tagNon-EroticTrading Places Ch. 1

Trading Places Ch. 1

byBob Peale©

Author's Note:

This story was originally distributed in 7 chapters.

If you missed the other installments, check my author's page.

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Chapter 1

Bill Kendall and Dan Dixson had been friends for ages--ever since Dan first kicked Bill's ass back in the fifth grade.

Dan had moved to Meadow Glen a year earlier, and like everyone else in the neighborhood was enrolled in Cobblestone Elementary. Most of the other kids at Cobblestone had been born in Meadow Glen, or at least had been there since preschool. It wasn't exactly what you might call diverse community; counting Dan, there were only two black kids in his grade, and that number got cut in half after Mitchell Ryder's dad got elected to Congress.

Infamy is one part action and eight parts reputation. In Bill's case, he rose to prominence after a fight with a sixth grader. In all honesty, it had come down to a lucky punch.

The sixth grader in question, Timmy Hudgins, had just finished pounding the shit out of Bill for pinching his girlfriend's ass on a dare. In the process of stumbling away, Bill tripped over his own shoelaces, slamming a wildly flailing hand into Timmy's face and shattering his jaw. Timmy started to cry, and a legend was born.

Although Bill was slightly larger than the most of the boys in his grade, he really wasn't all that fierce. The Timmy thing was a fluke, so he wisely chose to exploit his newfound fame by terrorizing the smaller children in his grade and the grades below. Along the way he assembled a posse of lackeys and slow-witted lieutenants that actually gave some him some muscle to aid in the mayhem.

Toward the end of the school year, poor Dan finally popped up on Bill's radar one lunch period. It was one of those random occurrences that could have gone either way. All Dan had done was bring a comic book to school, one that his aunt had sent him as an early birthday present. Unfortunately, it also happened to feature Bill's favorite superhero: Spider-Man.

"Hey shithead," Bill called over from his throne several tables away. "Is that MY comic book?"

The area around Dan grew deafeningly quiet, but it never even registered with him that Bill was talking to him. In his wildest dreams he never imagined that he would do anything to draw the attention of Bill Kendall, the kid that had made Timmy Hudgins bawl like a baby.

Unaware, he continued to try to show his friends the brightly colored pages, even as they averted their eyes and began inching away in an effort to vacate ground zero.

"Hey! I'm fucking talking to you. Don't ignore me, you stupid little asshole," Bill said loudly, his voice laced with menace as he pushed his chair back and strode purposefully toward Dan's table.

He came up behind Dan and gripped his shoulder painfully. Dan whipped around, startled, instantly dismayed to see Bill staring down at him malevolently. His eyes flitted around frantically, searching for a teacher, a monitor, anyone that could help him avoid a run-in with this bruiser. The last thing he wanted was to get beaten senseless by a guy who was already training for the Golden Gloves (so popular rumor held).

Viciously Bill snatched at the comic, crumpling it as his fist closed around it. Naturally, Dan's own grip tightened, and the sound of paper tearing reverberated through the hushed lunchroom.

"Shit, you fucked it up," Bill growled, tossing the damaged book in Dan's face. "Dumb ass!"

Batting the damaged magazine away with his right hand, Dan's left one shot out lightning fast and seized Bill's shirt at the throat. Letting the momentum carry him out of his seat, Dan slammed him against the nearest wall, backhanding him across the face with his free hand.

Dan was not a violent child, in fact had never been in a fight before in his life, but Bill had crossed a line. He'd been sitting there minding his own business when this dickhead decided to fuck with him, and in truth that wouldn't have been so bad, except that comic was brand new! He hadn't even read the whole thing, and now it was ruined.

With cries of "Fight" erupting around them, Dan released Bill long enough to begin punching him with a jackhammer cadence, alternating hands, hitting him so hard that Bill remained upright even though the strength had long since leaked out of his legs along with the contents of his bladder. Dan was eerily calm; his attack looked effortless, natural, as the number of successive blows he landed continued to creep upward, peppering Bill's body everywhere--his face, his chest, his stomach, his arms.

Deep down Dan was waiting for Bill, the giant slayer, he who kicked sixth grader ass, to make his move, to start pummeling him, to mop the floor with him--but it never came. Finally, 3 teachers pulled him away and Bill, sputtering and gagging, slid to the floor with tears rolling down his cheeks, his nose and mouth bleeding, unable to catch his breath. As his cronies helped him to his feet, the cheers of the crowd confirmed that the balance of power had shifted, and he was no longer on top.

The next day, Bill learned that once again the fates had smiled on him; Dan had been suspended, but he had not. He spent the resulting two-week "holiday" kicking ass (literally) to regain his standing. Once Dan returned, an unspoken agreement was forged between the two boys; Bill left Dan and his friends alone, and Dan was content not to press his advantage.

Over the summer, Dan and Bill started spending time together--playing ball, riding bikes, swimming at the club, etc. By the end of vacation they considered themselves good friends, and no one spoke about the fight. As sixth grade started, Dan officially became part of the "crew", and the students at Cobblestone REALLY learned what hell could be.

A dynamic developed between the two boys that would follow them from elementary school to junior high then on to high school. Bill became known as the mouthpiece--the ringleader, the public face--while Dan played the role of enforcer. Everyone in their circle knew that Dan was both stronger and smarter, but that information was never disseminated. Dan was fiercely loyal to Bill, and preferred not to be front and center. Bill, on the other hand, craved attention, and took great pains to be the dominant force in any situation.

As the two boys grew older, their combined influence and popularity only grew with them. Good students and great athletes, they took the same classes and played the same sports. The boys were perfect complements. Bill played defense, Dan had an arm on him that made him a natural quarterback. Dan was a sprinter, Bill did better at the longer distances. Math and Science came easily to Dan, English and Social Studies were Bill's forte.

And, of course, puberty affected the two differently. Bill, who'd always been blonde, fair skinned and stocky, grew thicker and more solid. By the tenth grade he looked like a nightclub bouncer, his hands large and meaty, his neck wide. His temper hadn't improved, and lifting weights had finally made him almost as strong as he looked.

By contrast, where Bill gained in girth, Dan grew taller and more defined. Topping 6'3" by graduation, Dan's muscles hardened and grew more pronounced until he looked more like a walking anatomical drawing than a real human being. His body was naturally chiseled, his abs and chest statue perfect, his arms and legs those of an accomplished athlete.

And while Bill was shaving twice a day, Dan seldom had to shave more than once every two weeks. His body was virtually hairless, save the top of his head and his pubic area (although even that was sparse).

As expected, Bill and Dan applied to and attended the same college, rooming together all four years. When Dan decided to go to business school after graduation, Bill took a job in the same city. When Bill got married three years later, of course Dan was his best man.

They'd been together when Bill first met Michelle. One night after bar hopping downtown, a group of them stopped to get a bite to eat after the clubs closed. She'd been their waitress, and the last thing she'd wanted to put up with was a table full of drunken, aging, frat boys. Bill, in the accomplished role of loudmouth, was in rare form, making the poor woman blush several times. After they settled the check at the front register, Dan went back to the table and dropped a hundred dollar bill on her tray.

"He's not really a bad guy. It's been a long couple of weeks and he just needed to let off steam," he apologized.

She stared at the bill a minute before picking it up. "Money is no substitute for courtesy."

Dan smiled broadly. "Says the woman pocketing the Franklin." She opened her mouth to protest. "Look, don't defend yourself. Nobody knows he can be an asshole better than me. But I also know how great he can be. Just don't judge him on one interaction."

She looked at him, a twinkle in her eye. "Well, what else do I have to go by?"

Dan met her gaze. "Give me your number. I'll see that he calls you. Sober," he added as an afterthought.

She did, and he did, and within a year the two were husband and wife.



This story is a work fiction. None of the characters or events herein are based on real people, either living or dead.

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