tagLoving WivesTrading Places Ch. 02

Trading Places Ch. 02


Giles Guilford pulled into the driveway of his house and sighed heavily. He had hoped that Sally would already be in bed, thus lessening his chance of seeing her. He loved his wife dearly but her sexual aggressiveness was driving him crazy. She always wanted to fuck as soon as he hit the door and at least three more times during the night. Most men would love the attention but Giles just wanted to sleep. His job as an attorney drained him so much that he had nothing left to give and whatever he had left, Sally sucked out of him with her pussy.

He pulled his keys out and opened the door, steeling himself for his welcome home from his wife.


She wasn't in her usual place, which was sitting in a chair strategically placed to face the door, naked and usually masturbating with one of her many toys. In fact, the living room was dark and the sound of music was wafting from the kitchen. He dropped his briefcase onto the couch, tossed the keys on the side table and headed for the warm light. He was surprised to see his wife humming to a tune, bent over a pot and gently stirring the contents while sprinkling basil into it.


"Hi, honey." She set the spoon down and came to him with open arms, hugging him tightly. "Would you like me to prepare a drink for you?"

Giles pushed the woman back, staring into her bright eyes. "Sally, are you all right?"

"I'm fine. Why?"

"You just seem different." He watched as she moved to the sideboard, picked up a rocks glass, tossed a few ice cubes in and poured a jigger of Talisker for him.

"Different? Different how?" She handed him the glass and went back to stirring the stew.

Giles took a pull from his glass and observed the woman who was cooking for him. "Wendy, you don't have to pretend. I know my wife quite well."

Wendy's shoulders sagged and she turned to him with tearing eyes. "I hope you're not angry."

"Where is she?" Wendy turned the burner off and told Giles the entire story. "So my wife is off fucking Rob?" She nodded, sobbing silently, then raised her head, glaring at him when he stood and whooped loudly. "Thank God! Finally, I can get some rest!"

"I-I don't understand."

"You're twins and you don't know how sex crazy she is?" She sniffed, dabbing at her eyes. "As soon as I open the door, she's jumping on me, shoving my cock in her mouth ... "

"And you don't like that?"

"It's not that I don't like it but four times every night? I'm so exhausted when I get up for work in the morning and she's a fresh as a daisy!" He paused. "I'm a conventional kind of guy, Wendy. I want to make love in a bed, not on the living room floor and I want my woman to be clean, not sweaty and already ... er, wet." He looked uncomfortable with the word wet and Wendy blushed, looking away.

"Wow, Giles, I never knew."

He gave her a genuine smile. "I know, Wendy." He took another swallow, draining the glass. "I often wonder if I should have married you."

The look in his eyes and the softness in his voice made her blood boil, sending unnerving sensations through her body. The blood in her cheeks made her face hot. "Are you hungry?"

Giles looked at his sister-in-law through different eyes and felt his dick leap in his pants, something he hadn't felt since the first time he'd laid eyes on Sally. "Yeah. What's cooking?"

Wendy served Giles, setting a heaping bowl of beef stew and two Pillsbury rolls in front of him. She was heartened to see him tear into the food, humming in appreciation as he dipped the rolls into the sauce and chewed the soft meat. The first and only time she'd made this dish for Robert, he'd complained that it was bistro food and that he wanted filet. This man knew how to appreciate the time it took to make good food and he sure as hell was enjoying it.

When he was closed to finishing, she climbed the stairs and ran his bath, setting out a pair of rust-colored pajamas and slippers for him, then escorted him upstairs, handing him a fresh bar of Irish Spring soap and leaving him in silence. She knocked lightly and came in, finding him nodding off and nearly incoherent with sleep. Wendy bent at the side of the tub and gently touched his cheek, holding her breath as his handsome green eyes fluttered open.

"Come on out. Time for bed."

Giles didn't argue. He had washed and had fallen asleep in the warm, scented water and now he arose, ignorant of the fact that he was naked and stepped out of the tub, allowing her to wrap the large, thirsty towel around his waist. In the bedroom, she briskly toweled him dry, then pulled the covers over him, murmuring soft words as he slipped off into sleep. When he awoke four hours later, he was surprised and happy to find a warm, soap-fragrant body in his arms.


She winced at his mistake and hoped that it was just his sleep. "Wendy."

"Wendy. I'm sorry." He pulled on her shoulder, turning her over toward him. "Wendy, would you allow me to make love to you?"

"Yes, Giles."

His mouth slid over hers, his tongue wrapping around hers and beginning her basic lover's education. She was used to Robert's aggressive nature and had normally welcomed it, knowing that it would be over quickly. But kissing Giles was entirely different. He was so gentle and his big hands roaming over her body was making her nipples tingle. That had never happened before and the wonderful heat building between her legs told her that this was going to be an experience she'd never forget. His hand slid over her hip and cupped her pussy, the fingers angling down over her fat lips.

"Yes." She gasped, opening her legs to him and gasped yet again when he found her entrance and pressed inside. His fingers moved gently, steadily grazing her clit and creating sensations that had her moaning. When Giles moved over her, she was ready and hissed at the sweet glide of his huge cock as it filled her slick hole. They moved together, slowly and quietly at first, then with moans and groans as Giles propelled them over the edge together.

Long moments passed before either could speak and their ensuing silence was eloquent. Giles enjoyed the sweat that covered their bodies and Wendy shivered as his softening cock slipped out, a measure of his cum dripping out as well. The last thing she thought of before she fell asleep in his arms was that she planned on making this trade permanent.

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