tagLesbian SexTracy Plus 2 Ch. 03: Monday

Tracy Plus 2 Ch. 03: Monday


Tracy Plus 2 #3 -- Monday

Tracy woke up for the third time that night. She couldn't believe how wet her sheets were -- and not from sweat. Her pussy was completely soaked and sticky from the wetness had covered them from several intense play sessions the night before. They never seemed to entirely dry off from it, no matter what position she laid in; largely because of where her pussy had leaked, well more liked gushed it seemed sometimes, and led to the wet spots she found when she woke up each time. It was like a constant stream.

Looking at the clock, she realized that although school was still 4 hours away that there was no point in trying to sleep. She had already been up so late that it had forced her into a short night anyway. But her mind just kept swirling from the dance on Friday, catching Angela masturbating in the park later that night and then the idea that she was being blackmailed for what she had done in the bathroom had her so riled up and horny that she couldn't take it. She rubbed her sopping folds until she was sore by Sunday and now, after all of this, it was Monday; the day that the blackmailed was to unfold.

Ever since Friday night Tracy had been more and more turned on every minute. This was an unprecedented thing for her as she had never stayed this horny for this long. She had piled on 24 hours or a little more before, but this is a full 3 days now and it's only getting worse. She had no idea how she was going to make it through the day without needing to touch herself. She had to figure something out.

Tracy reached over and turned her bedside light on. Pulling the covers off of her lap entirely, she examined her pussy under her heavy, dark bush. Reaching down and touching it, she ran her fingers around her clit, feeling that same electric charge that she had had every time since Friday night. She rubbed it as she thought of Tori and her pussy, her trimmed bush and her perfect aim for the drain; the sight of Angela pissing on the toilet and her bush, although it wasn't as heavy as hers. Pushing her fingers deep in her hole with her eyes closed. She noticed that something felt different. Rather than being the feeling of liquid lube she was use to, it was much more gooey, but not in a gross way. Her fingers were gliding on her inner walls rather than feeling the smooth movement she had. Opening her eyes from the change in the feeling, she brought her fingers out and watched as strings of cum stuck to her fingers and stretched out a lot longer than she ever expected. She was amazed at what she was seeing. Remembering how her thighs felt when she woke up, she took her other hand and felt the inner left side of her thigh. That had a gliding effect as well. She turned back to her right fingers and opened and closed them, all while seeing the sticky web of goo stretched between them. Almost instinctively, she stuck them in her mouth.

Meanwhile, over at Tori's house, things weren't as dire as they were with Tracey, but she had had a hard time sleeping since Friday night. Not only did she get grounded for coming home so late, she also was more worried about the blackmail than excited about it like Tracy was. She hadn't been able to talk to Tracy or Angela since Friday night because of the grounding she received and thought that maybe it wasn't a bad thing because it had helped her keep her eye on the future and not let things with them influence her into believing that it actually was ok to be excited about being blackmailed by a mystery woman that knew her and she didn't know in return. She had rubbed herself off many times until she was sore Saturday morning, just simply thinking about what happened the night before. After that, she began to feel a bit panicked about the whole thing and what would unfold come Monday. By the time Sunday night came, she was in knots thinking about it. Also, she pondered the idea about whether this meant that she was a lesbian. That thought also drove her insane, though it was much less stressful than the blackmail.

After focusing on everything for so long, she finally thought that maybe, just maybe, she should push the envelope and cum in order to relax, even though she felt it was wrong to think about Tracy and Angela in a sexually attractive way. But she couldn't help it. She needed to relax and they were all she could think about. So she put the thoughts in her mind of just how it could be, took off her pajama shorts, and felt between her legs. She was already soaked and didn't even realize it! Her subconscious was sinking her deep into a side she never dreamed of. It was then that she realized that she had no choice but to think about her friends. It was ok in her mind to do it.

Tori ran her hands between the wet folds of her pussy. She couldn't get the image of what was soon to be an amazing fantasy and orgasm quite right. Stopping, she took several shallow, but not deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling gradually. She thought about the porn she had been looking at on her phone where she could hide it. It always focused on threesomes, two women and a man. She wasn't sure she could incorporate a man into this fantasy as she didn't have anyone that applied to this situation. It was always one woman sucking the guy's dick while another laid below her and ate her pussy while on her back; from the bottom. Focusing on that idea and the man getting to cum and the woman swallowing it, she came to an idea of the three of them working together in order to make this work in the same way. She imagined that Tracy was on her back, underneath her hot cunt. She was on her hands and knees. She calculated just how this had to happen with Angela. She realized that the only way that this would happen is if Angela was on her back where she could easily buy her face in her cunt, making her able to have Angela cum. Knowing that this was the only way that it had to be; just how it would work for all of them to make it work. Knowing that Tracy wasn't going to be tended to, she imagined them rotating to each other's positions. This way all of them could benefit from it. And with that, Tori rubbed her very wet pussy, with the fantasy she had imagined and how she was going to get herself to orgasm. Maybe more than once.

Angela, on the other hand, was sleeping very well. She was still very sexually charged when she got home and knew that she had to have at least one more cum. Being bottomless in the park in the middle of the night just kept her thoughts and her pussy elevated to the highest points. She couldn't think about the blackmail because she wasn't there, so all she had to worry about was getting off just one more time and she knew just the right way to finish herself off for the night. Something she had never confessed was the way she liked to get off. Her fingers were fine and did a good job, but what helped her more than anything to cum harder and harder, sometimes with rolling multiple orgasms, was vibration. Something to stimulate her clit in a different way. Her favorite device? Her old electric toothbrush.

Angela had gotten the idea from the girl she first had experiences with, the one she got kicked out of school for. They had spent many quiet and hidden secret meetings together, the last one before what happened in school is what introduced her to the idea. Her playmate, Maggie, had told her that she found a better way to get off. That it was going to be like nothing Angela had ever felt before. And, at that point, Maggie got out her electric toothbrush -- the one she used everyday -- and set it next to herself and Angela and then took off the bikini panties she was wearing; the ones that were Angela's favorite. They were a white sheer fabric with red hearts on them. Exposing her unshaven pussy (whose hair was sparse, much less than hers), Maggie exclaimed that Angela needed to pay close attention to her clit (which she pointed to and was very erect.) Picking up the toothbrush and turning it on, Maggie touched it to her clit, jumping and pulling the toothbrush away as it was too sensitive at first, she began to rub the vibrating hood around her clit, immediately making her moan. She was particularly loud and Angela was always afraid that Maggie's parents would come home and find them both bottomless, but it never happened, much to Angela's relief.

The more Maggie ran it around her clit, actually touching it a little, the louder she got. "Shove your fingers in me!! Put them inside my pussy!" Angela didn't think twice about doing it. Using one hand to rub her own pussy, she shoved two fingers in Maggie's cunt with ease. She slid them in and out with intensity, completely abandoning her own pussy and focused on Maggie's instead. Maggie was louder than ever and wailing louder than Angela had ever heard her. She felt her pussy suck on her fingers as Maggie's orgasm ran through her body, sensing that she was having back to back orgasms with the feeling of her pussy clamping down on her fingers. Gradually Maggie came down from her high, giving Angela the closest she ever thought she'd get to cumming without touching herself.

With this incredibly hot memory running in her head, Angela was tuned into on the image of Maggie and her teaching experience. She smiled to her tired self devilishly. She sat on her bed, bottoms off and legs spread. Turning on the toothbrush, she looked at her pussy. Taking the makeshift vibrator, she turned it on and slowly moved it closer and closer to her clit.

Tracy's alarm blared loudly as she had unknowingly fallen back to sleep. It was 5 minutes to 8! She was supposed to have been dressed and on her way to school more than ten minutes ago! She had to have been so tired from not sleeping that she had habitually hit the snooze button, but obviously way too many times. She flew out of her bed, her alarm still blaring and whipped off the nightshirt she had on and stood in front of the mirror, entirely naked, and observed for 15 seconds. She found that she could still see just how aroused she had been with the dried cream on her thighs and what she felt on her hand. They were dry and a bit crusty, her hand sticky from the cream as well as her saliva. As her alarm continued to scream, she pulled out her pink skirt (figuring it'd be easiest to put on in a hurry), along with her black shirt from Friday because it was on top of her dresser and easy to grab. She didn't care what she was wearing at this point; she just needed to get to school! Her mind was scrambling with panic and thoughtlessness. Throwing on her beige bra from yesterday and the white granny panties that she usually saved for her period, she finished getting dressed, ran to the bathroom for a quick trip and washing her hand thoroughly in order to get the sticky feeling off. Looking at her watch as she headed downstairs (6 minutes total, "not bad!" she thought), grabbed her book bag from next to the desk and made a run for the door. She didn't realize just how much her thighs rubbed together with the dried coating of cream. As she slammed the door shut, her alarm had finally stopped the maximum amount of had come to halt.

She stepped hurriedly of her the sidewalk that led to the house and saw Tori in the distance (which made her feel better because that meant she wasn't the only one running late this morning.) She created a hastened her step and started yelling to her.

"Tori! Tori! Wait up!" Tori apparently didn't hear her so she yelled louder. "TORI!!!" at which point Tori turned around and saw her behind her, hurrying as fast as she could without running (she knew that running was not something she did well.) Tori continued slowly, walking backwards, until Tracy caught up.

"Come on! We're running late!" Tori exclaimed.

"I" (gasp) "know" (gasp), Tracy began. "I" (gasp) "slept through my alarm!" Tracy swallowed hard.

"I thought I had missed you when you didn't come to your door! I panicked after waiting several minutes, so I thought I was the only one running late! Angela didn't answer her door either!"

"She must really be on time this morning." Tracy's breath was returning more to normal, though they were still deep.

"Oh we're going to be in so much trouble! If my parents found out I was late for school, I'll really be dead! They already grounded me for the weekend because I came home so late on Saturday morning. They had my phone and everything! Thank God I knew where they had it and I got it back last night after they went to bed! My dad assumed my mom had given it to me before she left for work this morning and didn't think anything of me having it back."

They continued off to the school, realizing and dreading the reality of knowing there is no way that they'll avoid being late. Approaching the main doors at the school, they were just a shade under 10 minutes overdue.

"This is it, I'm totally dead." Tori said.

"I will be too. Well have to train messenger pigeons to be able to communicate outside of school." Tracy stated sarcastically.

They reached the door and Tori put her hand on it. She couldn't see anyone immediately inside. "Hey, we might be ok!" she exclaimed.

"I hope so," Tracy replied.

Tori opened the door and walked into an empty hallway. They came to the end of entrance and neared the little jog at the end of it, the hall moved to the right and then immediately to the left into the main hallway.

Tori stated "Oh God, we're so lucky that we haven't run into anyone. We should easily make it now. I took some passes off of Ms. Fox's desk that she keeps her signature on and that will give us a pass for being late. I'll just say we were with her and we'll be safe. We're so lucky."

"Yeah, I guess. But don't you think -" Tracy's statement died suddenly. They had rounded the jog at the entrance and turned into the main hall to find the last person they needed to see right now.

"What were you saying about my passes, Victoria?" Tori knew the voice and knew Mrs. Fox was going to kill her when she came into view.

For the second time in 3 days, Tracy was frozen to her spot, cold prickles all through her body. She was in deep, deep shit now. There was no way she'd ever be leaving her room -- or even her house for that matter -- ever again. Her heart sunk; she felt sick instantly and she sensed that Tracy was about to fall over. She had never felt such a sudden feeling of illness go through her. Suddenly, it was as if she couldn't breathe.

"Come with me, girls. We need to talk."


Turning the corner and watching Ms. Fox glare at them, they watched her turn and the lowered their heads and turned in her now empty first period classroom. They took a seat in the front row, their bags beside them on the floor and Ms. Fox leaning her lean body against the front of her desk, staring at them; although it seemed to be a non-threatening glare.

Ms. Anna Fox was a rather attractive young, light skinned black woman. At 24, she was in her second year as a History teacher. Her hair was a dark, mousy brown that complemented her fair complexion well. It was presented in a non-current style, almost as if she had gone back to a 1960s reserved cut and style. She had it pulled back into a short pony tail and her bangs were poofed over her forehead. Her nose was small and pointed. She was a fairly small woman at no more that 5'2" or 5'3", extremely thin and her clothes flowed over her body. Her white button-up blouse and a form fitting navy blue skirt ran straight over her slim legs, almost appearing to be streamlined. She normally wore dark nude stockings but didn't today. Her blue flats matched her skirt.

Tracy's mind began to wander as she studied her form. "She can't have more than a small B-cup" she thought. "My tits would make her look flat-chested in comparison!" There was a certain tingle in her body, the same one rejuvenated from the one she had felt since everything that happened Friday night. Her mind wandered away for several moments as she began to undress her mentally, only to be brought back suddenly when she heard Ms. Fox's voice address them.

"So I finally know where my passes have been going, don't I Victoria?"

"Y-yes, ma'am," she replied timidly.

"Do you even know why I leave signed passes on my desk?

"No, I don't. I just knew they were making it easy for me to..." Tori stopped as she realized at that moment just why they were there. She couldn't speak.

"Tracy, it appears Victoria can't seem to find the words. Do you know why I leave them there?"

"To see what students are honest enough to not take or not take them so you can learn who is and isn't to bet trusted, Ms. Fox." Tracy had a calm feeling upon her for reasons she didn't initially understand. Putting 2 and 2 together, she came to the conclusion that it was because it was her best friend that was being destroyed in nervous interrogation. Although it felt as if she was throwing Tori under the bus, she was very glad to know she was going to be punished much less harshly than Tori. It really didn't seem to bother her in that respect, even though there was still a small sliver of guilt that came with it.

"Precisely, Tracey, and it seems as if I know who isn't trustworthy in this situation and I have to say it is very disappointing to know that it's one of the last people I would have suspected. Not only does it make me question your honesty with my passes, it makes me question why I should trust you with anything at all. Have you been cheating on homework? Tests? Maybe I need to go back and review everything you've done so far. That's going to take an awful lot of work, though it is possible that I could make you redo all of your assignments and tests from the entire year and all while I'm here with you. It would be a reasonable expectation."

"Ms. Fox! No!" Tori exclaimed. "Please don't do that! I'll never be able to see daylight if you make me do that!"

Tracy felt extreme guilt now for not feeling sympathy before. Perhaps if she had been on time leaving this morning and Tori hadn't waited for her at her door, this wouldn't be happening. She deeply felt her heart sink into her stomach and the familiar nausea she had felt before they came into the room.

"I have no choice. I can't trust you and that's your fault. I'll only make you do your tests at this point. Tracy, let this be a warning and a lesson to you. Everyone has a late day every so often, so you'll be spared punishment for that. You haven't proven dishonesty in my class or irresponsibility with my passes and I warn you not to give me one. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Ms. Fox."

"Just thank yourself to know that your ethics aren't as low and devoid as Victoria's. You still have about half an hour of your first class to attend."

Tracy couldn't believe that this had all transpired in just under 15 minutes. Ms. Fox took one of her passes off of her desk.

"Take this to Mr. Guild. If he has a question about your whereabouts, tell him you were with me and that he can take the issue up with me later on. There is a note on the back of the pass, however, indicating that Victoria won't be attending his class and that I am addressing a very large ethical issue with her. Here, take this and go."

Not wanting to leave Tori, she didn't budge. She felt she owed it to Tori to stand by her.

"Tracy, come take this." Ms. Fox's tone was firm. "Or you can stay and redo all of your tests as well, away from your friend."

Knowing she had no choice but to take the pass, she stood up and grabbed it from Ms. Fox's hand, shot a sympathetic glare to Tori and made her way to the door and left.

Tori was now alone with Ms. Fox. She was shaking from the adrenaline that was pumping through her and sweat had built on her brow, just enough to shine in the fluorescent lighting above her. Ms. Fox had gone to her file cabinet and shuffled through the folders. She took out the graded tests from that had collected from Tori's senior-high History class. It was a small class so Ms. Fox had no problem locating her exams.

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