Train Trouble


It had been a long day, and a bad day. Mike was riding the metro home to the Vienna stop just like he did everyday--only today he was three hours early. He grimaced while remembering his nasty fat-ass boss who had fired him. The inventory mistake was his boss' but of course Mike had proven to be a great scapegoat.

"Fuck 'em" thought Mike as he tried to pretend he didn't care or need that shitty job. But the reality was that regardless of the fact that the job REALLY was shitty, he DID need the paycheck.

He exhaled sharply and looked around to distract himself. The metro-car was virtually empty this early save for a lady sitting opposite him. It wouldn't be too long before rush hour and then there wouldn't be anything but standing room only.

Right now it was just him and the rather conservatively dressed lady doing the normal commuter "avoid eye contact" feigned distraction routine. She was wearing a loose button down blouse and an ankle length skirt.

As his thoughts wandered back to today's events he angrily grimaced and proceeded to gaze out the window trying to distract himself. He closed his eyes, breathed deeply and started thinking of sex. This was a surefire distraction anytime, it was the one thing that worked for taking his mind off his troubles.

After just a minute his circulatory system had redistributed his blood where it was needed most and he opened his eyes realizing he was flying a massive hard-on right in front of the other passenger. His concern about being noticed was confirmed as he looked her way and she way too violently turned her head in another direction.

As foul as his mood had been, it was lifted almost magically knowing that a stranger had been staring at his cock. His heartbeat picked up and he became even more excited. He stared at her and happily slouched in the seat more severely causing his cock to push even more prominently against his jeans.

When he saw her looking again, he caught her eyes and just grinned. She looked uncomfortable, but kept looking and though she didn't smile she HAD stopped frowning.

For what seemed like an eternity he sat there while she looked at him severely, almost sternly... But nonetheless looked onward. As they pulled into the next stop and she saw nobody was on the platform, he became even more emboldened.

Though he was concerned she might move to another car, hit the police button, leave the train car, or even all three--the urge became greater than the concern. He started rubbing his fully erect cock through his jeans, all the while looking directly at the woman.

As she looked on, she smiled momentarily and then her face moved back to the focused but nondescript expression, so Mike just kept rubbing. His heart raced in his chest as he contemplated the next step... But just as he had throw caution to the wind before, so he did again as he slowly pulled down his zipper, reached in to push down his underwear and pulled out his cock for a stranger on the train. He almost came right there from the excitement.

She looked away from his cock and stared at him for a moment. He wondered if she would yell or tell him off. But instead she said nothing and just unbuttoned a couple of the buttons on her blouse. And as she leaned forward towards Mike, he saw down her shirt where the two beautiful breasts hung down forming a very generous cleavage.

Mike didn't need a verbal cue, he started to stroke his cock. Another few buttons and she had her blouse open enough to slide her breasts outside of the supporting silk bra. He could see her nipples--THIS WAS INSANE.

As he got close he screamed at himself to stop stroking, he didn't want to cum yet... He didn't want it to end. This was the hottest thing EVER to happen to him. Sitting there not moving his hand and just holding his cock, she misinterpreted his motives. It seems she thought he stopped jerking it because he wanted to see more.

With her blouse now wide open and tits showing freely, framed by her bra and blouse, she sat up, leaned back and ever so slowly drew up the hem of her skirt.

Mike couldn't move, he couldn't do anything but stare. Women just DID NOT DO THIS! But here she was, and when he saw her panties, his hand started furiously pumping again. Though she reached a hand up her skirt to pull them aside he would have been content even if she hadn't.

When he saw her unshaved hairy lips he knew it wouldn't be long. He stood up and moved towards her. He was half way across the train car to her side when she shook her head no and frowned. So holding a ceiling rail in one hand, he continued jerking his cock and moved no closer.

She kept watching and he could see her breath quickening as he kept going. She sat there watching and showing him her tits and cunt, clearly wet and excited beyond belief, the skin of her labia was red-flush with blood and arousal visible even through her pubic hair.

He hadn't realized he was loudly moaning at first. All Mike knew was that he was cumming harder than he ever had in his life. And it was clear this woman was just as dazed and enthralled, because even though there was a good two or three feet separating them, he could see she had gotten a large amount of his load on her.

It sat in thick globs on her breasts and shirt, small darkening areas on her blouse as the material absorbed his moisture. Even a small bit that had astonishingly landed on her cheek.

She did not smile, did not freak out. She just reached up with a long delicate finger and wiped the bit of cum off her face. She recovered her breasts with her bra, started buttoning up her blouse. And before he knew what was happening she was standing up, moving past him and with the opening doors chime, she walked out the door and off the train. Cum still stained her blouse and she had done nothing to remove it.

The closing door chime broke him out of the trance and he realized he was standing on a metro train car with his cock out and cum on the floor and seat in front of him. He hastily put it away and at the next stop exited as quickly and as low key as possible.

They never spoke, never touched--and neither has ever stopped masturbating whenever they reminisced about one of the most exciting encounters of their lives.

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