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Traditions, Too


Writing stories is funny; sometimes you've got the idea for months and just can't seem to get it on paper. Other times it's like the words write themselves. This is one of those, written in one day, from a suggestion by Boatbumm. Thanks for the Idea.

Although inspired by a comment from "Traditions," this is a stand alone story. As always -- enjoy, vote and comments greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas!



"Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad. I'm going to bed, I'm bushed."

"So early?" my mother asked, "Can you help take the boxes back out to the garage first?"

"Sure thing," I answered, sitting down to put my shoes back on, just because it was raining. If it was just one box I probably would have run out and back barefoot, but for several it required more than a quick dash, so I put my shoes back on.

Dad had folded the ladder and started out before me, I grabbed the first box and followed him out. I pushed the box into the air and once he took it I headed in for another while he arranged it into its place.

Four boxes, four trips, and I again bid them goodnight. I hoped that Andrea wouldn't be too late, as I knew their extracurricular activities wouldn't get started until Andrea and I were "asleep" in bed - or at least they thought so.

I don't remember exactly when I discovered Mom and Dad's Christmas eve tradition. It was sometime after puberty, that time in life where I grew an erection that seemingly never went away for the next ten years or so. I do remember it was just a normal Christmas. It was Christmas Eve, we'd put up the tree, decorated, including putting on that funky yellow star that should have been thrown away years before, but seemed to have some sort of good memories for Mom and Dad so every year we put it back up.

Mom would always put on Christmas music on the stereo and we'd have hot cocoa with marshmallows. Mom and Dad always had a little "additive" to their hot chocolate, but Andrea and I got the "unleaded" variety, at least until our 18th birthdays.

Of course, we'd long ago learned that "Santa," for some reason, stored all the presents that he was going to deliver on Christmas morning in Mom and Dad's closet and that we weren't allowed in there for a couple of weeks before Christmas, but we played along with the game for years. Cookies and milk left by the tree, even going so far as some years asking Dad with a smirk if Santa wanted Chocolate Chip or Sugar Cookies that year. But it was all good fun, at least until the music mom had set up finished with the Frankie Lane version of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" - the version she'd grown up with.

In those early years before puberty, all I ever recognized was that when that song came on, mom turned the stereo off afterward and it was time for us to go to bed. In later years, once I knew what it meant, I'd see the little sidelong glance and smile that she gave Dad, or that he gave her, and then the stereo would go off and we'd head up to have some sugar plums dance in our heads.

Well, at least before puberty.

Once puberty came, the visions of sugarplums that danced in my head all had nipples and rested on the chests of my latest crush. A wank under the covers before I went to sleep was probably the 4th or 5th of the day, beginning with the wank under the covers that I'd started my day with.

Girls were constantly on my mind, particularly having sex with girls, feeling their boobs, fingering their pussies, fondling their bottoms, and having them jerk me off. I'd never really thought of a blow job at that time, I'd just never had it seem real enough to be possible, so it wasn't my fantasy. My most common fantasy at the time was Mrs. Wilson who lived next door and would sometimes brush her hair sitting topless in front of her dressing mirror. It was only by chance that I'd once discovered that from the near-ceiling window in our upstairs bath there was a view into their second story bedroom window. I'd been trying to see out the window to spy on my sister and her boyfriend who were between the houses, and by putting the laundry basket into the bathtub, I could rise high enough to see down. Although I couldn't see Andrea and her boyfriend, who I knew were making out, I did inadvertently see Mrs. Wilson and her gorgeous tits. I wanked off while watching her and had lucked out in seeing her topless three other times over the years. It never failed that when I went in to take a shower that first I moved the hamper and took a peek out the window. I almost always took a peek after a shower too -- even though I'd already wanked once while in the shower.

That particular Christmas, the first time I saw them, I'd actually fallen asleep, but had woken and realized I had to take a piss. Quietly, so as not to wake anyone else in the house, I opened my door and stepped into the upper hall and toward the bathroom. Just in front of the bathroom was a short balcony that gave a view into the living room. Andrea's and my bedrooms were at the opposite end of the hall from the bathroom, hidden from view of the living room, but also hidden from view upward from the living room.

Stepping out of my room, the only light visible was the dim multi-colored light from the tree. Without even thinking about it I stepped around the creaky board, and when I heard a slight noise below I stopped at the edge and peered around, expecting to see that "Santa" had already been there. With the long standing rule that we weren't allowed downstairs on Christmas morning until after 7, it didn't prevent ogling the presents earlier than that from upstairs. Although I'd woken at times in the past when I was six or eight or ten and peered down at five thirty or six in the morning, never before had I peered down at slightly after midnight. And never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined seeing Mom sucking Dad's cock.

At first it was shock. What kid, whether considered an adult or not, ever thinks of their parents having sex? Objectively we have to admit it, we'd long before come to understand we hadn't really been delivered by a stork or fallen off a turnip truck, but seriously - does any kid ever think of their parents getting it on? I certainly hadn't. At least not until then.

Although I knew my Mom was thought of as "hot" by my friends, I'd always seen her as "Mom". But after that night, I could also see in her what my friends could see. Although I'd never seen her naked that I could remember, I had seen her in less than "Mom" clothing before. She'd always worn bikinis during the summer, and looked good wearing one, and I'd occasionally seen her around the house in panties and bra. Although normally just white everyday underwear, at least once I'd walked in on her wearing a semi-see through bra and been able to see her nipples and aureole when she was getting ready to go to a party with Dad. She'd almost immediately pulled on her dress, but I was still so young it hadn't meant anything to me. Although seeing my mother's nipples through her bra hadn't meant anything to me at the time, I had seen them, and the memory became almost better than the real thing -- at least until I saw Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson had a fabulous body and knew it. I would say her boobs were a nice C cup, not extremely large, but very firm without being silicone. She seldom wore anything without a very large vee that showed the center of her breasts quite nicely, which every boy in the neighborhood knew, and apparently all the dads did too. I once inadvertently heard my dad say something to Mom, I don't know what, but knew he was talking about Mrs. Wilson. I heard Mom giggle quietly just before I stepped into the kitchen and say "I guess I shouldn't mind, as I get the benefit." It didn't mean anything until I stepped into the kitchen and saw dad turn away from the window where he'd been looking out. Nothing was visible to me until I got closer, and then I saw Mrs. Wilson, weeding in the flower bed, and facing our house. On her hands and knees as she was I suddenly realized that mom had been giving Dad a hard time about looking at her boobs, of which kneeling on the ground and leaning forward as she was, were almost completely visible down the low cut front of her shirt.


With a cock that was hard almost all the time anyway, it could sometimes be a chore to get it down enough to pee. Now, peaking from around and through the balcony banister, the sight of Mom sucking dad's cock made it go instantly from just hard and swollen, to a cock of steel.

I'm not sure which was worse; seeing Dad's erection, or seeing Mom taking it in her mouth. At once I was instantly grossed out, and mesmerized. Seeing her on her hands and knees, her hand wrapped around the shaft, feeding it into her mouth, I couldn't look away. She'd pull off and stroke him, holding his cock upright where I could see her hands wrapped around the shaft. She'd run a palm up and over the pink knob, causing Dad to groan and then she'd bend down and take it in her mouth again.

Mom and Dad or not -- I had my cock out of my boxers and stroking almost instantly. To me, at that time, masturbation was all about getting off, and it probably took less than thirty seconds before I shot my first load. I quickly ducked back, ashamed with myself for perving on my parents, but the thirty seconds of clarity after I came were just that -- thirty seconds. Within a minute I was poking my head around the corner again, wondering why it was taking Mom so long to get him off. It didn't dawn on me that maybe she wasn't trying to get him off, until I heard dad say "Not too much or I'm going to cum."

I hadn't really paid too much attention to Mom until that point, with her bottom actually pointed right at me, it was what was happening in front of her that had my full attention. For some reason I looked a bit closer at her naughty elf outfit and realized that when I looked between the sheer green leggings, the red panty had a slit that I could see. I wondered at first if I really was seeing her pussy, but when Dad said he was about to cum and she pulled off, Dad immediately turned her over and began returning the oral favor.

He rolled Mom onto her back and kissed up the inside of her legs, which she spread wider and wider for him. When he got to her pussy, he buried himself there for a few moments, and then pulled off and reached over to the couch and pulled two cushions off. Mom raised her hips, he slid them underneath her bottom, and dove back into her muff. Mom's legs went over Dad's shoulders while he ate her through the slit in the panty. I could hear mom's moans of "Oh yeah... that's so nice..." and just generally moans of pleasure.

My cock had never softened up, I came a second time, again before either of them came.

With Mom on her back, I didn't even realize the bra had mom's bare nipples poking through, at least not until Dad reached up and tweaked them. He just played with them a little, and when he moved back into eating her more, her hands came up to twist and turn and pull more on what Dad had started. I heard Mom say "Oh Baby, that's so good... I'm almost there..." and when she did, Dad pulled up and away. Climbing over her body, not lying on her, he rose up until he could kiss her. Mom's hand came down and gripped Dad's erection, sliding it into her pussy -- and I was actually seeing my parents fuck for the first time.

It wasn't until later when I was thinking about what I saw that it was obvious Mom and Dad both had each other's reactions down. They fucked and sucked until one or the other was on the edge, and then they backed off, recovered again, changed positions and did it some more. Gradually mom's elf outfit disappeared, both ending up completely naked. At one point when they were fucking, Mom asked Dad to make her cum with his tongue, and he did. Rolling onto his back, erection against his belly, he pulled Mom's pussy over onto his face, his hands fondling and tweaking her breasts, and this time he took her over the top. He let her rest just a little, but soon enough they were doing it again. Dad came the first time doing her doggie, her shoulders pressed into the pillows. A few minutes afterward she sucked him again, and when he was hard climbed on. That time, now completely naked, I could see her breasts hanging down and swaying as she moved back and forth on Dad's cock.

I came at least four times that night watching them, the fourth time almost painfully as I dry spasmed. Afterward, my cock still hard, I went back to bed. I never did get to go to the toilet knowing they'd hear me if I did. I just held it until morning.

Mom and Dad were both extremely tired Christmas morning, and went to take a nap just as soon as they could.

I never saw a hint of any activity outside their bedroom for the rest of the year, but come Christmas eve, Mom put the music on, the lights and decorations went up, the yellow star got a place of honor and Andrea and I went to bed so that "Santa" could show up and Mom and Dad could go to bed.

The second year began my tradition. I made sure I went and took a pee before I went to bed. I set my alarm on vibrate for one hour later, made sure my door was cracked just a bit so the latch wouldn't make any noise, and then when the alarm went off I took my erection in hand and spied on Mom and Dad from the balcony again. They hadn't quite got started, Dad was sitting on his chair drinking whatever his concoction was when mom came out of their bedroom wearing her naughty elf's outfit. The tiny bells on her toes rang when she moved, and I realized that I'd heard them constantly that first year and hadn't even realized it.

That year I paced myself a bit, and although I came four times while watching them, I didn't have the ache in my balls afterward that I had the first year.


This year had been Andrea's first year to be allowed a spiked hot chocolate, but she'd only been allowed just one, early, as she had to drive her boyfriend Donny home later. Andrea had left to take Donny home perhaps an hour before we really finished, supposedly as they wanted to say goodnight to his parents, but I already knew his parents were out of town for the weekend. I had no doubt that Donny was playing hide the salami with my sister, or at least assumed he was. I'd seen him copping a feel of her boobs a time or too, and although I'd seen her tease him unmercifully at times, I'd never quite seen her hands down his pants. I just hoped she got his and her rocks off before it too late, as I knew Mom and Dad weren't going to be playing before we were asleep in bed.

I went to bed and set the alarm for an hour later, but when I awoke, I heard voices talking, including Andrea. I reset my alarm for another hour, and this time crashed hard.

When I awoke, the buzzer on my phone had been going for several minutes. I was a bit disoriented, and then realized it was Christmas eve. Somebody had pulled my door completely shut, completely latching it. The latch almost always clicked loudly if I just turned the handle, but by pulling the door closed harder I was able to turn the knob and ease it open with just a faint click. The lights in the house were off, all except the Christmas lights on the tree, and when I peeked over the balcony, Dad was sitting in his chair while mom was between his legs loving on his cock with her mouth and hands.

Although they had their sexy party every Christmas eve, I never saw exactly the same thing. Rather than a choreographed "this is what we have to do" party, that always included oral and titty play and fingering and sucking and fucking and eating, it never happened the same way twice.

I'd gotten where I just took my boxers off, using them as a reusable cum rag, and since I never slept with a shirt, this left me completely nude. I could lay on my side while I was jacking off, but when I came I almost always rolled onto my back so most of my cum landed on my belly and chest. The first time I came my cum would almost hit me in the face, but by the fourth, it pretty much dribbled just a bit onto my belly. My first orgasm would happen pretty fast, usually within a few short minutes, and every subsequent one took a little longer.

I'd cum the first time and had wiped it up with my boxers, so was working on my second orgasm. Mom and Dad had gotten into a 69 with mom on top, and although she still had her cut-out bra on, for some reason her panties had come off and all she had on was the green stockings. With her sitting on dad's face I had a good view of her bare bottom. Thinking about what it would be like to fuck her, or at least fuck someone, doggy style, sliding in behind her firm bottom and into her hot little pussy, I felt the cum boiling up from my balls again. Not wanting to give up the visual until I had to, my hips flexed, my cock grew even harder in my grasp, and realizing I was coming in just seconds, I rolled onto my back barely before my cock began erupting. My eyes were glazed; it took a few seconds before I recognized that something was different.

My eyes shifted to the wall between Andrea's room and mine, the short section that was too short for a table, but large enough that someone could sit with their back against it. My eyes caught Andreas, but she didn't flinch. My cock was uncontrollably shooting it's third spurt onto my belly, there was nothing I could do about it, but apparently it wasn't bothering Andrea. Her eyes were locked on mine, one hand under the top of her two-piece nighty obviously playing with her nipples; the other was inside her pants, furiously frigging herself. I was lying there on my back, cock in hand with a belly full of cum and my sister was sitting in the dark behind me, masturbating as she watched me. As I watched her lower lip went between her teeth, her shoulders arched back and suddenly her body convulsed in orgasm.

I lay there in shock, cock in hand, busted in every respect. I couldn't get up and run to the bedroom or bathroom for fear of alerting mom or dad that I'd been watching. I couldn't do much except wipe the cum off my belly with my boxers and look at Andrea and see what her response was. I could see her bedroom door slightly ajar, for some reason she'd come out and found me doing my thing.

Andrea's body slowly became less rigid as the orgasm flowed from her body. In my mind I couldn't get over the incongruity of it; my sister had masturbated while watching me masturbate while I watched Mom and Dad fuck. OK, technically it was only a 69 at the time for Mom and Dad, but still. Andrea's eyes came open and focused on mine. We just stared at each other for a few moments wondering what to do, until she rolled pulled her hands from her pajama's, rolled over onto her hands and knees and crawled over to where I was.

Once she got to me, she leaned around and peered around the edge of the balcony just as I had been. She started to say something to me, but I rapidly shook my head "no" and held my finger to my lips. I knew from experience how a little noise from this little opening above the living room easily carried into the living room. She wisely didn't say anything, just peered from our perch down onto our lust filled parents. There was nothing I could do, I was just there naked, but my cock which had rapidly shrunk once I found Andrea watching, began to recover. It was several minutes that Andrea watched mom and dad without even looking at me. I had no idea what she was thinking, except that it dawned on me that she must have been quite horny also as she'd chosen to watch me and masturbate rather than raising the alarm. I slowly began to rub my cock again, and that must have caught her attention. She turned to look at me, and I stopped my motion. Her eyes ran down to my cock protruding from my hand, then looking up to my eyes again, she reached out and grasped my cock, pushing my hand away. Her hand wrapped around me and began repeating the motion I'd begun just moments before.

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