tagNon-EroticTraining a Mistress - Prologue

Training a Mistress - Prologue


Cecilia walked quietly behind her new owner, head bowed down and her arms formally resting over her lap. A new owner, a new home, although this was the first time she'd had a female owner. Her eyes flicked up as she looked at their back, hips waving side to side and a posture that was straight and proud. Unlike Cecilia, who was tall and curvy this new mistress seemed to be fit. Long blonde hair and an athletic, somewhat cute build. Cecilia was forced to watch a rather cute bubble butt wag side to side as they walked, before finally they reached their destination. Cecilia stopped, watching her new owner open the door and step inside without even looking back.

Cecilia new her role perfectly, stepping in after her and closing the door, before she turned to face her mistress again.

"So the merchant said you had a high sex drive, this correct?"

"Yes, Mistress." Cecilia replied with a curt nod of her head.

A small giggle left the other's lips and Cecilia soon lifted her head as her chin was grabbed. "Call me Sarah. I don't want you acting like another pet of mine. I love my pets, but I'm in need of another mistress now." Cecilia frowned a bit, confused by what she was saying but continued to stay quiet.

"You see I make a living breaking in slaves, and it took several years but I finally figured out that I could probably make a slave do that for me. You're... big and sexy~ So I'm sure you can break in people easy if you got on top." It was true, Cecilia definitely had a bigger chest than her and wider hips, a perfect hour glass figure with bright red hair flowing down her shoulders. Sarah continued to explain her plan, letting go of Cecilia and instantly her chin dropped as Cecilia looked back at the ground, although that only got a scowl from Sarah.

"So you need to be a mistress for me, and I'm going to be your teacher, so head up and shoulders out." A whack on the behind made her jump a little, not exactly making her feel any more confident in being dominant. Looking over to Sarah and biting her lip, she slowly did what she was told. Awkwardly looking up to face her directly and broadening her shoulders. It felt strange, but good, unconsciously having spent most of her life with her head submissively down and her hands crossed over to take up as little room as possible.

Sarah simply smiled brightly at her, watching her get used to the new posture. "Good! Carry yourself with pride and authority and people will see you as such. Now, time for a pet to break in." Sarah turned on her heel and clicked her fingers, instantly the doors opening as the room started to fill up with other slaves.

"Wait, what?" Cecilia stammered, looking at the other slaves before back to her. Sarah simply laughed out loud and gave Cecilia a playful glance back, making Cecilia do a double take at the way she was acting towards her. Sarah was messing about, joking and bantering with her as if they were friends, although Cecilia was cautious about acting the same towards her.

"I'm kidding. I'll teach you with one of my own pets until you know what you're doing." Sarah smiled and looked back at the males, who had all neatly lined up on the far side of the bedroom. "So pick a pet. If you do a good job I might even let you keep him for yourself for when you start working for me."

"Don't you have any taller ...men?" Cecilia asked after a long moment of looking at the men in front of her, although she wasn't exactly sure if men was the right word. Sure, age wise they were all adults, or at least young adults, but even Sarah was taller than most of them and Cecilia was a foot taller than her.

"Once you're a proper mistress, you can dominate anything you like. Besides you're not exactly in a position to be picky." Cecilia blushed as Sarah denied her so easily, bowing her head for a half second before shooting her head back up as she remembered what she was meant to be doing.

Sarah didn't seem to notice and with a relieved sigh she turned her attention back on the boys, scanning them for a few moments before asking another question. "I don't need protection if I pick a different race right?"

"No, everyone here is clean and the other races won't leave you with a baby."

With that it was an easy choice, Cecilia pointing at one of the older Nekos that was a nice split between cute and sexy. Maybe only 6 or 7 inches shorter than her with a nice body, Cecilia could see the beginning of some muscles although he wasn't completely toned. He had nice earth brown hair and fur, his long tail didn't curl around his leg so he didn't seem fully submissive like the others. The Neko stared directly back at Cecilia while the others looked shyly at the ground or off to the side.

"Good~ Alright the rest of you get lost." Sarah waved her hand and stepped forward, the rest of the boys giving a quick bow before they all left the room at a fast pace.

It wasn't until the last boy left and the door closed did Sarah walk up to the Neko, leaning down and taking his collar off. He stayed quiet, lifting his chin and letting her take the collar off, and was reward with a soft kiss to his forehead.

"This is your pet now." Sarah said as she stood up and faced Cecilia, smiling as she threw the collar onto the bed. Cecilia didn't say anything, expecting a lesson right away, but after a moment of silence Cecilia soon frowned.


"And what? He's your pet, you can do whatever you want with him." Sarah giggled and Cecilia sighed, watching Sarah start to approach her.

"You're a terrible teacher."

"I'm not going to train you with a stranger, I'll give you a day or two to get closer to him." Sarah smiled and stopped in front of Cecilia, standing on her toes to kiss Cecilia on the chin. It was a... weird arrangement. Sarah was the owner of everyone here, including Cecilia and she had expected to be just another pet. Instead Cecilia was taking over the work load, becoming dominant so she could break in and sell other slaves for Sarah. Cecilia wondered if it was a teachable profession, or if being dominant was just something you were born with.

After she left the room, Cecilia turned her attention to the only other person in the room. Walking over to the male and looking down at him with a soft sigh. "So... What is your name?"

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I love your work please continue!

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