Trail Ride to Remember


After breakfast they headed up back to their room to get showered off, well more her than him though he wasn't about to turn down the opportunity. Once thoroughly dried off they both put on jeans and riding boots, then rubbed sun tan lotion all over each other's upper torsos. That took a bit longer than one would normally expect but they were just being thorough, right? Finally she put on a sports bra, grinning sheepishly, "I tried riding topless once, just once. Almost ended up with a black eye when I kicked my mount into a trot."

At the stables they met with everyone to discuss the path to be taken and some things to keep their eyes out for. Horses were taken out, groomed, and tacked up. Those women that wore something over their top halves during the grooming and tacking removed them shortly after mounting and stuffed them into saddle bags. Mark smiled a bit, well one thing he agreed with was the policy that all riders had to have a helmet. He'd lost a good friend to an accident that a helmet would have helped with. Granted, yes he'd rather see some of the ladies in the western style hats they preferred but then again his eyes wandered more towards bared chest anyways.

The weather was a bit on the cool side for July, a front had moved through two days earlier, and that nicely suppressed what was normally very humid weather. The group kept a decent pace, though occasionally some of the horses just had to get out for a trot or two to stretch legs. Or at least that's what the guys told themselves when they got to watch chests bounces and the ladies riding English begin to post, or controlled bounce in their saddles showing off shapely legs and rears.

They met up in a field where the lodge had set up a buffet style lunch primarily of cold cuts and other picnic foods. Well, Mark mused, at least he knew where the money they'd had to pony up went to. Some of the participants stripped out of their clothes, though he decided to keep his on due to the sweat that had gathered during the ride and not being sure if he could get the back on. A mental note was made to have packed a spare pair in the saddlebags.

He found a spot on the blanket that Julie had brought along and watched for a moment while she freed her chest of the sports bra and toweled down the sweat off her chest. "You missed a spot," he teased and leaned in to lick one of her nipples. He grinned at the playful swat and snuggled her a bit before taking a bite of his sandwich. It seemed though that Julie had other things in mind and once she had finished hers, he felt her hand caressing him through his jeans. Mark leaned back to give her access and she undid the fastenings of his jeans, reaching in to pull his cock out into the air.

She slowly stroked the thick member in her hands, marveling at it before taking the head into her mouth and suckling on it. Julie had been expecting to taste the sweat of the ride on him, but it was worth the taste to get him hard again. Once she was satisfied with his erection, Julie undid her own jeans and slid them down to her mid-thighs, then rolled over to get on all fours, waving her ass in the air. She squealed a little when he teased her with the head at her puckered ass, there was no way she was planning to try that today! But her anxiety abated when she felt him slowly work his way into her slick pussy. Before long she was rocking her body in rhythm with his thrusts and filling the air with the sounds of her being well fucked.

A glance around and she could see that she wasn't the only one with the idea, though most had forgone oral as well. There was very little that topped having sex outdoors and feeling the cool breeze as it caressed her skin, about the only thing that topped it was getting fucked while having an audience outdoors. Perhaps she really was an exhibitionist at heart, hell with it, she was definitely one and damned proud of it. Her back arched as she felt him plunge in deep and the warmth of his seed fill her awaiting womb.

They cleaned each other off and reapplied a layer of sun block, him being sure to give her chest a thorough coating. She made sure to put down a towel over her saddle before climbing back upon her mount. It took her a little bit to get situated upon the saddle, Mark was definitely stretching her out and she was feeling a bit sore but in a good way. The trail ride was thankfully over flatter terrain than some of the trails they could have taken. She half wondered if that was because the planners had figured some of the riders might be a bit sore, like she was. A few times she found her mind wandering towards the thought of the hot tub back at the lodge and maybe a soft tongue on a sore pair of pussy lips. Maybe she could get lucky and convince Joyce to be the one to supply the tongue, the girl was without a doubt skilled at the oral arts.

Mark took note of the way Julie was wiggling around in her saddle and smiled to herself, she was a girl who seemed to know her mind when it came to sex. His mind though was on a girl he'd caught watching him and Julie earlier on the blanket. Chloe, he thought her name was, had been eyeing the two of them and rubbing her clit while watching them. She was a bit on the petite side, with a small pair of breasts but topped with very puffy, pink nipples reminiscent of that one pornstar he'd seen, what was her name? Oh yeah, Faye Reagan, cute nipples that he wouldn't mind getting a chance to play with. Her dark brown pubic hair had, from the distance he viewed her at, seemed trimmed and thus a bit abnormal since most of the people here were shaved clean. In a way he liked that and the thought of her getting off on watching him with Julie occupied his mind for most of the ride back to the lodge.

Back at the lodge, when the horses had been taken care of, everyone broke up to go back to their rooms and clean off the day's sweat, among other bodily fluids. In the shower Julie's wish for a tongue on her tender pussy was first granted by Mark kneeling down and eating her through a spine shivering orgasm. He wasn't the best she'd had but the sight of her crush's face between her thighs more than made up for the slight lack in skill that he had. While she teased his poor cock through the whole shower, rubbing her ass up and down against it, Julie didn't grant him relief from the blue balls she knew she had to be causing. Mark hadn't been the only one to see Chloe rubbing herself off to the scene before her.

It hadn't surprised Julie to see her, what had surprised her was that Chloe hadn't made a move the night before. The girl was a part timer in between college semesters at the feed store Julie managed and after the weekend they'd met at a swingers part, on and off lovers. The girl did have a bit of a crush on Mark and several times the girls had played with a strapon, pretending the one with the silicon dick was Mark and they were servicing him. Sometimes Julie had wondered if it was Chloe just playing along with Julie's desires for Mark but when she saw the look on the girl's face in the afternoon she had a feeling that Chloe had felt a bit more for him than she let on. Either way, Julie had plotted this weekend to be a bit more than just a normal relationship, she had desired a three adult household. Chloe did have a much better talent with her tongue than Mark did and she had some feelings for the girl, not as strong as hers were for Mark but they were there. She grinned up at Mark, oh the plots were already weaving in her head and they'd only been a couple for all of twenty four hours now.

Chloe busied herself in her room cleaning up as best as she could. She'd been caught earlier, not that she'd really tried to hide what she was doing. At first it had embarrassed her for being so blatant but when Julie pulled her aside on the trail and told her the plan was in action, well the joy hadn't stopped bubbling inside of her. She checked the mirror for the thirtieth time and finger combed her blonde hair in a pixie cut. She'd had the hots for Mark for a year or so now, it was hard to find a decent guy in a farming town sometimes and while college boys filled her school year too many of them lived far away the rest of the time. It would be nice if he went along with their plans, really how many guys would turn down having two women living with them. A sip of her vodka soda was taken to calm the nerves and she sat on the bed waiting.

Julie hope the girl wasn't bouncing off the walls with nervous energy as she raised her hand to the door and knocked lightly on it. She heard the faint sounds of feet hurrying to the door and then it opened and they were ushered into the room. Softly the door closed behind them and Julie turned to smile at the puzzled look upon Marks face, "We need to talk." She uttered the oft dreaded words intentionally, wanting to follow it up with good news. Julie waited till he sat down on the edge of the bed with an even more confused look on his face. "I'm bi," she said plainly, "as you probably guessed by last night's activities. I really enjoy the touch of another woman, about as much as I do of a man. So I offer a proposal to you. See this lovely, yummy lady alongside of me? She is willing to join in our little relationship, you would get to have both of us though of course we can play with each other whenever we so desire. This is a little different than swinging, in my mind at least, as I would like us all to live together and this to be more of a permanent relationship instead of a friends with fuck benefits." She leaned a little back, waiting for his response. His body already told her he was up for the idea but she wasn't sure how his mind would react.

Consider his mind blown, Mark's eyes looked back and forth between the two women. Julie was cool and confident, it was a side he hadn't much seen of her but he kind of liked that and Chloe was obviously nervous but it seemed more like the nervous of being rejected. What had he gotten himself into he wondered, it was almost like a porn flick. Yet, this was happening right before him and to him. The two girls couldn't be much more different physically and part of him wondered if that translated to a difference in bed. Then there was that idea of living together, he hadn't even really considered it with Julie and yet it made perfect sense to him. The company sure would be nice in the farmhouse and he caught himself thinking down the line. An almost resigned sigh to the fact that he had gone right along with this, well there went the altar boy his mother had raised. To hell with it, he'd been alone enough of his life. A smile was offered and he slowly nodded yes to the idea.

Chloe let out a squeal of delight and almost tackled him, wrapping her arms around his torso and planting a kiss upon his lips. She turned and grinned up to Julie, delighted at the response.

Julie just smiled and leaned over to give both a tender kiss and offer a soft grope to Chloe's pussy. Not surprisingly the girl was already soaked, she just smiled to her. "Ok you two, I'm sure you'd like to catch up on each other. I'll be waiting for you in the dining hall for dinner in oh say an hour?"

Chloe smiled at him when the door clicked closed and slowly sunk to her knees before him, "Only an hour so perhaps we should make the best of it." She wrapped her hands around his cock, marveling at the size of it and then leaning over to take the head into her mouth. Chloe prided herself on her oral skills though this was the largest cock she'd ever attempted. Using the tip to encourage more saliva, she let it drool out over the shaft and when she felt about ready, pushed her head down and swallowed half his cock in one go. Several times she swallowed around that cock then gently she backed him out of her and looked up to him with a grin, "Pleased Sir?"

All Mark could do was nod his head slowly in response to her question. She was such a small thing and yet she'd easily taken more of his cock down her throat than any other girl. The impish grin on her face belied that he was in for more than one surprise. She rose up and went to the nightstand, digging around while he took the time to check out her little rear, almost so small he wondered if he could hold her up with one hand.

She pulled out a condom packet and sheepishly smiled, "I just started the pill and it's probably not fully effective yet so would you mind? I figure you probably don't want to knock me up, well not yet at least. Though, well Sir, if you wished to I would have to consider it. So...yeah..." Chloe walked over, sure she probably had just confused the hell out of it. The packet was torn open and she pinched the tip then began to roll it over his cock using her mouth. When she got as far as she could comfortably take him, she backed away and used her tongue and lips to complete covering him. A soft kiss was given to his ball sack and followed by a whispered, "Please, take me."

He helped her up onto the bed and had her lay upon her back, spreading her thighs he looked down at that waiting pussy. She seemed so tiny that he worried he might split her in two, but she had asked and so he presumed she would be fine. The tip of his cock was rubbed against her slit to get it lubed and then slowly he began to sink his cock within her, watching her face for any signs of pain. Mark looked down to watch as her tight little pussy took in each inch till finally he was balls deep within her. His arms wrapped around her, holding Chloe tight to him as he began to slowly fuck her, head dipping down to let him lick and suckle those puffy nipples of hers.

She writhed underneath of him, feeling a bit of discomfort from his size and yet pleasantly filled every time he slid home. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she used them to lift her up into his thrusts, while she squeezed down upon his cock. This wasn't her first rodeo with something so large, Julie had used a couple of larger toys upon her, but it was the first time she'd had an actual cock this size. The warmth was nice and felt infinitely better than any piece of silicon. She found herself panting before long, not sure if he just had stamina to spare or if Julie had milked him that well.

As much as he would have liked to keep going, all things had to come to an end soon. Not wanting to risk putting his faith in the condom, Mark pulled out at the last second, yanked the condom off just as the first spurt of cum surged forth reaching her surprised face. The rest didn't quite get so far but coated a layer upon her torso.

She was disappointed when he pulled out and yanked the condom off but when the first spurt hit her face, the dirty feeling made her slutty side proud. Chloe reached down to help jack out the last couple of drops, then slid around on the bed to take his cock head in her mouth and softly suckle him clean then laid back, basking in the dirtiness of it all.

Once they'd cleaned up, the pair went down to the dining hall to meet Julie for dinner and drinks. The rest of the night was filled with dancing and drinks till late in the night or early in the morning depending on your definition of it. The trio ended up crashing in Mark and Julie's room, pushing the two beds together to make one giant bed with Julie in the middle.

Mark was the first to awaken, smiling a little to himself as he looked over the two women in his bed. The weekend had without a doubt been an eye opener for him and quite radically altering of his life. Things would not be the same but as he looked over the two ladies he could think of only two things, that he was looking forwards to the future and that he really need to go buy a bigger bed.

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