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Training a New Wife


Please Note:

This story is a continuation in the series of Disobedience, Development and Guests but it is possible to read it by itself if you do not wish to read those first.


Please note the tags carefully. If you do not like the practices contained in them it would be better not to read this.


Thomas had been looking after Margaret for some time whenever David was away so the request to spend two weeks at his house while he was on a business trip was no surprise. This was longer than usual though, and what made it different for Thomas was his recent decision to marry for the second time.

Only in his mid forties Thomas was widowed when his wife was killed in a tragic motor accident. That was two years ago. Although he was still grieving, life goes on and it was time to take a new partner. It was a good thing that there were no children. Thomas had never wanted any and that would not change now. Having a new woman in his home was to meet other needs.

Even before he had replaced the phone in its holder his mind was buzzing with how he might involve his fiancée with Margaret. This was an opportunity to make the most of.

Thomas was not a man who socialised outside of his business life and he did not have many opportunities to make relationships with women. Apart from that he had very particular requirements. The chances of just happening across the right sort of partner were very small.

Fortunately the age of the Internet, global travel and introduction agencies meant that most things were possible for a man with money. Many hours of research and trips to Russia and China gradually resulted in Thomas finding exactly what he wanted. He had found great beauty and a passionate desire among some of the ladies he met, but he realised that however attractive they may be, these women were separated so much from him by culture and language that he would never achieve the close bond that he required. Having had a very good Cambodian home help for many years he realised that he needed a woman in his home who fully understood his British ways as well as being beautiful and supportive. Fortunately a specialist London agency came up with a perfect match and he was sure the road to happiness was ahead of him.


Arabella was eighteen years old. The daughter of a successful financial trader she had never wanted for anything materially. Although she was uninterested in education her travels with her parents meant that she had a wide knowledge and experience of the world. Once, when she accompanied her father to Saudi Arabia she had an encounter that would change her life. She was just sixteen and she couldn't go out in Jeddah on her own. Rather than sit in her hotel room watching TV and being bored she asked to join her Dad when he met a business contact in the lounge.

She had butterflies in her stomach. A huge white Mercedes pulled up at the hotel doors and a very striking young man entered wearing a flowing white robe edged with gold decoration and with the distinctive Arab scarf on his head. A concierge and an assistant fussed around as the man was ushered to her father. It seemed like the whole world revolved around this guy. The two men sat and talked quietly over coffee for a few minutes before shaking hands and smiling.

Arabella's father relaxed back in his chair and seemed to become aware of her again.

"Forgive me Prince Khaled. I have not introduced my daughter. This is Arabella."

The Prince fixed her with a stare of his dark eyes and inclined his head towards her in a gesture of acknowledgement.

Her father chuckled in a slightly nervous way.

"Her name begins with 'Arab'. She is destined to make one of your countrymen very happy one day your highness."

"She is very beautiful."

Arabella flushed. Her butterflies turned into a tingle through her body and she wouldn't have trusted herself to stand up at that moment.

The business complete and a few awkward pleasantries exchanged, it was not long before the Prince took his leave. A handshake for her father, a smiling bow to Arabella and the small entourage swept out of the hotel to the waiting car.

"Phew! That was quite something wasn't it sweetie."

From his telephone conversation with her mother a few moments later, Arabella gathered that her Dad was going to handle some very big investments for the Prince and it would earn them a great deal. Arabella didn't care about this. All she knew was that her knickers were wet. She rushed to her room. In the bathroom she tore off her pants and collapsed in a huge, shuddering orgasm.

Being a privileged girl, Arabella had always been able to make her own decisions and get most of what she wanted. She hated it. What she wanted was structure, order, discipline. Her mind was now flooded with images of a harem. She was the plaything of the handsome Prince who used her how he pleased whenever he wanted. He was rough and skilled so that her body gave him maximum pleasure. So different from the pathetic fumblings of the only boyfriend she had ever had.

Back in the UK life didn't go well. She was asked to leave school after she started stalking a teacher she was obsessive about and this was followed by decline into drinking massive amounts of vodka as well as smoking marijuana and snorting amphetamine. Several times each day Bel would wank herself into a frenzy while pounding her cunt with a huge dildo. Her rape fantasies became ever more extreme as she imagined being gang fucked or kidnapped for sexual slavery in a pervert club or some unknown foreign palace.

The final straw was when her mother found her naked in her room in the middle of the day. She was face down in her own vomit with a vibrator sticking out of her ass. She twitched and moaned

"please fuck my ass harder Your Highness"

while the whirring plastic dick churned her bowels.

Her horrified parents could only see her having an early death after the degradation of alcoholism and drug abuse. She was not yet eighteen and her life was in tatters. In desperation they gave Bel an ultimatum. Either she agreed to go into the Priory clinic for intensive rehab and stayed there until her therapist agreed she should go or she must leave their home. They knew that if she didn't do this their own marriage would probably not survive.

After many tears and an initial refusal Bel finally gave in. She was exhausted. Within a few hours she was deeply asleep in fresh, clean hospital sheets.

As he drove away from the clinic Arabella's father remembered the silly joke he had made to Prince Khaled about her name. She had complained to him later about how embarrassed she was and he knew that her behaviour became much worse after two visits to the house by Khaled since that first meeting. That couldn't be the cause of all this unhappiness could it? No of course not, but he still felt guilty.

Seven weeks later a fresh faced and lively Bel took a cab from the Priory to the London Introduction Agency she had read about in a society magazine. It may be hard to find a man with the glamour and wealth of Prince Khaled or the authority and distinction of her beloved teacher, but she was determined to find an anchor in her life and her therapist had convinced her she could find happiness if she approached life in the right way.


Thomas was not particularly handsome; he was not royal or even titled, and he was a similar age to her father, but he met all of the requirements Bel had given to the agency. Bel herself was something of a rare find. There were not too many young women who willingly described themselves as being uninterested in a career, not wishing to have a family and wanting to find a husband who expected complete acceptance of him as head of their household. She had gone even further. In her interview she told the woman that she wanted a man who required total obedience. It was a word that Mrs Baldwin had not heard in years and she instantly remembered that Thomas had used the same word when he registered a few weeks before.

"I think I may already know the man you are looking for."

A telephone call was followed by a restaurant date and then several meetings at Thomas' house. They had very open and detailed discussions about each others lives and expectations. These concluded with a decision that they would marry. Until now there had been no sexual contact between them. Thomas instructed Arabella to remove her clothes. He took out a cane from where it had been unused since before his wife's death and gave her six hard strokes on the buttocks As the pain of the beating started to give way to a tingling warmth Bel took his prick in her mouth and thanked him with a sensual suck. Thomas took her head in his hands and held her firm as he shot a large cumload into her mouth. This was the first time she had a real prick in her mouth and it felt right. Savouring the strange taste of semen she showed it to Thomas and then swallowed as she had agreed she would be required to do.

Shortly after this Thomas took Bel out to dinner and told her that she was to spend two weeks with him at the house of a friend. He did not mention Margaret, that could wait. This was to be a period in which she would learn the strict routine that would be her life as Mrs Downing.

Bel was curious why this was going to happen in a friend's house, but it was not for her to question. She was very excited and looked forward with great anticipation to the passing of the few days before her induction began. She was already in love with Thomas. After dinner he took her home and fucked her fully for the first time. When Bel had been brought to a yelping, trembling orgasm by his very stiff prick Thomas ordered her to her knees and shot his load into her mouth. Their union was sealed. Bel telephoned her parents and let them know she was staying with Thomas. She would not be living in their home any more.


Thomas drove David to the airport and saw him on his way. Throughout the journey Thomas enthusiastically updated his friend on the introduction of Bel into his life and how he intended to have Margaret assist him demonstrating to her the requirements and pleasures of the wifely life she was about to enter. David hadn't yet met Bel and the more he heard the more he wished that business wasn't calling him away. Much as he loved and valued Margaret, a little pleasure with a beautiful teenage girl would be welcome.

"Margaret will be an excellent guide and helper as you know Thomas. She has her usual instructions to meet your every need. I look forward to meeting your fiancée on my return. By then she will have learned a great deal I am sure."

"Have a good trip old chap. Your lady is in good hands."

Thomas returned to collect Bel and they went immediately to David's house.

Since the children had gone to boarding school Margaret found life very quiet. When David was at work she occupied herself with reading, playing idly on the computer or shopping. All of the housework was done by Su and apart from occasionally doing a little work in the garden there were no demands on her. She actually looked forward to those times when Thomas took on the temporary role of Head of Household whenever David was away. It added a little sparkle in some way. Not that there was any change in the routine. Quite the opposite. The whole arrangement was in affirmation of her duties continuing irrespective of whether her husband was present or not. But it was just that little different. Since the death of his wife, Thomas had stayed three times and Margaret had not only felt the need to give a little extra comfort now he was alone, but she sensed that there was greater intensity in his interaction with her.

In accordance with requirements Margaret removed all her clothes, checked that she was entirely hairless apart from her head and cleaned herself thoroughly, She put on her make up and when Thomas's car came up the drive she knelt in the front hall ready to receive him.

As the front door was being unlocked, Margaret clasped her hands behind her back and pushed her breasts out. When Thomas and Bel came in Margaret let out a tiny gasp of surprise that he was not alone. She had heard about Arabella, but had not been told that she would come with him today. This was not the way she might have chosen to meet, but many years of duty ensured that Margaret resumed her composure immediately. Thomas unzipped his trousers and she took the familiar prick into her mouth. The customary greeting would be conducted as normal. With his cock quickly stiff and settling into a rhythm of fucking Margaret's face, Thomas instructed Bel to get her clothes off and take up position on her knees beside Margaret.

When he had enjoyed fucking her throat for a good ten minutes Margaret felt the familiar change of pace that preceded a climax. As she readied herself to receive his cum Thomas told Bel to open her mouth and withdrew. Margaret watched as he shot the load into Bel's pretty mouth. He was not her man, but Margaret could not help a twinge of jealousy at this beautiful young woman entering their lives. She could not imagine Bel's feelings on seeing what her future husband had just been doing to her.

"You two will remain unclothed for the rest of today. This is quite special day so it pleases me that Su should be naked too. Margaret go and tell her to close the house windows and take off her clothes. When that is done Su will bring me a coffee and you will show Bel around the house while you get acquainted."

When Su brought the coffee Thomas put down his cigar. He fondled her cunt gently then probed her with two fingers before removing his hand and sniffing it.

"You are more fragrant than the coffee or an expensive smoke Su and it is good to see that you are wet for me."

"Thank you Master. You always exciting."

"Good to hear it Su. Bel is to be my wife. Whenever she visits she will be another Mistress just like Mistress Margaret. You will do what she asks."

"Yes Master. Lucky lady."

When Margaret and Bel returned he had everybody sit down and explained that as it was maintenance day Arabella would witness the maintenance of Margaret and Su before being taken through her own maintenance and recording what this would be for each week throughout her marriage. In the evening William had been invited to dinner which would be prepared and cooked by all of the women before being served by Su. There were now a couple of hours free for Margaret to tell Bel all about her own life and what marriage was going to hold for Bel.

"Su. Fetch me a brandy and run me a bath."

As he got out of the bath and started to dry himself, the doorbell rang. It could only be the food delivery for the meal this evening. Thomas would not normally go to the door himself, but having the women naked he fixed a towel around his waist and made his way downstairs. He found Su looking worried and nervously handling the door catch. He chuckled.

"Go on open it."

She did so and the very young man on the doorstep almost dropped his box of food.

"Do come in. We were expecting you. Would you please put it in the kitchen? Su will show you where."

"Y – yes Sir. I have another box as well"

The delivery guy followed Su. His eyes fixed on her pretty arse. He dropped the box on the kitchen table and scuttled out to get the rest. When he returned he was staring at Su's tits which bore the obvious marks of a cane where David mast have recently corrected some misdemeanour. His state of excitement was very obvious.

"Thank you." Said Thomas.

"Su. You seem to have caused the gentleman some discomfort. You had better relieve him so that he can get on with his work in comfort."

"Yes Sir."

She dropped to her knees, undid his trousers and took his rigid pole in her mouth.

It wasn't much me than seconds before he he was groaning.

"Oh God. I'm going to cum."

He moved to pull Su's suctioning mouth away.

"No!" Said Thomas. "Let her swallow it. That's her job. She will be upset if she cannot finish her work."

He pulled her face in closer while he pumped shot after shot into Su's mouth. When he had finished she looked up at him with her wide open mouth full of creamy white cum.

"You may swallow it Su."

She did, and then cleaned the driver with her mouth before rearranging his clothes.

"Thank you Sir! And err th-thank you."

Staring again at her tits the delivery man left quickly.

"I think he will be happy to come again. Don't you Su? Now go along and prepare three 'figs' for your maintenance."

Thomas went to dress.


Maintenance began with Su. It was a simple affair for her. She would receive ten strokes of David's paddle on her arse. She had this on the same day of every week as a reminder of the disciplined nature of the house and her requirement to serve.

Su took a ginger 'fig' from the water bowl where it had been keeping fresh and handed it to Thomas and then laid face down on the blanket box. Margaret and Bel sat nearby where they could clearly see. Thomas pushed the ginger into Su's arsehole then collected the large leather paddle. He showed it to Bel. It was fifteen inches long, three inches wide and quite stiff. There were heart and star patterns indented on the surface. Arabella was wide eyed. All day she had heard from Margaret what maintenance was all about and the nature of the punishments she underwent whenever she did anything wrong. She had also seen the stripes on Su's breasts. Now, seeing the heavy instrument that was going to be used on Su made her wonder if she could take the life she had agreed to. At the same time she was very excited. She squirmed in her seat and realised that her wet cunt was soiling the chair.

Thomas positioned himself. He raised his arm and brought the paddle down with a loud thwack on Su's buttocks. Her arse reddened immediately with the patterns showing in her flesh.

"One Master." She called out.

He continued with the remaining nine strokes. After each one Su called out the number. Never once did she cry out in pain, but her arse became a fierce purplish, red with raised welts in several places. When it was done Su said "thank you Master" and knelt close to where Margaret and Bel were sitting. She didn't remove the piece of ginger which was still inside her.

"Margaret." Said Thomas. She stood up and selected another piece of ginger from the bowl. Thomas pushed the 'fig' into her anus and and sat down for Margaret to arrange herself over his knee. Twenty very hard spanks from Thomas's hand left Margaret's arse almost as livid as Su's was from the paddle. Margaret called out the number of each one without showing much sign of the pain she must have been feeling. When he was finished, Margaret knelt while Thomas took off his clothes.

He set the timer and Margaret parted his buttocks to push her tongue into his arsehole. She vigorously licked, sucked and kissed Thomas's arse for the full ten minutes until the timer rang and she gave his sphincter a final kiss. Unsurprisingly, Thomas had a very hard dick. He left for a moment to pour himself a large glass of water. Still having a hard prick he put it in Bel's mouth. She sucked enthusiastically. Her head was a whirl. Seeing Thomas with these women who will do whatever he wants and who have such experience was overwhelming. She wondered why he wanted to marry her and worried that she would not be able to live up to the standards he expected. And what about that Cambodian housekeeper of his. Surely she did more than cooking and cleaning if Su got treated in the way she did. It was all so confusing.

Her racing mind was brought to a sudden halt by Thomas grabbing her hair before cumming vigorously. Bel gulped to make sure she didn't spill any. Then she remembered that she must show before swallowing and made sure to keep some in her mouth. It seemed that Bel had kept enough cum in her mouth to display. She swallowed and licked her man's soft dick clean. As soon s that was done he turned back to Margaret who was kneeling with her mouth open ready for the final part of her maintenance. Margaret expertly swallowed as Thomas emptied his bladder into her.

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