tagLoving WivesTrailer Trash

Trailer Trash

byRay Dario©

Edited by Mustang Sally

Sam looked up as his pretty wife came into the room. His brows furrowed and his lips pursed together in unconscious concern as he watched her. When they had moved from Denver down to Albuquerque six months ago she had become withdrawn and lonely, spending most of her time on the phone with old friends. He didn't want her to feel isolated or alone in their new home, so he had encouraged her at every opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It hadn't occurred to him that he wouldn't approve of the friends she made.

Her new friend, Mona, was, by his estimation, nothing but trailer trash. She always wore a blouse that guaranteed her big, full breasts would be noticed. Her shorts were always too short and too tight and if she wore a skirt it was always just not quite long enough to hide the delicious curve of her ass cheeks. She had long, bright red hair, obviously dyed, and always wore enough makeup for three women, which was a shame since she had a cute freckled face under the garish mascara and too bright lipstick. Her personality was straight trash too, and that, more than her looks, bothered Sam. He wasn't sure he wanted his shy wife hanging out with a woman like Mona. Although, he had to admit, the last couple of weeks Tisha's normally lackluster performance between the sheets had definitely improved. Sam guessed she was probably getting ideas from some of Mona's wild girl talk. Still, despite the benefits, he didn't like her spending so much time with her trashy new friend.

"Now Sam, I'm just going over to Mona's for a couple of hours. I promised I'd help her balance her checkbook. You know she hasn't reconciled in six months! You wouldn't want me to let her get arrested for writing a bad check, would you?" Tisha grinned at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "You're welcome to come with me if you want."

"No thanks, Tish." Sam had been to Mona's house twice before, if house was the right term. It was a very small trailer just across the river from Rio Rancho, terminally filthy with dirty dishes, underwear, and sex toys lying all around, and the last time he had been there, he could have sworn he saw cum stains on the carpet.

"Okay, well, I shouldn't be too long, but if I don't get back in time for dinner there are some leftovers in the 'fridge."

Tisha skipped away from him and headed for the door. For the first time he noticed what she was wearing and almost choked. She really had started picking up some of Mona's bad habits. In place of her normally conservative blouse and blue jeans she was wearing a tight tube top that left no doubt she was not wearing a bra. Her tiny breasts were clearly outlined under the stretchy material and he could even see the small bumps where her nipples stuck out. Below the tube top she wore pair of tight shorts that pulled up around her beautiful slim ass, leaving the bottoms of her cheeks bare. Good thing she was just going to her friend's house and not out to the mall dressed like that.

Sam spent the next couple of hours ignoring the TV while he paced back and forth in front of the couch. Finally he couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed his keys and drove over to Mona's place, cursing himself for his own lack of faith in his wife the entire way. His wife's car was parked in Mona's driveway, but behind it, taking up the rest of the driveway, sat a pickup that Sam didn't recognize. Probably some of Mona's friends came over unexpectedly, he thought as searched for a place to park across the small, unpaved street. Because the street was so narrow, he had to park a short block down from Mona's driveway and a big, ugly dog barked at him as he walked back toward the trailer. The dog stopped barking once he passed its domain and he tentatively started to climb the rickety steps up to Mona's front door, trying hard not to break the rotted wood. He was just reaching for the door when a noise from inside the trailer stopped him cold.

The loud moan was unmistakable and only one person he knew sounded like that: his wife. He leaned to the side to look into the trailer through the dingy window next to the door and his mouth dropped open. He could see Mona, completely naked, on her knees and bent over sucking the cock of a very nasty looking cowboy. Her wet pussy was pointed straight at Sam and for just a second he stared at the mystical beauty of Mona's gaping hole. Then his eyes flickered to the side. Tisha lay on her back beside Mona. Another cowboy was between her legs pumping his cock into her pussy for all he was worth. Her long black hair was splayed out around her head and her makeup was obviously mussed. Her eyes were closed and she was wailing, loud with each thrust and then softer as her lover withdrew.

The man reached up his hand and cupped Tisha's face. "You want it bitch!" he said in a harsh voice.

"Yes, fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me good." Sam had never heard Tisha talk like that, but through the thin walls of the trailer it was clear as day and it turned his blood to ice and then set it on fire.

"Beg me for it, you slut. Come on, beg me to fill your cunt with my cum."

"Yes, oh, oh, oh, yes, please fuck me, please fill me with your cum." Tisha's eyes were wide open now and she stared at the man fucking her.

"You are a bad girl, aren't you? You like men to fuck you. Don't you, bitch?"

"Oh yes, please fuck me good. Make me fuck you, oh yes!" Tisha was writhing and squirming under him but he held her tightly as he continued to pound his cock into her relentlessly.

"Okay bitch, I'm gonna fuck you like you ain't never been fucked. You ready for my cum bitch?"

"Yes, baby, yes, fuck me. Fill my cunt up." Tisha arched her back, thrusting her hips up to meet her lover's cock. Her eyes closed again and she wailed in orgasmic pleasure as she shuddered and writhed on the floor.

Sam watched, his hands and knees shaking, as the man between Tisha's legs stiffened and then groaned and obviously came deep into his wife's hole. Sam's mind reeled. He wanted to run away. He wanted to rush in and kill them all. He wanted to scream. Then he realized that his cock was as hard as a rock and right then he wanted to fuck Tisha more than he had in a long time. He wanted to just rush in, push the big cowboy off of her and shove his cock deep into her wet messy slit. But he couldn't. The humiliation of being cheated on kept him from reaching for the door handle. In a fog of confused emotion he stepped back off the small makeshift porch and stumbled back to his car. His eyes burned with tears that wouldn't fall but his heart beat wildly with churning lust. He climbed into the driver's seat and sat there for a long time with the image of his wife getting fucked flashing in front of him.

Long minutes passed, Sam wasn't sure just how long, and then a noise made him turn and look toward the trailer. The two big cowboys were leaving. Mona stood in the doorway, still nude, as they both kissed her and one of them said something that made Mona laugh. Then they sauntered over to the pickup and drove off. Mona watched them go and then closed the door. Sam didn't think about what he was doing, he just started his car and followed the pickup. He stayed behind them for a little while and then realized what he was doing. He didn't want a confrontation with them, did he? No, he didn't. Hell, he wasn't even sure he was mad at them. They were probably just two of Mona's raunchy friends. Maybe they didn't even know Tisha was married, not that he thought it would matter to them if they did. Quickly he turned his car onto a side street, leaving them behind. It took him another twenty minutes to get back across the river and to his home up on the hill.

Tisha wasn't home yet and Sam was grateful. It gave him time to think about what had happened and how he felt about it. He was angry, yes, but he couldn't get the image of his wife being fucked like that out of his head, and he couldn't deny that he found it very erotic. But she had cheated on him, damn it. But maybe it was the first time, just something that happened, and she would repent and it would never happen again. Or maybe it had been going on for a while. He paced around the house until the sun went down and the house got dark, then he went to the living room and turned on the TV.

He was staring at the television, not really seeing it, when he heard his wife's car pull into the garage and then the garage door shut. He waited, nervously tapping his fingers into his palm. The door from the garage opened and his wife came into the house. He stood up and then sat down and then he stood up again.

"Sam, I'm home," she called as she entered the living room.

Sam turned to face her and put on his best poker face as she came in.

"Did you get her checkbook all straightened out?" Sam asked, trying to keep his eyes from sliding down to the cleft between her legs where just a few hours ago a stranger had been pounding his cock.

"Yeah. Did you have fun just sitting around the house?"

She was acting as if nothing had happened and he felt his blood burning again but then what had he expected? What had he wanted? His mind spun and he opened his mouth to say something but then stopped. He didn't know what he wanted. Maybe he wanted her to confess her infidelity and beg his forgiveness. Maybe he wanted to forget it ever happened. Maybe .... Suddenly something inside him snapped.

"Take off your clothes." He said it softly but there was a steel edge to his voice and Tisha's jaw dropped open.


"You heard me. Take off your clothes."

"Why?" Tisha put her hands on her hips and faced him.

"You want to dress and act like trailer trash, then that's how I'm going to treat you. Now take off your damn clothes, bitch." Sam's voice rose and became harsher and he saw Tisha suck in a sharp breath.

"Honey, I, I don't know what's going on, but I don't like it." Tisha's hands slipped off her hips and hung limply at her sides. Her chest heaved with each breath and her mouth hung open just a little. Her eyes were wide and bright with sudden anticipation.

"You don't, huh? I think you like it a lot. I think you really are trailer trash. You just didn't know it until you met Mona." Sam walked toward her until barely two feet separated them and he was glaring down at her. "Now take those slutty clothes off before I rip them off you."

Sam was almost surprised when Tisha obeyed him, first stepping out of the sandals she was wearing and then pulling her tube top up and off her small breasts. Her nipples were as erect as Sam had ever seen them and again he noticed that her chest heaved with each ragged breath. She dropped the tube top and then hooked her thumbs inside the elastic of her shorts and wiggled her hips to slide them down and off. She had not been wearing panties and now her sex was fully exposed. It was red and swollen, but her light hair was clean and held no hint of the indiscretions Sam had watched earlier. Obviously she had taken the time to clean herself up.

"Lie down on the floor," Sam said forcefully and she obeyed him.

"Sam, wha, what are you going to do?" Tisha asked.

"Shut up, bitch! Do what I tell you."

Her face was flushed and her eyes were wide as she lay down on the floor with her legs clenched tightly together.

"Spread your legs. I want to see your pussy."

She did as he said and spread her legs wide. Her pussy gaped open and even though she had cleaned up, Sam was sure he saw some cum deep up inside her.

"What are you going to do?" Tisha asked again, this time with even more of a quiver in her voice.

Sam realized she was uncertain, probably afraid of his new attitude and he relented just a little.

"I'm going to eat your pussy and then I'm going to fuck you," he said, feeling a rush of power and control that he had never felt before.

"Sam? Is everything okay?" Tisha's voice was soft and it faltered as she spoke. "You've never acted this way before."

"No, I haven't. But I should have, and this is the way it's going to be from now on." Sam slipped off his shoes and then pulled his shirt off and threw it on the couch. He unbuckled his belt and slacks and stripped them off. Next came his briefs, exposing his jumping cock, and then finally his socks. Standing naked in front of his splayed wife, he grinned for the first time since she had got home.

Tisha's eyes were still wide and her breathing was ragged. Sam looked between her legs and saw that her juices were already beginning to seep from her open slit. He knelt between her legs and then lowered his face to her pussy, breathing in her exotic aroma and then pressing his tongue forward to taste her sweet nectar. Her juice had a mild salty flavor he had never tasted before and he realized it was probably her cowboy lover's cum, but he didn't stop. He laved her pussy with his tongue and then gently sucked her labia into his mouth, forcing his tongue between the sweet folds and deep inside her.

Tisha gasped when his tongue penetrated her and she began to moan softly and rotate her hips, pressing up against his face as he sucked her. He worked his hands under her firm ass and cupped her cheeks, holding her as he continued to feast upon her sex. She had never been so ready for him, and he had never wanted her so badly, but he continued to lave and suck her as her writhing became wilder and wilder. Then she came. Copious amounts of fluid drenched his face and stained the carpet beneath her. She screamed in primal ecstasy but he did not relent. He drank her fluids and sucked her lips until she ground her clit down into his mouth.

"Yes, baby, oh yes, suck my clitty. God Sam, you suck my pussy so good. Oh fuck, yes!"

He bit her clit gently between his teeth, letting his tongue flick over it back and forth, teasing it and her and bringing her to the edge of another orgasm.

"Oh fuck, fuck me baby, fuck me good baby. I need your cock. Oh please fuck me baby," Tisha gasped as he continued his intense cunnilingus.

She reached another orgasm, screaming and writhing beneath his mouth. She jerked and pulled her shoulders up off the carpet, her eyes wide and mouth open. He continued to please her until her climax subsided and then he relented to his own desire. Rising up above her, he grabbed both of her thin arms in one hand, pulling them up above her head and holding them there forcefully. She smiled up at him and then her eyes went wide as he forced his cock deep into her pulsing hole.

"Mmm, yes baby, fuck me good. I'm your little slut. Take me, make me fuck you," she moaned as he began to slowly fuck her.

"Yes, you are a slut, aren't you? You like fucking, don't you bitch!" he said, his grin dimming into a grim snarl.

"Yes, baby, fuck me so good." Tisha was so engrossed in the pleasure he was giving her that she didn't notice the change in his demeanor.

"You'll fuck anything, won't you bitch? You'd even fuck another man and not even feel bad about it."

That opened Tisha's eyes and she saw his face, contorted with conflicting emotion, hanging over her. Her hips stopped moving and she struggled to free her hands, but he held her tight.

"Don't fight me, bitch. You like getting fucked, so I'm fucking you. Fucking you like the little slut you are." Sam's face contorted into an evil grimace and his eyes were wild with a nearly insane glow. He watched the color drain from her face and he reveled in her frightened expression.

"No Sam, don't, you're hurting me. Sam what's wrong? You've never been like this before."

"I've never caught you fucking around on me before either."

Her face went ashen gray and she stopped struggling. He could see her mind working behind her eyes and knew that whatever she said next would be a lie. It was always her first response when cornered.

"I've never been unfaithful to you, Sam, you know that."

Sam grinned. Yep, he knew his wife. At least now he did. He understood what she had been lacking and now he would give it to her. There might even be some fringe benefits.

"You lying slut! I saw you. I went over to Mona's house and saw you fucking that man. Don't lie to me, you slut!"

Tisha burst into tears, but he didn't relent, he just kept fucking her, but now he used his free hand to hold her chin and then he kissed her, full on the lips and full of passion. The kiss surprised her, but she returned it tentatively.

"So now what?" she asked, feeling a little stupid to be lying there, her husband still fucking her, while she tried to have a conversation with him.

"So now you beg me to fuck you like you did him and then I fill your cunt with my cum." He emphasized the word 'my'.

She looked up at him, staring deep into his eyes, and realized that he was very turned on by all this. He squeezed her chin again and kissed her, still pumping his cock into her pussy. Tisha retuned his kiss with all the passion she could muster and then began to work her hips, fucking back onto him as he fucked her. The kiss broke and Sam raised himself up slightly and waited.

"Beg me, bitch! Beg me to fuck you or I'll stop right now! I'll get up and throw your cheating ass out on the street!" His eyes flashed with anger and his hand tightened on her chin.

"No, please don't stop. Fuck me Sam. Fuck me good. I've been such a bad little slut, fuck me good."

"That's better, bitch."

"Oh Sam, I love you, fuck me so good, fill me up with your cum, oh please cum in my pussy."

Sam felt his balls clench and then his shaft swelled and he couldn't hold back any longer. He rammed his cock deep into his wife and felt the first explosion of jism shoot deep into her, and he thrust forward as hard as he could.

"Yes, oh yes Sam, put your cum into my pussy. Fuck me good Sam," Tisha wailed as she felt his sperm filling her pussy.

It slowly ended and Sam's cock began to soften. He rolled off of her and then sat up, putting his back to the couch for support. He looked at his wife, no longer prim and proper, but now used and slutty, lying on the floor, her legs splayed wide and his cum dripping out of her pussy.

"We need to talk," he said.

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