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Traffic Stop


I was driving home from Ohio, I had gone out to see my fiancee, when I noticed the flashing red light in my rear view mirror. "Damn!" I cursed as I steered my car into one of the larger pull off areas that dot the PA turnpike. I checked my speed, sixty seven in a forty mile an hour construction zone! I was in for a hefty fine, a very hefty fine. With the new surcharge the state tacks on tickets, and the fact that all fines and penalties are doubled in construction zones, I was looking at a minimum of $500.

As I parked and shut off the car, I felt overwhelmed with a growing feeling of panic. I couldn't afford this! I know, I know, then I shouldn't have been speeding. But I was, and now I was in big trouble. What with paying the insurance, the car payments, and the hospital bills from my surgery, I was real short for cash as it was now.

I located my registration and license, got out of the car and walked back to meet the cop. In the dim summer darkness I could see that he was a tall heavyset man in his early forties, with sergeant stripes on his shoulders.

"Well young man, do you realize just how fast you were going?" he said as way of a greeting.

I sighed, "Yes sir, I do, and I'm very sorry, I hadn't noticed I had entered a construction zone."

He snorted, "With all these yellow blinkers?"

I ducked my head apologetically, "Uh, yes Sir, I'm afraid so."

He led the way back to the cruiser, "Get in and we'll get started."

Sitting in the passenger seat I gave him the information he requested. My heart sank when he tallied up the figures, "Four hunnard and eighty five dollars" he drawled out.

Involuntarily I let out a groan, "Oh no!"

He looked at me curiously, "Whats a matter? Not willing to pay the band after the dance?"

I decided to try and talk him out of the ticket. "Sir, I realize I was speeding, and I do deserve the ticket, but to be honest I can't afford it. I don't have enough money to pay it with."

He chuckled, "If your trying to talk me out of this ticket, that ain't gonna work. As you said, you were speeding, and you do deserve it. You should think ahead to the consequences of your actions. This ticket is a well deserved punishment."

I felt myself growing desperate, "Your right officer, I do deserve punishment for breaking the law, but I can't afford THIS punishment."

He looked up sharply, "What are you getting at?"

I really didn't know myself, but he seemed intrigued so I continued, groping for words. "Well... it seems to me that there should be some alternative... some other way of settling this problem..."

"The courts will arrange financing if you need that." He replied.

I noticed that he was watching me closely, "I mean without the courts."

"Are you trying to bribe me?" he demanded

"NO!" I cried, "If I had the kind of money it would take to bribe you I'd be able to pay the ticket."

"So just what are you getting at? What kind of punishment are you suggesting?"

"I really don't know," I confessed "I was hoping you'd suggest something."

He put down his pen, "You want me to beat you or something?"

"Uh, no... No I guess not." I said hurriedly, mentally shuddering at the image of him beating me with a night stick.

The cop had a funny look on his face now. "Sometimes, we work out a kind of "work release" program." He said thoughtfully. "Of course there is really nothing you can do for me... So forget it." He went back to writing.

"Wait a minute!" I said in a voice filled with desperate hope, "There must be something. Anything! I'll do anything!"

He put down the pen again, "Anything?" He repeated thoughtfully.

"Yes! Yes, anything." I nodded eagerly.

He looked at me for a moment, "You don't seem the type." He decided.

"What are you talking about?" I asked

"Are you gay?" He demanded bluntly.

"A wh...what?" I said in shock

"Are you gay, you know, a homosexual? If you are we may be able to come to an arrangement. If not then I'll just finish filling this out." He said calmly.

My mind was awhirl, "Are you?" I asked tentatively, "Are you a homosexual?"

"Me? Hell no, I'm just incredibly horny," he answered. "The question is, are you?"

"No...no I'm not." I replied as steadily as I could.

"Oh." He sounded disappointed. He went back to filling out the papers.

Bills flashed in front of my eyes. I had already borrowed an advance on my salary from my boss, my father had said that enough was enough, I just couldn't deal with this added burden.

"Wh...what would you. I mean, what would I have to do." I asked quietly.

He looked at me for a moment before answering, "Go down on me, suck my cock."

"Is that all?" I asked slowly. I was so nervous that I was trembling.

"That depends on how well you do it." he answered. "If you do a real good job I'll let you off at that, if you fuck it up... Well, lets say your sentence might be extended." He waited for my reaction, "Well?"

Closing my eyes I nodded, "I'll do it."

The trooper set the ticket pad on the dash and picked up the mike and called base, telling them he'd be "busy" for the next half hour. Turning to me as he reached around to the back of his Sam Brown, "One thing more, I'll have to cuff you."

"Cuff me? Why?" I asked

"So you don't try and grab my weapon." he said as he pulled out a set of gleaming handcuffs.

I tried to talk him out of using the cuffs, promising to cooperate and not try anything, but he was adamant in his determination to use them, and when he indicated that he was going to recommence writing I gave in.

He put them on snugly, tighter than I thought was necessary, and I told him so as he unzipped his trousers, and pushed them and his undershorts down to his knees.

He told me to shut up and get busy. Struggling to adjust to the cuffs, I hadn't really been watching him, but now my attention was drawn to his cock.

It was huge! I would guess at least eight inches long, far bigger than my own. Fear went through me, as well as revulsion. He reached out and grabbed the back of my collar and said, "Are you sure you ain't a homo?"

I found my voice, "No, I'm sure."

"Good, I wouldn't want you to like this, it wouldn't be a punishment if you were into it." Pulling my face down to his cock he continued, "Get to work. Start kissing, and licking and sucking on it. DON'T BITE IT! Or you'll be real sorry, and when I come, you swallow it, you understand?"

"Yes, S...Sir" I stammered.

Slowly I stretched out my tongue and licked the tip, it was soft and warm to the touch. Moving closer I worked my way down the shaft, licking, and kissing it. Trying to remember all the things my girlfriend does to me. Reaching the base of the shaft, I ran my tongue back up its length, along the underside. I did this half a dozen times, until the cop roughly ordered me to suck on it. Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I engulfed his cock. Moving my head in a rhythmic bobbing motion I worked on him for several minutes like this. Twice he hissed under his breath for me to "watch the damned teeth." Each time I adjusted as best I could. Finally, with an irritated snarl, he grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me down on him, forcing his cock in deeper than I had been taking it. Gagging as it pushed its way down my throat, I found it difficult to breath, both from the obstruction and because my nose was buried in his pubic hair. After a moment or to like this, he pulled me up slightly, and allowed me to catch a quick breath, before shoving me back down. This went on and on, with my hands cuffed behind my back, I had no way of bracing myself, and had to go where pushed.

The rhythm and tempo increased, I found it increasingly difficult to breath; but I noticed that his breath was also getting shorter. Not having any experience at this, I failed to recognize his orgasm until it was too late. Choking on the sudden flood of scalding hot, salty semen, I did swallow some, but the vast majority of it dribbled down his shaft, and formed clumps in his pubic curls.

When he had finished pumping his load into my mouth, he pulled my head back. Seeing the clots of cum he cursed. "You fucking little twat, I told you to swallow it!"

"I tried..." I began.

"Shut up, and get down there and lick it up." He barked angrily. I bent my head and lapped feverishly, if futilely, at the curly nest of hair. I could feel hairs sticking to my tongue, even getting caught in my teeth. He continued speaking, "Your sentence continues, your not getting off with that sorry excuse for a blow job."

After several minutes of my licking, he pushed me away and started the car and drove to a quiet section of the pull off area, several hundred feet from the road. Parking so the passenger side was away from traffic, he pulled up his pants, warned me not to move, got out and, came around to my side of the car. Opening the door he pulled me roughly from the car and had me stand beside him. Closing the front door, he opened the rear door and did something with his flashlight against the switch to turn off the dome light.

Turning to me he pulled me by the elbow so I was facing into the back seat. Grabbing the waist band of my shorts he jerked them down past my knees, followed by my undershorts. As he did so he said, "Can you guess what happens now?"

I stuttered again,"Y.., yes."

"So tell me." he said it almost conversationally, as though speaking of the weather. Simultaneously he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed down. "Bend over at the waist," he instructed, "Put your face and chest on the seat."

Cuffed as I was I had no choice. "Your going to fuck me." I whispered.

"That's right, spread your legs some more..." he waited, "good, bend at the knees a little."

I could hear his zipper, and feel the cloth against my bare ass. Then the tip of his cock brushed my cheek. It had almost completely recovered from the first orgasm.

"Aren't you going to use some kind of lubrication." I asked shakily, as I felt him grip my buttocks in both hands, and his cock began blindly thrusting between my cheeks.

"No, its meant to hurt you, its punishment, remember."

His cock, guided by his fingers, found my anus and began to press against it. Using his thumbs he began pushing into me. I gasped at the pain, while he groaned about the tightness. With steady, unrelenting pressure he forced an entry into my rear. I struggled to keep from screaming, not sure how he'd react to that, and fully aware that there was no one to hear me.

"Damn your tight! You really are a virgin." he muttered.

"Christ! It hurts! Your tearing me up inside!" I cried out in anguish.

"Shut your mouth." he snarled, thrusting deeper and deeper into my abused ass. Finally he was in to his satisfaction. Pulling back slightly he began to fuck me. Short, painful thrusts at first, growing to long excruciating strokes as he built up speed.

"Shit," he growled, "I can't hold back very long, your too tight."

Maybe it didn't seem like a long fuck to him, but to me it was an eternity. His thrusting was dragging my face and chest back and forth across the vinyl seat, adding to the pain and humiliation. In truth the whole thing probably lasted between five and ten minutes.

Suddenly he stopped, rammed all the way into me, thrust a little deeper, and with an animal like growl, pumped his cum into my ass.

He held that position for several moments afterward, before pulling his now semi flaccid cock out of me.

I heard him grunt behind me, "Look at this mess." He grabbed my shirt and pulled me out of the car. "Get on your knees," he ordered, "and turn around and face me."

When I had complied he said, "Look at the mess my cock is in, covered with cum and shit, your shit. Since my wife sucks her pussy juice off my cock, it seems you should suck your shit off it to."

I looked at him in horror, "No! I won't do it!"

"Oh you'll do it all right, its just a question of whether you do it with this flashlight rammed up your ass, or without it." He hissed.

There really was never a question about disobeying. Closing my eyes and, holding my breath, I began the revolting process of licking jism and feces from the glistening shaft of his cock. Long before I had finished he had gotten hard again, so it came as no real surprise when he grabbed my head with both hands and began fucking his dick in and out of my mouth.

Slamming his balls against my chin, bruising my lips with the flat of his stomach, he fucked my face savagely, whispering names at me from above. "Faggot, cocksucker, homo, scumbag, pussy..."

Finally, after several particularly violent thrusts, he splashed his cum against the back of my throat.

There wasn't as much as before, and I was able to swallow all of it this time.

When he was finished, and after wiping his wet and, soft cock against my face several times, he zipped himself up, and removed the cuffs. While I pulled my shorts up he retrieved my license and registration. Getting into his car he started up and drove off with out another word.

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