The first morning of her ownership by Dr. McDouglas began with a wonderfully warm bath. Emily, nipples, was lead by her leash into the large bathtub and told to stay on all fours. She was instructed, however, that all fours, meant hands and feet, not knees. In fact, Dr. McDouglas, after some thought, bound her knees and elbows together securely. Naturally, this lifted nipple's butt until the good Dr. gently pressed it down into the position that would become second nature to her for the next 2 weeks.

Once nipples was in position, Dr. McDouglas scrubbed his new treasure head to toe, carefully examining every inch. He was very pleased. He explained that positioning is very important, and she would learn how to maintain the various positions He required. He looked up at the camera to make sure it was recording and smiled as He saw it was.

After her bath, He lead her outside into the huge wooded back yard. Although there were homes are neighbors nearby, He doubted that anyone could really see through the foliage, and if they did, He didn't really care. His new pet would have to get used to being viewed and handled by others eventually.

The first course of business was to teach her how to walk gracefully in the desired position. Her head held high, a toothy smile on her face, He lead her around the perimeter of the yard. Periodically, He had to gently press her bottom down some but she quickly made the various adjustments necessary to get comfortable in this position. She felt quite owned. She felt like a purely sexual animal with her sex open and on display. She had no idea what was to come.

Dr. McDouglas worked with nipples all day. She learned how to walk, how to trot, how to sit, and how to lay. Periodically, He allowed her to rest, during which time, He stroked her back or her haunches, and on two occasions, He playfully caressed her breasts which hung beautifully in the various positions she learned.

At feeding time, just as He had instructed earlier, she was given a bowl of feed and a bowl of water. She managed to eat without making too much of a mess, but she still had some practice to do with the drinking. She leaned forward to lap up the water, and Dr. McDouglas smacked her bum. Every time her bottom rose, He smacked it. Finally, she figured a way to crunch down, her knees on the outside of her elbows. This, of course, made her bottom that much more open, and sent shivers of excitement down her spine.

Again, He stroked her back, and played with her hair. "I have a hairdresser coming tomorrow, my dear, to do something with your hair. We can't have it falling into your face when you feed. You are enjoying your training?"

Nipples nodded shyly, and felt the smack of her Master! "Yes, Master, it is exciting and," she paused, "stimulating!"

"Very good, my dear. You instinctively know that you must be completely honest with me ... completely honest! I want to know exactly how you feel right now, please, to the best of your ability."

"If it pleases You, Master, I feel like a beautiful and expensive dog. I also feel completely submissive and exposed which honestly excites me. "

"Very well, nipples. Now, back to work." He picked up the leash. "Sit!" She sat as taught (something like a squat) knees wide open, elbows squishing her hanging breasts together invitingly, her head held high. "Well done. We will practice this. Walk." Nipples stood and walked as commanded. "Sit!"

They practiced this for most of the afternoon until nipples grew more and more graceful. Mid-afternoon, Master opted to give nipples a break and lead her over to His oversized lounger where He sat. He commanded her to sit which she did, more beautifully than He ever expected. "Now, as you did yesterday, you may pleasure my penis with your mouth, my pet."

Nipples was still bound knees to elbows, so she was unable to put her hands behind her back, but her hands were still useless. She buried her face affectionately in His crotch in eager search of the zipper. His manly musk intoxicated her and her arousal became more wanton. She tugged hungrily at the zipper and finally managed to expose His delicious penis. Again, she buried her face into Him, inhaling deeply. She kissed and licked Him and felt such delightful adoration as she watched his penis grow in response to her ministrations.

He relished the natural sounds that gurgled in her throat. She tenderly lifted His penis into her mouth, and her tongue lovingly caressed it round and round just under the rim. Her hunger was obviously growing. Her face pushed up against Him as she sought His balls and sucked them into her mouth one at a time. For over 2 hours, she gave herself devotedly to the pleasure of His penis, teasing and loving it, sucking and nibbling it, caressing endlessly with her tongue until it throbbed huge and thick.

"Please, Master ...," she hesitated in uncertainty, but courageously continued, "Please use Your pet for Your pleasure, Master!" Again she buried her face in His crotch, licking His balls seductively. "

"Nipples, Lay!" Immediately, she assumed the position she had been taught. Her head was down, her body curled up but her bum lifted high and wagging some. Dr. McDouglas stood behind her and with His hands opened her bottom wider. He used a finger to massage her vaginal opening, and circle her swollen clitoris. Her bottom wagged happily and soft sounds of pleasure came from her mouth and throat. To her surprise, He used her juices to moisten her anus, and quickly thrust His engorged penis deeply into her. She cried out loudly and a neighbor answered with a question ... "Everything ok over there?"

Dr. McDouglas responded, "Yes, of course, just a wayward pet, but everything's under control."

"You and Your pets!" the neighbor laughingly remarked and silenced.

Master smacked her bottom a few times while continuing to impale her. Her grunts and groans increased as she rocked against His thrusts energetically. Her body was right on the verge of losing control ... His hands grabbed her hips and His thrusts increased in tempo until finally ... they both exploded, Him first and her body responded to the spurts of manhood that filled her opening to overflowing.

"Richard, are you still there?" Master called.

"Sure, Sean, what do you need?"

"Do you have your digital camera handy? I forgot to install a camera out here to monitor the progress of my new pet. "

"Sure, be right there."

Emily, nipples, was horrified. Someone, a stranger, was coming to take a picture of this? Ohhhhhhhh noooo! Sure enough, within a minute, Richard arrived with his camera.

"Oh, a fine pet she is, Sir!"

"Yes, indeed. Though she still requires plenty of training to bring out her natural skills. Please take photos from as many different angles as you can ... as long as I can stay within her."

For the next several minutes, Richard walked around the pair snapping pictures from every angle he could imagine. His focus seemed to be on the point of actual union ... the beauty of her receptiveness of His massive engorged penis.

When both Richard and Master were satisfied, they chatted for a minute or so casually about the weather while nipples lay there, feeling a myriad of feelings to which she was unaccustomed.

Finally, Richard handed his camera to Dr. McDouglas and left. Nipples felt some sense of relief as he walked away.

It was supper time. Dr. McDoulas fed nipples and stroked her while she ate. He spoke to her in soft, affectionate tones.

"I will be posting these photos on my website, along with the others, and at some point, I may permit you to see them. I am obscuring your face, my dear, but the pics give a small glimpse of just how lovely you are and how desirable. Besides, you know you love being photographed, don't you?" He laughed and smacked her butt.

"Yes, Master, I cannot lie. It is very exciting to me to be found worthy of being put on display, Master."

"Yes, dear, that is part of it. But there is much more. We will get there." He disappeared into the house for several minutes. When He returned, He carried some small glittery objects that were unidentifiable.

"Sit , nipples!" She obeyed.

He held two rubber rings attached closely at one point. Dr. McDouglas slid one ring over her left breast and the other ring over her right breast. The rings squeezed her breasts lusciously so they appeared more sculpted, more pronounced. He fastened rings behind her shoulders. The rubber rings introduced a tiny measure of pain into the equation. He then clipped heavily weighted gems on each raised nipple and she groaned in surprise. They didn't exactly pinch, but felt more like a bite. The weights swung with every movement and pulled on her nipples making them larger and quite purple. Then, finally, he pressed against her clitoris, pulled at it to make it stand, and then clipped a matching gem onto it, and this time, nipples yelped!

"What's the matter, nipples, have you never been jewelled before?" He laughed as He lovingly stroked her bottom. "Now, walk!" She tried and stopped abruptly as she felt the gems pulling and rubbing her arousal. "Yes, pet, walk! Head up! All around the yard, please!" She walked slowly to minimize the rubbing. "Again, head up, come on girl!" Nipples felt the tug of the heavy weights on her nipples with each step and the gem on her clitoris was continuously rubbed as her legs moved. "Come one, nipples, smile! This is a pleasure for you! You are to show off your beauty, your femininity, your open sexiness. Flaunt it, nipples! Prance!"

Again and again, he ordered her around the perimeter of His yard. After several laps, He picked up the camera and started to snap more pictures. "Head up, girl, smile for the camera! Excellent! Now trot! Let me see those breasts bounce! Yes! That's it! Beautiful! You see? I knew you'd enjoy this!"

"OK. That's enough. Now stop and sit right here in front of me. She obeyed and indeed, a smile crossed her face. "Today is Sunday. Next Saturday, there is a dog show in the city. You will be entered and will bring me a huge prize. There are only three other human dogs entered thus far, and they are male, so you should have no trouble outshining them. We will work very hard this week, and I know you will make me proud at the show. Now, masturbate, please while I snap a few more pictures for your growing fan club."

"Yes ... that's it. Let me hear you, dear. Such a sexy pup you are! I think we will have you waxed, though. And a tail. We will have to prepare a tail for your magnificently fuckable ass. Yes!! Wonderful expression! Now, cum, nipples, long and loud. Let Richard hear you!"

"Ohhhhhhh Master!!!,"she moaned. "Here is Your ... cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm." A visible ooze bubbled from her vagina as her expressions and squirming betrayed her ecstatic ride. "Thank You, Master! Thank You, Master! Thank You, Master!!!"

"For what, my pet?"

"For using me so expertly and knowing what I really need. How do You do that?"

"Ahhhh, my secret, my pet. Now it is getting late. Come on inside and I will prepare your dinner."

Nipples hungrily ate all her dinner and lapped her water with increasing skill. When she was finished, Dr. McDouglas inserted a small remote vibrator into her vagina and anus and allowed her to curl up at His feet and relax for the evening. Periodically, He would flip the remote to high for a few minutes then back to low. Nipples enjoyed her new jewelry and wondered what the rest of the week held. She was also quite curious about this other male dogs against whom she would compete at the dog show. Surely they would be bigger and stronger than her. "How would they compete?" she wondered as she drifted off to sleep.

She was awakened by the vibrations within her body screaming for release. Dr. McDouglas had turned the vibrators to high to see how long it would take to arouse her from a dead sleep. He was amazed. It was less than 2 minutes, but would not let her cum so quickly. Instead, he untied her elbows and knees, and turned the vibrator back to medium. He stood and picked up the leash.

"Now, nipples, hold your positions as though you were still tied, and perhaps I shall not have to tie you again. We are going for a short walk. Are your decorations still inn place?" He tugged on the nipple clips. "If you were really mine, I would have those perfect nipples pierced. Mmmmmm, they are scrumptious! And the one below? He flicked it and she winced! Yes, my dear. I know. That one takes some getting used to. It's not too tight, is it?" He removed it and reapplied it, wiggling her sore clit in the process. "I do love seeing it hang between your legs, nipples. By Sunday we will have weights on that one too to enjoy when you prance and trot around the ring."

With that, He turned the vibrators to high and lead her out to the sidewalk and they walked around the block. Nipples hid her face any time a person passed by but in between the passers by, nipples proudly trotted by her Master's side. Dr. McDouglas noticed, of course, but this time said nothing. The effect of the rubber rings made her breasts jiggle and dance in a more pronounced way and the weighted clips stretched her nipples and drew attention to their feminine beauty. As she remembered to walk correctly, the clip on her clitoris shone like a star and pulled and rubbed it to a continuous state of arousal in spite of it's soreness. The vibrators hummed full tilt within her two holes and she honestly felt very simply and very naturally like a sex animal.

When they returned home, she was directed to go pee, brush her teeth, wash and present herself spread eagle on her Master's bed. It was only then that the vibrator was removed from her vagina, but remained in her anus. "Now, my darling pet, beg for my penis!"

"Please Master, use Your pet as You wish." she moaned, her body wiggling in it's heat.

"That's not begging, dear," he said calmly.

"Master, please use your penis pet!" she cried out.

"I'm not feeling it, pet."


"Yes, that's better!" He unzipped his trousers slowly and stripped before her for the first time. His penis was deliciously aroused and thick with pleasure. He teased her for several minutes, painting her inner thighs with his precum and also with her own juices until she was nearly in tears. He presented it to her mouth first and reverently, she kissed it before sucking it into her mouth ravenously. He pushed it deep into her throat and felt her gag reflex, but ignored it. She sucked powerfully, like a female animal created for sexual use. Hungrily she gulped and gasped for air then took him deeper still into her ...

Suddenly, He was pushing into her lifted vagina. Her muscles squeezed tightly, and he groaned with pleasure. She held her position as best as possible for some time, but finally, her passion overruled her, and she clawed at Him, pulling Him closer. She wanted Him deeper and deeper into her. She wanted him to fully possess her and felt that perhaps one day he would. They both climaxed and rode their passions wildly until they collapsed together, His penis still within her, and slept. Of course, when they awoke, she was curled around His feet, like a good pet, her mouth on tenderly devoted to His penis.

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