple, rubbing against it through the silken gown.

"Yes, that's good, Mrs. Willows." I assure you, my other hand reaching around to fondle your other breast, "You've got such a responsive body, it almost cries out for sex doesn't it?"

"Oh…" You moan softly, your eyes meeting mine in the mirror as you lean back harder against me, your head resting on my shoulder as you arch your back, thrusting your breasts against my caressing hands. "Yes," You admit softly in an embarrassed voice as my hands roughly grope your heaving tits.

"I bet those sexy lace panties are already wet, aren't they, Mrs. Willows?" I ask you tauntingly. "Your slutty little pussy has probably been leaking since we first entered your bedroom, hasn't it?"

"No… that's not true…" You deny, your breathing becoming deeper as my hands slide down off your breasts, resting on your soft stomach for a second. "I'm… my panties…" You stammer shaking your head slightly in denial as my hands slide down over your hips and down across your thighs.

"Well, we'll have to see about that," I say with a mocking smile as my hands grip the edge of your gown, slowly pulling it up to expose your legs in your white nylons. "I bet your pussy is soaking wet, Mrs. Willows. Your sexy little panties are probably flooded by now." I whisper in your ear as I continue to lift your gown, the hem clearing the top of your stockings as you moan softly in shame.

"Nooo… please…" You moan in shame, your hands moving to cover mine as I continue to pull the skirt of your gown up, your eyes meeting mine in the reflection of the mirror. "I… I'm… my panties are… they're wet." You confess, your head hanging slightly in shame as you see my triumphant smile at you admission.

"That's good, Mrs. Willows." I tell you softly still drawing your gown up higher until your legs are completely bare and the hem of the dress just barely covers your panties. "Show them to me, Tracy," I whisper softly as my hands slowly let go of your gown, your fingers automatically gripping the hem to hold it in place. "Lift you gown up and show me your wet panties, my little slut."

"Please…" You moan softly as you follow my instructions, sliding the hem of your wedding dress up higher to expose the white lace panties you chose to wear today. As the hem of the gown lifts over your hips you automatically spread your legs slightly wider, exposing the moist center of your panties to the mirror.

"My, Tracy, you were right, you're panties are definitely wet," I comment as you spread your thighs wider, the white lace stretching tight over the soft lips of your pussy. "Why is that, do you think?" I ask my hands resting on your hips as my eyes meet yours in the mirror.

"Because… because I'm a good… good little slut…" You moan softly, your head resting against my shoulder as my hands slide down over the soft cotton front of your panties. You arch your body, pressing against my caressing hands as they near your crotch, your eyes filled with embarrassment as you beg me, "Please… please, sir… I… I need you…"

"Not yet, Mrs. Willows," I tell you, enjoying the look of disappointment in your eyes as my hands avoid the damp center of your panties, sliding down your thighs instead. "We have to have the ceremony first." I explain to you as my fingers move down, caressing the sheer white fabric of your stockings.

"What… what do you want me to do?" You ask impatiently, your pale skin flushed with arousal even as you feel ashamed of betraying you husband.

"You're really eager today, Tracy." I state with a smile, "I like that. First, I want you to take off your wedding ring and hand it to me." I say, holding out my hand expectantly.

"But… but I… I haven't taken it off in years…" You protest weakly as your hand works the slim gold band off your finger, rolling it around in your palm for a few seconds before placing it in my outstretch hand.

"Very good, Tracy," I tell you with an encouraging smile as I slip the ring into my pocket. "Now pick up the index card and the jewelry box," I instruct you, my hands sliding around your waist as you pick up the two items. "Open the box and look at the ring inside it." I tell you, "Does it look like your old wedding ring?" I ask as you open up the small box.

"Yes, it does." You state simply as you examine the simple golden band, "Almost identical…"

"Look inside the band, Mrs. Willows. Read what it says inside the ring." I instruct you softly as you pick the ring up in your hand, holding it close to your face to see the small imprinted letters there.

"I… I can't read it," You admit after a few seconds, "not without my glasses."

"You wear glasses, Tracy?" I ask curiously, my hands sliding over the front of your wedding gown to caress the soft mounds of your breasts.

"Only… only to read," You admit softly, sighing as my fingers run over the sensitive tops of your tits. "My glasses are on the table…" You sigh in disappointment as you feel my hands leave your body as I reach over to the small bedside table, handing the leather glasses case to you.

"Let me see you in your glasses, Mrs. Willows." I whisper in your ear as you open the case and put your glasses on. "Oh, very cute," I smile as you look up at me, the small oval lenses making your dark blue eyes larger as you blush at my compliment. "They make you appear very proper, Tracy. Very librarian-ish." I chuckle, my hands sliding over your thighs, caressing the sheer fabric of your stockings. "Now read your ring."

"It… it says: This slut, Tracy Willows, belongs to Richard Cash." You read after a minute of peering at the small engraved letters on the inside of your new wedding ring, "And then today's date."

"That's right, Mrs. Willows, for while you've been my whore for the last few days, now we make it official." I tell you, my fingers tracing up the straps of your garter belt until they reach the white lace of your panties, my hands resting on either side of your sex, framing the dark damp center. After today, this slutty pussy," I say, my fingers spreading out to cover the mound of your sex, "will truly belong to me. Do you understand, Tracy?"

"I… I do." You answer softly, moaning low in your throat at the sensations of my fingers lightly tracing over your panties as you lean back against my chest. "I understand, sir."

"Very good," I say, my fingers pulling the wet crotch of your panties aside to expose the soft wet lips of your pussy. "Now, I've written our vows out on the index card, my little slut," I explain to you as my fingers slowly trace over your swollen cunt, feeling the moisture gathering on my fingertips as you moan softly. "When you read it, look directly into the camera, Mrs. Willows. I want a video of this moment as a souvenir."

"Please… don't tape me…" You protest weakly, glancing at the blinking red light on the top of the camera as my fingers slowly part your pussy, stroking the soft wet flesh as you gasp out in pleasure. "I'll… I'll do anything…anything you want, Sir, just… just don't record this…"

"Oh, I know you'll do anything, Tracy," I say laughing softly at the humiliation I hear in your soft protests as my finger slides into your tight wet hole, "but I'm going to record this anyway. Now, hold up the card so I can see it," I instruct you before I begin reading. "I, Mr. Cash, take you, Mrs. Willows, to be my little married fuck toy, my cum slut to be used at my whim and as merely a receptacle for my cum. I will use your cunt, your mouth, and every part of your body today, tomorrow and for as long as I have use for you. I vow to degrade you and humiliate you, I vow to make your married cunt cream for me, I vow to make you beg for me. I will demand your obedience to me in all things and will accept your married cunt as my own possession from this moment forth until I have no further need of you."

"Now, Tracy, it's your turn." I tell you, another finger sliding into your flooded pussy, stroking the sensitive inner walls as you writhe in both pleasure and torment at my words. "Read it, slut."

"Please, I can't…" You moan softly, your hips thrusting against my hand as my fingers slide further into you, your eyes half closed in ecstasy as you shake your head slightly. "Please…"

"Read the vows, Mrs. Willows." I whisper harshly in your ear, my fingers slipping out of your tight vagina, leaving you with a sudden feeling of emptiness. "Read them or your husband gets this videotape delivered to his office."

"No, please…" You moan softly, your hips gyrating against my hand, hoping for my fingers to return. "I'll… I'll do it." You submit, your eyes falling to the small index card, sighing as my fingers slide back into your hot wet cunt. "I… I, Mrs. Willows, take you, Mr. Cash, to be my…my master and owner, to use me at your whim and as a receptacle for your… your cum. I give you use of my cunt, my mouth, and every part of my body today, tomorrow and for as long as you have use for me. I vow my body to you, to be… to be degraded and humiliated by you. I…I submit to you my obedience in all things and give my married…my married cunt to your possession from this moment forth until you have no further need of me." You say the last words softly; a feeling of melancholy washing over you from the idea of not being of further use to me. You hate to admit it to yourself but your body is singing at my every touch, making you feel more alive then any man ever has before, leaving you craving more. "Is… is that all… Sir?"

"Not quite yet, Mrs. Willows," I tell you, feeling the change in your mood as your breath begins to come in short sharp gasps, your body trembling from my thrusting fingers. "There's only one more thing you need to do before you are truly mine, Tracy. Do this one final thing and you will be mine."

"What… What is it, Mr. Cash?" You ask almost eagerly, your hands sliding over your thighs, caressing the soft smooth skin as I continue to finger fuck your wet married pussy. "What do I have to do to become yours, Sir?"

"My, you've become so eager, my little slut. I like it," I say, a third finger sliding into your tight hole causing you to whimper in pleasure. "I want you to call John at work, Tracy."

"No…" You gasp out in shock, trying to turn and look at me, "I… I can't… not him, anything but that, please Sir."

"Call him, Tracy." I tell you simply handing you my cell phone, "I want to hear you talk to him, I want to hear you talk to your husband while I caress your slutty body, Mrs. Willows. I need you to talk to the man you're cheating on while I'm in bed with you."

"But…" You moan in protest, your large eyes filling suddenly with tears, "but I love him… John can't…can't find out about… about us…"

"And he won't, Mrs. Willows, not if you don't let on that anything unusual is going on." I assure you, my fingers pushing further into your moist pussy as I press the memory dial button on my phone with the other hand. "Better talk to him, Tracy." I advise as the phone begins to ring on the other end of the line.

"He…Hello," You stammer, putting the phone to your ear almost instinctively as a voice answers at the other end, "Is John Willows there? Yes, this is his….oh," You gasp as my finger curves inside your pussy, stroking a particularly sensitive spot, "…wife."

You shoot a wary glance over your shoulder at me, hoping that I don't repeat that action when you're actually talking to your husband. "Hello, John? Yes, darling, it's… it's Tracy." You say, surprised when your husband's voice comes on the phone. "What?" You almost sigh as my fingers slide deep into you again, your eyes fluttering closed as you try to focus on not making any noise that would alert your husband to what actually is happening in your bedroom. "Ohhh…. Oh, no, dear, nothing's wrong… I was just… just distracted," You tell him a bit breathlessly as my thumb begins to circle around the erect nub of your clit as my fingers continue to thrust into your wet pussy. You glance into the mirror, seeing the mischievous grin on my face is your only warning as yet another finger slides into your tight vagina, causing you to moan low in your throat before you manage to recover and try to restore your voice to normal. "Oh, that was nothing…" You say, shooting a look over your shoulder at me, "I just had a… just something in my throat. Why I called? Oh… I was just…just thinking about you…"

"Tell him you love him," I whisper in your ear as my other hand slides between us, quickly undoing my pants to free my straining cock.

"I… I love you…" You almost breathe, your eyes meeting mine in the mirror as you feel the warm flesh of my manhood pressing against the white lace of your panties, shivering in anticipation even as you try to keep your voice even. "No… nothing's wrong, John. I'm… I'm just not feeling that well…" You tell him, trying to contain a sigh as you feel the head of my cock slide down between your spread legs, pressing against the wet crevice of your pussy. "Well, I'll… I'll talk to you tonight…." You sigh as you feel my fingers slip away from your pussy, my fingers wet with your arousal as they slide up to gently toy with your hard little clit. "Oh… Good…goodbye, Darling," You manage to gasp out as I suddenly thrust my hips forwards, the hard length of my cock sliding into your tight vagina, your finger fumbling to end the call before a loud cry of passion erupts from your throat. "You… you bastard," You hiss at me letting the cell phone drop to the bed as you turn your head to glare at me, your blue eyes flashing with anger even as your thrust your hips back against me, taking more of my cock into you. "I… I hate you," You moan softly, humiliated as your body grips my invading cock tightly, your hand sliding down to cover mine as it continues to rub small circles around your clit. "Oh, God!" You sigh, your body arching against mine as my cock rubs against the soft inner walls of your pussy.

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