tagBDSMTraining Celina Week 01

Training Celina Week 01


The Training of Celina – Week 1

In real life my slave Celina has returned to her family. They discovered her lifestyle with me, her Master, and she was forced into a choice. I will not share the emotional upheaval that has caused for my slave and myself, suffice to say that this story was started by both of us but the latter parts to be published in the near future will be written by me with only my memories of our time together to keep me company. We have based a lot of the 'Enslaving Ev' stories on our real life experiences but the 'Slave school' is written to reflect a shared fantasy we had. However, all of the tasks and events written about are based as much as possible on real life aspects that we either performed or discussed in detail ... enjoy.



Slave ...

Two weeks. Two long, long weeks without Master. Even though it was the Christmas holidays, with plenty of family activities, I ached for Master and Rika the entire time.

My dad came to pick me up at the end of classes on Friday, the day after Master left for his vacation. I had said my goodbyes to Rika the night before. She had no classes on Friday and had left for her home and family soon after I returned from the beach house. We had hugged and kissed, our tongues enfolding and enveloping in lust. We both had tears of joy and sadness, knowing that the past ten days had changed both of us completely and permanently.

My dad's look of shock was expected. He expected Evelyn, but he saw an unadorned, yet totally different Celina. I made light of my new hair style, saying it was popular with many of my friends. I wore pearl stud earrings, immediately missing the fuck-me hoops that I had worn for over a week. I explained away the braces, saying that I was doing it as a favour for a girlfriend in dental school, allowing her to practice on me. Besides, my teeth were not perfect, and I wanted them to be. Each lie I told to my parents became easier and easier, and though I felt bad about it, there was nothing else I could do. Of course, they knew nothing of the tattoo or the additional piercings, but I missed them. My tongue felt lonely without its jewellery, as did my nipples. I looked in the mirror and saw a slut, but one without her SLUT earrings.

I shaved every day for Master, as I knew this would please him. At night, I would perform various displays that I knew he would appreciate. My favourite is Ass Display, where I get down on my knees, arms locked in front of me, forehead resting on my crossed wrists, and ass high in the air. Each time, I focused on what I had learned and craved from my days with Master and Erika. I felt no hatred towards Mei Ling, either. In fact, even though I hated the things she had done to me, I loved the memories.

At night, after it was safe from my parents' prying eyes, I would put a dog collar around my neck, as a symbol of my submission to my Master. I took rubber bands, cut them, and used them to tie my upper to my lower braces, effectively gagging myself. I used increasingly stronger clothespins on my titties and pussy lips. Had Master not taken my other jewellery, I would have put in my SLUT earrings and nipple rings each night. My dreams were often fantastic and most mornings I awoke with my fingers in my sopping cunt.

Of course, when we got together for family events, I was the topic of conversation. Lies flowed easily from my lips, lips that only days before had been trained to please Master. High school classmates and friends wanted to go out, and I readily joined in, rather than just sit at home. It seemed as though those times, however, were boring and bland. Sitting around a tea house, or Starbucks, gossiping and talking about old times dragged. My thoughts were for Cal and the days ahead with Master. The two weeks went quickly, but not quickly enough. And then it was time to return

Master ...

I stopped the car and turned to face Celina.

"Get out," I ordered.

"Master?" she queried.

"Is my stupid slut deaf, I said get out."

I had returned from my two-week trip to find my slave primed and simmering. She had spent much of the time with her parents, and though she had a somewhat hard time explaining away the braces and new hairstyle, it seems they still thought of her as their little obedient and studious girl. I smiled to myself; yes, she was obedient and soon she would be studying even harder!

"Y ... yes Master." She moved to unfasten her seat belt. I could see that she was confused. I had picked her up from her apartment on the understanding that I was taking her away for a week to somewhere different. Now I had stopped in the parking lot of a shopping mall and was telling her to get out. I added some more to my instruction.

"Over there," I nodded and she turned to look. "That boy getting out of the white van, he's the one."

"The one, Master?"

"Yes slut, he's the one you will approach and the one you will ask to fuck you in the back of his van in return for $100."

"Oh no Master, please." I had just asked my slut to prostitute herself to a stranger.

"Do it Celina," I was deadly serious and she could see that.

"Yes Master, of course."

Celina got out of the car and I watched her walk away swinging her hips in her short denim skirt and tight pale blue T shirt. She also wore a white thong but no bra, and the shape of her calves was highlighted by the 4 inch black strappy heels that she wore.

Watching her walk made me hard. The thought of what she was about to do made me harder.

Slave ...

I could not believe it. Master had asked me to act like a fucking whore and sell my pussy for a hundred bucks. I felt so cheap ... but at the same time so juiced and Master knew that, which was why, of course, I needed him as my Master.

I approached the boy. He looked about twenty years old and was, thankfully, very cute.

He was lined up at the candy store and had gum in his hand. He was at the back of a long row of several people and so I picked up some gum and joined the same line of people behind him. I glanced down at his jeans and noticed what a cute butt he had. This might not be so bad after all, but how would I get him to fuck me and then to pay me $100? Was I really that hot?

The person at the front of the line got served and suddenly the line was one less. I needed to act fast.

"Looks like it's going to be a nice day," I spluttered.

He turned to see who had spoken, and, much to my relief, smiled. I could not believe what I had just said. Of course it would be nice. It was California in January, the best weather in the country for mid-winter.

"Yeah, I hope so," he replied.

"I've hardly got any clothes on, and I still feel so hot." Fuck, had I just said that? My sentence was so full of innuendo.

His eyes widened and again he smiled. The line got one less.

"You goin' far," I asked, now desperate to keep up the conversation.

"Well, yeah, kind of. I'm working on a movie set a few miles from here ..."

"Oh, you an actor?" He could have been as his looks were very handsome, especially now that I was closer.

"No, no I'm not," he laughed dismissively, "I'm a builder and I'm working on the set."

I laughed too now. He was nice. But now he was being served.

The cashier took his money and he turned to leave.

"Listen," I said, "Wanna get a drink somewhere?"

"What, now ... you and me?"

I too was served.

"Well, yeah ... I thought ..."

"Okay," he replied much to my relief. I could see Master's car, he was still watching. This whole scenario was making me very wet.

We walked a few yards from the store.

"So, where shall we go? A drink with you would be very nice," he said. He was eyeing me up and down. I could already sense where this was heading; the hard bit would be getting him to pay.

I moved nearer to him, and touched his arm.

"I've never known anyone who worked on a movie set before," I purred.

"Look I told you, I'm not an actor y'know," he smirked," and I've never had anyone so beautiful come on to me in a candy line before."

We both laughed. It was now or never.

"Do you really just want to have a drink with me?"

"Uh?" he quizzed.

"Don't you want to do anything else?"

"Like what ...?" he asked.

"Fuck," I said, quickly, but very clearly.

Shit, what did I just say? I could not believe my own ears.

"That's what you really want to do isn't it, er ..."

I paused at the point where I should have said his name.

"Oh, erm ... Mikey, I'm called Mikey. Well Mike really but everyone adds the 'key."

"Hi, Mikey, I'm Celina." I looked him directly in the eyes, willing him to answer. "Well ... isn't it?" He looked a little flustered, especially when I reached out and squeezed his bare arm, "come on admit it."

"Admit what," he now looked me in the eyes. I had to keep my nerve.

"That you want to fuck me."

Please say you do.

"You do want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Well ... sure, I guess so."

"Of course you do Mikey, so come on let's go somewhere ... is that your white van over there?"

I was moving fast now. He smiled. He did want me. Now for the hard bit.

"How much money have you got Mikey?" I asked, my confident words not a true reflection of the butterflies in my stomach.

I noticed his eyes widen.

"You want money?" he said.

"Hey, guys like to fuck I need to buy stuff. How much will you pay me?"

"You a hooker?"

"No, of course not. I'm just a girl who likes to make money."

"But you want money?" he stated again.

"Look, I could ask you to buy me a meal in return for which you would expect to fuck me. I'd rather have the money and I'm saving you time."

"Well, when you put it like that I suppose ..."

Shit he was biting now; he was going to fuck me!

"Ok, so how about twenty bucks."

I laughed, knowing that I needed a hundred.

"Twenty bucks, do me a favour, what do you think I'd do for twenty dollars?"

"How about fifty?"

"A hundred, and I guarantee I will be the best screw you have ever had."

I had no idea whether I would be or not, but I needed $100 from him!

"That's a lot of money."

"But I'm a hot gyrl, and I'm worth every cent don't you think?"

I reached out and stroked his face. Master was still watching. My pussy was soaking wet!

"Okay," he said, "a hundred it is."

Seconds later we were heading for his van. This was so scary, so exciting, so slutty.

His van was empty except for an old carpet on the floor. We were to fuck on that it would appear. I was so nervous.

"Take off your clothes and lay down," I said. Shit, I was now telling him what to do! I hardly recognised myself.

Then I was above him, straddling him and pulling of my T shirt. Reaching down I took both of Mikey's hands and lifted them to my tits. I could feel the firm tips of my nipples brush his palms as I moved his hands in delicious circling motions.

For a short while I focused on the feel of his hands before I pulled them away and, as I leaned low over him, I touched a hard nipple against his lips. His tongue came out and he kissed it. Just as he was about to suckle it I pulled it away. Fuck, I was good at this now. My mouth replaced my breast and I kissed him. My tongue slid forward and meshed with his.

When finally my mouth moved away, I eased down on top of him. I now licked and kissed both of his nipples and pulled them gently with my teeth. I reached slightly behind me and let my fingers circle his erect cock. Then I shifted position and covered his purple end with my soft mouth. He moaned and I was running wet like a river. I moved down on him and he arched under me. The pliant O of my mouth slid up and down Mikey's solid shaft.

Then I straddled him again as my fingers took hold and guided him inside my pussy.

"No!" he gasped from under me. In a split second my world was upside down as he pushed upwards and a fell away from him.

"Fuck," I yelled, "What's the matter with you?"

He mounted me and pinned me down.

"What do you want? I was fucking you anyway so surely you don't want to rape me?"

"Shut up slut," he replied savagely. He pinned my arms down.

"Mikey?" I pleaded, "What are you doing?"

He held a syringe now and brandished it close to my arm.

"If only I could have fucked you Celina," he said, "but no, not yet, I'm not allowed ... not until I get you to slave school."

His words were the last I heard as the needle slipped into my skin and my mind went dark.

Master ...

I watched my slut get taken to the van. She was good and I was proud of her. The truth is that she had been pushing on an open door because 'Mikey' was from the slave school and he was under instruction to allow her to do what she did so that he could get her into his van.

He was one lucky son of a bitch because he would get to see her naked before securing her and taking her away to the school for sluts and wannabe slaves.

I had enrolled my slut at this school, at a considerable expense, for the next 3 weeks. I would first be allowed to visit on Saturday, the 6th day at school, to see what progress had been made. I couldn't wait.

Slave ...

I was awakened from the troubled sleep, into which I had sunk, by the door to the room being thrown open with a deafening thud. I tried to move, but realized my hands and ankles had been cuffed to the corners of the bed. I felt a large ball gag in my mouth. I tried to lift my head, and felt something constricting my breathing. Surely, it was a collar of some sort. I was totally naked, except for the cuffs, my collar, and a light chain around my belly

I heard some moaning to my right, and glanced quickly around the room. There were three other girls inside also, all in the same position as me. Where the hell was I? What time of day was it? I could see sunlight streaming in through a small window at one end of the room in which I was secured. Secured! What the fuck was I doing tied down to a bed? I knew it was January, a short time after the holidays and so sunlight probably meant morning maybe around ten o'clock.

It had been late afternoon when, the previous day, I had been taken. I had only a vague recollection of the events from the previous day. I did remember a needle though and the drug they fed me must have left me unconscious for well over 12 hours! 12 hours, during which I been stripped and then cuffed to a bed. Bizarrely I reflected upon the fact that I had no things. No clothes, no make up, no toiletries ... nothing. Would it matter? The thought that the answer to that question might be 'no' scared me.

Two men, they looked like guards wearing a brown suit and big black boots, entered. One by one, they released us and immediately reconnected our ankles, wrists, and collar into a chained arrangement I recognized as a sirik! The other girls looked more confused than I did -- maybe they were less experienced than even I was. They chained our collars together, using a small silver padlock on each, and hustled all of us out of the room, up the nearby stairs and into a large hall. Movement and sound wasn't easy, as we were forced to take short, choppy steps. We were slaves and we were being made to walk like slaves. Several times one of us tried to complain or protest, but the gags effectively made any sound come out as an unintelligible moan.

Down a long hallway we were marched. One of several doors leading from the hall opened and we were pushed through. Then we were dragged across the room to where an impressive figure reclined on a throne-like chair. The guards lined us up before the throne and pushed us to our knees. I immediately spread mine widely, feeling the cool air wrap around my pussy, as did the girl next to me, but the guard had to kick the two girls on the end, pushing their knees wider with their boots.

I looked at the other girls. We were all gorgeous. Shit, did I just say that about myself, how vain! But hey, I am gorgeous and sexy and proud of it ... all thanks to Master Si. I noticed that one girl was a beautiful blonde, another Asian like me, and the third was dark haired possibly Hispanic. Where the fuck was my Master? Where was this place?

"Eyes straight ahead. Eyes lowered! You may not look upon a master without his permission," one of the guards screamed. I quickly obeyed. The chain and padlocks that connected our neck collars was removed.

The air of authority in his voice, and the unconcealed anger, made me shrink with fear. I had heard stories of places such as this and now vaguely remembered Mikey, and the Van and the $100 and the words 'slave school'!

The man seated in the chair ordered our gags removed. "You will not make any noise, slaves, not one sound."

However, immediately after having her gag removed, the blonde blurted out in a clear American accent, "Let me go! Help meeeeeeee!!!!!" Her demand and scream seemed so absurd and futile to me.

"Silence! You were ordered to remain silent. You must be taught obedience." The seated man's voice was strangely quiet yet filled with menace. He threw the whip to one of the guards. "Ten lashes".

I gasped, as did the other two girls. She looked so lovely, so vulnerable, so like a beauty contestant ... they were going to whip Miss America!

Her punishment was swift and horrifying. A guard slapped her across the face, sending her sprawling, breaking the skin on her lips. I watched mesmerized as the girl looked quickly round, shocked by the brutality. Two guards came forward and dragged the blonde until she was near enough to be thrown against a wall. Her sirik was removed allowing her arms to be pulled up and outwards and her wrists locked into two clamps. Her long hair was pulled in front of her, rolled into a ball and forced into her mouth.

She looked over her shoulder in time to see the guard with the whip raise his arm. I saw pure terror fill her eyes as she suddenly realised what was to be done to her. She turned her head to the wall and clenched her small fists.

A sharp crack echoed round the room as the lash seared across her back. I suddenly felt sick and diverted my eyes away from the scene. I noticed the fear and reaction in the face of the dark haired girl next to me.

"Slaves!" the man in the chair screamed. "Watch and learn from her mistake. Keep your eyes focused on the punishment or you will be next!" Immediately, I turned to watch. We all did.

The whipped girl, with hair in her mouth, managed to stifle her agony as a line of fire burned its path across her stretched flesh.

The guard's arm rose again and another livid stripe joined the first on the girl's back. She writhed, and I noticed her fingers clawing at the hard surface of the stone, as the lash once more found her body. I saw tears glisten in her eyes, and could feel her pain. I had been whipped before myself but never with quite the same belligerent venom that was being displayed here. This was a horrible whipping being meted out with aggression and force.

She was being made an example of for the benefit of all of us.

The seated man watched closely as the punishment was administered. If I was at slave school then were the other three also slaves like I was? Did they too have a Master? The way the punished girl had disobeyed the man who was obviously in charge suggested to me that she had little experience of being owned otherwise she would have kept silent.

Crack! The sharp slash echoed round the room. Now the girl screamed into her hair gag as her breasts and stomach were thrown against the wall by the force of the blow. I saw her legs begin to shake as her wrists and arms took the full weight of her slim body. Any thought of pride or stubbornness I knew would be erased by the terrible pain in her back.

"Don't avert your eyes." The seated man shouted at us as he noticed us look away, unable to bear the sight of the slim, naked, female white back being scarred by the whip.

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