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Traffic Violations


Day after day I found myself working overtime to get a number of projects caught up and then racing home to be able to join my husband and children for dinner at a reasonable hour.

My racing home had resulted in two speeding tickets over a 6-week period, which was not going to help our auto insurance rates, nor help me keep my license as the points against me were adding up.

I decided that an alternative was required to get me out of this work late and speeding home pattern.

The solution came to me as being so simple; I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it before.

The simplicity of my solution was to get up earlier for work to avoid the rush hour traffic, which would get me to work earlier when no one was around, allowing me to get more work done, so I could leave earlier, and not feel the need for speed on the way home.

I decided to start my new routine first thing on Monday morning.

It worked like a dream as I found myself at work well in front of the rush hour period and alone to work on my projects before the office got busy.

This solution was perfect for a number of months until the morning that I had an early morning conference call scheduled with a client and found myself running late due to a sick child up all night.

I rushed through my morning routine to get ready by showering and then throwing my tan cotton button up dress over a pair of red silk string bikini panties and a matching bra. As I quickly stepped into my tan high heels, I grabbed my laptop case and purse and ran out to my car.

Thank goodness my husband was able to stay home with our sick child for the day.

I now had 15 minutes to get to my office, however my commute was normally 25 minutes.

Oh, did I mention that my cell phone was safely sitting on my kitchen counter attached to its charger as I began my commute to work.

I knew that I could make up the time because I was ahead of the morning rush, however I was going to have to exceed the speed limit.

Have you noticed that when you are in a hurry for whatever reason, chances are you are not going to experience smooth sailing until you have a chance to just slow down?

As I raced to my office, I never noticed the speed trap set up along side the expressway until I saw the stress inducing flashing lights in my rearview mirror and immediately knew that I was about to be pulled over.

I stopped my car alongside the road with the police cruiser parked immediately behind me. As I lowered my head in silent resolution to my predicament, I realized for the first time that I was wearing my shirt dress which requires the bottom buttons to be unbuttoned in order to sit comfortably in my car.

The vee pattern created by my open dress showed a wonderful view of my bare legs as well as a hint of red panties.

As I attempted to pull on the fabric of my dress to offer more cloth coverage for my crotch, I noticed a shadow across my lap. The shadow was caused by the highway patrolman now standing adjacent to my car just outside my door window.

I was mortified as I lowered my window and leaned my head towards him only to find the very young and handsome officer staring intently at my exposed lap.

Although his focus was preoccupied with my hint of red silk, he still had enough presence of mind to ask, "Do you know why I stopped you, ma'am?"

I replied that I was speeding hoping for some kind of warning. After all he got to see my panties, didn't he?

He asked for my license, registration, and proof of insurance, which required me to stretch over the passenger seat and retrieve two of his requested documents from the glove compartment, and the third from my purse, which was sitting in the passenger seat along side of me. This action resulted in my dress parting even further and now the evidence of red panties being worn by a speeding commuter was confirmed.

He calmly collected my documents and returned to his car to check my information on his computer. I knew that my prior offences would become as apparent as my panties had just been to him.

As I now had the chance to cover my legs, I lifted my bottom up off the car seat and buttoned one more button of my dress, which stretched it a little too tight across my thighs, but at least I wasn't showing my panties anymore.

I waited for what seemed to be 20 minutes as the officer stayed in his car communicating with central dispatch and reading my driving record.

As I sat there waiting, another highway patrol car pulled up behind the first one and a female officer exited her vehicle and spent some time talking to the original officer.

It was a warm morning and as I sat there with the full realization that I was going to miss my very important conference call, probably incur another speeding ticket and fine, and possibly have a suspended license, I could feel the droplets of water forming down my back and between my legs.

I couldn't imagine anything worse than this situation.

As it turned out, I didn't have much of an imagination for bad situations.

As the morning traffic was now beginning to accumulate and back up so the morning rubberneckers could get a good look at the woman sitting with two patrol cars parked behind her, the female officer approached my window.

She came up to my window and apologized for the length of time that this process was taking and informed me that due to the frequency of my latest speeding tickets it was necessary for me to be subjected to a modified body search, which is why she had been called to the scene.

I was absolutely horrified as I was asked to "exit my vehicle and move to the front of the patrol car".

The morning rush hour was in full swing as car after car slowly crawled past me giving every morning commuter a good look at my circumstances. As I opened my car door and got out of my car, I was happy that I had buttoned the extra button as I would have flashed the older executive in his Lexus now slowly rolling past me with his cell phone pointed in my direction to take a photo of the "escaped fugitive" that he may have imagined.

I was led to the front of the patrol car and asked to place my hands on the top of the hood about shoulder distance apart. In other words, I was assuming the position.

As I bent forward and leaned on top of the car hood, I felt the female officer's hands come down upon my shoulders and move along both arms out to my hands.

I could not have been more embarrassed as every passing car watched me get frisked for concealing what? All I had underneath my dress was a red pair of teeny panties, my matching silk triangle bra, along with myself.

The officer now reached under my arms and over my breasts, as she seemed to be exploring the contours of my silk bra. I can't quite explain my reaction, however my nipples popped as if exposed to an open refrigerator door and I swear that the female officer tweaked both of them between her fingers before moving her hands down across my stomach to the top of my bikini panties.

As I wandered, "Am I really being felt up in front of hundreds of morning commuters", the officer bent down and placed both hands around one ankle and proceeded to move her hands up over my calves to my knees and then without explanation continued up my thighs lifting my dress with them and firmly pushing her inside hand between my legs as the other continued up to my hips.

My dress was now positioned up to my crotch and on the side where her hand was on my hip; the red string of my panties was fully exposed.

Traffic was almost at a full stop. I forced myself to stare forward at the car hood as my face reddened to the color of my panties.

I could only imagine how many people were watching me virtually get strip-searched.

The other leg was now explored to my crotch and hips with the same pressure being applied between my legs.

At least I thought, "My humiliation is about to end".

Remember what I said earlier about my imagination not being quite creative enough.

The female officer told me to continue leaning forward on the car hood as she took a hold of the hem of my dress and pulled it completely above my teeny red silk panties and checked me further for hidden I don't know what.

I was now semi naked on the side of the road as the morning rush hour traffic crawled by and honked their horns in encouragement.

I only wish that the encouragement was for me.

I was bound to be on YouTube before the morning was over.

At this most awkward and revealing point, I felt that all too familiar warm sensation pass through my torso as the physical memory of having my nipples pinched, my extremely sensitive sexual hot spot prodded, and now my panties exposed to countless strangers resulted in an erotic awakening response from my entire body.

I was getting very turned on by this experience, but at the same time could only hope for it to end.

Finally my dress was pulled down and I was told to stand erect, which is probably the state of the young male officer and many of the morning commuters.

The female officer explained to me that they had a new program for repeat offenders, which would give me an opportunity to not pay a large fine nor receive any points against my license.

I was ecstatic as I thought that despite the most embarrassing and humiliating experience of my life, I might get away with just a morning commuter strip tease.

Remember what I said earlier about my imagination not being quite creative enough. I had no idea what was to come.

Without asking for the details of the new program I enthusiastically agreed and signed some sort of waiver form allowing the two officers to proceed with my "alternative punishment".

I was led around to the rear of the patrol car where I noticed two handles attached to the top of the trunk about 3 feet apart from each other.

As the female office unbuttoned the buttons of my dress up to my chest, I started to desperately wonder what the waiver said that I signed. They told me again to lean over the car, although this time it was the trunk, and to grasp hold of both handles with my hands.

This required me to literally lay the top half of my body up on the trunk of the patrol car, which raised the hem of my short dress to the very top of my thighs.

As I realized that my red silk bottom was again beginning to be exposed to the morning rush hour, the female office again took a hold of the hem of my dress and pulled it up over my lower body until I was completely exposed from my red bra strap on down.

I watched the young male officer go open the back door of the car and take something out of the back seat. It was some sort of paddle.

Was I about to be spanked in public as the rush hour traffic crawled past me seeing every physical reaction? Pure unadulterated fear and panic took over as I let go of the handles on the trunk and adamantly said "No way!!!" to the female officer.

I was furious and appalled at everything that was occurring. I pulled my dress down and headed back to my car.

The officers immediately blocked my path and explained the alternatives to me.

As I stood there on the side of the road they held the document that I had just signed in front of my face and let me read the details.

I had legally given them permission to publicly humiliate me in lieu of a fine and license suspension.

I was informed that I could rescind my permission, however my license would be suspended.

What happened to simply wearing a sign of contrition or spending time in the stocks?

I was caught. Panic coursed through my body as I was again walked back to the trunk lid of the patrol car and resumed my earlier position on the trunk of the car.

This time the male officer placed his nightstick between my legs with one end propped on the trunk lid and the other end held firmly in his hands. He told me that this was a precaution so I would not move while being spanked.

My dress was again pulled up to the middle of my back fully exposing my red silk covered bottom to any and everyone.

The female officer was holding the paddle and as she took a few practice swings, I was asked if I was ready.

I responded by asking how many times I was to be swatted and I was told that it would be 10 times as that was double the number of points that would have been taken from my license.

I stared straight ahead as I didn't want to see the faces of my unexpecting audience, took a deep breath and said with my teeth gritted, "Go ahead".

I had no expectation of the physical and mental reaction that I was about to experience, as the swing of the paddle brought a sharp whack to my bottom.

The sensation rushed through my body as the physical pain mixed with a very unexpected and sudden sexual response.

My nipples exploded into full erection and my most sensitive area between my legs flooded with such a strong delicious vibration that I thought I was going to orgasm.

The whack on my bottom also caused my lower body to push forward against the car, sliding that same sensitive area along the nightstick.

I barely suppressed the words, "Oh God" as my mouth opened in a muffled cry.

I could feel my female juices starting to erupt between my legs.

God that whack was excruciatingly delicious.

The second whack unintentionally forced my body to squirm across the trunk of the car as I squeezed my legs together around the nightstick. This action only served to intensify the rush of sexual warmth flowing through my lower body.

The third whack was beyond my ability to withstand as I ground the front of my teeny panties unto the nightstick and literally rode it sliding back and forth.

I was completely out of control.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth whack of the paddle caused a loud moan of pleasure to emit from my lips as my body again squirmed and pressed against the car trunk. I again squeezed my legs and buttocks together, which only served to exaggerate the entire sensual feeling.

My journey towards orgasm was well on its way. I pushed my bottom out to meet the next swing of the paddle as well as to once again slide on that wonderful stiff shaft being held firmly between my legs. As the delectable sensation of pain and raw sexuality coursed through my body, I begin to vibrate from that magic spot between my legs and began to feel the delectable journey towards uncontrollable convulsions and spasms to take off. (Or should I say to "get" off?)

I was completely oblivious to the final three whacks on my bottom as I went into the most violent and pleasurable orgasm I have experienced in a long time. I convulsed and spasmed all over the trunk of the patrol car causing my clothes to completely rearrange themselves as the remaining buttons on my dress separated from their buttonholes and my panties transformed into a very tiny red silk thong.

The chorus of car horns filled the air as I loudly moaned, "Oh my God" over and over again.

I could barely breath or stand up as the officer removed the nightstick from between my legs and helped me to my feet.

My dress was completely open with my nipples poking at the thin silk fabric of my bra. As they let go of me I collapsed to the ground in a heap of orgasmic exhaustion.

There I sat leaning against the rear bumper of the patrol car with my dress fully open, my legs akimbo, and my glistening bottom sticking to the roadway.

Off in the distance I heard the female officer state, "I think the little lady likes to be spanked", which was such a surprising understatement I found myself laughing out loud.

I was again helped to my feet and led back to my car as the cacophony of car horns continued in my honor.

The male officer opened my door and I was placed behind the wheel still in my current state of almost complete exposure.

My entire body was still vibrating and ringing in sexual bliss.

I barely remember being given my license, registration, and insurance verification back as I continued to languor in my post orgasmic state.

As the officers both pulled away, I continued to sit in my car unable to focus on anything but my most recent and extremely pleasurable experience.

Finally I was able to adjust my bra and panties and rebutton my dress. I then drove to a nearby Starbuck's where I was able to use the phone to tell my office that I had had an unexpected situation arise and would not be able to come in for the day. I had enough presence of mind to apologize for calling in so late and promising to make everything right when I returned the next day.

I then drove to a quiet park where I spent the next couple of hours gingerly sitting on a park bench overlooking a small lake and reliving the entire extraordinarily sexy morning.

I can't wait to get caught speeding again.

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