Train Girl



Authors note:

My wife has been nagging me for some time now to write an erotic fiction story. It is not my usual writing genre and so I hope that you enjoy it. This story does involve a scene of forced or reluctant sex, and so if this is something you find offensive stop reading now. I will not bother to answer complaints from people that ignored this warning. Also please note I do not condone in any shape or form non-consensual sexual conduct of any kind. As a work of fiction or role-play done inside of a consensual relationship it is fine, but without consent it is a crime and unacceptable.


The train platform was already a bustling hive of activity when Setsuko stepped on to it, even though she was quite early for the train herself. Men, women and children were all waiting patiently and calmly for the train, as was the Japanese way. Normally she would have joined the waiting throng of people, or looked out for some of her friends to stand and wait with, but as she was feeing somewhat bored she wondered along the platform to stretch her legs before the fairly long and dull train ride ahead of her.

As she walked along she tugged absently at the side of her skirt, fruitlessly attempting to pull it a little lower – something she unconsciously did a lot these days. The skirt stubbornly – as was usual thanks to her rounded hips – refused to move any lower. Letting out a huff of frustration at it she turned to study her likeness being reflected in a metal surface attached to one of the station walls.

She gazed at herself for a moment in the slightly distorted image the unpolished metal showed her, and took a few seconds to flick part of her straight, raven-black hair over her shoulder. It was long down her back, just past her scapula, layered to her collar at the sides and a fringe cut to fall just below her eyebrows, which often got in the way of her soft, dark brown eyes.

Setsuko was pretty by the standards of most people, but her looks hadn't always given her the best of times due to her being of mixed-race, with a Japanese father and English mother, which had led to some issues of bullying in school. She mostly looked Japanese, but had a slightly lighter skin tone, an ass that was directly from her mother's curves and some aspects around her nose and eyes that hinted at her mixed heritage.

She was dressed in her school uniform that consisted of a dark navy blue blazer that buttoned together in the middle with three round silver buttons, which she was wearing over a plain white button down blouse and a plain white bra that held her well-rounded and firm 32BB breasts. The outfit was finished off with knee high black socks, dark maroon shoes and a black and white plaid pleated skirt that was still the victim of her repeated, fruitless tugging.

Setsuko's mother had bought the uniform for her when she was sixteen, just before she entered senior high school, but now at eighteen and entering her last few months of school the skirt was no longer such a great fit. It had been around mid-thigh on her when it was purchased, and despite the fact she was still fairly short – even by Japanese standards at just over 4ft 9in – she had grown an inch and a half in the last two years. With her shy nature this now put the skirt uncomfortably high on her legs – at least in her opinion.

The train pulling into the station snapped Setsuko from her visual and internal reflection, and she realised with a little start that she had wondered all the way to the end of the platform. She knew this was not a good thing as she looked around and saw that there weren't any women in the group of commuters she was stood with. The trains in Tokyo were notorious for perverts that liked to grope young women, and while Setsuko had never had it happen to her, it had too many of her friends. In fact if you got through high school without having been touched in some way or other you were going to find yourself in the minority rather than the majority.

Glancing back along the platform she realised that she would not be able to make her way back to where the other students from her school tended to board the train. There were just too many people in the way to make it easy to manoeuvre her way back there before the train would leave again.

Seeing that she had little choice, Setsuko, joined the people waiting by her and was swept in along with them as they piled into the last carriage. She was so small that she was like a cork being driven by an ocean swell, with little choice of where her final destination inside the train car would be. In the end when the people stopped moving this turned out to be near the back of the carriage. People were on either side of her in close proximity, while behind her someone was pressed quite tightly against her, and finally she was facing one of the carriage windows so closely that she was all but pinned up against it.

Setsuko was only still for a few moments before the train doors shut with a soft swoosh and the train started to pull out of the station. She always enjoyed the train journey, as she found that the rattle of the carriages, the rhythmic duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun sound the train wheels made over the tracks, and even the close press of bodies on the train comforting. Sometimes the combination of all these things had nearly made her drift off to sleep – even when she was standing up – while on journeys to and from school.

The first few minutes of the journey passed uneventfully, but then as the train car rocked slightly she felt something bump against her behind for the briefest moment. She tensed a little at the contact, but didn't panic, as it was not so uncommon in the pressed jumble of bodies to have accidental touching when the carriages swayed around. However, being so unusually alone with no friends there for support, she did feel a little more exposed than was normal.

Just as she was starting to relax again the bumping touch came again – once, twice and then a third time. This time Setsuko knew it wasn't an accident, as it hadn't been in time with the movement of the carriage. She could even tell it felt like the back of someone's hand, and most likely the person right behind her. She froze, suddenly frightened and sharply alert to any more movement that might come.

Seconds passed like minutes and she wasn't surprised when the hand touched her again, but her breath was stolen by the fact that this time her left ass cheek was boldly cupped by a firm hand. And the hand didn't stop at just that, as it started to massage, squeeze, fondle and stroke over her skirt covered rear. On one movement his fingers even lightly touched skin on the back of her upper thigh and she was caught off guard as it caused a tingle to race right up the length of her spine and goose bumps to flourish where the fingers had so briefly touched flesh. This confused her a little, but she decided it was a reaction to the revulsion she should feel over the fact some pervert was groping her bottom. But she couldn't deny there was also just a little twinge of excitement as well.

Setsuko was trying to decide what she should do about the hand on her arse cheek, but even as she was thinking the man's right hand came round her side and with calm confidence landed on her right breast, and then began to knead and squeeze the firm but pliant flesh. This put her brain back into a spin, as she just had no idea how she should best act. This whole thing was just so far outside of her experience. She looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, but the people either side of her had their backs to her and she was too short for anyone else to see in the tight pack of bodies around her.

Her lack of familiarity with this type of situation was not just limited to being groped either, as so far she had no involvement with men at all. Her father had forbidden her from dating any boys until she was finished with high school, and she had always been obedient to his wishes. She wasn't totally innocent of course having experimented often with her own fingers, and was only technically a virgin after an over-exuberant incident with a candle – something a friend had suggested she try – had ripped her hymen in a rush of pain and gush of blood some three months ago. It had been nearly four weeks before she had relented to that same friend's pressure to try it again, and this time with far more satisfying results that had left her breathless and sated holding a very wet candlestick.

It was perhaps this very lack of experience that was causing, Setsuko, the most difficulty as she had been a hormone bomb of pent-up sexual energy for the best part of two years now, and had fantasied so many times about what it would feel like to have a man's hands touching her in all her intimate places. And now on a public train at rush hour that was exactly what was happening to her.

Even as she looked down at the hand on her breast the other hand that had been on her butt cheek came around her side and started an equal action on her left breast, and Setsuko blushed deeply as she realised her nipples were now hard inside her bra, and worse she could feel the familiar warm tingle of arousal starting in her loins and up into her stomach. She knew she should be fighting this feeling, but while her mind was reeling her body was responding to the stimulation, and she didn't know how she could stop him. She hadn't been brought up to make scenes in public, it wasn't the done thing. Not to mention women in Japan were raised to be somewhat subservient to men, and Setsuko had always been rather submissive in general, even with friends.

Setsuko just stood like a rabbit caught in car headlights as she watched the man's hands hypnotically as they continued their assault on her breasts. She noticed that his hands were strong, with long slender fingers, but also that they looked like they were the hands of an older man. She also noted he was wearing what appeared to be an expensive suit, judging by the dark blue material, and a white shirt underneath it. She watched trancelike as his hands moved from her tits and with quick ease opened the three buttons on the front of her blazer before starting to pull up and untuck her shirt from her skirt. Then with a quick motion he pulled her blouse up with both hands until it was bunched up under her chin, exposing her bra-clad breasts to anyone that happened to look. For the first time Setsuko reacted physically and raised her hands to rest on top of his, trying to get him to pull her shirt back down, scared that someone would see her in such an embarrassing condition.

"Relax, pretty girl, I'm going to make you feel wonderful," said a soft, husky voice coming from a mouth that was suddenly up close enough to her right ear that no one else would have heard over the sounds of the train.

Setsuko hesitated for several moments with her hands holding lightly to his as they continued to rub slowly over her increasingly sensitive tits, and then she meekly removed her hands from his and lowered them back to her sides, though the fact her fists were tightly clenched showed she was far from relaxing. Her friends had sometimes said she had no backbone, but up till this point she honestly hadn't realised just how submissive she was. She knew that she had pretty much just waved the white flag of surrender to what he wanted to do, and she also knew that she wasn't the only one that would recognize what her hands removal meant.

The pervert's hands took full advantage of their found freedom and pulled the bra cups of both breasts lower so that both of her small, dark areolas and equally dark, erect nipples came out into the air. His fingers then started to tease, caress, flick, and even lightly pinch on her nipples causing Setsuko to groan softly at this attention to her always highly sensitive nubs. She closed her eyes partly due to the pleasure that was radiating in her breasts and from somewhat lower down as well, and partly so that she wouldn't have to see if someone noticed what she was letting happen.

Why am I letting this happen to me? It feels nice, but it's wrong. This man is a pervert molesting me, how can I be enjoying it? What does that make me? ... His willing slut?

Setsuko found her own thoughts confusing, and that last question to her utter shame had not disgusted her, but instead shot an instant new flush of heat down to her pantie covered mound. She didn't understand the conflicting emotions running riot through her mind and body. Revulsion, shame, embarrassment, fear, arousal, need and desire were but a few of those and she couldn't comprehend how she could be feeling such contradictory things at the same time.

Setsuko was shaken from her thoughts as she felt her skirt move and realised that there was only one hand on her left breast. Her eyes flicked open just in time to see the man's right hand grip the hem of her skirt, right in the middle at the front, and then smoothly and quickly lift it up level with the waistband of her panties. He paused for only a second, placing his hand palm down flat against her belly, and then slid it under the waistband and down to lewdly cup the soft curs of her black-haired pussy with his fingers.

As the fingers grabbed her, Setsuko, let out a startled squeak that could have been confused for the sound a mouse might make if you stepped on it. She then involuntarily rose up on her tiptoes and thrust her hips backwards away from the invading hand touching her in so intimate a spot. Unfortunately all this did was press her ass into the pervert's groin, and despite her inexperience, she was not so naïve as to not know that the hard lump that was suddenly pressed in the cleft of her butt was his very hard cock. Nor did it get her away from his hand that just followed her movements.

He held her in place firmly now with his arms, as he pulled roughly down on her bra to fully expose her breasts that were held high and proud by the bra cups now tucked beneath the swells of her young tits. Her nipples were painfully erect and she shuddered slightly when his left hand returned to her left breast and started to firmly grope and squeeze it. At the same time he started to grind slowly against her ass cheeks with his cock, while his middle finger started to trace softly over the outer lips of her labia. Despite her fears, embarrassment and shame, Setsuko, couldn't help it that for a brief moment a mental picture of the hard penis rubbing at her not being so restricted by clothing, but instead entering her virgin vagina to fuck her. Her face went crimson again instantly at the lewd thought, and she tried to dismiss it.

The finger that had started its exploration of her labia pressed in deeper, parting the outer lips, stroking casually over the inner lips, and finally starting to tease around the muscled ring of her virginal entry. The finger traced slowly in a circle, mapping her opening, then pressing softly in a little, retreating back out, and then repeating several times. Setsuko moaned softly, and found that her hips were moving back and forth as her bodies desires overtook the rational side of her and tried to encourage that finger to explore deeper.

The finger didn't oblige her though, but instead worked upwards to her clit that was still hiding in its protective hood. That changed quickly when his lithe fingers started to rub and tease over her clit, coaxing it to swell and rise from its hiding place. He was clearly no novice with a woman's body, and Setsuko couldn't help but let a soft moan escape her lips, her head drooping to her chest and her pussy beginning to get majorly wet in response to his skilful hands.

Suddenly his left hand left her breast – much to her dismay – and reached down to grasp her left wrist. She wasn't sure what he was doing until he pulled her hand back behind her back and turned her hand so that her palm was facing towards him, and then pressed it up against the hard cock hiding behind the material of his trousers. It distracted her from what he was doing to her pussy, and she didn't know what she was supposed to do. Part of her wanted to just pull her hand away from the alien thing that she could actually feel pulsing under her hand. But, another part of her, and maybe the slightly larger part was deeply curious about something that had been in her fantasies for so long now.

While she had no personal experience to draw on in this situation, some of her friends were not as innocent, a couple of them as far from innocent as Setsuko thought you could get – and those girls loved to gossip. So even if she had never performed any type of sex act with a man she certainly knew what they all were, and how to perform them, at least in theory. With an uncharacteristic act of bravery, or devilry – undoubtedly inspired by her arousal – she gently squeezed the large bulge, and moved her hand briefly up and down on its length. She was surprised when she heard a soft moan of approval from behind her.

He likes it! He's hard like this because of me, Setsuko reasoned, and felt oddly quite flattered. It feels so much thicker than the candle – does it really fit inside someone? ... Maybe even inside me?

Setsuko knew of course that a cock would indeed fit, but she flushed once again as that mental picture re-ran itself in a flash of images in her head. She could clearly imagine this hard cock in her hand entering her as she was bent forward for it, and this time the dirty thought was not so easy to dismiss, regardless of where all of this was happening. No-one appeared to have noticed yet what was going on, though she suspected those close to her where aware now, but were just ignoring them as if she and her pervert were invisible objects.

Even as Setsuko was getting mentally adjusted to the fact she was touching a cock for the first time – all be it through clothing – the man had stopped rubbing her clit, and pulled his hand out from her underwear. He leaned right up against her and she could feel his breath hot up against her neck as he took both of his hands and started to run them with feather light touches up the sides of her thighs. He traced up the sides slowly, stopping just under her skirt, then down the front of them, up the back of them, dragging his nails slowly all the way up both legs until he reached her ass. The feeling of it made the skin on her legs prickle with goose pimples, and her clitoris to throb almost painfully she was so turned on by it.

Then on one of his movements up the sides of her thighs he went all the way to her hips, taking her skirt along with it, and then in a smooth motion gripped her panties and pulled them quickly down her legs until they were resting just over her knees. Setsuko was shocked by this exposure, even though her tits had been out on display now for many minutes, but her intimate centre on show seemed too much and she reached for them with both hands. He must have expected her to do this though, and he was ready and quick to grab both of her hands at the wrists and prevented her from moving down to pull her panties back up again. He pushed her hands back down to her sides, and when he let go of them she meekly didn't go for the lowered underwear again, much as she had submitted to him from the beginning of this.

With her passive once more he pulled the skirt back up at the front and once again stroked at her clitoris with the fingers of his right hand, and Setsuko found her arousal come quickly back in full force. He worked with care, feeling her movements, hearing any soft groans she made that signalled how she liked to be touched and where exactly she was most sensitive. Oh, he is too good at this, she mentally moaned, and her pussy that was now starting to wet her own thighs seemed to agree wholeheartedly. If he keeps this up much longer he is going to make me orgasm.

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