tagIncest/TabooTrailer Park Trash

Trailer Park Trash


This is a story about a young man named Bobby Junior Lake, who lives in a trailer park. Bobby Junior's family consists of Jane, Harriette, Gertrude and Bobby Senior. It's summer time in Butler Missouri and Bobby Junior has just graduated from high school. Him and his best friend Ricky somehow got lucky and were accepted to Missouri State University. Only, they were both nervous about going because they were still virgins. So, like any good trailer park boys, they came up with a plan to solve their problem and get some experience. All characters in the story are fictional and over 18 years old.


"How much you get from working with ol' man Peters?" Ricky asked Bobby Junior.

"He gave me a hundred and twenty-five, how much the ol' man give you?" Bobby Junior replied.

"Twenty-five for cutting the grass, and fifty for cleaning his stinkin' gutters."

"Hot damn we got two-hundred dollars Ricky!"

Ricky and Bobby Junior walked down the main road of their trailer park. Near the entrance of the park lived Daisy Mae, their lifelong crush. As they approached the faded pink and teal trailer Ricky slapped his money in Bobby Juniors hand and pushed him forward.

"Hold on a minute," Bobby Junior said, annoyed, "I thought we were doin' this together?"

"We are Bobby, you just doing this one, I'll do the next one, I swear it." Ricky replied.

Bobby Junior folded their money together and shoved it in his back pocket, then started up Daisy Mae's front steps. The trailer door was open, but the screen was shut and there was a radio playing towards the back of the trailer. Bobby Junior knocked on the light-weight aluminum screen.

"Hello," Bobby Junior shouted, "Daisy Mae, you in there?"

"Who the fuck is that?" Dennis, Daisy Mae's father yelled.

"It's Bobby Lakes kid, Bobby Junior."

"Get on out of here and leave my daughter alone."

There was some rattling from the back of the trailer and suddenly Daisy Mae appeared. She was holding her finger to her mouth, shushing Bobby Junior. Daisy Mae was wearing a pair of daisy dukes and a white t-shirt. It was apparent she wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples were hard and visible under the thin cotton. She quietly opened the screen door a crack and slide out. Bobby Junior and Ricky followed Daisy Mae up the dirt road before she finally turned to them.

"So," she asked them, "when are you two off for college?"

"Not for a couple months now," Bobby replied.

"Great , do you guys want to go down to the river a few times before ya leave?"

Ricky and Bobby Junior exchanged a glance, while Daisy Mae went on talking about how nice the summer was going to be. Bobby Junior knew Ricky was too chicken to ask, so he mustered up the courage for the both of them.

"Yeah we'll go to the river with ya," Bobby Junior said, "but we kind of had something we needed to talk to you about."

"Well what it is?" Daisy Mae asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Bobby Junior tried not to glance at Daisy Mae's chest, but it was futile. Her perky teen breasts were too match of a magnet.

"Ok, now don't get mad or nothing," Bobby Junior started.

"Well don't make me mad or nothing," Daisy Mae replied, jokingly.

"Look, Ricky and I aren't jocks or bull riders or something fancy, and we haven't really been able to meet anyone at school, you know?"

"No Bobby, I don't know, what are you getting at?"

"Uhm," Bobby Junior stammered, "you're basically our only girlfriend, I mean friend that's a girl."

Daisy Mae laughed at the two of them, she seemed amused by their sudden shyness.

"Yeah and remind me why again?" she joked.

"Come on Daisy we're trying to be serious about this." Ricky interjected.

"Whoa there Ricky, take it easy," Daisy put her hand up, "so what is it then, get to the point already."

"Okay, okay, so I'm just going to be honest here," Bobby Junior started again, "Ricky and I are still virgins."

Daisy Mae scrunched her nose and turned her head.

"Sounds like a personal problem to me," she said.

"Well we were hoping you could help us with it," Bobby Junior said.

"And how exactly do you think I could help with that?"

Bobby Junior pulled the wad of money he and Ricky had collected from his back pocket and held it out.

"We were thinking you could show us a thing or two," Bobby said, nervously.

"Ew, No!" she replied quickly.

Daisy Mae pushed his hand back and crossed her arms, which had the unexpected result of squeezing her breasts together. Both Ricky and Bobby Juniors eyes locked onto Daisy Mae's perked up breasts. With her arms crossed the fabric of the shirt had stretched so thin her dark areolas were clearing visible.

"Ah come on Daisy," Ricky pleaded, "it's 200 dollars!"

"Gross, I wouldn't do it for a million!" she turned and starting walking up the road, back toward her trailer.

Bobby Junior and Ricky looked at each other for a minute before either of them said anything.

"Hold on" Bobby Junior shouted after her, "when do you want to go to the river?"

Daisy Mae didn't even turn around, she just threw up her middle finger and then disappeared into her trailer.

"I really thought that was going to work Bobby," Ricky finally said.

"Yeah right Ricky, now we just look like perverts," Bobby Junior replied, kicking at the dirt.

The two of them went and sat on Ricky's front porch. They drank a couple glasses of sweet tea as they waited out the hottest part of the day. As late afternoon approached Ricky stood up with an idea.

"Wanna try the alley Bobby?" Ricky asked, excited.

"I don't know Ricky, your pops says not to touch them girls down there," Bobby replied.

"That's true, but my pops still goes down there and brings one home every now and then, plus it couldn't hurt to at least look, right?"

Bobby Junior and Ricky walked down to the corner liquor store next to the alley. They both peered down the alley to see which hookers were working. There were three girls standing in the alley. Two black women and one blonde. The two black women were leaning against the brick wall of the alley smoking a joint. The blonde was at the far back of the alley next to a dumpster taking swigs from a brown paper bag.

"I don't know Ricky, this doesn't seem like a good idea," Bobby Junior said looking at Ricky whose tongue was literally hanging from his mouth.

"It's okay Bobby I got this one," Ricky replied and started walking straight toward the black gals.

They continued smoking while he approached. They looked at each other and then back at Ricky with curiosity. Ricky looked younger than 18, he was short and skinny and always wore a cowboy hate that was a little over-sized.

"How you two pretty ladies doing this afternoon," Ricky said confidently as he got close.

They both chuckled, blowing smoke from the corners of their lips.

"We're doing fine sweetie," one replied.

Both girls had thick thighs and asses, with jean shorts on. They had cut the shorts so their ass cheeks were half exposed. They both had on fishnets under the shorts and crop top shirts on that exposed their stomachs and cleavage. One was about half a foot taller than the other, but they were both a little on the heavy side, and their clothes were about a size too small. Ricky's mouth salivated as he observed their curves and dark mocha skin.

"Wha chu and your friend over there looking for little one?" the shorter women asked.

Ricky pushed the brim of his cowboy hat up, looking the ladies square in the eyes. Now that Ricky was close enough he could smell the marijuana smoke, which mixed with the smells of their perfume. Ricky ogled at how close the women's breasts were to popping out of their tops.

"My ah, buddy ah, and I," he stammered, pointing a thumb at Bobby Junior, "are looking for a couple gals to hang out with."

"That's cute darling but we're a little old for you don't you think?" one asked.

"We're both 18 and we've got money to pay you." Ricky said, eagerly.

The two girls looked at each other as if they were thinking about it. After what seemed like minutes to Ricky the two gals looked down at him.

"Get on out of her little one, you'll get us in more trouble than it's worth,"

The taller of the two said and flicked her roach at Ricky's feet.

Ricky pressed the burning ember out with the toe of his cowboy boot, thanked the ladies and continued down the alley toward the blonde girl. Both of the black girls hollered after Ricky.

"I wouldn't do nothin' with that one," one of them shouted, "she's got more cooties than a rabid raccoon," the other added.

Ricky stopped for a minute in the middle of the alley. He could see that the blonde girl's hair was matted, and she was wearing a white dress with large black and grey smudges all over it. Her arms and legs looked bruised. He slowly turned around and walked out of the alley, tipping his hat at the two gals he had propositioned earlier. They giggled as he passed.

"Come back in a few years if you still need help sweetie," they jeered.

Ricky sat down on the curb next to Bobby Junior.

"We're never gonna get laid before we leave," Ricky said, defeated.

"Yup," Bobby Junior replied.

"Well, wanna get drunk Bobby?"


"Come on then," Ricky slapped Bobby Junior on the back.

They walked into the liquor store and convinced the clerk to sell them a fifth of Jack Daniel's for 60 bucks, then they walked back to Bobby Juniors house. Bobby Junior's parents worked late after noon and night shifts, so they were rarely home after dark. Sometimes Jane or Harriette, Bobby Juniors older sisters would be home, but they didn't really care if he and his friends got drunk. When they got back to Bobby Juniors trailer Jane was there watching Total Request Live on MTV. She was sitting on the small couch in a pair of booty shorts and a wife beater. She had the air conditioner on full blast and was rubbing a glass of ice water on her forehead.

"Hey Jane," Bobby Junior said, pouring a drink for Ricky and himself.

"Hey yourself, it's too hot," Jane sighed, as condensation from the glass dripped onto her top.

Jane was the more attractive of Bobby Juniors two sisters. She was hardly five feet tall and had just turned 21, making her three years older than the boys. Jane had pale white skin which people teased her about, saying she was the whitest girl in town. Her hair was a strawberry blonde and she had the faintest freckles on her cheeks and arms. Jane's wife beater was partially transparent from the moisture it had absorbed from her glass. The boys could clearly see Jane's nipples as they were hard from the cool water on her chest. But they could barely see her areolas through the fabric because they were the lightest shade of pink.

"Want a drink?" Ricky asked her.

Jane sat up and set her glass down on the table, her tits on display for Ricky and her brother.

"Sure," she said excitedly, "I could use a few drinks."

Bobby Junior poured his sister a drink and sat down next to her. Ricky grabbed his own drink and sat on the other side of Jane. They all sipped from their glasses. Jane and Bobby Junior watched the television as Carson Daily announced the newest Eminem song. Ricky's eyes were fixed on Jane and her water-soaked wife beater.

"So, what were you two up to?" Jane asked as a commercial came on.

Ricky looked over at Bobby Junior with a smirk on his face.

"We were just walking around," Bobby Junior said, before Ricky could say something dumb.

"That's it?" Jane asked.

"Nope, we were trying to get laid," Ricky interjected.

Bobby Junior reached over and slapped his friend on the back of the head.

"Ouch!" Ricky exclaimed, "What the hell?"

Jane laughed at the two of them.

"Relax Bobby, it's not like I don't know what boys do," she said and then finished her drink, gesturing for another.

Ricky jumped up and poured Jane a stiff one. Jane leaned forward, putting her elbows on her knees, as she intently watched the next couple of music videos. Ricky leaned over and tapped Bobby Junior on the shoulder. Once he had Bobby Juniors attention he nodded toward Jane, raising his eyebrows for emphasis. Bobby Junior got the point but wasn't happy about it. Ricky was trying to get Bobby Junior to proposition his own sister. Bobby Junior slapped Ricky again and shook his head NO.

"Knock it off you two," Jane said leaning back to separate them.

Ricky and Bobby Junior couldn't help but peek at Jane's breasts as she knocked back her second drink. She handed it to Ricky, implying she wanted another. Ricky stood up and poured them all another round.

"So, no luck getting laid then?" Jane asked as she sipped the fresh drink.

"We have some prospects," Bobby Junior lied, trying to sound casual.

Jane just laughed, her large voluptuous breasts jiggling while she did.

"If you had prospects you'd be chasing them right now," she said.

Bobby Junior and Ricky looked at each other defeated. Jane could see the boys were feeling dejected. As much as she liked to kid her younger brother, she also wanted him to be successful with women and feel confident.

"What's your pitch?" Jane asked them curiously.

"Our what?" Ricky replied.

"You know, your pick-up line or whatever?"

"Well we don't really have one." Bobby Junior said.

"You're not going to get laid without a good opening line," Jane said.

Ricky couldn't take his eyes off Jane's chest even though her shirt was beginning to dry. Jane had always enjoyed teasing her brother and his friends, but she was feeling a little guilty now as she noticed them both trying to sneak glances. She couldn't help but think how vulnerable and eager they were. It was obvious they were both still virgins.

"So, no good lines?" Jane asked again.

"We were trying to pay someone," Ricky blurted out.

Bobby Junior smacked Ricky again.

"Damnit, Bobby," Ricky yelled, "that fucking hurts!"

"Well you deserve it dumbass," Bobby Junior shouted back.

Bobby Junior couldn't believe that Ricky would tell Jane they were trying to pay someone for sex. It was embarrassing enough the two of them were still virgins. The last thing Bobby Junior wanted was his sister knowing he was out propositioning girls for sex. Bobby Junior looked at his sister expecting her to be angry. Jane was hardly angry, in fact she looked more empathetic than anything.

"Really, who did you ask and how much did you offer?" Jane inquired.

Bobby Junior and Ricky looked at Jane and then at each other. Jane could see the boys were confused and surprised with her questions.

"Come on," she laughed, "how much were you willing to pay."

"Two-hundred," Ricky blurted out.

"Two hundred bucks for both of you two get laid, that's pretty cheap!" Jane laughed.

She looked over at Bobby Junior who was clearly uncomfortable with the conversation. Jane felt a little sorry for her brother. She had been enjoying sex for years, not realizing how hard it might be for young men to come of age. She was curious and wanted more questions answered.

"And who'd you ask?" she questioned her brother.

"Daisy Mae," he finally said.

"Oh Bobby, not Daisy Mae she's such a sweet girl, she ain't gonna do nothing like that, I could have told you that!"

Bobby Junior shook his head in dismay.

"I know," he said, "it was stupid and now she probably won't ever talk to us again."

Jane instinctively rubbed her brother's shoulder.

"Wait, so who should we ask then?" Ricky interjected.

Bobby Junior reached back to slap Ricky again, but Jane put her arm up, stopping him.

"I'd have asked some slutty girl like Wendy Dickens, not the sweetest one in town," Jane said condescendingly, turning toward Ricky.

"How much would you do it for then?" Ricky asked Jane.

This time Jane slapped Ricky on the back of the head.

"Ouch," Ricky laughed, "I'm sorry Jane, I've just heard some stories."

"I'd need way more than that," she said and finished the last of her drink.

She handed the empty glass to Ricky who didn't hesitate and poured her a double. Jane was starting to feel the whiskey warm her cheeks, belly and thighs. She could also feel the slightest tingle in her pussy. Something about this talk with her brother and Ricky was exciting her.

"So, out of curiosity, what would you do for two-hundred?" Ricky asked, seriously.

Bobby Junior glared over at Ricky, pissed off his best friend would try to hit on his sister in front of him.

"Hmmm, two-hundred, for both of you" Jane said contemplating the question.

Bobby Junior shook his head, raising his hands to his temples, as Jane watched her younger brother. The mixture of not eating all day and the whiskey had her feeling extra sympathetic. Even though this was something she shouldn't be contemplating she felt like it was her duty to help her brother and his dorky friend. Plus, if she was completely honest with herself she could use the money.

"The most I'd do is jerk you two off for that price," Jane said after a few seconds.

Ricky jumped up excited, looking over at Bobby Junior.

"Give her the money Bobby," he said eagerly.

"Shut up Ricky, Jane isn't serious," Bobby Junior said, crossing his arms and glaring at the T.V.

"What makes you think I'm not serious?" Jane said, shutting off the television for emphasis.

Bobby Junior could see Ricky and his sister staring at him in the reflection of the T.V. but he didn't dare look over at them.

"Well at least give me my 75 bucks then," Ricky demanded.

Bobby Junior handed Ricky his money, not once looking at his sister or friend. Ricky turned to Jane and held out his money.

"Will you jack me off for 75?" he asked.

Jane laughed, "Sorry that was a two for one deal, it's $125 for just one."

Bobby Junior shook his head not believing what he was hearing. Jane was a little annoyed that her brother was being so moral. It was making her feel guilty and cheap for wanting to help him in the first place.

"Come on Bobby," Ricky pleaded, "just pretend it's someone else."

"I'm not doing it Ricky, and I can't believe you right now Jane, this is just, wow." Bobby wasn't sure what to say.

Living in a 35-foot trailer meant that Jane, Harriette, and Bobby Junior had been sleeping in the same bed for years. Even though he had seen them both completely naked he knew there were lines that shouldn't be crossed. But the truth was that as much as he wanted to seem disgusted and revolted by the idea, he was seriously conflicted. Bobby Junior had had many sexual fantasies about both of his sisters, and maybe it was the alcohol or the fact he hadn't had any sexual contact with a woman, but the thought of his older sister Jane jacking him off was creeping its way into his mind. Bobby Junior could feel his pants tightening as his cock began to stiffen along his thigh.

"Bobby," Ricky said again, slapping Bobby Junior this time gently on the back, "come on man, no one is going to say anything."

Jane finished her drink. Ricky was up before she could hand him her glass. He brought over the now half empty bottle of Jack and poured everyone fresh drinks. He poured Jane's extra strong.

"Trying to get me drunk?" Jane asked Ricky.

"Maybe," Ricky blushed, "why, should I not?"

Jane's cheeks were flushed from the alcohol. She giggled at Ricky's question. Jane leaned over so that her ass was in Ricky's lap and so that she was facing her brother. Ricky could feel Jane's ass on his thighs. He peered down at her milky white waist as his cock stiffened with thoughts of his best friend's sister. Jane draped her arm around Bobby Junior's shoulder pulling his ear close to her lips.

"Come on Bobby you know you wanna," Jane whispered.

Bobby Junior could smell the whiskey on Jane's breath. He was buzzing from his own drinks, but knew his sister was more intoxicated. As hard as Jane was making it for him, he didn't want to take advantage of her.

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