tagErotic CouplingsTracy's Visit

Tracy's Visit


Continued from a previous story entitled; Meeting Tracy.


Travelling back from the bar Tracy sat in the back of the Taxi with me, Steve in the front chatting to the driver.

Neither Tracy nor I had replaced our bras; our nipples were clearly visible so every now and again I would catch the Taxi driver copping an eyeful in his rear view mirror.

Nudging Tracy I motioned for her to hitch her skirt to one side, hoping she would give him a flash of thigh, Tracy went one better than that.

As he glanced back at us in the mirror she opened her legs wide, her pussy on show for the briefest of moments, his eyes almost bugged out of his head as Tracy and I collapsed in a fit of giggles.

We arrived home just after that, Steve giving us a puzzled look as we got out of the Taxi still giggling, leaving him to pay the poor guy.

Once inside I provided Tracy with a big fluffy towel and a three quarter dressing gown showing her to the shower so that she could clean up after our adventure in the pub.

Undressing, I watched as Tracy turned on the shower luxuriating in the warmth of the water on her skin, pouring shower gel over her breasts she began working it into her skin slowly running her hand down her belly over her long legs then back up to the treasure between her thighs, lingering there for just a moment, eyes closed lips slightly parted, head tilted back.

For a lady lacking in confidence in her own sexuality she really did have a great body, flawless pale skin, toned muscles on her back, legs and arms, stomach flat, her breasts defied gravity the nipples small pale and hard.

It was obvious by her newly waxed pubic region that she had been busy since the first time we had seen her, the landing strip was long gone.

Watching her as she dried off I was wet at the thought of Steve seeing her completely naked for the first time, imagining him cupping her breasts and tweaking those pale nipples as he drank in the sight of her firm tits.

Quickly showering I pulled on a long T-shirt, forgoing any underwear in the hopes that we would all soon be naked anyway.

Steve showered while we dried our hair, making girly small talk, enjoying each others company.

Tracy told me that she only had two previous partners, one in collage and another she had lived with for a short while, before she had caught him cheating.

It was this last partner who had destroyed her confidence, constantly telling her she was plain or that she had fat thighs or her arse was too big.

He had blamed his cheating on her because she was boring in bed although from what she told me he was a selfish prick only interested in his own satisfaction.

Steve came into the room as we were talking; he gave Tracy's arse a gentle squeeze through the towelling robe telling her in his opinion it was just about perfect, she pushed back into his hand as his fingers lingered on her left buttock kneading the soft flesh.

Tracy had brought along a photo disc of our first encounter so we made our way to the spare room and loaded the pictures into the computer.

The images were soon up on the screen playing on a slideshow which we paused now and again to comment on the action in the pictures.

Seeing exactly what Tracy had experienced that day was making me very wet, the distance shot of me giving Steve a blow job when she had first spied us, followed by the close up of Steve's cock pressed against my moist pussy as he entered me and his cum splattering over my tits as he blew his load.

The picture that really got to me was the one of Tracy holding Steve's cock for the first time; I reached down under my T-shirt running a finger along my damp slit, butterflies dancing in my belly as the pictures progressed to those I had taken of Steve jacking off over Tracy, then those of him fingering her to orgasm.

Tracy was seated in front of the computer next to Steve; I was standing behind the two of them, one hand on the back of Steve's chair, supporting my weight as I rubbed myself to a climax, fingers stroking lightly over my clit as I frigged slowly back and forth over the length of my pussy.

Steve and Tracy's attention was on the screen, the growing bulge and damp spot in his boxers and the flushing of her face, neck and the little I could see of her cleavage all evidence of our shared excitement.

Steve looked around as the pressure increased on the back of his chair, legs no longer able to support my weight as my orgasm hit I sank to the floor, breath coming in short gasps, thighs clamped hard around my hand as the juices from my pussy flooded over my fingers, it was awhile before it subsided and my breathing returned to normal.

I looked up from where I knelt into two amused faces.

Steve came round and helped me to my feet; first taking my hand, licking and sucking the fingers clean of my juices, then kissing me hard on the lips so that I could taste myself on him.

He gave up his chair to me as legs still shaky I sank down into the soft leather, looking over and grinning sheepishly at Tracy, she reached over and squeezed my hand.

"I didn't think I was that good a photographer."

We all burst out laughing at that, Steve volunteered to go and fix some drinks while Tracy showed me the pictures I had missed while I had been amusing myself.

When Steve got back he served the drinks then stood behind my seat, fingers gently kneading the muscles at the top of my shoulders.

Tracy looked over as I let out a contented moan, "that looks nice and relaxing," she said. I told her that Steve gave a really good massage and when she said she'd never had one I suggested she let him work on her for a while.

She excitedly agreed so Steve went to off to the bathroom to find some nice oils while I dimmed the lights in the bedroom and put some soft music on the stereo, fetching a big soft beach towel to lay on the floor and, thinking Tracy would want to preserve her modesty, another smaller one for her to wrap round her in place of the robe.

I was pleasantly surprised when she took off the robe and instead of covering up with the towel, rolled it up and, lying on her stomach, rested her head on it like a pillow.

When Steve walked in he was met with the pleasant sight of her nakedness, the smooth flawless skin of her back the long toned legs leading up to the swell of her irresistible buttocks.

He wasted no time in straddling her hips and going to work, dribbling some warm massage oil onto her back he spread it around beginning at the base of her neck, shoulders and upper arms then slowly worked his way along her spine, moving down so he was astride her upper thighs as he got lower down her back.

He very lightly ran his fingers through the oil spreading it all over her exposed skin, causing Tracy to twitch as he tickled along her sides, making contact with her breasts with the briefest of touches before dragging his fingers back.

Repositioning himself so that one knee was between Tracy's feet and the other on the outside of her lower leg he began to massage her calf muscles, using his thumbs to get in deep, slowly he moved up the leg until he was beyond the back of the knee and onto her thighs.

Using long firm strokes he worked his magic, running his hands along the middle of the thighs, stopping when his thumb was on the crease between her buttock and thigh, then drawing his hands out around her buttocks and back down her leg. With each pass he dipped his hand further between her thighs so that when he was at the top of the stroke his thumbs would brush the soft skin of her pussy.

There were no complaints from Tracy.

It was hard to believe she had been such a shy lady when we had first met now as Steve massaged her legs, strong hands moving rhythmically, her legs had parted at his touch inviting more intimate contact.

Using more force he brought his hands up over her buttocks, pushing them out and opening them up giving us a glimpse of her pussy lips. Pouring more oil on her bottom he concentrated on the cheeks, his fingers following the crease between buttock and thigh, squashing them together then pushing them out, each time exposing more and more, forcing her pussy lips together then opening them up stretching her ass out so that the opening to her vagina was visible

As Steve's movements became firmer Tracy raised one knee slightly letting out a soft, barely audible moan, her fists clenching the towel she was close to orgasm.

Moving his fingers down between her legs, running two of them the length of her slit spreading her pussy lips, he applied pressure with his thumb, sinking it into her vagina, as he tickled his fingers over her clitoris.

Short rasping breaths came from Tracy as she tensed; the spasms of her orgasm flowing over her she rocked her crotch back and forth against Steve's hand.

When her orgasm subsided, her breathing calming down he withdrew his hand, very lightly running his fingers over her swollen labia then slipping them along the cleft between her buttocks eliciting small flinches from the sensation.

By this time Steve had a raging hard on, pre-cum soaking the front of his boxers he told Tracy it was time to roll over and that he would just nip to the bathroom while she got comfortable.

Tracy turned on her back, taking the small towel and wiping the wetness between her legs, I smiled at her as she cleaned herself up.

"See, told you he was good."

She nodded in agreement her face and breasts flushed from her excitement I leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

"But he's not finished yet" I whispered in her ear.

Steve came back into the room sporting a fresh pair of boxers, although his prick was still semi hard creating a bulge that swung comically as he walked.

Judging by how flushed Tracy appeared she was highly aroused and ready for some more fun. My own pussy was soaked and I was torn between grabbing Steve's cock and satisfying my own need and watching him continue to tease Tracy.

Reaching between my legs I gently ran my fingers over the swollen lips of my pussy, resisting the impulse to press my fingers between them, avoiding any contact with my clitoris, I decided to prolong the aching excitement there for as long as possible, knowing that the shuddering orgasm I would eventually experience would be worth the restraint.

Besides I needed to see what Steve would do next and how far Tracy wanted things to go...or how far I wanted them to go.

Steve straddled Tracy's body and poured some oil into his hands. He massaged her upper arms and shoulders, working down her sides and over the abs, hands sweeping up almost touching her breasts, drawing them away before any contact was made and back into the middle of her stomach, then out and up retracing the path up her sides to her shoulders, repeating this for several minutes until Tracy was thoroughly relaxed, her breathing deep and rhythmic.

Taking a different oil Steve dribbled some across both breasts.

This one is cool on application, changing to give a pleasant warm tingling sensation as it is worked over the skin.

After the warmth of the previous oil Tracy's eyes opened wide at the shock of the cold, causing an involuntary flinch as it came into contact with her already aroused nipples, Steve's expert hands began to spread the oil, circling around both breasts with firm strokes, then placing his palms directly over her nipples with his fingers spread he gently, massaged her breasts with the tips of his fingers varying the pressure from a feather light touch to a firmer one as he worked the oil over her pale skin, slowly lifting his hands so that he pinched the nipple between thumb and index finger at the top of the stroke.

Tracy squirmed arching her back slightly pushing her breasts forwards in an attempt to prolong contact with his hands, letting out a quiet moan each time his fingers caressed her erect nipples

Steve leaned back to reach the oil, kneeling up to ease the tension in his legs and pausing over Tracy for a moment, admiring her totally naked and surrendered body.

Straddled her groin again he resumed massaging her breasts, nipples standing out, pale brown against the smooth whiteness of her perfect breasts, he moved his hands around them lightly, drawing his hands into the centre of her breasts, teasing the nipples more and more with each stroke.

Tracy lifted her head, openly gazing at the outline of Steve's cock, ridged against the material of his boxers. She ran her right hand along his thigh so that the fingers rested by his balls. Every time Steve leaned forward applying pressure to the massage her fingers would rub against them. Gradually she gained confidence, inching her fingers up until they were resting against the base of his shaft.

Reaching over I gently pulled the fly of his boxers to one side allowing his erection to spring free. As Tracy reached toward him I lay my hand over hers and guided it to his cock, applying pressure to her fingers until she was gripping it.

She held him for a moment then stoked her fingers up and down the side of his shaft; closing her eyes, as if that made her actions less obvious, still a little embarrassed.

Steve adjusted position, swinging his leg over so that he was kneeling at Tracy's side allowing him access to all of her gorgeous body; he lightly ran his fingers up and down her inner thigh, while the other hand continued to play with her breasts, she brazenly opened her legs further apart inviting contact with her soaking vagina.

He obliged by stroking along her inner thigh and up over her mound, dipping his fingers between her legs teasing along her labia, rubbing up and down the swollen lips, stopping before he touched her clitoris then running the middle finger down the centre of her slit, applying pressure until it slipped easily between the folds, half submerged as her labia parted.

Tracy shuddered thrusting her hips upwards so that his finger fully penetrated her letting out a moan as Steve's finger disappeared into her soaking hole.

Keeping his hand still until Tracy had stopped moving he then started rubbing his thumb against her clitoris while circling his middle finger inside her pussy, as a spasm of pleasure passed through her the hand she had been using to tentatively play with the base of his cock suddenly gripped the shaft tight, causing a sharp intake of breath from Steve, she began moving slowly up the shaft, stroking from the base to the tip, rubbing her fingers over the end then running them back down to his balls.

Tracy was gasping and flinching with pleasure, each time Steve's thumb passed over her clitoris she would squeeze her fist and move the skin over the head of his penis, copious amounts of pre-cum leaked from the end of his cock coating the tips of her fingers, she used it to lubricate his shaft, massaging it over the skin.

With each movement of his hand Tracy pushed her hips forward trying to increase the contact, pussy juice streamed out between her lips as Steve pushed in another finger, rhythmically moving them all the way in before pulling almost all of the way out, rotating them as he pushed back in between her folds, curling them up against her G spot. Tracy's breathing became erratic and shallow as the tip of his thumb nudged against her clit rubbing in small circles, the wetness that was being massaged out from between her lips coated her thighs as her body tensed and relaxed with the thrusting of his fingers.

Tracy's eyes closed as her whole body tensed, pelvis arching as her second orgasm hit. Her recent climax certainly hadn't stemmed the flow of pussy juice; it streamed out over Steve's hand, his actions slowing between her legs as her breathing returned to normal.

Tracy flinched and then groaned in protest as he moved his hand from her vagina and slid his ass backwards released his cock from her grip.

Before she could catch her breath he removed his boxers then swung his leg over, lying on Tracy with his legs on the outside of hers, almost closing them together, positioning his cock and balls so his penis rested snugly on her pubic mound.

Tracy gave a little flinch and a stifled gasp escaped her mouth as Steve began moving his pelvis in a rocking motion, while holding her legs together with his own, slowly rubbing the base of his penis up and down so that the pressure was directly on her clitoris.

Tracy had not fully recovered from her first orgasm, her poor pussy must have been hyper sensitive and it wasn't long before she just about lost all self control.

Moving her hands to Steve's buttocks, nails digging in as she pulled him close and began humping her hips in time to his movements, helping him grind his pelvis into her, desperate to increase the contact between their genitals, her eyes were squeezed shut and she was panting, biting on his shoulder trying to stifle her moans.

From the way Tracy began moving her hips it was clear she was trying to get her legs apart, finally relenting Steve repositioning between her thighs.

Placing his penis so that it lay along her vagina he once again picked up the slow thrusting rhythm, rocking his hips gently backwards and forwards.

At the upper most point of the thrust he would pause with the head of his cock just touching her clit, then as he dragged it back allowed the end of his penis to caress along her slit, with just enough pressure so the engorged labia would spread around the head, but before there was any penetration he moved away causing Tracy to grunt in frustration.

With each stroke his cock slipped further between her lips, but he maintained careful control so that it didn't enter her, mindful of our rule about no penetration when playing.

As the tip of his cock dragged across the entrance to her vagina, Tracy would open her legs slightly and move her hips trying to ease him in, the slickness on the head of his cock attested to her state of arousal.

With my own pussy juice running freely, coating my fingers and dribbling down between my thighs, I was not sure how long our rule would stay in place. For the first time I desperately wanted to see Steve fuck another Woman, his teasing was so erotic and I was so turned on I could only imagine how it would feel watching Steve make love to Tracy.

He stopped the thrusting motion so they could both catch their breath a little, turning his attention to her breasts, taking a nipple between his lips, using his tongue to flick it then trailing his tongue over her breast through the small beads of salty perspiration, leaving a wet trail.

Tracy was running her fingers through his hair pulling his head onto her breast, her other hand lay on his back and she was gently grinding her hips, eyes closed, lips moist and slightly parted, her breathing soft.

Moving off Tracy he gently manoeuvred her onto her stomach then, straddling her again, placed his knees either side of her thighs, leaning forward so his erection grazed her buttocks, a small pool of pre cum leaking out onto the skin of her cheeks, causing Tracy to shudder slightly at the damp sensation.

Lowering his groin so that his cock nestled in the groove between her buttocks, he slid forward, gliding up and over her ass, then, increasing the pressure slid slowly back down. Lubricated with the copious amounts of pre cum flowing freely from his penis his cock slipped easily between her buttocks. He repeated this for a while obviously enjoying the sensation, finally coming to rest with his cock wedged in between her butt cheeks.

Easing his weight off Tracy he reached between her legs pushing his penis down so that its length would be rubbing against her pussy lips, slipping his hands round to cup her breasts he rocked his pelvis gently from side to side so his cock pushed hard against her genitals, Tracy was moaning, hands opening and closing gripping the towel hard as another orgasm built.

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