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Trade Ya?


I came early one day late in the school year when several of my students cancelled their after school lessons. I teach guitar, so it isn't a class they need to take a final exam in, and many of them get caught up in either the hustle and bustle of closing a school year, preparing for exams, or one of the many outdoor diversions that good weather and daylight savings time bring about.

I didn't expect what I found at home. My wife's car was in the driveway as I expected, but the surprise was inside. I heard the familiar noise of our bed bouncing upstairs.

The sound was so familiar because my youngest son, Jack loved jumping on it. Jack is chronologically 16, but has special needs that make him the developmental equivalent of a 6 year old. You can imagine how much damage a strong young man can do when acting like a typical 6 year old, so I stormed up the steps and burst into the bedroom.

"JACK," I bellowed "WHAT THE H...."

"Jack's not here." It was the voice of a stranger. He was naked, and mounted on top of my naked wife, with his dick pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Dan! Why are you home so early!!" She exclaimed. She didn't acknowledge her acts. She showed no shock, no shame, no sorrow or angst at being caught. "I'll explain everything later. Why don't you go get Jack from his after school club."

"No!" I shouted. "I'm going nowhere. Get the fuck off her, get out of my bed!" I directed at him. "And you Jen, get up and start explaining!"

"Just a sec man." Said her lover. "I'm close..."

I don't usually judge men, but he didn't seem to have a lot going for him. He was in his late 40's as were Jen and I. He wasn't in shape, and his gut was so much in the way of the act of fucking he had to prop himself up with his arms in order to give his dick a path to my wife. He wasn't outrageously endowed, but from where I could see might have been just a bit thicker than me. His face was rather plain, and he was rapidly balding.

My wife was pretty, but wouldn't fool an age guesser at a carnival. She wasn't fat but carried a little extra experience in those spot where women tend to show it, on her hips, waist and the backs of her shoulders and arms. She had a nice chest at a 36C, but her hair was thinning and the color job didn't hide the grey. Her legs and ass however were a treat to behold, and she had a great sense of humor.

He was close. Before I could recover from my state of shock he was cumming without protection deeply into her oozing pussy. He wasn't quiet about it.

He rolled to the side and kissed her face as she said to me "Don't be upset honey. You know you always told me it was a fantasy to see me with someone else, so you should actually be happy."

"My Fantasy?!" I answered. "Jen, my fantasies included me being part of the selection, part of the seduction, and part of the act. My fantasies were always whispered to you in passionate tender moments where we were working on arousing the other. They were part of foreplay. Most importantly they were fiction!"

"Yes, I thought so too. But they made me think, they were always so hot. And thinking led me to flirt with the idea, which led me to flirting with possible partners, which led me to Barry." She leaned back and kissed him. "You always said you'd be happy if I was happy, as long as I came home to you. That wasn't too hard to do since we fucked today here so here I am! Home with you!"

"Hey man, if you really want to be part of it, you can take a turn." Barry said as he pulled back the sheets and spread her legs opening her dripping pussy to my view. He laughed "Cream pie?"

"Fuck you." It was the best I could do without killing one of them, I was so enraged and they were so smug.

I glared at my wife, trying my best to read her mind, maybe bring her to the reality of what she was doing. "So the rules have changed? She who always said it would never happen for real every time we did fantasize together about another is the one to change the rules? She who said she could never be with another person, that infidelity was disgusting and unacceptable has changed her thought? She who preaches to our older kids about the need for condoms fucks this guy without? She who hides her body from me because she is shy and always preaches discretion is banging this guy in my bed?"

So many things were begging to be said, to be asked. How long? How did this get started? All the who, what, where, why and whens you might imagine. But all I could manage to whimper out was "You've broken my heart."

I turned and left. I heard nothing behind me as I shut the door. But as I walked out of the house, That sound from the bed started up again as if to say "Broken heart? That's your problem!" I went to pick up Jack, and thought it better not to take him home. So we stopped at the bowling alley, where he blew off some steam, I had a chance to think, and we both ate.

If the rules had changed, then everything had changed. I wasn't sure I wanted her back in my bed, but I knew she needed to be in Jack's life, and so did I. I watched him bowl thinking how impossible it would be for me to raise him alone. I was the parent with the discipline that could manage Jack, so I knew Jen would fare even worse with him if I weren't around. Raising a child with any kind of special need meant enormous expenses, and we had little savings. Every credit line we had, and there were too many, was in use, some maxed out. Divorce was out of the question.

Still life had to change. I could never sleep in that bed without remembering this afternoon. We had always shared everything with each other, good or bad, real or fantastic, fact or dream. We read each others' minds. We split household chores down the middle, took turns picking vacations, restaurants and movies. She was the only lover I had ever had, as we gave each other our virginity when we were in college. Her body fit mine like we were made for each other, not just sexually, but the way her head felt on my shoulders watching a movie under a blanket on a cold winter night, or mine on her chest while lying in the grass at a summer picnic.

She had always been a bit prudish too. According to her, no one should see us kissing outside of the home, holding hands was ok, but don't touch anything a bathing suit would cover. The thought of giving me oral sex repulsed her, except for an occasional birthday or special occasion when she'd drunk just enough. Even then, it was tentative, brief and without risk of me ever ejaculating anywhere north of her stomach.

She had a curious interest in anal sex, but only allowed my finger to enter her, and my penis could only push against that tightly closed gate. Lingerie? Long flannel nighties, granny style. Lace was itchy, satin was nice but cold. I could rub her breasts, and lick a little, but sucking was no good, she was too sensitive. Recovery time between sex had to be a couple of days, or she'd be sore. Still, the restrictions were worth it, and we had an active sex life. We were both were always satisfied.

Cheating on each other would be nearly impossible. We both taught in the same school district, in the same department, so we ran with the same crowd. Too many eyes were always on us for anything to happen at work even if we wanted it to. Our activities at home centered around our son, so we were always together for these times. That left little time to "step out," and Jack's therapies, equipment and meds ate up most of our disposable income, so neither of us could hide using the money hotel rooms, gifts to lovers and primping needed to fuel an affair.

I took Jack home. "Go in and play football for Mommy," I told him. He got down in a three point stance.

"Blow the whistle!" he said.

"Tweeeet!" I said as he exploded off the lawn and through the front door. I could hear his feet stomping up the steps and Jen screaming "NO JACK!"

Like I said before, she had really no control over Jack. The next thing I heard was her shrieking "OW OW OW OW OW!" and Barry bellowing "SHIT, that's my groin!"

Jack had a way of tackling you that led with the knee to the more tender regions of your anatomy. I hoped Barry had been erect.

"I kept him out of your way for four hours. If you haven't had enough, at least be discreet while he's around." I shouted through the front door.

"Fuck you!!!!" Barry yelled back.

Yup, he'd been erect.

I needed a change of scenery. So I went down to the local tavern. We liked the place, and went often but always together. I walked in alone this time, and sat at the bar instead of getting a table.

"Where's your pretty lady?" The bar maid asked.

"Fucking some ugly fat asshole in my bed, so tonight I'm in need of some forgetting. Got anything for that?"

"No way!" she said, as her mouth gaped open. "You guys were the perfect couple. We all have talked about it. Almost 50, married since you were practically babies, you finish each other's sentences! I don't believe it!" She poured me a beer, and then a shot.

"Tell me about it!" I replied. "I've been good to her! I did the love honor and cherish thing, never expected more of her than I'd give, was a good Dad to her kids, brought roses on special occasions, cooked her special dinners, took her out, even tolerated her brother's ridiculous antics. Do you know how many times I've bailed her brother out of jail in the middle of the night? How many checks I've written her mom to cover household expenses when her dad lost his pension check in a poker game? What am I that ugly or repulsive?"

"Oh no babe," she answered quickly. "We talk about you every time you're here. You know, jut the girls in the bar." She nodded down to a crew of women from the neighborhood that came in regularly. Some nights you go jogging by the front window, and we talk about hot you look and how cute you are. You run so much, you have the body of a guy half your age. You have these beautiful blue eyes and a full head of wavy brown hair... Wait hun, I have to stop this."

"Oh no, don't," I said, "you are doing my battered ego wonders!"

"Yeah, but if I go on," she said "I'm going to have to come over there, throw you up on this bar, and jump your bones myself! Now drink up. It's on the house tonight, but I don't want to see you crying in your beer. Bad for business."

"Hey." One of the women at the end of the bar called to me. "We heard what happened to you. It really sucks. But I also heard you describe the loser who is doing your wife."

I looked at her blanky. Then I looked again. She was about 5'3'', couldn't weigh more than a hundred pounds. She had long brown hair, and her beautiful face was dominated by her own set of brilliant blue eyes. As she turned in her seat, I noticed these long slender legs extending out from her little denim skirt. She was gorgeously tanned, and I suspected from the deep color extending all the way down her plunging neck line that there were no tan lines on this body, unless they were terribly tiny.

"You described your cheating wife's new fuck buddy the way I describe my bastardly cheating asshole of a husband!" she growled. "Is your wife's new cock attached to something that looks like this?

She slid her wallet open to a picture of her husband down the bar to me. Smiling back at me was Barry. I slammed my fist down on his face so hard the sound resonated through the bar. The end of the bar crew was silent and still as they took in the meaning of my reaction. Then they began to jabber at a furious pace, knowing something had to be in the works.

"I'm Suzy. We have to talk."

"Dan. It'll be my pleasure."

We shook hands rather tenderly, and she held my hand just a bit longer than someone who you typically just met would maintain contact. We knew we were going to become very close, after all we had an awful lot in common. We were neighbors, liked the same bar, were both avid runners, both had blue eyes, and both were incensed at the same couple of cheaters.

It didn't take much note-comparing for us to discover that this had been going on for a couple of months. Suzy had found strands of thin hair in their living room, and Barry had passed it off as coming from one of their daughter's friends. Later though she found more in their bed, and in the drain of their shower.

She noticed Barry getting up early and suddenly taking interest in taking long walks with the dog. A couple of times when he returned, she thought it strange that the same woman in the same pink hat walked by seconds behind his return. My wife walked our dog early, and always wore a pink hat. They were meeting at all times of the day, apparently. They were using whichever house was empty while Suzy and I were running all over town with our kids' activities.

"So he was at your house tonight. You caught them in the act, but they didn't stop. You dropped off your son hours later, and Barry was still there, and got a good knee to the groin. Oh by the way, I'm taking your son to the movies to thank him for that. I'll bet he is still there. He is so arrogant, knowing you caught him in your bed with your wife, he'd be there just to confront you and find a way to rub it in and humiliate you. Let's go to your place. It would be very interesting to see if these new rules of matrimony apply to you and I also, don't you think?"

"What do you have in mind?" I wondered out loud.

"Well, you do have a spare bedroom in that house don't you?"

I looked at her to see if she meant what I thought she meant. She smiled and squeezed my thigh. I slammed back the shot, winked at the bartender, and home we went.

We talked quickly on the walk home. She wanted to push all the right buttons, so she was all abuzz about my likes and dislikes. We didn't have much time, but when before we went in she asked how my wife and I felt about oral sex. I told her how I loved it, both giving and getting, by my wife was a strictly one way street.

"Perfect." She smiled. She reached up and pulled my head close and kissed me. Get ready baby, this is going to feel really good....on so many levels. Pick me up and carry me in."

I swept her up into my arms, and her little "Oooh" let me know she liked it. She was barely anything to lift, and I felt so macho sweeping her into the house. She turned the door knob, and I pushed it open. As we passed through she snaked out a finger to ring the doorbell.

"Oh honey, I'm home!" she literally sang upon our entrance.

I could hear Barry exclaim "SHIT!" as he recognized his wife's voice in his mistress's house. At exactly the same time Jen bellowed "What the hell. Who's here?"

"Oh it's just us, you two little love birds." I played it up. Look who I met at the tavern, We talked and discovered we had a shitload in common!"

"Yes," giggled Suzy. "This shitload (she pointed to Barry) and that shitload (she pointed to Jen).

"Who is this tramp?" Jen roared. "Is this some sleazy attempt at revenge or something?"

"Nah." I said. "She isn't a tramp, she's Barry's wife! And this is not a sleazy attempt at revenge, it is a really good act of revenge. Plus, it's honest! We've decided to find out if it was worth it to change the rules of 'love, honor and cherish' and 'keeping only unto him...and her. Think we'll have fun? She's pretty hot you know." "Thank You!" Suzy cooed and kissed me deeply. Hey, are you done with the bedroom? It's our turn I think!"

"Yeah" I added, "but did you change the sheets? Oh wait, never mind! There are clean sheets on the guest bed." I spun on my heel and walked down the hall to the other bed.

"NO!" Jen screamed after me. "That's my grandma's antique bedroom set. I can't have you..."

I locked the door on her.

"DAN! Why don't you go to her house?"

"Not in my bed!" Barry roared. Suzy and I were laughing hysterically.

She began to undress. I began to help.

"Easy Danny, we have all night."

"Sorry, I can't help myself. You look good enough to eat! In fact..."

I buried my face in her bosom. She cooed and moaned.

"Baby, he hasn't kissed me there in so long! I guess his kisses have all been used on your little wifey." Suzy was loving this, both the foreplay and the way it was playing on our spouses. I kissed down her stomach and put my hands on her panties. I was right, no tan lines.

"Suzy, these are so hot. It is amazing how these satiny panties look on that tan! Man you have a great ass as it is, but your cheeks look so hot curving out from the thong back."

"Mmmmmmm...and they feel so good when you rub me through them. Here Danny, you can keep them as a souvenir."

"Argghh." We could hear my wife through the door. Actually, I couldn't care less that she was there. Suzy was incredibly hot, and an amazingly uninhibited lover, and after years of vanilla sex once or twice a week for the last 20 years, I was going to make the most of this free pass my wife had unwittingly given me. Peeled her panties off and began to kiss her sex. She gasped. Then she moaned how long it had been since Barry had cared to give of himself this way. She came quickly, and intensely.

"Baby," she said "We've got a long night ahead. Mind if I go pee?"

"Down the hall and to the left." I told her.

She sashayed over and unlocked the door. Jen and Barry were outside. Suzy blew them a kiss sassily as she walked by naked as can be.

I stood up from the bed sporting a raging hard on, and looked back. "Oh look Jen, I guess Suzy liked Grandma's bed. She left a little bit of herself there." I pointed to the wetspot where Suzy had just cum.

"You fucker, what do you think you're doing?" she was staring daggers.

"Getting laid and loving it. Looks like you were right, it is time to change thngs up. She's cute, right? I love the way her hair drapes over me."

Jen was sensitive about her thinning hair. It might have been a cheap shot, but I didn't care. Barry did.

"That's cheap," He growled "apologize now or I'm gonna.."

"What?" I stopped him. "You're gonna what, come at me in my house? Her hair is thin, Suzy's is long and silky. I kind of like it. I kind of like a lot about her."

Suzy glided into the room, "And I definitely like you baby. We need to do something about this pretty stiff cock of yours. Everybody here has had some today except Danny...so considerate." She kissed my cheek. "But you know we always save the best for last."

She kneeled in front of me and slowly, but in one stroke, swallowed the length of my dick. She barely moved her head, but I could feel her tongue and throat pulsing in consort. Barry knew exactly what was going on.

"She hasn't done that to me in years." He muttered.

"I know, she told me she misses it too," I answered. "She said she stopped because you won't lick her pussy. Tit for tat you know. I don't mind though.....this is incredible. She told me you stopped lots of things. Thanks for that man, this is going to be quite an adventure for me."

I lay back on the bed, and Suzy kept working her magic. I could feel that familiar rush sweep over m body, and began to heave and thrash in the most incredible orgasm I'd had in years. Suzy took every drop of my cum in her mouth. When I finally was spent, she went to Barry, opened her mouth to reveal a copius wad of cum she'd saved.

"Want some?" She moved to kiss Barry. He backed off, and lowered his head. "You?" she moved towards Jen, who shuddered and looked away. Suzy swallowed the rest, and licked her lips. "You taste great baby," she said as she turned to me smiling.

"Likewise," I smiled and took her in my arms and kissed her. Even though I had just cum, I began to harden again. I swept her up again and laid her down on the bed, still kissing her. A vision of Barry and Jen fucking when I came home ran through my mind again. That vision of all Barry's extra flesh pressed down around the lilly white skin of my never-in-the-sun wife played in stark contrast with us, two flat-stomached bronze-skinned runners. I think I got the better deal.

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