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Train Travels Begin


My wife Gina is a stunning woman in her 30s who I am lucky to have snagged. She has sandy blond hair, elegantly carved cheekbones and is medium height with an athletic build that she keeps sexy with her swimming habit that was left over from her time on the swim team in college. She spends a lot of time in the pool racking up the laps, which keeps her away from the house, but she makes time for me to enjoy what those laps do to her thighs, taut stomach, and sexy ass. I, Hugh, am in my 30s as well, tall and thin with brown hair. Though I do not possess a bodybuilder's body, my wife is not the first person to have said that I am sexy. I am also athletic, playing many sports at an amateur level, which keeps everything tight. We both carry ourselves with a style we have come to afford, which helps too.

We have been lucky to travel abroad because we have been successful at our jobs. They have been stressful though and this summer we decided we needed a change. We quit our jobs, but before embarking on a new career, we decided we would take two weeks to travel southern Europe by train. So we set out to see the Adriatic coast of Croatia and its lovely and sexy beaches. From there we are to travel to Cinque Terre and then on to the South of France. After that, we would see where the train would take us.

This trip started going the way I wanted it to right from the beginning when we made it to the beaches of Croatia. We found ourselves surrounded by women in skimpy bikinis, many thongs and many topless. Gina could tell how much this excited me with a glance at my swim trunks which only had to be further obscured when she discarded her own top to join the others. Her pert little tits stood out from her chest with her nipples reaching out into the subtle breeze. This made my cock hate the sand underneath it as I had to lay on my stomach until I felt I was acceptable to the masses for quite some time.

We also visited our first nude beach in the north of the country. At first, we were hesitant but I reassured Gina that, though we were North Americans, this was more normal in this part of the world. When we arrived there were people spread out on the beach, some nude, some topless. Gina was slightly nervous as was I, but I had to act cool about the whole thing. I casually took off my shirt and then my swimsuit and sat down, starting to apply sunscreen on every inch of my long torso and legs and then I paid special attention to the areas that do not receive any sun. There were some young women nearby who were trying to be sly about checking me out, which made me more comfortable about being there.

Gina was watching agape. Biting her lower lip as I applied the cream to my semi-hard cock. I would have to get in the water soon to settle down. I sat back and used my legs to cover my slightly engorged cock until it simmered down a bit. I looked up at Gina as she finally stood. She reached behind herself to pull the string holding her tiny top together and let it fall to the sand. Her nipples were already hard and ready for attention. Then she stood, forcing self-confidence, legs slightly spread and proudly straight, pulled down her short shorts leaving her standing in only her tiny thong bottoms. Then she pulled at the strings at either side of those new string thong bottoms. They slowly dripped off her hips and slipped out of the crack of her sexy, tight ass letting the whole beach see her newly bare pussy. I had to sit with my legs strategically placed for at least 20 minutes before I could demurely venture into the sea.

We spent the day out there. It was wonderful to swim in the sea feeling the refreshing water slide over every inch of our bodies. We ate a picnic lunch, drank a few of the beers we brought, played frisbee with a few other naked people, and noticed each of us checking others out and being checked out. It was very sexy watching other nude women coyly looking at my cock while I let my eyes flit over their exposed beauty. Also, I very much enjoyed watching men with semi-hard cocks openly staring at my nude wife. This turned both of us on and we enjoyed the day thoroughly.

When the sun started to lower, the day turned from sexy to slightly erotic. Most of the people left the beach, but a few remained. I talked Gina into some photos of her lying on the sand and standing to brush the sand off her backside with short, snapping strokes that made her cheeks bounce. As I was snapping the photos a tanned and toned man in his late thirties came up and introduced himself as Martin and asked if I would like to have some photos of the both of us. I could see him looking at Gina and her looking at him and his impressive dick bouncing as he walked.

Martin took the camera and took a few of Gina and I arm-and-arm baring our bodies for the world. After a few snaps, he began to get suggestive in his photo taking. He told us to hug each other with me pressing my naked body into hers. Then to put one another's hands on each other's asses. He took a few shots focused on my wife's ass. As my cock started to grow from all the attention paid to Gina's backside, Martin even asked her to grip my hardening cock for a few pictures. While we were doing this I noticed that his cock was growing as well, and I could tell that Gina had definitely noticed too. Her eyes kept returning for another look at it as it grew longer and thicker. Gina subtly stroked my cock while he took pictures. After a bit, he said that was good.

I took a bit of a risk at this point. I was too turned on by the activities so far and wanted to push the envelope. Gina and I had talked many times about people we saw that we thought were attractive and what it would be like to have a "free" weekend. I wasn't ready to go that far, but I thought I would test our comfort levels as I asked if I could take a few photos of Martin with Gina. She was shocked but didn't reject the idea as her eyes surreptitiously glanced at his cock and muscular arms. He said he should check with his wife who had just started walking up.

Martin introduced his wife, Ines. Ines said hi to us in a sexy French accent that matched Martin's. She looked amazing with breasts swaying and bouncing with each step she took towards us. Ines had an all over tan, beautiful round ass, and curly dark brown hair that fell down to her nipples. You could tell they both worked out and kept themselves fit. Also, her movements dripped with sex. Her walk was seductive as she looked us over - every square inch of us. She said it was okay with her if they get a copy. I agreed.

He handed me the camera and confidently walked over to Gina. His cock was hard again and pointed right at her with impressive length and girth. He smiled at her and she nervously smiled back. Then Gina looked at me smiling and then back at his big cock that was sticking straight out to her. She stared at it biting her bottom lip and smiling. She couldn't believe what was happening. I couldn't either, but I was just enjoying the view of my naked wife standing next to a sexy naked man.

I started taking pictures of them standing next to each other with their arms over each other's shoulders. Then I asked Gina to get a little closer to him, so she kind of turned her body into his. Her nipple touched his hard muscular chest and she jumped as she felt his big hard dick touch her hip. She apologized, but he said it was quite all right. His big, strong hands were on the small of Gina's back and I could tell from her half opened eyes she secretly hoped they would go further down.

Gina told me later that she was getting very turned on at this point and was thinking about putting a stop to it when she looked up and saw my raging hard-on sticking straight out. As she looked down at his dick pressing against her, she wanted to continue to feel it move on her body. The heat kept rising in her body and she later said she was having trouble seeing straight, so she knew she had to put a stop to it. But just then, she saw the wife of the man who's naked cock was sliding across her stomach lean into my body to help me direct the photo shoot. Gina saw Ines's big soft breasts rub against my naked back and shoulder, and the bounce from my cock in response. Ines smiled at her. Gina thought she might let it go for a while longer.

I loved the feeling of Ines's large naked breasts dripping across my body. They were sweeping against me - pressing against me - and I loved it. They felt so good I forgot to take pictures. Ines reminded me what I was doing by asking Gina and Martin to face each other and hug. My wife gasped. She knew what that pose meant, but when I said it was a great idea, Gina turned to face Martin, immediately looking at his cock sticking out in front of him. He was smiling at her, looking at her completely naked body. He stepped close and Gina quickly wrapped him in her arms. She laid her head on his chest and looked at the camera, feeling his naked body against hers and his strong hands on her back.

Then he did it. He moved his strong hands to Gina's sexy, married ass and squeezed it to pull her completely against his naked body pressing his cock onto her. She didn't object to him keeping his hands there - she just sighed seductively.

Then, as I was snapping photos, Ines began moving towards her husband. Gina looked at her slightly nervous that they had gone too far but also just taking in the view of her beautiful body. She was stunning. Her large breasts swayed as she walked and her wicked smile left nothing to be nervous about. Gina looked over Ines's shoulder to see me watching her ass as she walked towards them.

As Gina looked back at Ines's tits while her husband's hard, throbbing cock was pressed against her stomach and those hands were still massaging her ass, she unconsciously let her hands run all over his strong back and shoulders and finally let them rest on his toned ass. Martin looked at her and Gina looked at him. He moved away a bit, but Gina squeezed his ass and pulled him back to her. She liked the feeling of his cock throbbing harder and the drips of pre-cum smear onto her. Both of them moaned lightly. I was taking pictures the whole time.

Ines finally reached the two of them and she wrapped her body around him from the back. I could see her hands reach around to Gina. She was helping her husband massage my wife's ass. Gina looked at me to see my dick sticking straight out. Harder than it's ever been.

Then I told Ines to move to the other side. She smiled and walked behind Gina knowing what a dirty man I was. My wife was nervous, but any worry melted away as she felt the nipples graze her toned back and the firm breasts slowly press into her. Ines even bent down so that she could slide them back up Gina. I heard another moan escape her lips as the French couple smiled.

Martin held her tight and asked huskily, "They feel good, don't they?"

"Yeah," Gina lustfully responded.

"Just as good as his big cock against you?" Ines whispered in Gina's ear.

Gina opened her mouth, closed her eyes, and moaned as she pulled Martin against her body tighter.

Martin said something in French and his wife responded, "not yet big boy. More pictures first."

She then moved to the other side of her husband and pulled him away from Gina to face the camera. My pouty-lipped wife looked down to see a string of liquid stretch from the tip of his penis to her stomach. Her eyes said told me she wanted to lick it so bad.

As Martin faced the camera Ines stood next to him and wrapped her hand around his cock. She looked at Gina and told her to do the same. She moved her hand down the shaft to make room for her at the top of his dripping penis.

My wife looked at it. Ines kept stroking and we could hear him moan. Gina looked at me and my hard dick, then looked back at that throbbing cock as it leaking liquid out the top. She looked up at his face to meet his eyes piercing her with lust. Ines looked at her nodding to say it's okay. I could see pure, unthinking lust in my wife's eyes. I love it when she looks this way. Absolutely lost in it. I saw her let go. I saw the feeling, the moment, and the look of his hard dick taking her over, and I was turned on even more by it.

She stretched out her hand. I could see a small part telling her to stop, but a stronger part stretched out her fingers to touch that large thick cock that had been resting against her stomach. Her stomach with Martins pre-cum; slightly touching his pre-cum with her other hand motivated her even more. Gina reached further out until she finally touched the dripping head of his cock. He moaned. Ines moaned. I moaned. Gina moaned louder as she wiped the liquid all over the tip of his cock. Martin began breathing heavier as he closed his eyes. My wife's beautiful eyes were glued to it as her hardening nipples heaved in and out with her raging breathing. She wrapped her fingers around it and started to stroke it with his wife.

Gina kept stroking it with her one hand while her other hand started to explore his body. I watch and snapped another gigabyte of pics. Thank god we got the larger SD card. Gina started at his thighs, then to his strong abs and chest, then his shoulders and arms, then down his back. All over his naked body until she reached his ass. She dug her fingers into his tight ass, squeezing it tight. He moaned louder.

At this moment, Ines let go of her husband's cock and stood back to watch Gina stroke the entire length of Martin. I snapped photos of her lustful eyes gliding over Ines rubbing her trimmed pussy while watching, me rubbing my cock while watching, Martin's contorted face of pleasure, but most of the pictures are of her staring at his cock dripping on her hand.

All of this was more than Gina could handle so she stepped closer pushing her body against his, pressing her pussy against his thigh. He instinctively began rubbing against my wife's pussy his hands ravaged her whole body. He squeezed her tits and ass, ran his hand down her sweat-beaded stomach to the top of her pussy and began to rub her. Gina didn't stop him but encouraged him with her ragged moaning.

His wife knelt down in front of him watching the show as Martin's finger slid into Gina's pussy. The first finger in her pussy since she'd been with me. It didn't matter if Gina thought she should stop things at this point because it felt too good with his fingers inside her soaking pussy and her fingers barely touching around thickness. Then Martin's cock trembled and shot his semen all over the sand below. Gina was transfixed by it, which made for an excellent shot of his semen in the air as his face showed agonized pleasure, Gina's eyes glued to it with his fingers inside of her and her beautiful wife masturbating next to them.

As it dribbled onto Gina's hand she instinctively brought it to her lips. I snapped a shot of her realizing it was not mine as it hit her tongue. She looked at me as she thought about it. But not for long as she brought it back to her tongue seeming even more turned on.

Gina started to back away pulling her pussy away from Martin's fingers, watching Ines's pussy replace hers as they made out. Gina was looking nervous and unsure, but I quickly kissed her as they ran into the water to wash off.

I reassured her by saying, "that was the hottest thing I have ever seen."

"Really?" Gina asked.

I put her hand on my dick and she felt it harder than ever.

"I guess that confirms it," she said as she began stroking it.

Gina had not been stoking long when Ines came back and said it was my turn. Her husband took the camera and said: "enjoy."

Both of the ladies smiled as they wrapped their bodies around me for the teaser shots. They didn't take quite as long this time because I had been teased enough. Gina started the stroking from behind, and I shuddered as she rubbed the tip of my dick against Ines's tight stomach. Then she bent down to let my cock rub against her bountiful tits. I am moaning at the sensation of these two beautiful women stroking my cock into those big soft titties. The photos would show how far into heaven I had been taken.

Ines finally stood up sliding naked tits her body all over my naked body. I felt my cock against her body. I felt her pussy smearing all over my leg. Her husband just kept smiling and taking pictures.

Gina stopped watching and pressed into my back. It was amazing to have two women pressing their naked bodies against me. Gina knows me too well. I know this because she reached around and turned Ines around so I could feel her ass against my naked cock. I ran my cock up and down the crack of her ass. It felt so good especially with her pressing back against me.

In the middle of my ecstasy, I felt Gina's body peel away from me. I looked over and saw her enjoying the picture show by rubbing her pussy.

Ines had started to play with herself as she began to stroke my cock. In the fading light, I could see my pre-cum smeared on her breasts. She used her free hand to smear it in more while squeezing her big juicy tits for my enjoyment. Gina moans as she looked at our display and Martin's now hardening cock. I was so turned on watching her needing to look at it.

Then Gina came back over and wrapped herself around me to begin to help Ines stroke me. I put my hands around the both of them, letting my hands roam free, touching, squeezing, and groping as I pleased.

My breath got huskier and my cock harder in their hands. Suddenly, Ines got on her knees in front of me offering up her big titties. Gina stroked my cock into them. She put it between them and she started moving them up and down. I heard Martin rapidly clicking the camera as I titty-fucked his wife. Gina could tell I loved it when I grabbed her and passionately kissed her.

I could feel Ines's hand reaching around my body to my ass, and she squeezed it. I felt Gina's hand slide down onto hers to help. She used her other hand to stroke my dick on her tits. Ines's fingers reached her into the crack of my ass and began rubbing my asshole. I let out a loud guttural moan it felt so good. I had to cum right then.

I pulled back from her tits and Gina grabbed my cock in time and started stroking. Gina aimed the tip to Ines's beautiful breasts as I let loose. Both of them were watching, licking their lips, as I shot all of my semen onto her breasts. Her husband was clicking as ropes of pent-up sperm was thrown onto Ines's breasts by my possessed cock.

After I recovered from panting, I reached for Gina and brought her to my lips. As I kissed her, I felt her hand slide off my softening cock. We looked at Ines just in time to see her lift one of her breasts to her tongue to taste my cum. Gina gasped watching her licking her tit again.

She looked up with sexy eyes and says, "ooh, its good too," as she kissed the tip of my cock and stood up.

She asks Gina if she wanted to try. Gina looked at me saying that she had to get me hard again somehow.

I was beside myself as I watched my wife of six years walk over to her, bend over, and look at the camera just before her tongue flicked across Ines's cum drizzled nipples. Not only did she lick, but she also sucked each nipple and groped each breast too. Martin's cock got even harder and mine stood at attention again so quickly. Nothing could have kept it down.

Gina then pulled away and said we should take some more pictures.

Ines grabbed her and said, "Of us. Together."

Gina looked at me. I looked at them and Ines looked at her husband and commanded with a wink, 'Start snapping!"

First, they stood back to back. They looked so hot with their beautiful ass pushing against one another's. They both looked at the camera with a sexy model look on sun-kissed faces. Then they started laughing when they saw our jaws dropping to the sand. Our cocks were bouncing again.

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