tagIncest/TabooTrailer of Family Desires Ch. 01

Trailer of Family Desires Ch. 01


It was just about an hour before church started on a snowy Sunday morning in our little trailer park in upstate New York. My mother Betty and my Dutch grandmother Gerte were dressing in the bedroom while I slipped into my Sunday best.

Grandma Gerte had come to live with us a year ago. Just turned 64, she was a hot older woman for her age. She had hair so blonde it looked bleached, but wasn't. She styled in short, with an older woman's handsome cut. She pierced me every once in a while with these killer green eyes that, whenever she smiled, said, "Fuck me hard." Her figure was amazing, too. For her five foot five inch frame, she'd only acquired a little girth. Her skin slightly tanned except where her bra straps fell. And I knew about those bra straps.

Big tits always turned me on, and thankfully, everyone in my family was blessed with them. My grandmother's were no exception. When I peeked at the tag on one of her bras, it said "42-JJJ." I didn't even realize someone made bras that big! Even a bra that big, when she stuffed those baggy flesh melons into her bra, I could see them overflowing under her shirt.

From time to time, I'd catch her coming out of the bathroom after her bath. She loved bathes and over her time staying with us, I'd developed a system to spy on her and those massive tits. One night, I got a great peek as they hung down low from her chest. As she swayed back and forth drying her limbs, they would smack together and make her small nipples harden against her almost flesh colored aureoles.

When she spoke, her voice was confident. She smoked enough to make her voice low and scratchy. Coupled with her Dutch accent, she sounded sexy even when telling me to do the dishes. Even when she said the word "do," I'd watch her big lips purse and imagine my cock between them. But more on that in a minute

My mother was a rock-solid hotty, too. Just over five feet two inches, her 51 years didn't show any mileage. Her hair was nearly as blonde as my grandmothers, but styled like a matrons -- quaffed just so. Her body was tight. I'd guess it was from smoking so much but she was a nervous, antsy woman. Always had been. So, maybe she just burned the fat off by stressing so much. Either way, her stomach was flat, her ass was big and her face would knock any 17-year-old like me off their feet.

Mom's tits also stacked up. After peeking at her bra, her firm and round tit globes measured in at 38 Triple F. I'd swear they'd gotten bigger since Grandma moved in. I'd never managed to catch Mom naked like I'd seen Grandma, but I did see her in one of her K-Mart cheap cotton bras once. That poor garment! It strained to hold my mother's milkbags aloft.

Meanwhile, as I slipped into my the gray Dockers pants Mom bought me from the Goodwill store, my sister Elsa thundered out of her room and took off ahead of us. "See you there!" she said excitedly. My sister was at once the most stunningly sexual girl in upstate New York, but naive and dumb as a fencepost.

Elsa could have posed for 29, but she was three years younger than me, which made her jailbait. She combined the best physical traits from my Mom and Grandmother into one very young, very sexually fulfilling package. But she had no clue. She was a shade over five feet. She kept her hair light blonde with hair dye that went with her bitchy little blue eyes. She wore a lot of makeup for a girl her age and loved to slather it on like some trashy whore. It suited her "built for sex" body; curvy young hips, huge boobs that bulged off her small chest and a knock out smile. She loved to talk about how great kittens, working with the church and her work with the science club at school. Normal kids stuff. Meanwhile, every time I'd catch her in one of her nighties or a t-shirt she'd wear to bed, I'd store it and jack off later.

And therein lie my problem.

My household was filled with female seductresses -- and they were all related to me. Over the year Grandma had been here, I'd started to develop feelings for all of them. Sexual feelings. It's incest, sure. But it couldn't be helped. A glance here. An unintentional sly look there. Sure, I knew I had a problem. On the other hand, maybe it was fate. Or something. Something inside me was flushed with lust for these three women.

Worse, I'd grown most attracted to my Dutch grandmother. Older women -- especially with her platinum blonde locks and humungous boobs -- drove me crazy. My mother came a close second. And for the last week, I was jacking off so much thinking about fucking them, I ruined a pair of good t-shirts.

Which brings us to the other problem: I'm a horny fucker. And I'm blessed with an unusually big cock by a father who left almost 10 years ago. It's a monster, if I do say so myself. I figured this out two years ago when I washed up in the junior high school showers. I took a quick look around and noticed all the other guys were staring at me. Really, they were staring at my tool dangling toward the floor.

I wasn't sure what to think until a teacher pulled me aside. Fifty-three year old Mrs. Throckmorton was our science teacher. She wore her hair pulled up in a bun, a black dress, and a black blouse that showed off her massive shelf. I thought she'd pulled me in to talk about the Science Fair, but 20 minutes and one fat orgasm later, I figured something else.

She couldn't believe how big I was. "You're going to split me in two!" she yelled. It looked that way two as my fat dick squeezed into her old, tight pussy. I figured she couldn't get pregnant, so I exploded inside her. I dragged it out of her pussy and made her suck the rest. Fortunately, everyone had gone home for the day and no one heard her screams of joy as she took my virginity and a big load of cum away.

She enjoyed it so much, she told a few of her older girlfriends. A month later, after fucking the math teacher and the librarian, I got invited to a game of Bridge at Mrs. Throckmorton's house. Five blue-haired seniors all in their summer afternoon best. That was, until I whipped out my fat, pulsing fucktool. Then the satin blouses and pink jackets fell to the floor.

For five hours, we romped in her living room in bedroom. Mrs. Throckmorton knew my tastes, which she helped shape. All of her friends had massive, sagging titties. It was my first time fucking a woman up the ass. It was my first time cumming on a woman's face (Mrs. Ripple's glasses got soaked with semen). It was my first time blowing my load into a woman's mouth. All told, I shared nine orgasms with those ladies, including leaving one inside our assistant principal's tight shit chute and another in her hairy pussy. That night, I came back after dinner and fed Mrs. Throckmorton two more.

One day I decided to measure. I grabbed a can of furniture polish from under the sink. "Cleaning your room, son," Mom asked. "Uhh yeah, mom," I said chagrined. I shut the door and stroked my cock until it was hard. Me vs. the Pledge can.

I won. By a mile. Mine was thicker and longer than the can. I hooted with happiness!

"Must be some kind of cleaning going on in there!" Mom said through the closed door.

"You know it!" I said.

Then Grandma Gerte arrived. And something in me stirred. Something in me came alive. While Mrs. Throckmorton's wanton ways were always good to shoot a load, something about my grandmother's matronly, prim and properness just made me want to fuck her more. Over time, I noticed it in my mother and my sister. Then, I realized that I was prepared to commit the last taboo -- incest. And not just with one family member, but three.

And I loved the idea. When I fucked any of the old girls with whom I made the rounds, I'd think of one of them and pump a gushing load wherever they wanted it. In one of my last throes with Mrs. Throckmorton, I yelled out "Grandma, I'm cumming!" as I blew thick, gooey strands of jizz across Mrs. Throckmorton's fat tits. I yelled so loud, I woke her husband, who'd been sleeping upstairs at the time. I managed to make my escape as the old whore wiped the cum from her tits and the old man barreled down the steps. As an alibi, she told her husband she'd mistakenly ordered a Pay-Per-View adult flick off Spice Channel. Good cover.

As pulled on my shirt, I wondered when it would happen. It was going to happen. And it may get me grounded or sent to some funny farm. But I was determined to fuck one of them. I just didn't know when. I stepped out my room and closed the door. My mother and grandmother were standing in the kitchen drinking coffee. I grabbed a one cup, slurped it down, then finished another as they finished their first.

"Are you ready?" Grandma Gerte asked. She wore a purple dress with matching jacket. I could see the fabric of her dress stretching to keep her tits restrained. She had her reading glasses, another big turn on. It was all very conservative, guarded and church going. Mom's outfit -- white pants with a canary colored sweater -- had similar restraint.

"Yes, ma'am," I said. "Oh. I'm ready."

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