tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTracy's Journey Ch. 02

Tracy's Journey Ch. 02


This continues the story of Tracy and John that started with a prolog in "Tracy's Journey -- CH 00." While this chapter probably can stand on its own, the prior installments provide some valuable context.


After a flight in which we joined the "mile high club" (the usual bathroom thing -- not worth reporting in detail), we landed in Munich. We then toured through Germany, Austria and Italy, thoroughly enjoying the sites by day and each other's bodies by night. While nothing untoward happened on this phase of our trip, I did notice that Tracy was getting bolder and bolder about sex in public -- even if it was only my body that wound up exposed. Her favorite times were on train rides: when we had a compartment to ourselves, she loved to pull my cock out and give me head while folks walking by outside had every chance of seeing what was going on.

One time, the conductor came to take our tickets while we were in the midst of fucking, with Tracy's peasant-style dress covering up what was going on. Even though the conductor must have sensed that my penis was buried in Tracy's pussy while he was checking our tickets and passports, none of us batted an eyelash. Even with this bold behavior, however, I could not get Tracy to show more skin by unbuttoning some buttons on her blouse, wearing shorter shorts or donning midriff -baring tops.

That finally started to change when we reached Greece. Athens was suffering through a stifling heat wave that summer. Of course, we couldn't afford to stay anywhere with air conditioning, so our lovemaking left us lying in soaking sheets each night. Out of necessity, we kept our room's sole window open to catch any breeze we could -- something that allowed us to hear the sounds of other couples around the narrow alley.

Late one afternoon, we returned from trooping around the Acropolis soaked in sweat. We quickly peeled off our clothes and splashed ourselves with cold water from the room's small sink. Without thinking about her nudity, Tracy then threw open the window and leaned out to let what breeze there was cool her. The widow overlooked a small alley, so she really wasn't visible from the street, but the opposite window had a good view -- and vice versa. Tracy, let out a small gasp and quickly stepped back covering her breasts.

"Check this out," she whispered.

I stepped over to the window, and realized we had a view into a bedroom of an apartment across the alleyway. There, an attractive woman probably in her mid-thirties and fully nude was lying back on the bed, while a man of indeterminate age ate her out. Tracy was staring transfixed, and she didn't resist when I pulled her back to the window next to me. I started caressing her ass, and she leaned forward some to allow my fingers better access to her already-moist pussy. At about that moment, the woman across the way turned her head and glanced out the window. She plainly saw us and smiled. Tracy started to back away, but I held her in place by thrusting another finger into her -- something that elicited a low moan and put a stop to any flight instinct.

The woman reached down, lifted her partner's head by the hair, and pointed us out to him. He smiled and both of them waived. I returned the waive as did Tracy -- much to my surprise -- although from the moisture on my hand, I could tell she was extremely turned on.

During all of this, I had become aroused as well, and Tracy turned and leaned sideways against the windowsill so she could stroke me to a full erection without sacrificing my fingers' access to her pussy or her view of the action across the way. As I, too, stood in profile against the opposite window, my cock was fully visible to the woman. She made an "oooh" shape with her lips and gave Tracy a big smile. My increasingly-bold girlfriend returned the smile and bent over at the waist to take my hardon into her mouth. The sight of Tracy giving me head must have sent the woman over the edge, for her body tensed and she convulsed in what appeared to be a strong orgasm.

The man climbed onto the bed and reclined next to her, caressing her belly as she recovered. Neither one of them took their eyes from Tracy's performance on my cock, and I could see that Tracy was watching them out of the corner of her eye. Several minutes later, I decided to change the pace a little and stood Tracy up facing the window. I started nuzzling her neck while letting my hard cock rest in the crack of her ass. Tracy has always loved it when I do this, and she reached her hands up behind my neck thereby putting her nude body on full display to our audience. She looked directly at them, and I reached around and caressed her breasts, stomach and, finally, her pussy. With this she pushed her butt more insistently against me. I told her to put her hands on the windowsill, and while we both maintained eye contact with the other couple, I entered her from behind.

As Tracy and I started to fuck, the woman pushed her lover onto his back revealing his hard, but not excessively large, cock. She then climbed on top and slid his erection into her cunt, while they both kept their eyes on us. The sight of them going at it sent Tracy over the edge and she let out a loud moan as she came. We paused for a moment, and then resumed our rhythm, matching the other couple stroke for stroke. Over the several minutes, Tracy had three or four more orgasms, and the women across the way came at least twice. The second of these was too much for the other guy, and I could see his back arch as he shot his load into her.

I was pretty close as well, and I picked up the pace as Tracy pushed back into me with animal grunts. A few minutes later, I let out a guttural roar as I erupted with huge spurts inside of Tracy. This triggered yet another orgasm for her, and we both leaned against the windowsill, panting and soaked in sweat, as I slid out of her.

The other couple made clapping motions with their hands, and we bowed before returning the favor. They then got up -- probably heading to the shower -- and we collapsed on the bed to recover.

"Oh my God," Tracy said. "I don't think I've ever been that turned on in my life. It was like watching and being in a porn movie at the same time."

"I didn't know being in a porn move interested you," I teased.

"It doesn't, silly. Its just that when we watch those videos, its not only the sex that turns me on, but the idea that these people are doing it in front of an audience. I think what we just did gave me a hint of what they must be feeling when they perform."

"And you liked it?"

"Yeah." She said it almost like a question.

"So did I ... and I especially liked that you liked showing off that way." Rather than pressing my desire for Tracy to show more of her body at that point, I decided to reward her for what she had done, and gently kissed my way down her sweaty body.

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