Trailer Trash Ch. 03


"Hi Willie," Emily giggled when he ran up next to her.

"Do you know what you just did?" He asked with a huge smile.

"Brandon it's just a scrimmage." She said knowing it was a lot more than that.

"You just blew away the State Champ! Besides it gave us enough points to win the scrimmage."

"Calm down," Emily said as they ran up to the finish line. She saw Sarah Jenkins waiting for her. "Nice race." Emily smiled.

"Yes for you," Sarah said seriously. "But, I'll be ready for you in a few weeks." She shook Emily's hand and ran back to her team which was huddled in the middle of the track.

As she approached the stands with Brandon they all stood and applauded. Emily saw Missy standing there and moved over to her. She took Missy's hand and held it up. "We did this as a team."

Missy had never met anyone like Emily before. She didn't want the spotlight and stood behind her friends. They hugged and Emily winked at Brandon who watched how close they were. She was about to leave the track when Coach James walked over with two women.

"Emily...this is Bobbi Springle and Evette Young from Maryland. They want to meet you."

Emily smiled. "Hello."

"That was some display you put on out there," Ms. Springle said as she shook Emily's hand. "And you have never run track before?"

"No Ma'am," Emily blushed. "But I run a lot."

"Apparently," Ms. Young laughed. "Have you thought about college?"

"Kind of," Emily answered. "I was hoping for a partial scholarship to Scranton."

Both women laughed. "I don't think you have to worry about a partial. We are not allowed to get into details but we just wanted you to know we will be back for next weeks meet."

Emily smiled at Brandon who was taking it all in. "I hope I don't disappoint you."

"It was nice meeting you Emily," the women said before shaking her hand once more before leaving.

"Maryland," Brandon said. "That's the ACC. I wish they were recruiting me."

"Well they better if they want me to come to their school," Emily whispered before running over to the gate and into her mother's arms.

"I'm so proud of you," Janet whispered before kissing her cheek. "Me too," Jim added as he hugged both women.

"Us too," Sylvia and Paul said as they hugged Emily to them.

"Hey what about me?" Brandon asked as they all headed towards the parking lot.

"Wonka...wonka," Maggie giggled as she walked next to him.


It was later at Arnie's when Emily and Brandon noticed Missy and Scott getting it on in one of the back booths. "Jesus he didn't waste much time did he?" Brandon whispered.

Emily dropped his hand from hers. "Are you jealous?"

"What? Of Course not," he answered quickly. "I never thought she could ever change but you were right."

"Are you sure you are not jealous?" Emily whispered while she reached down and dug her fingernails into his thigh.

"Be real," Brandon groaned in pain. "Stop." He pulled her hand from his leg. "I wish we could go somewhere and be alone."

"Why has Willie missed me?" She giggled.

"He misses Wonka," Brandon laughed.

"I still owe you for that," she whispered. "Now everyone will be yelling my pussy's name as I run around the track." She said it so seriously that Brandon broke out laughing.

"HEY IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Emily yelled as she jumped on top of his body and lightly hit him on top of his head. But then she broke down laughing as well and they hugged before falling down under the table onto the floor. Seconds later their lips found each other and their legs twisted together.

"Hey my parents are away for the night," Bud said to the horny couple on the floor. "Do you want to stop by with Maggie and me?" Two minutes later they jumped into their cars and sped up the hill.

As Brandon and Bud sat in the den Maggie pulled Emily into the restroom. "You owe me."

"Owe you? How do I owe you?"

"You jerked off Bud and now I want to jerk off Brandon."

"Hey it was just the tip and I didn't really touch IT," Emily said nervously. "I only did it so he would leave a mess on our sofa. Besides if Brandon finds out he'll kill Bud and never talk to me again."

"He won't know if we play truth or dare." Maggie grinned.

"I'm not touching Bud again."

"You won't have to," Maggie added. "Once I touch Brandon we will quit. Besides we have already seen each other naked."

"I have a bad feeling about this," Emily said.

"Don't worry."



"Maggie and I did it the other night," Bud whispered to Brandon while they waited.

"You too huh?" Brandon smiled. "Where were you?"

Bud hesitated. "Here," he lied.

"Bullshit, I know when you are lying," Brandon laughed.

"OK, it was at Emily's," Bud answered. "Her parents were not at home and Maggie found out that you and Emily did it so they called me."


"I can't say anymore or you'll kill me," Bud answered. He looked towards the closed bathroom door. "What's keeping them?"

Brandon move next to his smaller pal. "If you don't tell me I'll really kill you."

"Promise me you won't tell the girls," Bud said firmly.

"OK...yes now tell me," Brandon said.

"Shit...I was so hyped up on fucking Maggie I...I mean Emily was there and...we undressed and."

"YOU UNDRESSED AND WHAT?" Brandon asked now ready to smack him.

"And Maggie was in the shower and had told Emily to make sure that...that I climaxed before she came out."

"Emily made you climax?" Brandon said in shock.

" see they wanted me to jerk off so I would last longer when Maggie and I did it. Emily and I took off our clothes and I did it."

"Fuck jerked off in front of Emily."

"It was what Maggie wanted and...she said she and Emily did everything together." Bud left out the fact that Emily had touched his hard cock.

"They said that." Brandon said as he sat back. "And Emily watched you and Maggie do it."

Bud nodded his head. "She touched herself."

"I need to get Emily and Maggie back." Brandon smiled. "Play along with me when they come out."


" would you guys like to play a game?" Maggie said as she led Emily into the den.

"What game would that be?" Brandon asked trying not to show Emily how upset he was.

"Truth or dare," Maggie grinned. She couldn't wait to touch Brandon's huge pole.

Brandon smiled at Bud. "That sounds good to me."

"We uh...don't have to play if you don't want to," Emily said to Brandon as she grabbed onto his arm.

"It sounds like fun and since we are all so good friends we shouldn't hold back," Brandon smiled. He remembered how nice Maggie's thick dark bush looked when she had sat on Bud's face that night.

"OK, I'll go first," Maggie grinned. "Who wants to ask me Truth or Dare?"

"I'll do it and then you can ask your choice," Brandon grinned. "Truth or Dare Maggie?"

"Truth," Maggie said. She didn't want to do a dare just yet.

"Did you cum the other night when you and Bud went all the way?"

"Brandon!" Emily said loudly. "She doesn't have to answer that."

"No...that's OK because I did," Maggie giggled. It was now her turn.

"Truth or Dare Brandon," Maggie smiled.

"Dare," he smiled.

"OK, remove your shorts," Maggie smiled.

"Sure," he said before unsnapping them and pushing them down over his boxers which were starting to bulge outward.

"You know maybe we shouldn't play this game," Emily said seeing her boyfriend's excitement.

"I think we should," Brandon grinned. "Truth or Dare Emily?"

Emily saw something in his eyes she had never seen before. "Truth."

"Did you masturbate in front of Bud the other night?"

Emily's jaw dropped as she glared over at Bud. "I'm not going to answer that."

"It's OK," Brandon smiled. "I mean you and Maggie do everything together right?"

"Brandon I didn't think it would go that far," Emily said. "It just happened." She didn't know how much he really knew.

"Let's stop this game," Maggie said seeing Emily and Brandon going at it.

"No...let's play," Brandon said. "Did you?"

Emily stared at him. "Yes."

" it's your turn. I'm not mad." He smiled.

"Are you sure?" Emily asked.

"Yes I'm sure. But I am upset you didn't call me to join you."

"You were out with your parents," Emily said realizing he really wasn't mad. Actually he was looking excited.

"It's your turn," he grinned.

"Truth or Dare Maggie," Emily said.

"Dare," Maggie answered quickly. She was ready to search down into Brandon's boxers.

"I dare you to...remove your shirt."

"I'm not wearing a bra," Maggie said angrily. She had not planned on getting naked.

"He's seen you naked before," Emily smiled. She wanted to use Maggie to really turn on Brandon.

Maggie looked at Bud. "Don't look at me," Bud grinned. "You picked the game."

Brandon sat back and watched Maggie's smaller but nicely shaped titties appear. He had not seen them that good in the trailer that night.

"My turn," Maggie said feeling her nipples getting harder and harder. "Truth or Dare Emily."

Emily was jealous that Maggie got to expose her breasts. "Dare." She was ready to remove her shirt when Maggie said, "French Kiss Bud for a minute."

"I'm not going to do that," Emily said looking at Brandon who was only smiling. "I mean you really don't want me to do that right?"

"You girls want to play the game so let's play it," Brandon said.

"Fine," Emily replied as she stood up and moved over to Bud's chair. As she leaned down he pushed his lips up until they touched. Neither pushed their tongues out.

"FRENCH KISS!" Brandon said loudly.

Bud quickly pushed his tongue out and licked across Emily's lips until she opened them and let him in. She soon was giving him as much as he was giving her until the minute was up. "TIME!" Maggie yelled.

Bud smiled and dropped his hand to cover his hard-on. "Truth or Dare Emily." He wondered how far the girls would go.

"Dare," Emily grinned. The kiss from Bud had really turned her on.

"Ok...I dare you to french kiss..."

They all waited for Brandon's name but heard Maggie's instead. "Maggie for a minute."

"Yuck," Maggie gagged. "Why do guys like to see girls kiss?"

"Ask Willie?" Brandon smiled as his bulge got even higher.

Emily looked at her cousin. "I'm not going to be the first one to chicken out." She hoped that Maggie would.

"Me neither," Maggie said as she stood and walked up to Emily who was now standing. "Only one minute."

Both guys had rigid tools as the two girls moved their bodies together first. They saw Maggie's bare tits crush into Emily's larger ones before their lips met and their tongues dash out together.

Emily thought back a few years when she had practiced kissing with Maggie but it wasn't this hot and neither had tits. Emily became the aggressor and reached down to cup Maggie's butt. "Hey..." Maggie cried out. "No touching!" Suddenly both girls broke down laughing. "TIME!" Brandon said. He was ready for some action.

Maggie looked at Brandon. "Truth or Dare Brandon."

"Dare," Brandon smiled.

"OK...I dare you to...let me touch you under your boxers." The whole room became quiet as Bud looked at Emily who looked at Brandon. The line was about to be crossed.

Even Brandon was surprised because he figured it would never go this far. "'s over."

Emily smiled. "I knew you would chicken out first."

"So you don't care if another girl touches me?" He asked.

"It's just a game," Emily said. "And I'm not jealous of my cousin."

"Fuck...why not?" Brandon smiled. He then leaned back as Maggie moved over next to him on the sofa. His eyes closed when her trembling fingers moved under the waste band of his boxers and down into his very thick pubic hair. Getting a hand job from a cute girl while his girlfriend looked on was great. After all Emily had looked at Bud when he jerked off.

Maggie's eyes opened wide as she found his thick shaft and then curled her fingers around it. It was huge compared to Bud's and so much longer. She figured this might be the last time she would touch a man this big so she took her time squeezing and exploring.

Brandon's mind raced as the girl jerked him off. He peeked out to see Emily looking over at Bud who was looking over at her. Then it hit him. He grabbed Maggie's wrist. "Fuck you jerked Bud off didn't you?'

"No...not exactly," Emily said seeing him getting mad. She moved next to him and reached down to join her fingers with Maggie's. When he loosened his grip on Maggie they both started stoking him.

"OH SHIT!" Brandon groaned as both girls jerked him off.

"You see Bud did most of it until the end and then I had to cover it up before he messed up the sofa." Emily winked at Maggie who grabbed the box of tissues she had snuck from the bathroom. When Brandon cried out and his hips shot up Maggie covered the tip and captured his hot juices.

Emily smiled as Maggie stood and took Bud's hand. When Brandon opened his eyes they were gone. "Where did they go?"

"To find a bed," Emily answered. She kissed his earlobe and whispered. "I'm sorry about what I did to Bud. Will you forgive me?"

"I'll think about it if you promise to never touch another man besides me again."

"Never...what about my husband?"

"Exactly," Brandon smiled. He pulled her lips to his. "Let's go and find one of those beds." Emily smiled as she hugged onto him as she thought back about her day. She had beaten the State champ twice and now had sort of a proposal. Kinda...Sorta.


Bud was already pumping into Maggie's tight hole when Emily and Brandon walked by his bedroom. They could hear the bed squeaking as it banged against the wall.

Emily giggled and pulled Brandon in the next bedroom which had been Bud's brothers. "Hurry...I'm so hot and wet," she whispered. She had her shirt and bra off before he removed his shirt.

"How'd you do that so fast?" He asked amazed.

"It's a secret," she giggled before pushing her shorts and panties off at the same time. "Brandon!"

"Would you wait a minute?" He said while pushing down his pants. He moved onto the bed with her and felt her grab onto his still soft penis.

Emily frowned. "It's not hard."

"Hey you and your cousin just jerked me off," he said defensively. Suddenly she dropped her head and sucked in the spongy tip. "Jesus Emily."

She popped her mouth off and grinned. "I want you to fuck me."

A week ago he would have never thought she would be so wild in bed. "What's up with you?"

She moved her body onto his and nibbled on his lips. "I think it was the race today. After I won I could only think about being naked with you and doing this." She reached under her and guided his expanding cockhead up and down her dripping gash. "Don't you like me like this?"

"OH...YES!" Brandon moaned when she let go of his now rigid rod and pushed her tight hot pussy downward. His hands explored her soft hips as she lifted and lowered them slowly and then faster.

She heard his breathing getting ragged and stopped. "Don't cum yet. I just want to feel us connected as one."

"Emily...I love you so much," he moaned wanting her to start moving again.

"You love Wonka," she giggled. Her hips slowly lifted upward allowing her juices to drip down the shaft. "Don't you?"

"Yes...I love...Wonka," he groaned trying his best not to cum.

"Let's turn over and then you can show Wonka how much you love her," she giggled. He held onto her ass as their bodies fell to the side and he moved on top. She wrapped her legs around his hips and held on.

"Ah...ah...ah...Ah...Ah...AH...AH...AH!...AH!...AH!...AH!," he grunted each time he hit bottom.

Emily's mind went totally blank as her steam built up pressure until it exploded. "NOW BRANDON NOW!"

"AHHHH!" He screamed when he emptied his load deep inside of his love.

"We better get you home," Brandon whispered while snuggling up later against her soft behind.

"Ummm...I never want to leave you." She purred.

"I want to stay here all night but...we can't."



"What if I get a scholarship to Maryland and you go to another college far away from me?"

He grinned. "I have offers from Temple and Georgetown."

Emily leaned up and looked at him. "So?"

"Georgetown is pretty close to Maryland."

"Good," she giggled as she pressed her soft chest into his hard one and gave him a deep wet kiss.


The next week went pretty fast. Missy hooked up with Emily's cousin Scott and Bud was connected to Maggie all week. None of the Hillers would say anything bad about Creekers anymore because the boys didn't want to face Brandon or Scott and the Hiller girls had seen what happened to Brandy's nose.

"Well this is it," Coach James said before the first meet with two nearby high schools. Jamesville had a lot returning and Kennedy had some really fast runners. He looked over at Missy who smiled back at him. "Let's give them our best."

They all huddled together and shouted "GO GLENDALE!" when they broke apart. The coach pulled Emily aside. "Jamesville has a reputation as being somewhat dirty. Be aware that they might try to trap or even trip you. Oh and by the way...their coaches know all about how you beat Sarah last week."

"Good," Emily grinned. "I don't want them to say it was just luck." She moved over to the infield to stretch and saw her mother and father sitting alone on the bottom row of the bleachers. She thought it was weird because they normally sat near the top to see the whole track better. Missy walked over.

"That tall girl almost broke my leg last year in the half-mile," Missy whispered as they looked over at the Jamesville team. "But she did knock me out of the race."

"I'll look out for her," Emily smiled. The first few events involved the sprints and hurdles so she just hung while rooting for her teammates. Since Missy moved to the Creek and she started dating Brandon the tension between the Hillers and Creekers had subsided except for Brandy and Allison.

"GO MISSY!" Emily yelled as her new friend took her mark. The 100 yard was Missy's best because she normally got out of the blocks fast. The gun sounded and the girl next to Missy had a false start which caused Missy to jump as well. When Missy turned she saw the referee pointing to her. "It wasn't me!" Missy yelled as she turned to point at the Jamesville girl next to her.

The other girl smiled and moved back to take her place. It was no secret that Missy liked to get the early jump but now with one false start another false jump would disqualify her. Missy now had to make sure she didn't leave until the gun sounded. She normally looked down the track but this time she glanced at the guy with the starter pistol to make sure she saw it go off. "BANG!"

Missy lost a few valuable seconds that she normally needed in the shorter 100 yard race. By the time she took off the girls on both sides of her were a pace ahead. Missy turned it on but lost the race by a fraction of a second. She hung her head in disgrace.

Emily was the first person by her. "That's got some points... and we're still going win. Clear your mind and only listen for the gun." Missy forced a grin and glanced back at her team mates who had never seen her lose a race before.

After watching a few Field events, and Brandon winning the javelin throw, Missy again lined up for the 200 yard this time. A quick start wasn't as important but Missy was now shaken a bit. She rolled her arms like windmills and took her mark. "BANG!" This time she got out of the gate quickly and never looked back as she won hands down. As she ran back to the team she smiled at Emily and grinned.

Missy won the 400 as well but only by a hair so when Emily lined up for the half-mile Glendale was leading comfortably. "GO EM!"

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