tagErotic HorrorTragedy of Michael and Becky

Tragedy of Michael and Becky


Zandira was an ordinary succubus with an extraordinary taste in her victims:

She preferred to seduce and destroy the souls of the people whose partner recently died.

And not just ordinary couples. It had to be people who were so much in love with their deceased partner that it was unlikely they were ever going to move on and find another one.

In other words, true soulmates, who were only ripped apart by a very unfortunate destiny.

She would spend a great amount of time verifying that her potential target complied with these criteria before moving in to seduce and kill - because that's what her kind does.

During a sexual encounter with a succubus, a mortal human surrenders his life and soul to her for all eternity. Instead of their soul going to heaven, they become part of the succubus. Their conscious mind is forever trapped inside her demonic flesh, serving only as amusement to her cruelty and as nourishment for her powers.

It has been some time since Zandira last fed and the man she was currently looking on from the other side of the pub seemed like a good candidate.

Michael Brown - 32 years old, currently working as an IT specialist.

His wife Becky died well over a year ago in a terrible car accident and Michael hasn't been the same man since.

He was currently surrounded by his friends and at a first sight he looked quite happy, drinking beer and laughing like the rest of the patrons.

However, Zandira could feel the sadness emanating from his soul. It was deep inside him and it was never going away... not for the rest of his life. She licked her lips in anticipation.

At one point he stood up to walk over to the bar and order his friends another round. Zandira saw her chance and casually walked up towards him. They 'accidently' bumped into each other near the bar.

He quickly started to apologize, but then he looked into her eyes and was speechless for a moment. They looked exactly like Becky's.

In fact, the bodily form Zandira currently chose to display was specifically tailored to resemble his late wife - 5'5 high, brown eyes, kind oval face.

But of course, while she somewhat resembled his wife, her figure was much more perfect than hers ever was - after all, Zandira was a sex demon. Her breasts, hips... all were enhanced for the effect.

She began a conversation with him. While she could sense his hesitation and shame at the thoughts he currently had about her, the resemblance to his lost love was enough to convince him to stay and give her a shot...

It didn't take long for Zandira's supernatural attraction to wear down his defenses, built out of grief and sadness.

Instead, he felt desire for her. The same kind of intense sexual desire he used to feel for his wife at the very beginning of their relationships.

He still felt guilty about it, but the similarities that Zandira carefully planted into his mind were enough to ensnare him.

After few hours, they were walking out of the bar together.

His male friends watched them leave, smiling and hooting. While some of them were jealous of him at the moment, his most loyal friends were actually glad that he was finally moving on.

They have been trying to get him to try dating women again for a while now without any success.

He took Zandira to his car and they drove to his place. During the ride, he began to tell her the sad story of his life. Zandira listened, pretending to be sympathetic and offering him an emotional support.

But inside, she was disgusted.

Like all demons, she absolutely loathed humanity and everything that it stood for...

It all came back to the very creation. Demons were created as immortal with many powers over the world. Humans were much less powerful and mortal, but to compensate for that, the creator gave them something the demons didn't have - a soul that could exist independently on their body.

Even with their body dead, the human's soul would endure and move onto a specifically designed plane of existence for that purpose - the heaven.

The demons were not granted the same mercy. Their existence was limited to their physical form which was very powerful, but not indestructible. When destroyed, they were truly destroyed with no soul left to move on.

Eventually, their anger over this injustice led them to despise and hate humanity and seek its destruction at every turn.

Some of the demons even learned how to rob the humans of the one thing they envied them the most - their souls.

Succubi were an example of such demons but there were more.

Even as Zandira send smiles and platitudes in Michael's direction, the only thought on her mind was the utter destruction of his soul.

When they arrived to his apartment, he was already more than eager for her body.

Sensing his desire and need, she pinned him to the wall as soon as they entered the door to his home.

She passionately kissed him and they both shuddered as they relished the physical contact between them.

Hardly ever separating for more than a quick breath, they somehow managed to walk in the direction of his bedroom and towards his bed.

He turned them around and was about to throw her onto the sheets. But then suddenly, she felt his desire lessening and being replaced by the sadness again.

He was looking down somewhere behind Zandira's shoulder. She turned her head around to look in that direction and snarled. There was a framed picture of Becky on his nightstand and he was staring right at it.

While Zandira was thoroughly annoyed that a dead woman was distracting her target like this, it also meant that she made the right choice in him.

She wasn't about to let him slip into pity and solipsism though.

Before the guilt over what some part of him still saw as cheating on Becky could overwhelm him, she turned him around a bit, barring his view of the picture.

He looked into her eyes again and was lost anew under her power.

They quickly undressed, sometimes tearing pieces of the clothing away in hurry.

Zandira was careful that he would not look at the picture again as she allowed him to lower her naked glorious body onto the bed.

Very soon, he joined her in a passionate embrace. Their naked bodies pressed together, they engaged in a foreplay that left them both breathless but very eager for more.

Her hand sneaked in the direction of his penis and she was pleased to find it already hard and throbbing.

There was another pang of guilt in him as she touched him down there, but he immediately lost it when she stroked his hardness a few times.

She played with it for a while before she guided it between her legs, helping him find the right mark.

Michael was ecstatic. For the first time in a very long while, he didn't think about his lost love whose memory constantly haunted his days... at this moment, there was only Zandira and he was happy.

With a wild cry of pleasure, he buried his manhood in her lap, unknowingly sealing the fate of his soul.

Immediately, the inner muscles of Zandira's pussy began massaging his throbbing member, further heightening his arousal, readying him for his final release.

He began pumping into the succubus in a missionary position. Zandira wrapped her toned and powerful legs around his midsection as she pushed him deeper inside her.

In the madness of passion she would scratch his back with her nails, leaving bloody lines in her wake, but he did not care.

"Yes, yes! Come in me!" Zandira urged him on with her moans when she felt him getting close to the edge.

Completely lost in her charms, he eagerly obliged and soon he was shooting his cum inside her.

Zandira cried out as she felt his seed and especially his lifeforce rushing inside her. The supernatural organs inside her flesh immediately began absorbing parts of his spirit, slurping it up like the greatest delicacy.

When he finally came down from his orgasm, Michael was still alive. He still felt amazing, but weaker and somehow intangibly lesser than before.

Zandira gave him a warm smile. After giving her a portion of his essence, the rest of his soul was now hers for taking.

Before he could recuperate from his first orgasm, she flipped them over and straddled his midsection.

He protested that he couldn't go on again so soon, but she silenced him with a kiss.

While he still felt physically and mentally tired from their first session, the touch of her lips poured a new strength into his loins as he was once again hard inside her.

She began to ride him in earnest and he let her, relaxing while she pleasured him. As he watched her pendulous breasts swinging above him, he reached to grab them with his hands but she slapped him away.

Instead, she reached behind his back and pulled him into a half-sitting position, burying his face in the valley between her breasts.

It was in this position that he came the second time, surrendering another portion of his immortal soul to the demon.

Zandira felt his power entering her in great torrents and she came with a crushing orgasm herself.

Once she came down from it, she looked at the rapidly breathing human below her and felt nothing but contempt for him - he was now utterly hers and she was done playing nice with him.

Using her willpower, she suppressed the glamour effect that has been clouding his mind ever since he met her. He blinked rapidly and the smile slowly disappeared from his face as his mind was freed from her supernatural influence.

Blind naked desire gave place to the knowledge that he just had sex with a woman he just met in a bar... on a bed that he used to share with his beloved Becky.

"No..." he weakly moaned and tried to get up.

Zandira pushed him down with a surprising strength. Baring her teeth, she hissed at him.

"You are not going anywhere, pathetic human filth!"

He was shocked and scared at the terrible hate she inserted into her voice. He tried to push her off but he did not have the strength.

Instead, Zandira began to ride him again, the muscles of her pussy stimulating to a third... and this time unwilling orgasm of the night.

"Please, stop!" he moaned weakly, still somewhat pleasured by the experience.

She slapped him harshly over his face. "Silence, cur!"

A warm cum exploded out of his penis again, disappearing into her depths. This time, he felt a little pain mixed with pleasure. It was as if thousand little pricks attacked his skin for a second or two... and he felt weak, so weak.

"What are you?" he asked her in desperation.

Zandira gave him a cruel smile as she showed him.

In the next second, her skin turned to a color of freshly spilled blood, her eyes became a raging inferno, twisted horns appeared on her head...

"I am a demon succubus, pathetic human worm!" she exclaimed proudly even as she started to fuck him again.

He could not believe that he actually responded to the stimulation given to him by this abomination from hell. He became hard again and soon was shooting more of his come into her... into the succubus.

This went on for a while. At one point, Zandira gleefully told him everything about what she was and what was going to happen to him thanks to her.

"Oh god, no! Please forgive me, my love!" he cried as tears filled his eyes at the knowledge that he betrayed his beautiful Becky and that he would pay with his soul for it.

At the height of desperation, he even begged Zandira to spare him, but he would have been more successful in convincing the wind to stop blowing.

Zandira smirked at him cruelly as she took the picture from the nightstand and showed it to him.

He raised his hands to reach for it but succeeded in only lifting his arm an inch off the bed before it fell down like a lead.

He looked at it and saw that his skin was wrinkly and dried out, his arm thin and emaciated with his bones prominently visible.

Zandira laughed at his terror as she threw the picture behind her, happily listening to the sound as it smashed down on the floor.

Michael's heart broke down along with the picture but he didn't have to live his pain for long because at that exact moment, Zandira drove him to his last orgasm... the one that delivered his soul in its entirety into her pretty, albeit crule little hands.

Michael Brown was dead.

No, he was worse than dead, because his soul was not allowed to move on. Instead, he was forever trapped inside Zandira as the succubus used his very existence as a power cell to feed her dark supernatural powers.

His dead body meanwhile dried up even further until it looked worse than a mummy.

Zandira dismounted his unmoving corpse. His penis was the only sign that he ever lived - little traces of his cum were still covering it.

Zandira stood up, walked to one side of the room and waited.

You see, the reason Zandira routinely selected people who lost a lover was not merely because it was delicious to screw with their grief.


In fact, as much as she enjoyed killing Michael and trapping his soul, the lonely man was merely an appetizer before she would eat her true meal...

Zandira was waiting for over a minute now and was starting to wonder that maybe she was wrong. That maybe Becky was not as loyal to Michael as he was to her.

Right when she was about to curse her luck, a pillar of bright light gradually started to appear on the other side of the room.

Zandira smiled and licked her lips in anticipation. Her true meal was arriving.

The column of light suddenly flashed and in its place stood a woman. She had a beautiful white tunic covering her and there was halo of soft light surrounding her body.

She also looked a lot like Zandira did right now albeit her beauty was more ethereal in nature rather than sensual.

The picture of the dead woman was lying broken in thousand pieces on the floor but Zandira had no doubt about who it was - Becky Brown was standing before her.

"You demon bitch!" she cried out as she looked at the scene in the room. "I'll kill you for what you did to him!"

The appearance of a dead woman out of nowhere might have been suspicious to an outside observer, but what happened right now was actually the true reason for Zandira's hunting preferences.

You see, most humans thought that the death was final and that there was no coming back from it... but the reality was the human souls in the heaven could choose to leave and return to the Earth at any time!

Of course, nobody ever did that... after all, why leave an utter paradise?

Even Becky would not have returned because she would know that her soulmate Michael would be joining her one day and they would be together again.

But when she consumed his soul, Zandira made sure that that was never going to happen.

Long time ago, the succubus accidentally discovered that the power of true love was enough to prompt the human souls to descent from the heaven... to seek revenge for the loved one that was eternally snatched away from them.

Zandira was ready and jumped aside as Becky charged her in anger.

She had to be careful as Becky actually possessed enough power to destroy her at the moment. As a soul returned from heaven, she has spent time in the company of the great angels, becoming hallowed by their presence.

This granted her extraordinary powers and invulnerability against the evil.

And it was also the reason why Zandira did what she did... consuming a soul that has been hallowed by angels was like consuming millions of ordinary humans.

The power she could gain from single returned soul was immeasurable.

The only problem was that she could not take Becky by force or charm her like she did with Michael.

To even get a chance at consuming her, she needed her willing surrender!

"Wait!" she cried out, narrowly avoiding Becky's attack and feeling her skin being singed by her angelic radiance.

Before Becky could attack her again, Zandira puffed out her chest and her eyes glowed for a moment.

A white glowing mist began escaping from between her nether lips.

Becky gasped when it took the form of her lost soulmate...

"Michael!" she cried out to him.

Michael did not hear her. He had his eyes downcast, his hands were cuffed and there was a collar around his neck. From the collar a glowing chain was hanging, going back to Zandira.

"Michael!" Becky cried out again, reaching out with her hand to him.

But before she could reach to touch him, his spirit dissolved like the mist it was and was pulled back into Zandira's pussy.

"Now you see..." she told Becky as she caressed herself down there.

"Give him back to me!" Becky commanded her, pointing a finger at Zandira.

The demon flinched under the angelic glow.

"I can't give him back to you... or to anyone" she told her in sympathetic voice. "He is part of me now... always will be"

"Damn you, monster!" Becky cried out in anguish as she took a swing at her.

"Wait!" Zandira cried again in genuine fear. "If you kill me, you will be destroying him along with me! Can you truly live with that?"

Becky's lower lip quivered as she considered her words and then she slowly lowered her hand.

"There is a way how you two can be together again..." Zandira decided to push her for the win. "The only way."

"How?" Becky asked angrily.

Zandira smiled and stroke a pose. "By surrendering yourself to my body... just like he did"

Becky was utterly speechless for a moment at the impunity of this succubus.

"How dare you! My soul is not yours for taking!" she said and charged at Zandira, punching her in her stomach and sending her over the room.

The succubus crashed into the wall and fell down.

"Ahh...!" she cried out in pain. "Suit yourself. I hope you enjoy the eternity of loneliness, bitch!" Zandira snapped at her in anger.

And then she teleported away.

Becky had no will to follow her. Instead, she came to the bed and looked at Michael's wizened corpse that still lied there. She exploded in tears and fell next to him, screaming in anguish.

Over the following minutes, she realized that the succubus was right. The thought that she would spend eternity without him was unbearable to her. She would never find peace like that. Even heaven would be hell to her.

After half an hour, she made the decision.

"Come back!" she cried to the empty room several times.

Zandira gave her a full minute of waiting before she decided to appear.

"Looking for me?" she said as she materialized in one of the chairs, still completely naked and looking at Becky while swinging her leg playfully.

"If I give you my soul... will I be with him again?" she asked the demon, studying her carefully.

"You have my word" Zandira said, smiling at the defeated woman.

Becky knew that a word of a demon could hardly be trusted, but it was her only chance at any sort of happiness.

"Ok... what should I do?" she asked the succubus.

Zandira smirked as she spread her legs.

"Come to me and kneel... you will drink my juices"

Becky's face twisted in disgust. "Why?!"

"You are protected by the grace of the angels... before I can absorb your soul, it needs to be removed" she calmly explained. "My juices will strip away your protection from my influence. Then you will be mine" Zandira whispered seductively.

Becky was still appalled but she got on her knees as told and put her mouth to Zandira's cunt.

Without the influence of her glamour, Becky felt the evil coming out of Zandira and was disgusted by her beyond measure.

"Lick me now... slow deep licks" she instructed and Becky brushed her tongue against her nether lips.

She immediately recoiled in shock. Zandira tasted as bitter as death. There was nothing even remotely pleasurable for Becky in it.

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