tagFirst TimeTrailer Trash Ch. 02

Trailer Trash Ch. 02


Note from Slick: A lot of you enjoyed the "TOMBOY" series and have asked for me to write another story that included sports and some romance. This chapter continues to go slow so if you are looking for instant sex go elsewhere. Please read "TRAILER TRASH CH. 01" before starting this chapter. All rights reserved.


"He's still there," Maggie whispered twenty minutes later while peeking out the small door window. She turned to look at the clock. "You dad should be home by now." He was forty minutes late.

"Maybe I should go and talk to him?" Emily said. "He really wasn't the one who called me Trailer Trash."

Maggie smiled because she knew Emily really liked him. "Maybe you should."

Brandon was nervous waiting for Emily's father but he felt it was the only way to let them both know his feelings. He heard the door open and turned expecting to see Maggie but saw Emily instead. "Emily."

Emily closed the door and sat down next to him. "So welcome to my Trailer."

"Emily I don't care where you live or what you live in," Brandon said turning to face her. "Bud was just joking and being a jerk." He reached over and took her hand in his but they didn't talk for over a minute. Suddenly the door opened and Maggie ran out.

"Emily...the hospital is on the phone! Your dad had an accident!"

"OH GOD!" Emily cried as she stood and ran inside. Brandon and Emily ran in behind her. She listened on the phone before hanging up. "Will you drive me to the hospital?" She asked Brandon.

"Yes of course," Brandon said.

"I'll go tell my parents," Maggie said. "We will meet you at the hospital." She took off down the dirt road.

"Come in I need to get changed," Emily said to Brandon. She ran into the door and down the narrow hallway to her bedroom.

Brandon moved inside and surveyed the inside of a mobile home for the first time. It was quite small but very clean and modern. A large TV sat on the one side of the living area that was positioned at the front of the trailer. He stood in the kitchen and peeked down the hallway at Emily's doorway. She leaned her face out. "You can come back here if you want."

Brandon moved down the hall and into her doorway. He froze when he saw her only wearing panties and a bra.

"Don't act as if you've never seen me like this before," she said as she pulled on a tee shirt and her jeans. After slipping on her new running shoes she moved up to him and lightly kissed him. "I've missed you."

"Me too," he smiled as he pulled her softness into his hard body. "We...uh...better get to the hospital."

"Oh God I hope my Dad is OK," Emily said with tears falling from her red eyes.

"He will be," Brandon said to comfort her but really didn't know for sure. She took his hand and led him out to his car. They sped down the dirt road to the blacktop road by the school and then up the hill. Fifteen minutes later he parked the car by the small hospital and they ran to the front desk.

"My daddy is here. He was in an accident," Emily said to the young black woman behind the desk. "His name is Jim Miller."

The girl glanced down the list of patients on her computer monitor. "He's still in surgery. There's a waiting room down that hallway. Go as far as you can and make a right."

"Thank you," Emily said clutching Brandon's hand tightly. "Oh God he's in surgery." They ran down the hallway and found the waiting area that was empty. She peeked through a door window and saw a nurse standing by the doorway. She pushed it open. "Will you help me?"

"Maybe...how can I help?"

"My daddy had a vehicle accident and is in surgery. I need to know how serious it is. His name is Jim Miller."

"Let me see what I can find out. Please have a seat in the waiting room." She turned and moved down the hallway.

Emily moved back into the waiting room and hugged Brandon. "Thank you for bringing me here." More tears flowed from her baby blue eyes. He wiped them off and gently kissed her forehead.

A few minutes later the door opened and the nurse walked out. "He has a head injury and a broken leg. I'm not sure how serious they are. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Someone will let you know as soon as they can."

After she left Brandon led her to the small sofa and they sat down. His strong arms held her close while she still gripped his hand tightly. "Do you want to call anyone?" Brandon asked. He knew she did not have her cell phone.

Emily thought of her mother. "No...Maggie will tell Aunt May." More tears flowed from her eyes and Brandon hugged and lightly kissed her again. He prayed her father was OK. A few minutes later his cell phone rang and it was his mother.

"I'm at the hospital. Emily's dad was in an accident. I'm with her now," he whispered. "We don't know how bad it is yet." About that time Maggie and her mother ran into the waiting area.

"How's Uncle Jim?" Maggie asked.

"We don't know how bad it is. He has a head injury and a broken leg." Brandon answered. He stood up and reached out to shake Maggie's mother's hand. "Hi...I'm Brandon."

"I've heard about you," Sally Miller said. "Thank you for bringing Emily down here and staying with her." She sat down on the other side of Emily and hugged her. "Don't worry he will be OK."

Ten minutes pasted that seemed like an hour when they heard someone else walking down towards the waiting area. Emily glanced up to see her mother.

"Emily." Janet Miller had not seen her daughter in about five months and was shocked to see how much she had grown and developed.

Emily didn't acknowledge her but instead stood and moved past her to go the restroom. Maggie ran to join her.

"How is he?" Janet asked her sister-in-law.

"We are not sure. They told Emily he has a head injury and a broken leg," Sally answered.

"Thank you for calling me."

She looked at Brandon. "Are you Emily's friend?"

"Yes Ma'am," Brandon answered. He could see just from this woman's appearance that she was Emily's mother.

"He's her boyfriend," Sally smiled.

"Really?" Janet said checking out his handsome appearance. "I didn't know she had one."

"I like your daughter very much," Brandon said.

"I guess we are both the same in that respect," Janet said sitting down. "Except she likes you back."

A well-dressed woman walked up to them. "Hello I'm Mrs. Anderson. Which one of you is the wife of Mr. Miller?"

"I am," Janet answered. "We are not living together but officially we are still married."

"I'm afraid we have a problem with his medical insurance. It seems he does not have the extra coverage for a hospital stay and most of the surgery."

"Well what does it cover?" Janet asked shaking her head.

"Just the doctor's care and medicine," the woman answered. "We will need some assurance that the costs will be covered."

"Or what? You will stop the surgery?" Janet snapped back. "My husband may be fighting for his life in there and you are asking me about paying his bills. I think you better get out of my face right now!"

The woman took a few steps back and then hurried back down the hallway.

"Good job Janet," Sally smiled. "You acted like you still love him."

"I do," Janet answered. "I always have." She glanced at Brandon who had set back from the fireworks. "Sorry you had to hear that."

"That's OK. I'm glad you gave it to her." Brandon saw Emily peek around the corner and motion to him. "I'll be right back." He moved down the hallway and met up with her and Maggie.

"What happened?" Emily asked. "I heard my mother yelling."

Brandon grinned. "She just chewed out a woman who wanted to get your father's bills paid. She said he didn't have insurance for most of the costs."

"Oh no...really?" Emily said.

Brandon realized he shouldn't have told her. "Don't worry." He hugged her into him again as Maggie walked back to the waiting room. "She did say something you should hear."

"I don't want to hear anything she said."

"She said she still loves your father and always has."

"Really?" Emily asked as she looked up into his eyes. As they hugged another person walked up to them. Brandon turned and saw his mother.


Emily moved away and looked at the well dressed woman. She wiped away another tear.

"So this is the girl I've been hearing so much about." Sylvia smiled. She moved over to Emily and hugged her into her body. "How is your father doing?"

"We...don't know," Emily said trying not to cry. "I'm very happy to meet you."

"Me too dear. I know a few people that work here. Let me go and find out as much as I can." She released Emily and smiled at her son before turning around and moving back into the lobby.

"She's nice," Emily whispered. "Let's go and wait in the waiting area." They held hands as they moved down the hall.

Emily continued to avoid her mother as they all sat around not knowing what to say. Finally Sylvia and a well dressed man walked into the area.

"Hello I'm Paul Arnold the hospital president. I've checked on the condition of Mr. Miller and he is out of immediate danger but is still in serious condition. We had to relieve the pressure on his brain from the concussion but he is now awake and wants to see his daughter. It will just be for a few minutes."

Emily stood with a big smile. "Can I bring someone with me?"

"Sure but only for a few minutes."

Emily turned and looked at Brandon. "Will you go with me?"

"Sure," Brandon said looking at the rest of the family. "I don't want to upset him though."

"He won't be," Emily smiled. She squeezed his hand and they followed the hospital president.

Sylvia sat down next to Emily's mother. "Hello Janet."

"Sylvia." Janet said recognizing her long lost college sorority sister. "Do you work here?"

"No...Brandon is my son and now I realized Emily is your daughter. I didn't place the Miller name."

"Oh my God," Janet said. "I'm sorry I should have returned your letters."

"That's OK. But I would like to know what's going on." Sylvia knew that Janet's parents were very wealthy but didn't understand why Emily lived in a trailer.

For the next five minutes Janet told her about Jim losing his job and how he forced her away because he could not take care of her and Emily. Then how she had moved in with another man that she worked with however that man was gay and that she had not been with another man except for Jim.

"But why didn't you ask your parents for help?" Sylvia asked.

"I have not talked to my parents since my wedding to Jim. They have tried to let me see Emily but I have refused."

"Can I help any?" Sylvia asked. "It looks like there are some medical bills that need to be paid."

"Let me think about it," Janet said smiling. "I don't want to mess up Emily with your son. Have you seen the way they look at each other?"

"Yes. And he's told me how much he cares for her and I don't blame him," Sylvia smiled.


Jim Miller was still groggy from the pain medication and sedative. He felt someone squeezing his hand and opened his eyes to see his beautiful daughter's face.

"Hi Daddy," she said.

"Em...i...ly," he mumbled. "I'm glad ... you...are here."

"Me too," she said feeling more tears fall from her red cheeks.

Jim glanced over her head at the familiar face of the boy he had to run off. "I see you two have made up." He forced a grin.

"Yes...daddy this is Brandon," she said wiping the tears of joy away. She moved back as Brandon's hand moved to his.

"Hello sir," Brandon smiled.

Jim felt his strong grip. "I'm not too weak to kick your ass if you mess with my daughter again," he grinned.

"Believe me I won't," Brandon laughed. "I care a lot for your daughter."

"Good. Now you two get out of here and let me rest," he smiled when Emily's soft lips pressed against his cheek. "I love you baby."

"Me too Daddy."


Janet told Sylvia about how her daughter had blamed her for the separation and how she had not said anything about the problems her father had after he lost his job. "I had to get away or it would have gotten worse," she told her old friend.

Emily and Brandon walked back into the waiting area and saw their mothers talking.

"Brandon. Janet was my sorority sister in college," Sylvia said noting the surprise on Emily's face.

"Wow," Brandon said. "I don't believe it that you two were friends."

"We can't believe that you two are...dating," Sylvia grinned.

Emily forced a smile but then moved over to sit next to her aunt and Maggie. "He talked to us but he is still sedated."

"The doctor stopped by and said he will be OK but will take some time to heal," Aunt Sally said.

"What about the bills?" Emily whispered not wanting her mother to be involved.

But Janet overheard her. "Don't worry about the bills."

"I don't want you paying our bills," Emily snapped. She stood and walked out to the lobby.

"Janet she needs to know," Sylvia whispered.

"She won't believe me," Janet said feeling her eyes getting teary.


"Hey...are you alright?" Brandon asked as he walked up to her.

"Yes...my daddy will make it and...I'm with you," she smiled. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been here." She moved her lips up to his and lightly frenched across his lower lip. "I've been miserable the past few days."

"Me too," he whispered as he rubbed her back. Now that her father was OK they were so happy to be back together again. "I wish we were alone."

"Me too," she whispered while pushing her thigh between his and feeling his manhood. "Maybe you can drive me home tonight."

"But your Mom..."

"I'm not going to her place," she said firmly.

His pants were expanding as he imagined them being alone. "It's OK with me."

***** As they walked back to the waiting area they passed Sally and Maggie. "Do you want to come home with us?" Her aunt asked.

"No thanks. Brandon will take me home," Emily said smiling at Maggie. They moved down the hallway.

"The doctor said there is not much else we can do tonight," Janet said to her daughter when she returned. "Do you want to come by my place?"

"No," Emily snapped back. "I'm old enough to stay alone."

"You can stay by us if you want," Sylvia injected.

"I'd rather stay at my ... house," she said not wanting to say the word trailer to Brandon's mother.

"Well you are always welcome," Sylvia said as she hugged the girl to her. "Don't stay out too late," she directed at Brandon as she gave him a hug.

"I...uh...need to go to the restroom," Brandon said knowing Emily needed to talk to her mother. He moved away and Emily started walking away as well.

"Emily please...we need to talk," Janet said hoping her daughter would turn around. She did.

"Thanks for coming out," Emily said coldly. "I mean you really didn't have to."

Janet moved up to her daughter. "The hardest thing I've ever done in my life was leaving you." Her lips were quivering as she continued. "I love you more than anything else in this world but I had to get away from your father. Please forgive me."

"I can't," Emily said feeling both angry and sad. "Why did you have to leave me...us?"

"Honey...when your father lost his job he got so depressed and took it out mostly on me. He never hit me or yelled but he stopped talking to me. I tried everything even...I even offered to call my parents for help. I'm sorry I lied to you about them."

"I have grandparents and you hid them from me," Emily glared.

"I know...I was wrong because you had the right to meet them and know them. I made some mistakes but please forgive me." Tears rolled down her cheeks until she wiped them away.

"I can't," Emily said as she pulled away from her mother's hand and walked swiftly down to the restroom. When Brandon walked out she grabbed his arm. "Please take me home."


The trailer was dark when he pulled up to it. She took his hand and led him inside. "I never thought I'd be alone with you in here," she whispered as she turned on a small light by the sofa and pulled him down on top of her.

Brandon welcomed her lips and her tongue and later gave her his. He felt her small hands move up under the back of his tee shirt and roam over his bare flesh. Her legs opened wide and allowed him between them until his hard bulge pushed into her covered crotch.

Both were breathing heavily while their tongue twisted together and her hands moved down under his jeans and boxers to feel his hard naked buttocks. "You have a nice ass," she giggled when she pulled her lips from his and then nibbled on his earlobe. "I've wanted to do this for a long time." She squeezed and caressed.

"You're driving me crazy," he moaned as her tongue licked under his chin and down to the base of his neck. His hips were now slowly pushing in and out of her opened thighs. He held back not wanting to go too fast but it was her aggressiveness that took them to the next level.

Emily giggled as she moved her hands from under his jeans and then under his stomach to release the snap. A few seconds later her fingers searched under his underwear until they found his hard cock. "I think it missed me too," she giggled as she stroked him.

"It did," he laughed. His hands moved down and pushed his jeans down to mid-thigh which now allowed her to explore his balls and all of his length. "I did." He reached down to unsnap her jeans and then pushed them and her panties downward to match his clothing. When he released them and lowered his body downward the tip of his cock pressed into her golden forest.

Emily knew her jeans and panties restricted him from entering her so she sighed feeling a man's penis against her sex for the first time. She pulled his mouth back down to hers again and gave him one of her hottest and wettest kisses. Again his hips went into a fucking motion but this time no clothing prevented his cock head from rubbing against her swollen clitty.

"God I want you," Brandon moaned while trying to push off her jeans and panties but she grabbed his hands.

"Slow down," she whispered while pulling his hands up to cup her covered titties. "Take off my shirt and bra."

Brandon didn't need to be told again so when her body rose up he pulled off her shirt and reached behind her to release the bra clasp. When it moved away he lowered his lips to suckle her right nipple.

"Ohhh," Emily moaned. He moved from breast to breast and soon had her body twisting back and forth. Plus his penis was causing some serious heat buildup down below. Suddenly she jerked his head up from her boobs. "We have to slow down!"

Brandon sighed and his right knee slipped down off the edge of the sofa causing him to fall onto his back with her now on top of him.

"Good now I'm in control," she whispered as she moved onto her knees and pulled off his jeans and boxers. Her fingers found his raised staff again and slowly stroked it. "When Missy came over what did she do to you?"

"We shouldn't take about Mis..."

Emily squeezed his shaft hard. "What did she do?"

"Ahhh...she touched me and let me touch her and then she...she put her mouth on me."

Emily had read about oral sex and heard the others talk about blow jobs but really had no idea what to do. "Did she kiss it first?"

"No..." he moaned as she placed tiny little kisses around the swollen crown and then onto the tiny hole.

She giggled when he heard his moan and then nibbled on the raised ridge that circled the tip.

"Jesus," Brandon gasped while looking down at her beautiful lips nibbling on his hard cock.

Emily knew it was trial and error so she pushed out her tongue and slowly licked around the pre-cum drops. While holding it to the side her tongue traced down the top side and then came up the lower side. He moaned again which caused her to do it again and then once more. "I'm getting close," he warned when her mouth open and moved to the ridge and then her lips pulled together picking up the pre-cum.

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