tagFirst TimeTrailer Trash Ch. 03

Trailer Trash Ch. 03


Note from Slick: This is the last chapter of the Trailer Trash story. Please read "Trailer Trash Ch. 01 and 02 first to get up to date. All characters are at least 18 years old in the story. All rights reserved.


"Emily wait up!" Brandon yelled from behind the two mutt dogs trying to catch Emily. She had about a 50 foot lead on him and the dogs and the gap was getting wider and wider. He saw her go around a turn in the road and when he moved around it he stopped next to her.

"Th...th...thanks," he huffed and puffed.

"I didn't stop for you," she whispered. "Look."

Brandon looked over her head across a weed-filled lawn at an old mobile home. Carrying in a box was Missy. "Holy shit."

"I heard she had to leave her big house but I...I never expected this," Emily said wanting to smile but didn't.

"Good. She deserves to live in a trailer," he said without thinking.

Emily turned and glared at him. "No...that's not what I meant..." Before he finished she bolted up the dirt road. "Emily...stop...oh God not again," he said as he took off behind the dogs again.


Missy wanted to move in at night but the only time her mother could get someone to help them move was during the day. She tried to hide her face as much as possible but when she moved up the steps she heard Brandon's voice. She quickly turned and saw him running up the road behind Emily. "Shit."

"Missy put that box in the kitchen," her mother said when she entered the trailer.

"Mom...please can't we get an apartment down town somewhere?" Missy whined.

"We can't even afford an apartment right now. When your father gets out of jail he told me he will get us out of here."

"I'm never leaving this...this...this...trailer."


Emily was surprised when she heard Brandon's footsteps catching up to her. She was running full blast but he was at her heels. She knew he didn't mean to put her down with the trailer remark but she wanted to bust his chops. She turned and ran backwards. "So do I deserve to live in a trailer too?"

"I wasn't...talking about...you," he panted. Since he was looking at her he didn't see the hole in the dirt road and his body went tumbling head first. "AHHH!"

Emily quickly stopped and leaned over to help him. "Are you alright?"

Suddenly he grabbed her arm and pulled her down on top of him. "No I'm not alright." He pulled her lips to his and they kissed in the middle of the road. "I haven't been alright since I talked to you in chemistry."

"Let me up I'm getting dirty," she giggled while pushing upward. But he pulled her back down.

"Tell me you love me."

"Oh this is really romantic," she laughed. "Lying in the middle of a dirt road." She looked over at her Cousin Maggie's house but didn't' see anyone around.

"Tell me," he said seriously.

"Yes I love you now let me up," she grinned. When his hands let go she jumped up and took off.



Janet Miller sat at the kitchen table in the small trailer looking at some real estate books an agent dropped off that morning. Jim was in the shower and she expected Emily and Brandon back any minute. She had been back at the trailer for three weeks now and was feeling pretty cramped. Plus Jim's leg was a lot better and she wanted some quiet time with him in the bedroom. There is no such thing as quiet time in a trailer. The door flew open and Emily lunged in. "HI MOM!"

"Emily," Janet said trying to hide the books.

"What's that?" Emily asked as she grabbed them from her Mother's hands and read the title. "Real Estate?"

"I was just looking?" Janet said.

Brandon came in the open door. "Water...water...please!"

"Get it yourself," Emily snapped.

"Emily...that's not nice," her Mom said.

"He wasn't nice to me before," Emily said while looking at the books. "I don't want to move from Jacob Creek."

"Honey we can afford a bigger and better place now. Your father got a big pay increase."

"I don't care." She turned and took Brandon's hand. "Let's go."

"Emily wait."


"Where are we going?" Brandon asked as he drove up the hill.

"Your house. You said your parents are away."

He had wanted to get her alone at the house but not with her in this frame of mind. "Are you sure?"

"Yes...I'm sure," she said while grabbing his strong arm and pulling his elbow into her soft breast. As soon as he pulled the car into the garage and closed the door behind them she jumped into his arms and kissed him. "I want...to...make love."

Brandon's lips accepted her tongue but when she reached for his zipper he grabbed her hands. "Not like this."

She smiled and pressed her lips and tongue into his soft neck. "I know you want to go all the way."

"Emily...sta...stop," he said letting her hands go. "I want to but I want it to be more than this."

"Brandon..." She giggled as she pulled his hard pink penis from his pants. "I don't think he agrees with...youuuu."

"He...it does," Brandon groaned while she gripped him with both hands.

"It's a he and I'm going to name him," Emily giggled. "Let's see what shall I call him?"

"I can't believe you are going to name my..."


"Good one...Willie," he laughed. "Free Willie I get it."

"Not yet you haven't but you will," she giggled as she jumped out of the convertible and ran into the house.

"I don't believe this is happening," he commented to no one. He walked into the house and saw her shirt in the hallway. He picked it up and moved into the kitchen where he saw her shorts on the floor.

He found her bra on the stairs and then her panties by his bedroom door. "Uh...Emily," he said as he held up her clothes as he walked into his room. He expected her to be naked on his bed but the room was empty and the bathroom door closed. He heard the shower come on. He tried the door but it was locked so he knocked.

"Who is there?" She yelled.

"Come on open up," he laughed.

"Who's there?"

"Brandon," he answered.

"Sorry only Willie can come in," she laughed.

Brandon saw the door crack open only about three or four inches. "Don't tell me you want me to stick my...stick Willie..through the door opening."

"Yes," she giggled.

"Shit," Brandon grunted while he quickly pushed down his shorts and underwear and aimed his semi-hard cock through the door.

"HI WILLIE!" She laughed on the other side of the closed door. Her finger tickled across the damp tip. "Do you want to come in?"

"Yesss!" Brandon answered while moving his dick up and down. Suddenly the door opened and he saw Emily's naked body and...her nearly bald pussy mound. "Damn."

"Do you like it?" She whispered while pushing her soft titties into his hard chest and lightly kissing his neck.

"Yesss," he moaned feeling her tummy press into his manhood. He guided his fingertips from behind her back, over her hip and across to where her pubic mound used to be covered with blonde peach fuzz. He easily found her raised and ready clitty. "I think I'm going to name it...her too."

She giggled while he stroked her pleasure button. "You're going to name my smoothie?" Her slit was as wet as she had ever known it to be.

"Yes...let's see," he smiled as he explored down to where her protected gate was. "Maybe Kitty...or Street Fighter."

"STREET FIGHTER!" She gasped.

"It is my favorite video game," he chuckled.

"You're not naming my pussy Street Fighter or Zelda or Grand Turismo," she said while biting his earlobe a little hard.

"I got it," he laughed. "WONKA!"


"If mine is Willie...yours is Wonka."

"Um...Can I put some chocolate on Willie and lick it off later?" She whispered.

"Jesus...what's gotten in to you?" He asked as she guided him into the hot spray of his shower.

"No one yet," she giggled again. She grabbed the soap and told him to turn around. After washing his back and buttocks she handed him the soap and he did hers while taking a lot of time on her soft butt.

She again took the soap and washed his front but not his raging hard-on. "Uh...you missed something."

"I don't want Willie to get too excited," she smiled before handing him the soap back.

"You're serious about this aren't you?" He asked while cupping and rubbing her large mounds with his soap-filled hands.

"Yes...I love you," she whispered before rinsing off and jumping out of the shower. "I'll be waiting in your bed."

Brandon lunged outward and almost fell on the slippery floor but was able to grab onto the towel bar. It broke free from the wall and crashed to the floor with a loud bang.

"Don't hurt yourself!" She giggled while lying on her back with her legs slightly parted on his bed. She saw Willie first as his body moved through the doorway.

Brandon moved onto her body and felt her legs open and wrap around his hips. "Emily."

"Shhh...make me a woman...your woman," she whispered.

Brandon had waited for this moment for so long and had planned every detail in his mind but all of those details were lost. He knew he had to use foreplay to get her as ready as he was but when he leaned over to suck on her long hard nipple she pulled his lips up to hers. "Do it Brandon...hurry," she whispered before pushing her tongue into his lips. Her fingers found his hard shaft and guided it to her virginity. As he lowered his hips she felt it give away and some pain but not enough to stop.

Their eyes never closed as they stayed locked onto each other while two then three inches moved inside. She let go of him and then reached behind him to pull him deeper and deeper until their stomachs met.

"AHHH!" He groaned finally feeling sexual heaven. He looked at her. "I should use a rubber."

"Don't worry," she giggled. "Mom helped me." Neither moved for almost two minutes because it felt so good. "Willie feels good," she laughed.

"Wonka feels even better." He pulled it out about three inches and then slowly pushed it back inside. His body wanted to erupt but he wanted to stay joined with his love as long as possible. It was then she squeezed him. "Oh God."

She giggled and did it again.

"Emily stop or I'll..." Suddenly she squeezed again and his body tensed until his hot juices filled her tight tube. "OH YEAH!" He cried out. His hips moved rapidly now back and forth until her body rolled side to side.

"OH GOD BRANDON!" She screamed. She had expected him to get soft but it stayed rigid. Her muscular legs pushed her hips up and back until she climaxed. "NOW...OH YES NOW!"

Brandon kept fucking until finally she grabbed his hips and held him down. "Stop," she laughed. "I can't take any more and you are so big."

"Sorry...I uh...didn't hurt you did I?" He moved his hips and his cock backwards.

"Some, but I'm not complaining," she laughed. "There will be more times," she whispered. "A whole lot," she thought. Twenty minutes later was the second time and it lasted a lot longer.


Jim hobbled out of the shower in his robe and saw his wife sitting at the table looking at some booklets. "What's that?"

"Real Estate Guides," Janet answered. "I thought maybe we could get something bigger."

"I've been thinking the same but I know Emily won't want to leave the Creek."

"I know. When she saw the booklets she took off with Brandon."

"So why do we have to leave the Creek?" He grinned. "I hear the Johnson place is going on the market soon."

"Really. I just love that house," Janet grinned. "If I remember it has a really big master bedroom." She pulled open his robe and found his growing manhood. "I got really horny since I've been gone."

"Uh...what if Emily comes back?" He said as she removed his robe and stroked him until it pointed up at her face.

"She's with Brandon."

"True," he grinned. "I'm starting to really like that kid."


Brandon was almost asleep when he felt the bed moving. He looked up to see his naked lover grinning. "Uh oh."

"Lean back," Emily giggled. She took the container of Nestles Quick and turned it over. Before he could react the chocolate shot from the tip and covered his limp penis.

"Jesus," he said in total shock. "What are you doing?"

"Willie Wonka...remember?" She lowered her face and took a big lick of the chocolate from this rising tip.


Emily got in very late that evening but since it was Saturday she didn't think her parents would mind plus she knew they needed some time alone. She kissed Brandon at the door and told him she would see him the next night. When she tip-toed down the hallway she noticed their bedroom door ajar and peeked in to see the naked back of her mother lying across her father's bare chest. She smiled and moved into the bathroom to inspect her violated pussy. Some of the chocolate still lingered.


Missy was sitting in her nylon shorts and a tee shirt on Sunday morning while her mom was at church. She smiled as she called Brandy.

"Hi," Missy said. "Please come down and pick me up from this low-life hell hole."

"Uh...I'm really busy this morning...uh...you know...cleaning my room," Brandy said.

"Cleaning your room? When did you ever clean your room? Come and get me and I'll help clean your room," Missy said getting upset.

"I...uh...my car...needs some gas. Uh...I think my mom just came home...I got to go..."

"Brandy! Wait!" But Missy only heard the click. She immediately called Allison. Her mom answered and told her to hold on. A few minutes later Allison's mom returned.

"Uh...I can't seem to find her," the woman said. "Do you want me to leave her a message?"

"No...that's OK," Missy said realizing that her faithful friends had dumped her because she now lived on Jacob Creek in a mobile home.

She got up from the sofa to get a drink when she heard some dogs barking. Missy glanced out the small window and saw Emily Miller running down the dirt road with the dogs at her heels.

Emily had her earphones in and the music blasting so she didn't hear the footsteps behind her. She was only running about 50% so when Missy caught up to her she was shocked.

"Hello," Missy smiled before she took off at full speed leaving Emily in her dust. Since Emily was already sweating Missy figured she had been running a while. She turned up her afterburners and peeked back to see the girl about five paces behind and catching. About thirty feet ahead was the school so as she made it to the main gate she suddenly stopped. "I won!"

"Right," Emily said smiling. She stopped and stood eye to eye with her new neighbor. "So how do you like the Creek so far?"

"It's just temporary," Missy smiled. "I'll be out of this dump in a few days."

"Good, we don't want your kind down here," Emily said boiling mad. She moved up until her stomach pushed into Missy's. Missy stood her ground and even pushed back. They were near the playground so when Emily pushed her with both hands Missy flew backwards and hit the border of the playground. She went tumbling upside down until she landed on her hands and knees. "You bitch!" Missy growled before lunging up over the border and grabbing a handful of Emily's hair.

The pain was intense but Emily managed to grab Missy's hair and the two fell back into the deeper sand and dirt. Emily wrapped her leg over Missy's stomach and pressed until the girl was on her back and Emily was on top of her holding down her hands.

"Let me up or I'll..." Missy threatened.

"What?" Emily laughed. Although they were about the same height Emily outweighed her by at least ten pounds.

"THIS!" Missy screamed as she hooked her right leg upward around Emily's chest and flipped her backwards. Emily tried to stand up but Missy jumped onto her back and was sitting on her.

"HEY!" Emily yelled. She tried to pull her way out from under the other girl but couldn't.

"Give up?" Missy giggled as she heard the dogs starting to growl.

"AHHH!" Missy screamed as one dog bit the sleeve of her tee shirt and pulled backwards.

"ELVIS GET AWAY!" Emily screamed at her dog. As Missy moved off of her body Emily swung around to pull her dog off just as the other dog bit into Missy's shorts from the other side.

"BONER STOP!" Emily leaned over Missy and pushed the other dog away but not before he tore Missy's shorts. Emily moved back to make sure the girl had not been bitten when she heard Missy laughing.


Emily tried to keep an angry look but it was too funny. She broke down laughing. "Yeah...what's wrong with BONER?"

"BONER! OH SHIT! Missy laughed as Emily rolled down beside her. Both were covered with dirt, in their faces, hair and even under their clothing. Emily smiled and began laughing again until Missy stopped and suddenly started crying.

"Hey...are you...alright?" Emily asked seeing real tears falling from the girl's eyes down her dirty cheeks.

"No...everything sucks," Missy said with her eyes closed. "My girlfriends don't want anything to do with me, my father is in jail and I live in a trailer."

Emily started feeling sorry for her and sat upright. Her hatred for the girl still lingered and she had to get away from her. As she moved onto her knees Missy turned and looked at her.

"I'm...I'm sorry for what I've said about you."


Brandon did his best to keep busy around his house but couldn't get Emily off his mind. Finally around 3:00PM he jumped in his car and headed over to Jacob Creek. He didn't see any cars in the drive up to her trailer and had his hopes up for some privacy with her until he walked up onto the porch and heard laughter. He knocked on the door and a few seconds later Emily opened it. "Brandon."

"Hi...uh..is Maggie here?" Brandon asked as he peeked through the doorway.

"No...come in," Emily said while standing aside.

Brandon figured it was Maggie or one of the other Creekers so when he saw Missy he about shit his pants right there. "MISSY?"

"Hi Brandon," Missy smiled as she sat on the sofa.

Brandon turned and glared at Emily. "What's she doing here?"

"I invited her," Emily smiled. "We were...running and...now she's here."

"Can I talk to you outside?" He said trying to keep calm.

"Sure, I'll be right back," Emily smiled at Missy.

They moved out onto the porch. "Are you crazy? Please don't tell me you two are friends now."

"She's...different," Emily said softly so Missy couldn't hear. "She was crying and..."

"Bull shit. You don't know her like I do," he said. "She playing you Emily."

"Maybe...maybe not," Emily said. "We want to go to the mall. Will you drive us?"

"You're making a big mistake," Brandon said before turning and walking back to his car. A few minutes later Emily and Missy came out. Emily jumped next to him while Missy moved into the back seat.

As they traveled up the hill from Jacob Creek Missy glanced over the hill at the tiny little houses and trailers down below. She thought of the many times she had made out with Brandon in this back seat and knew those days were over. When they entered the mall Emily took Brandon's hand and they walked towards the food court for a drink.

"My treat," Brandon said not really looking at Missy.

"You know what I like," Missy grinned as Emily and she walked towards the ladies room. A few minutes later Emily was still in one of the stalls when the door opened and Allison and Brandy walked in to see Missy at the sink. They tried to turn and leave but Missy grabbed Brandy's arm.

"I thought you were cleaning your room today."

"I...uh...cleaned it," Brandy smirked. "So did you ride the bus into town?"

Missy wanted to deck her right there but only smiled. "You know it makes me sick to think I was like you two. You think that since you live in a big house it makes you special. It doesn't."

"Let go of my arm Trailer Trash," Brandy said as she tried to jerk away. Suddenly Allison moved behind Missy and grabbed around her arms until she let Brandy go.

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