Train Watching


I've always delighted in finding an unexpected sexual treat.

The last place I thought I would find one was on a train.

The City of New Orleans was making its way between Memphis and Chicago and I was awake. Maybe it was too much coffee. Or a buzz from too many drinks on Beale Street in Memphis on St Patrick's Day. There were a lot of drinks, some of them green, others not, all consumed in good faith, and then I got onto the train bound for Chicago.

The train pulled out of the station on time, shortly before midnight and I wandered the corridor, walking back and forth between the observation car and our sleeper car. My boyfriend slept the sleep of angels, sprawled on the bunk, the blanket wrapped around him like a cocoon and I wandered the corridors.

The train was smooth, relatively quiet. I had expected a clanging noise of the wheels on the rails, but there were none. Every now and then there would be a quick whap whap as we hit an uneven spot. But it was quiet like a fine hotel.

And then I heard it. A moan, soft, but urgent, and I stopped at the door and listened. Another moan, this one deeper, louder.

I looked up and down the corridor and I was the only one out in the hall. I stepped closer to the sliding glass door. The curtain was pulled across, but not all of the way, leaving about a quarter of the window uncovered. The interior car room was lit with the ceiling light.

A young man with brown curly hair stood in the center of the car room; his pants were bunched at his feet. A woman, her blond hair streaked with a green highlight, sat on the bunk, her hands rested on each of his ass cheeks. His cock was in her mouth and she bobbed her head forward and back, taking him in her mouth, sliding his cock between her lips.

I stood there, transfixed, watching him fuck her mouth. He moaned again and placed his hands lightly on her head, guiding her movements on his cock. The man stood tall, his head tossed back, his eyes closed, and enjoyed the blowjob. I knew he was enjoying it (which guy doesn't enjoy one?) because a smile crossed his lips just before I heard a moan pass over them.

The woman looked happy as well. Her fingers dug into his ass, I could see the tension in her hands, and she was looking up at his face as her lips slid up and down on the hard cock.

I was three feet from them yet a world away on the other side of the glass. I had my own private sex show. I licked my fingers and slid my hand into my panties and toward my clit. My first two fingers immediately touched my clit and I felt a jolt that nearly startled me, my clit was so sensitive from watching them for a while before touching myself. I stood quietly in the dark hall, watching the lovers, my fingers slowly circling my clit.

I started watching when I was in college. I had never seen people have sex, and I was a virgin when I started college. Oh, I had had boyfriends and there had been some heavy petting and fondling and maybe I had even jerked some guy's cock, but I had never had intercourse. It was the second week of college when I walked into my dorm room and found my roommate Vivian in bed with her boyfriend.

Vivian was a gorgeous Vietnamese girl, tall, thin, an athletic dancer. She had short black hair that framed her face. She has a wickedly sexy smile. She seemed like the girl next door during the first two weeks of school.

It was late on a Saturday night and I returned to the dorm alone after a bad date. Before I could turn on the overhead light, I heard Vivian. There were a few candles around the room. I saw her on her hands and knees, some guy behind her, fucking her doggy.

"That's it, fuck my pussy, yeah, that's it," she said, her voice a low hiss.

I froze and just stared at the two of them. Vivian had her head on the bed, turned to the side, talking to the guy and telling him what to do. He obviously was very good at it, because she moaned loudly and kept encouraging him.

The smell of sex filled the room and I inhaled deeply and savored the scents. I felt myself get wet as I watched them. Vivian rolled over on her back and the guy positioned himself with her legs in the air and resting on his shoulders. From my spot, I could see his cock thrust in and out of her pussy and I stood transfixed by the sight. I heard the slap against her as he slid in and out of her. She started to moan loudly, thrust against him as she grabbed his ass and came in a wonderful orgasm.

I couldn't stand it and I slid my hand down my jeans inside my panties. I had not really masturbated a lot as a teen, but the sight of Vivian being so wonderfully fucked, and then cumming was just too much for me. I found my clit and started to rub my fingers across my clit, slowly at first, and then faster as I saw the guy increase the speed of his thrusts.

"That's it, right there, fuck me, fuck my pussy," Vivian demanded and I watched him slide in and out of her.

I felt my orgasms building in my body. My pussy ached under my touch. I stared at the luscious site, the guy's tight ass cheek muscles as he thrust in and out of my roommate. Vivian told him that she wanted him to cum on her and he pulled his cock out and started stroking himself, his hand a blur on his cock, stroking it faster and then erupting and sending three spurts of ropy cum onto her belly.

The sight was too much for me. The smell and sounds and watching him cum sent me to the brink. I rubbed my clit hard and then a burning wave rushed through my pussy, starting as a deep ache and spread like hot wax down back and butt and legs. It spread to my chest, spreading as a hot flash to my chest and taking my breath away for a moment. I wanted to scream but I clamped my teeth together as the sensation washed over me. I pressed my fingers against my clit and let the feeling leave my body.

The guy had collapsed onto Vivian and the two of them were whispering and giggling. I removed my hand and did something unusual and smelled my sex on my fingers. I opened the door and slipped out of the room and waited for a few minutes before knocking to re-enter.

Whenever I watch, I remembered my first time with Vivian. Since her, and I had watched her multiple times over the years, my pleasure was usually from watching strangers. Like this couple on the train. I leaned toward the door and continued to watch as the woman sucked the guy's cock. She was fully dressed in sweater and jeans and thigh high boots and the guy was naked with his pants on the floor. My fingers slipped through my lips and found my clit and circled it, grazing the sensitive nub at first, and then I started rubbing it harder and faster. I watched as the woman sucking the guy, her hands clenched on his ass and fucked her mouth with his cock, sliding his whole body back and forth and watching his cock disappear into her mouth.

He stopped rocking and he took his cock in his hand and started stroking it, the tip bouncing on the woman's tongue as he did so. The faster he stroked, so did I, until the pleasure my pussy felt melted into me and warmth spread across my pussy. At that moment, the guy came, shooting gobs of cum onto the woman's tongue and lips. She smacked at it, trying to grab the spurts, and rubbed the thick white goo onto her lips. The sight was too much for me and I came hard, the warmth shooting through me, up my spine like boiling water into a cool spring stream.

I watched the couple for a few moments. She wiped the cum from her mouth and chin and smiled at the guy. He leaned over and kissed the top of her head. I removed my hand and pulled it from my panties. I walked away in the dark car and made my way toward our cabin. My boyfriend was there and woke as I slid the door open.

"Hey babe," he said, the sleep made his voice thick and slow. "What have you been doing?"

I smiled and walked over to him and kissed him on the lips.

"Let me show you."

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