Train Drain Team


The impression Sam got, though, took his breath away. He saw the tall, gaunt figure of a naked man, with the edges of a black cape loosely covering part of his body. He got a glimpse of the craggy face and of the sinewy muscles of the man. The greatest image that accosted him, though, was of the huge, long and thick, cock the man held in his hand and was stroking. Sam had never seen a cock that size—and Sam had seen more than his share of hard men's cocks.

The darkness gave Sam a disadvantage. It was clear that the other two men were in their element in the dark. Martin expertly stripped Sam of his clothes and of his own, not fumbling a bit in the darkness, and as he was being stripped, the man on the bed was reaching out with huge hands and fondling Sam's body. After stripping, Martin wrapped a black cape around his own naked body, and from then on Sam only got brief snatches of views of body parts—mostly cocks and fangs.

Martin fucked Sam immediately, from behind, with Sam leaning toward the window in the small space left between the lower bed and the front edge of the passenger seat. Sam's hips were jutting out behind him, his legs were in as much of an open stance has the space permitted, his arms were stretched out toward the side of the train compartment, his head hanging down between them, and the heels of his hands pressed into the thick curtain that had been pulled across the window.

Martin, a good bit taller than Sam, was crouched over his back, hands gripping the young black man's hips, and thick and long cock buried up inside Sam's ass, with Sam writhing against the invasion and making sounds of a forceful taking as Martin thrust hard and rapidly up inside him. Martin's cock now seemed much bigger than it had back in the coach section when Sam had jacked him off, and, if Martin hadn't been holding one of his hands over Sam's mouth, the young black man would have been screaming bloody murder over the size of the cock pounding away inside him.

Martin's mouth was pressed to the throbbing vein in Sam's throat, and at some point his incisors sprang forward and pierced the young black man's skin, and Martin was feeding on Sam's blood.

Similarly, Count Felix, on his side on the lower bed, pulled over to the edge of the bed and was embracing Sam's thighs with one arm and was exploring all parts of the young black man's body that he could reach with the other hand. He sucked on the young black man's cock until Sam came for him and then he licked around the groin area. When his teeth sliced into a throbbing vein running up into Sam's groin from a thigh, the cut was so precise that Sam hardly felt it.

What he did feel, though, beyond the glorious fuck Martin was giving him was the coursing of the blood through his body. He had no idea it was being transported to the bodies of two other men. All he knew was that it was an entirely new, strange, and pleasant sensation and that it made him lightheaded as if he were floating in the air. He welcomed the feeling.

Under the attention of the two specters, Sam's body was covered with swirling black capes, marking the beginning of his disappearance from this world.

When Martin had shot his load, he lowered Sam's body onto the lower bed, sandwiching him between Felix and himself. The magic of the saliva being shared with the young black man by the other two was such that it opened him up enormously—so much so that, stretched between Felix and Martin, both monstrously endowed men, their girth and length enhanced by the infusion of young blood, he was able to sheath both men at once. The two men, experienced in sharing another, took their time to open a huffing and puffing and sighing and moaning Sam up to their extraordinary needs. But Sam eventually took them both without suffering the splitting of his passage walls, which wasn't always the case when Martin hooked less experienced and used prey.

Occasionally, Felix preferred the inexperienced and the sensation of bursting a young man's passage and feasting on the flow of blood as the young man's life ebbed away. Such was not the case with Sam, though.

Making love to his passage but to each other's stretching and rubbing cocks as well, Felix and Martin shared Sam through the night. As they fucked him, they were feeding on opposite sides of his neck. They paced themselves, though. They had done these many times before down through the centuries. They liked to stretch out the use of their prey, not to overindulge.

Toward morning, Martin withdrew, leaving Felix to feed on and fuck Sam by himself. Felix liked to edge his victims, bringing them close to death but then backing off and letting them recover a bit before sucking and fucking them back to the edge again. He was a master at doing this.

At length, they all slept for a few hours, Sam being held between the two lovers, sighing at their kisses and the movement of their hands over his body and, occasionally, the sucking at his throat.

When they helped him off the train when it arrived in Sanford, Florida, they got sympathetic looks from others. But Sam had a sappy, dreamy smile on his face and was able to put one foot in front of the other, so it was apparent that he was just embarrassingly intoxicated from drinking the previous night or suffering from motion sickness.

The limousine had been taken off the train before the men, Felix and Martin, in sunglasses and trench coats with pulled up collars, and Sam rather sloppily dressed in his T-shirt and athletic shorts, came off the train. Martin opened the rear passenger door of the limo. Felix got in, turned, and opened his arms to receive Sam. He had Sam undressed and stretched across the backseat on his belly while Martin, at the wheel, was still maneuvering the limo with its smoked windows.

Sam had been left to recover for a few hours and was now good for an hour or two more of sport—enough time to get them a far distance down the highway, at least into an area where seldom-used back roads, lined with alligator-infested canals, led off the main thoroughfare.

Felix was out of his trench coat as well, revealing a swirling black cape, covering a naked body. He stretched out on Sam's back, pulling the cape over them both, urged Sam a bit up on his knees, forced his impossibly long and thick cock inside an ass that had been reamed to his specifications earlier in the night, sliced his incisors into a vein at the side of Sam's neck, and, as Sam sighed and gurgled, the count fed and fucked. He carried Sam along the edge between life and death. They could always pick up a hitchhiker along the way, but it would be best if Felix could make Sam last a while. He, after all, was a delectable piece and so docile and yielding.

They were driving to Miami. Chances are good that Sam would be used up in the backseat of the limo before they got there. But Felix was the boss, so he fed and fucked to the degree he wished and Martin got the leftovers—at least what Martin didn't take off the top in acquiring the prey. And Miami was prime territory for finding young star-struck men who would do and give anything to get into films—even Czech porn flicks.

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