tagInterracial LoveTrain Bitch From Italy Ch. 02

Train Bitch From Italy Ch. 02


As we advanced through Italy, our regiment always came across houses that had to be checked for enemy Soldiers. We camped out doors so anyone who was lucky enough to flush out homes was more that happy to go. We faced little resistance from a burnt out army. I was a squadron leader and I got to flush the homes out and take a couple fellow soldiers with me. Most of these houses were empty; I asked Darrel and a guy named Tyrone to come with us.

Tyrone was a guy from Alabama, 6 foot about 185. Darrel was already making a name for himself in the regiment. Darrel was the luckiest man in the army as far as I was concerned. He met this bitch in Rome named Sandra. Sandra was a 25 year old beauty. Her oil skin was beautiful, 5’3 125 pounds, curly black hair down past her shoulders. Her face was amazing. Her ass was great,I couldn’t believe a girl like that would be his fuck toy. He convinced her to let him stay in her house. Sandra was managing the house by herself since both parents were away fighting. Darrel made Sandra his personal hooker. Darrel held all the power in that house. Darrel issued “chores” for Sandra to do everyday and if they weren’t met she would face consequences.

Every morning Sandra had to suck off Darrel till he woke up, she awoke at 5:30 a.m. everyday to suck him. If he woke up to find her sleeping, Darrel would get his friends to hold her and he would spank her and make her deep throat his friends till she vomited. Needless to say she quickly learned. Darrel loved to fuck her ass he trained her to be his slut. Every day she awoke and licked and sucked Darrels cock, Darrel told me that sometimes he would pretend to sleep and she sucked him for 2 hours before he woke up. When he woke she was to complete him. She was to swallow all of Darrels cum. He loved to see her look in his eyes as he pumps his cum in her hot mouth. Darrel rented her out for the nights to other guys and she obeyed him. We were in Rome for 3 months and Darrel owned her till we had to advance.

My group and me had to inspect a house about 9 miles from Rome. We entered commando style and checked the house. We found an Italian soldier and a woman there. The soldier ran scared and Darrel caught him and threw him on a chair to interrogate. Turns out that he ditched the army to marry his girlfriend named Alesia. Alesia was a fucking super hot chick. Dark brown hair past her cheeks, tan skin with the best pair of tits I ever saw, they weren’t super hard but just perfect to play with. Darrel told him that we can’t allow him to stay here and had to arrest him, The soldier pleaded and begged us not to take him. There’s no way we can, we have to obey orders,” Darrel said. Darrel then got a great idea he asked the soldier that we could let him stay if he kept in at all times. Darrel also had another non-negoiatable order “wee got fuck the shit out of your new wife” he said. The Italian soldier laughed a little and said no. Darrel said this was your only choice, maybe he thought we were joking

We had to rough him up a little to show we were serious. Tyrone bashed his head with a gun, and started to beat on him. Alesia ran over trying to help him Darrel grabbed her and threw her down, Tyrone grabbed him and gave him an option either we were gonna send him to jail or he was gonna let us fuck his new bride. The Italian soldier had no choice, he nodded and we handcuffed him to the chair. Darrel stood Alesia up and started to fondle her breasts from behind, she looked scared and excited. Darrel was pinching her nipples through her shirt. Tyrone and me went over there and started to lick her face. I can’t imagine what her husband was thinking, 3 black guys molesting his new wife and he was powerless to stop us.

I was licking her face and neck as Tyrone was fingering her juicy and beautiful shaved pussy jerking them up and rubbing around. Alesia started to rub my chest, “ouesto e troopo buono” she said excitedly and started to feel my body. Tyrone was rubbing her clit circurilly, he couldn’t believe that we were really doing this. “Damn Alesia you’re soaking you really want it, don’t you?” Alesia was convulsing in obvious pleasure and Darrel was groping her tits and kissing her neck. Darrel spun her around and forced her to her knees. Her husband was starting to object and tried to get up, Darrel gave a laugh and told Alesia to go over and sit on his lap and relieve us. She did as was told and sat on his lap. We all stood in front of her and took off our pants, Alesia nearly passed out when we showed her the size of our cocks. She begged us not to fuck her, because she can’t take penises that big. “Per favore no non posso sucare questo” but she couldn’t keep her eyes of them. She was getting really wet and I said “oh Alesia you’re so wet I know you want to”.

Darrel shut her up by sticking his 11 inch cock right in her mouth. Alesia was an amazing cock sucker. Swirling her tongue on his head taking as much as she could take and sucking on his balls. She had one ball in her mouth and sucking it like a lollipop. She sucked the length of his dick slurping and ingesting his juices. All I could hear was slurping noises; Alesia was really getting into sucking Darrel. Tyrone and me put our dicks over her shoulders and they were sitting there like straps for her purse or something. Darrel then told her to suck Tyrone and me, she obediently turned her head and started to suck our cocks. She took turns on them while Darrel was taunting her husband. We started to play a game with her, Darrel pushed her head in as far as he could till she nearly vomited then took it out and she would take as much of the next guys till she nearly vomited. We did this for about 30 minutes; she almost barfed like 20 times. The deepthroat game took a lot of energy out of Alesia.

Darrel laid on the couch and told Alesia to climb on his cock. Alesia went over and sat on his giant penis, Darrel’s cock split her pussy and she sat on all of it, he began to fuck her very hard, she was screaming and moaning in ecstasy. His cock pouring in and out of her hot pussy, I asked to Darrel to let me fuck her pussy, He said “wait man this is the wettest pussy I ever fucked her was shoving and fucking her hard. Tyrone went over and started to put his cock to her ass, I could tell she never was fucked in the ass before because she was squirming and trying to push him away. Tyrone started to shove his cock in her ass, almost immediately she cried in pain,

“Don’t worry slut you’re gonna like this” he whispered to her. He carefully eased his cock into her ass. Each inch he put in he whispered to her something. When he got it almost in he started to pump very slowing in and out of her ass.

Alesia was being double fucked her ass and pussy being violated by these 2 hung black men, her husband wasn’t even watching anymore. I went over and guided her mouth to my cock and since Tyrone and Darrel were both fucking the shit out of her, I began to face fuck her I could feel my balls smacking her chin as Darrel thrusting his hips into the Italian beauty. I heard her trying to talk; she couldn’t get a word out with my dick shoved down her throat. I loved grabbing her hair and playing with it, she was the sexiest fuck I ever had.

As I slowed down I just had my cock sit in her mouth as I played with her amazing tits. “Oh si si si yes oh per favore dammi piu” she moaned “oh baby yes speak italian for us” Darrel remarked, this turned us on so much, I loved when they spoke in their language during the fuck session. Alesia was in pure ecstasy, her face had no emotion just a dazed look on it.

Tyrone and Darrel got off of Alesia and I could feel that humiliation was about to come for her. My asshole needs some cleaning” Darrel said, Darrel made her husband translate it, Alesia was too far along in ecstasy to care. Tyrone laid Alesia down and Darrel sat on her face. Alesia started to lick his asshole, as Tyrone was fucking her pussy. Tyrone took quick short thrusts, grabbing her hips, her pussy was so wide open after the fucking she got, it was easy access. Alesia wrapped her legs around Tyrone so he fuck her even harder, her tits pushing up and down to the rhythm of tyrone's thrusts. Tyrone told her “you’re pussy is the juiciest pussy I ever had”. Darrel got up and I went over and squatted on her face, she was licking as far up my asshole as possible, it felt great ass her tongue was swirling around my ass.

By now all three of us were ready to blow a huge load, Darrel me and Tyrone all formed a circle over Alesia, I started jacking off and cummed all over her tits I wiped some of my cum on my dick for what we were gonna do next. Tyrone put his cock over her forehead and cummed all down her face, Darrel told her to suck his dick nice and soft. Alesia took his cock and very delicately sucked his huge member, Darrel stopped and then blew his load in her mouth, and I could she a shocked expression on her face as she was gulping. She couldn’t believe the volume of cum he produced, it over flowed her mouth before she could swallow, and since this wasn’t his personal fuck toy he didn’t punish her.

Darrel’s cock shined from the saliva and cum on it. We told her to sit on her husband’s lap. When she sat down I grabbed her head and pulled her hair to wipe my cock clean; Tyrone cleaned his cock on her husband’s shirt. Darrel wiped his cock on her hair and wrapped her shortish hair around it and started to pull her hair with his cock, cleaning it off.

After the fuck session Alesia excused herself and went up to her room. We let her husband out of the handcuffs. He thought we were gonna still take him to jail “please no take me to jail” he said. “Don’t worry your wife was some of the best pussy we ever had”. I told him

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