tagBDSMTraining Aide Ch. 03

Training Aide Ch. 03


Just as the class started to break, one of the women said, "Great, I really need to pee!"

"Wait a minute," Mistress Elaine announced. "We can use this as part of our training. It's called "Human Toilet".

A plastic tarp was placed on the floor and I was positioned on top of it, on my back and ordered under punishment of canning, not to close my mouth. The woman needing to pee and any others so inclined were then invited to urinate on me to further add to my humiliation.

My Mistress then said, "Golden showers help demonstrate to the little sissy, just how insignificant she really is. It is also a fun thing to do. Enjoy ladies."

I was then hit by four streams of golden liquid splattering on my face, chest, genitals and legs. It seemed to go on forever. The participants and their companions laughed hysterically at this.

I just tried to keep from swallowing as much of the urine as possible but quite a bit went into my nose and mouth and some down my throat.

When it was finally over, I was soaked from head to toe and reeked of piss. I was then wrapped in a towel and taken away by assistants to be cleaned up.

I felt completely demoralized. The two assistants had me strip and shower my entire body and hair. They kept referring to me as a little sissy bitch and pinched my genitals, bottom and nipples as they toweled me dry.

I was then dressed in a sexy pink maid's uniform. My hair was combed into twin-side ponytails, secured with pink ribbons and my makeup reapplied to make me look more whorish than before.

I was then paraded in front of the women who were having lunch at a large round table. I was told my lunch was under the table and when I crawled underneath it to see, I became aware that none of the ladies were wearing anything from the waist down.

It was clear what "lunch" I was intended to have and I soon set busy at my task of eating each of the women's pussies until they came or pushed me away with their feet.

I was amazed at the variety of different smells, tastes and responses the eleven different women had. Soon my face became numb and my jaw and tongue started to ache. I was proud however at how many of the women I was able to bring to orgasm.

After finally completing my task, I was taken into a restroom and my cum-smeared face was cleaned and my makeup reapplied.

I was then taken back to main room where I noticed a tall, good-looking, well built black man was sitting next to my wife.

They seemed to be enjoying each other's company thoroughly and soon began to French kiss and explore each other's bodies with their hands.

I felt a mixture of jealousy and arousal at the site of my wife's display of wantonness. She was moaning and laughing, completely oblivious to what effect it might have on me.

I felt helpless to do anything about it. Here I was, a canned, broken, sissy maid watching my wife being seduced by a black man. I had tears in my eyes and an erection protruding from my frilly panties.

Jus t then I heard Mistress Elaine's voice. "We now have reached the next stage of her training. Our little sissy must endure the humiliation of seeing a real man satisfy his wife in a ways she cannot. It is important to involve her at this stage to further degrade and demoralize her.

I had noted that all reference to me were in the feminine tense. I was no longer considered a man, just a little sissy, neither male nor female.

Picking up my mistress' cue, my wife said, "Come here darling and undress me for this beautiful man. Show him what he is about to enjoy and you will never again have.

Tearfully, I approached them knowing that I was expected to assist them in my own humiliation. I undid her blouse and unhooked her bra, exposing her beautiful, ample breasts.

"Hold them up for him to taste," my wife encouraged, smiling as I lifted each breast to his waiting mouth so he may feast on each pink erect nipple.

As he suckled her tits, I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off. Then I hooked my thumbs through her panties and slid them down her legs, bringing into view her round bubble butt and shaved pussy.

I couldn't help but notice her glistening labia and smell the odor of arousal emitting from her cunt. She was obviously very turned on by the whole scene.

I could hear my mistress' voice in the background explaining to the class. "Notice how docile and cooperative our little maid had become. Look at her little clit bulging in her panties."

Her voice sounded far away. It was like I was in some kind of submissive trance, almost dream-like.

My wife's voice then reach my ears. "Undress him too, honey. Show me what is about to ravish my body and mind."

I unbuttoned his shirt, allowing his firm pectorals and six pack abdomen to be visible. My wife licked her lips, her eyes transfixed on his perfect body.

Next his pants. I unbuckled his belt and slowly unsnapped his fly, sliding his zipper over the large bulge in his pants.

He wasn't wearing underwear and as I slid his pants down, his huge cock sprang up like a giant one-eyed cobra, ready to strike.

Angel and I both gasped simultaneously. We have never seen such a magnificent cock. It was twelve inches in length and as big around as a beer can.

We could hear "oohs" and "ahhs" from all the women in the room. He was an impressive specimen and we all knew it.

At this point, he stood up and lifted my wife, carrying her over to a large round bed in the room. He gently set her down and lay down on his back across the bed.

Angel took his cock in her two small hands and began to lick it like a lollipop.

The site of my wife worshiping this huge black cock was more than I could stand and I came in my panties.

Again, Mistress Elaine's voice injected, "Oh look, our little sissy is so excited he has shot his puny wad into his panties. How pitiful. He couldn't even make it to the insertion."

I could hear the other women laughing at my display of pre-mature ejaculation.

In the mean time, my wife had stopped sucking his cock and was not standing, straddling it, facing me.

She beckoned me with her finger and said, "Come here and guide his cock into me, as I sit on it. But first beg him to fuck me!"

I couldn't believe my own words as they sprang from my mouth, "Please fuck my wife, Sir. Fuck her in a ways that I will never be able to. Fuck her deep and fuck her hard. Make her come again and again. Shoot your seed deep inside her and fill her with your come!"

I could hear cheering and applause coming from the women in the room as Angel slowly began her decent onto his huge erect member.

To Be Continued...

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