Trading Up


I waited as she threw her clothes and a few knick-knacks into trash bags, then I heard her yell in frustration and horror when she discovered that Brandon had found and taken her secret stash "How much did you have?" I asked as I tied a bag full of clothes closed and threw it over my shoulder. She attempted not to sob as she told me a few thousand dollars. I glanced into the living room again as I passed it, but instead of an impressive array of electronics, I saw dollar signs.

Kaye was easy to convince, angry and hurt as she was, but as we were dropping the last armload of DVD's into my trunk, she grabbed the camcorder and said "I have an idea." with an evil little grin. I followed her back inside, where she put the camera down on the coffee table and pushed me back on the couch. I shared her grin as she started undressing, throwing her sweater, jeans and panties in a pile – my pants and boxers quickly joining them – before she climbed into my lap, straddling my legs. She grabbed my hardening shaft and pumped it a few times, sucking on my lips as she did. Then she lifted up just enough, aimed the head at her gash and sunk down over my cock. "Oh God Damn! Your dick feels so good inside me!" she laughed loudly, probably mostly for the camera's benefit, but it felt good to hear either way.

She rode roughly, wrenching and stuffing my dick inside her as she moved in odd circles on my lap. I undid her bra and let her perky tits free, only to catch one dark pink nipple between my lips as I grabbed her ass and spread, letting the camera – and Brandon - get a better view of my dick slicing in and out of Kaye's glistening pit. She held my head to her breast and cooed, panted, moaned, and slammed her pelvis down harder into mine. I released her nipple reluctantly, and told her "Turn around and let him see what he'll never get to touch again."

Kaye grinned and kissed me, sliding her nimble tongue into my mouth, and then climbed off my lap, spun and sat back down on my cock, staring into the camera and flipping its lens off as she impaled herself on me again. She bounced on me a few times, but I doubted there was a very good view of her in that position, so I grabbed her by the shoulders and jerked her back to me. Then I spread her legs, lifting them by the backs of her knees and thrust up into her cunt. "Oh! Fuck! Yes!" Kaye screamed as I held her body and pounded her pussy.

This time I felt her convulse, and her hands fisted around my wrists as her screams reached deafening octaves. Her abs jumped and twitched as she tried to rock her cunt down on my cock as it brought her to climax. "I'm gonna cum, KD." I told her breathlessly but didn't stop or slow the hollowing of her pink tunnel.

"Oh do it!" she moaned. "Cum in my pussy! Do it now!" Kaye's body rocked as I thrust into her over and over, trying to get as deep inside of her as I could before I painted her walls pearly white. I let her legs down and Kaye gyrated slowly on my lap, milking her own orgasm and my dick for a few long minutes while I caressed her back with my hands. She got off my lap with a groan, standing in front of the camera and fondling her lips and folds until globs of sperm started falling out and splattering on the carpet. "Good God, dude." Kaye gaped. "You keep dropping loads like that inside me and I'm gonna wind up pregnant." We took turns flipping off the camera as we got dressed, and then left trying to avoid being seen by the neighbors just in case Brandon was smart enough to call the cops.

I had to fight for my job when I got back home, but it was worth it to keep my place and my new girl. It was about two months after when I told Kaye I loved her, and with the promise of two lovers waiting on her, Cici remained faithful and after her trial, community service, and parole were over moved in with Kaye and I. Cici's submissive took over when she arrived and she became a pet, our fuck toy, and shortly after Kaye's and my wedding she was also a live-in nanny since she couldn't manage to keep a regular job.

But what actually happened was...

"I'd totally fuck Jeremy." Kaye admitted and then it was her turn to get the shocked stares. "What?" she shrugged. "I would. He's big and tough looking, and he has that hot southern accent, and a half-decent job, a rent-controlled apartment, his own car, and he cares enough about his girlfriend to risk being put in prison to drive twenty hours to spend a few days with her." Kaye drew a card, laid down a match to empty her hand, and declared three things – "Face it, Jeremy is a great catch, I have every right to be jealous of Cici, and I just kicked your asses at rummy."

I cuddled closer to Cici, and kissed her. "You wouldn't need to worry babydoll; you're the only woman I want." I fibbed. Two games of rummy later and I was regretting not making my move. "It's late, I need some sleep." I told them and stood up from the table, but before I could make it out of the kitchen, Kaye's cellphone rung. It was Brandon, calling to apologize and beg for Kaye to come home. She was just drunk enough to buy it I guess and got Katelyn to drive her back over there.

Cici and I retired up to her room to have sloppy half-asleep sex before passing out, and I left alone the next day. I got home to find I had been fired because my boss hadn't been telling his boss that I was calling in daily while I was sick, and I ended up having to move into my mother's basement to keep from being homeless. A few weeks later Kaye and Brandon finally split after he got her pregnant and claimed there was no way the baby was his. Around the same time as Kaye was looking for a decent family to adopt her bastard child, I found out Cici had whored herself out several times with guys she had met playing World of Warcraft, some of them she had slept with for money, others just for favors in the game, but most of them she fucked just because she could and thought I'd never find out.

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