tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTrading Places Ch. 3

Trading Places Ch. 3

byBob Peale©

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This story was originally distributed in 7 chapters. If you missed the other installments, check my author’s page.

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By the end of the second day, they all felt pretty comfortable. They stopped noticing the sidelong glances and the looks of disdain and actually began enjoying the freedom.

Unfortunately, by then they'd also run out of entertainment options. The weather was horrible. All it did was rain, which meant that the pool, as well as all of the other outside activities, was suspended. There were virtually NO single women around, and the few that were in attendance were hardly of the nymphomaniac variety.

In desperation they braved a two-hour drive in the downpour to the nearest town with a bar. It was so dismal that they turned around without ordering a drink, and stopped at a supermarket so they could load the car with as much beer as they could fit. If they were going to be bored, at least they could be too shitfaced to realize it.

On their final day, with the resort even emptier than it had been all week, the men started drinking as soon as they got up. Their goal was to finish all the beer they'd brought, and they only had 24 hours to polish off several cases.

To save some money, the guys had doubled up, with Bill and Dan in one room and Mark and Jeff in the other. During the week a lot of the activity had centered around Bill and Dan's room, but that was fine--they were used to being center stage--so it was no surprise that that was where they'd chosen to hold their marathon drinkfest. By 11:00am everybody had enough of a buzz on that Mark's suggestion that they order a porno was met enthusiastically.

"Might as well see somebody get lucky," he slurred as he played with the remote until he found the order channel. Given the focus of the resort the films were not the airbrushed glossy productions that were showcased in more mainstream hotels. All of the films here were raw and intense, the kind that promoted more of the same in real life.

The movie ran for just under an hour, during which time the sound of labored breathing filled the room, occasionally punctuated by the metallic "ping" of another can of beer being opened.

"Anyone want to see another one?" Mark asked when it was over, sounding a little like he'd just run a marathon. The others grunted their assent, and he made his selection.

During the second movie all four men shifted constantly, wanting desperately to touch themselves but afraid of how the others might react. Instead, they continued to down beers.

When the second one ended, Bill hopped up off his bed, went over to his bags and pulled out an unmarked video tape.

"I think we need to turn things up a notch," he said mysteriously, switching the TV to VCR and popping the tape in. He grabbed the remote and climbed back on his bed.

When he pressed the play button the screen first filled with snow, and was then quickly replaced by a beige/pink sheet. As the camera slowly panned back, it became obvious that the sheet was actually a breast, large and supple, capped by a dark pink areola with a cherry red nipple in the center.

Once both breasts were in the frame, a woman's hands moved up to the nipples and tugged on them, her royal blue nail polish sparkling. The breasts thrust forward as their owner arched her back with pleasure, a guttural moan trickling out of the television's speakers.

Dan's cock thickened between his inky, muscled thighs and he parted his legs to let it grow. The other movies had been good, but this one was a lot more intense. It was almost like he was actually there. He looked over at Bill, who was openly playing with his cock, his feet spread, knees wide, stroking slowly, teasing himself as he watched the screen.

"Hey!" Mark yelled. "That's you, Bill!"

Dan snapped his head back around to the television. A man sat in a large recliner in a pose identical to the one that Bill held here in the room. With dawning surprise Dan confirmed that it really was Bill. He looked hard at the woman playing with her nipples; it was Bill's wife Michelle!

To be honest, he'd often wondered what she was like in bed. He spent a lot of time with Bill and Michelle, doing everything from sitting around watching movies with a beer to taking weeklong vacations by the shore. On more than one occasion she'd caught him staring at her so intently that if his eyes had been hands he would have left marks. She'd always smiled politely, sometimes teasing him a little, showing a little more skin, which left Dan scrambling for a way to calm himself.

She was average height, full around the middle, with narrow hips almost the same size as her waist. In both a bathing suit and a blouse her chest looked padded, like maybe she'd had a little help from WonderBra; it was clear now that she hadn't.

Her hair, a dusty brown, fanned out around her head and her stomach rose and fell with her panting. Her legs were spread wide and there was a man kneeling between them, someone Dan had never seen. He was pale, with dark greasy hair that covered his entire body, with the classic pear shape of a suburbanite.

His cock, however, was long a thick, looking much like it belonged on a younger, more handsome man. From this vantage it looked to be about 7", and big enough around that the guy could barely close his sausage like fingers around it. He slapped Michelle's crotch with it and she moaned again. She began gyrating her hips, trying to work him into her, until finally he relented and leaned forward, burying his cock in her pussy.

"Fuck," Dan moaned, grabbing his cock and stroking it. This was too much. He'd had too much to drink--he always got horny when he drank--and he hadn't been prepared for the sight of Michelle naked. Now he could plainly see that she was built to fuck, and it was driving him wild.

As if she could read his mind, Michelle turned to the camera and licked her lips as she tried to draw more of the strangers cock into her. If nothing else he was an accomplished cocksman and he was ready for her, grabbing her hips and holding her at bay so that she couldn't get his cock head past the mouth of her shaved pussy. She could wrap her pussy lips around the pulsing head and grab it tight, but there was no way for her to work it inside. Her chest heaved with frustration, her nipples so swollen they looked ready to pop, but he held her firm.

In the hotel room, the steady slap of hands running along cocks replaced the heavy breathing that had been present during the first two videos. The room now reeked as well, the heavy scent of musk and sex seeping into everything. The guys all had their cocks in their hands, using sweat and spit as lubricant to keep from chafing as they watched Michelle get drilled.

On screen, Bill got out of the chair and squatted over Michelle's face with his balls hanging low, grazing her lips. She tongued at them hungrily, licking and slurping like they were ice cream and this was the hottest day of the year. Simultaneously the Bill on screen and the one in the room let out a strangled sigh.

Dan looked around the room. Jeff was trying to be discreet, sitting in his chair so that you could see the motion of his arm and hear the noises, but you couldn't actually see his dick.

On the other bed, Bill was tugging on his balls as well as stroking his cock. Dan had seen his friend naked countless of times, had even fucked a few girls together, but he'd never seen him this uninhibited.

Mark was perched on the edge of Bill's bed, his pants and drawers around his ankles. He was pumping his cock as fast as he could, eyes glued to the television, his jaw slack, as if he was unable to control himself.

Back on screen, Bill let his cock slap his wife's chin. The other man, finally eased a little more of his cock into her and she bucked forcefully when it made contact with the overly sensitive nerve endings in the walls of her pussy. The camera zoomed back so that all three of them were in the frame.

"Oh God Bill, please make him fuck me," Michelle begged when Bill had stood up, freeing his balls from her mouth. "His cock feels so good in me and I know there is more. Please tell him to put it in me."

Rather than answer, Bill reached over and pinched both her nipples. Her body shuddered and her mouth opened wide.

"Oh Jesus," she moaned. "Please Bill, stop torturing me! I'll let you do anything to anyone if you'll just make him fuck me!" Her voice was choked with desire and urgency.

Bill looked at the man. "How does she feel?" he rasped.

"Man, you weren't kidding. She's so tight it feels like I'm being grabbed by someone's hand. You are a lucky fucking guy!"

Bill squeezed his wife's nipples again. "No, YOU are one lucky fucking guy; a deal's a deal!"

He released her and swung around so that he could straddle her face again, only this time his back was to the other man. Looking back over his shoulder he nodded, a signal to the stranger to proceed. Inching in slowly, Michelle writhed and groaned lustily. When she opened her mouth, Bill fed his cock to her.

Both on screen and in the room Bill was in heaven. He'd come to realize that the act of sharing his wife with others was the most intense turn on he could experience. Sitting here watching these guys watch Michelle suck and fuck was almost as good as letting them fuck her in person.

In the video, Bill quivered as he pushed his cock down his wife's throat while the stranger pulled himself deeper. As Bill fucked Michelle's mouth he steadied himself on the headboard, picking up his rhythm to match that of the guy between her legs. Looking at the tape you could see how close the poor guy was to blowing his wad--the look on his face said he wanted to make it last but was having a hard time holding back.

"Ughh," Mark grunted as his first shot arced through the air and landed on the comforter on Dan's bed. Rising up on the balls of his feet, his hand moving even faster as his cock grew slick with cum, and he sprayed wildly in all directions.

Almost immediately after him, Jeff's chair shook hard enough to move several inches. Still trying to remain discreet he squeezed his eyes shut and held his cock tight as several jets of cum shot straight up, landing in his hair and on his face.

On the television, the stranger let out a roar and rammed hard between Michelle's legs before collapsing against Bill's sweat streaked back. Spasms wracked his body as Michelle's pussy milked him until he was empty. When he was done he rolled off of her to one side.

Bill pulled his cock out of Michelle's mouth and dropped next to the stranger. She scrambled between his legs, re-trapping his cock in her mouth, reaching between her legs and fingering herself frantically, sucking her husband as the other man's cum slowly oozed out of her just fucked pussy and covered her hands.

Now it was Bill's turn to buck his hips as his wife coaxed the cum out of his cock with her tongue and her lips. She sucked hard for over a minute, whimpering as she came with him.

Dan's cock throbbed painfully as the television faded to black. He'd reached down periodically to rub and fondle, but he'd purposely stopped stroking because he liked the feeling of his balls growing heavy with cum. It took every ounce of willpower not to just go for broke and push himself over the edge, but he didn't want to waste this much cum on his hand. He would go out and find some pussy, even if he had to drive 100 miles, and when he did, someone would be in for a BIG surprise.



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