tagBDSMTraining Aide Ch. 02

Training Aide Ch. 02


Mistress Elaine stoop up, causing me to roll off her lap onto the floor. I just lay there naked, sniffling like some little sissy, waiting for my next ordeal.

My Mistress then said, "It's a good idea, at this time, to let your slave have a few minutes to recover.

It also gives him time to let the realization set in, that he has been totally broken and is now the property of a beautiful, dominate woman."

The women in the room were giving me looks of disgust, distain and pity. I felt like a piece of shit, a weakling and a wimp.

My Mistress continued. "We now have reached the third stage, "Verbal abuse, humiliation and forced feminization."

She then walked over to me and placed her booted foot on the floor near my face. "You have earned the right to kiss and lick my boots, bitch!" She proclaimed in a matter of fact tone.

I immediately started worshipping her boots. This was a lot more agreeable than being caned.

"Who are you?" She asked as I slobbered and licked her boots.

"Your slave, Mistress Elaine!" I quickly replied.

"What is your purpose?" She added.

"To serve you and to do anything you ask of me!" I answered.

"Anything?" She questioned

"Anything!" I replied.

Mistress Elaine again addressed the class. "He is now lured into a sense of false security. He thinks he had won my favor and is safe. You must crush this illusion and once more put him off balance."

She then placed her foot on my balls and said, "I think I will crush your tiny testicles just for my enjoyment, what do you think of that?" She asked as she started to press down on them.

"Please don't Mistress," I begged. "I will do anything you ask but don't crush my balls, please don't hurt me!"

I sounded like an utter fool but I felt helpless. To make things worse, I realized that my wife was watching and even enjoying my suffering.

At this point, she lifted her boot off my scrotum and ordered me to lie on my back. She then straddled my face and placed her pussy on my nose which placed her anus against my mouth.

"Start sucking bitch!" She commanded.

I started tonguing her ass as I breathed in her vaginal perfume. I could hear the other ladies laughing and cheering, thoroughly enjoying my total debasement.

"You see ladies", She stated, "Men are wimps and easily controlled. He is mine now and I can do anything I want with him!"

She was right. I had entered into a "zone" now and felt powerless and there was nothing I wouldn't do for her. She owned me and we all knew it.

"Now we must destroy his manhood, that is, what little he has left. I feel sorry for you Angel. I don't know how you have put up with this nothing cock for so long." She said firmly. My wife replied, "I know he is not much in the cock department, but he's pretty good with his fingers and tongue.

The women laughed at her words.

Mistress Elaine then announced, "You will see razors and shaving cream on the side table. It is time to remove her body hair, seeing she is no longer a man and make her our bitch!"

Some of the women rushed over, grabbed the shaving equipment and started methodically shaving off my body hair from the eyebrows down. Soon I was pink and smooth as a little girl. They next applied a feminine smelling lotion to my skin.

I was then told to sit in a chair while the women who didn't get the chance to shave me applied make-up, finger and toenail polish and styled my long hair into cute, feminine curls with little pink ribbons.

I started to cry during my emasculation but was warned that if I smeared my eye makeup, I would be canned again.

I stopped crying immediately.

I was then dressed in a pair of pink frilly panties and a matching bra with the nipples cut out. Nipple clamps were applied and I was told to stand in front of the mirror and look at the new me.

I was shocked. Instead of the masculine, butch looking guy I use to be, I saw this little bitch with whorish make up.

I looked ridiculous. I was neither male nor female but some kind of grotesque looking sissy. The women all taunted and teased me, pinching my ass, laughing and calling me names like, "Slut, sissy and faggot!

Mistress Elaine then spoke. "We have taken away her manhood and made her our bitch. It is now time to show her what it feels like to be a little sissy faggot whore."

I was forced to my knees and several of the women had stripped down and were wearing strap on dildos. While I was ordered to suck on the dildos, I could feel something cold and slippery inserted into my anus.

I have never taken anything up my ass other than a doctor's finger during a physical exam and the dildo hurt like hell.

As my wife took my anal virginity, my groans of pain were muffled by the huge dildo gagging me.

"She seems to be enjoying this," one of the ladies said, "I think she's had practice! Everyone laughed at her remark.

"No, this is her first time", my wife added, "But what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in enthusiasm!"

Another round of laughter.

"Yes, she seems to be doing quite well", Mistress Elaine said. "We all owe Angel a debt of gratitude for providing us such an excellent training aide. We are way ahead of schedule. Let's take a break before we move on to the next phase, "cuckolding and forced bisexuality"

I choked on her words and my eyes bulged. Everyone laughed at my response, including my wife.

To be continued...

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