tagMatureTraining Ch. 01

Training Ch. 01


Bonnie Taylor is my neighbor and a very good friend of my mother. She and my mother are single parents both around 40 years of age. Yes, Bonnie is around 40 years old but in the eyes of this 18 year old guy, she is hot, HOT, H O T!!!

With jet black hair, big blue eyes and a body that made her look 25 not 40 she is my masturbation dream girl and has been for a few years. Almost daily I would watch her sit out in her back yard in her bikini or shorts and small top, sunning her beautiful body and I'd jerk off. Then at night I'd fantasize about her and cum again pulling my meat like a mad man until I came again as my brain I was cumming deep inside her pussy.

It felt so good to release my cum even if it was in my hand. But she was so far above me I knew she would never think of me as a lover but only a young guy who lusted for her.

Most of the time I'd do it by first locking the door to my bedroom so that my mom wouldn't walk by and open my door and see me with my cock in my hand jerking off like I was a pervert. I didn't want that. What would she say knowing I was doing it as I looked at her best friend in her yard?

I would sit next to my bedroom window, cock out and stroking, as I watched Bonnie lay there on her back, legs slightly open enough to see between them with her micro bikini on. Her breasts hardly able to stay secured by the bikini top she wore which just covered her nipples. Her tits were so big but sat up high and there was little sag if any. The bikini was small and gave her the maximum benefit of the sun tanning her spectacular body. Without a privacy fence she was clearly in view of the neighbors and I took full advantage of it. God she had some pair of tits and long athletic legs with a firm round ass. As small as that bikini was around her hips I was sure she shaved her pussy. Maybe not completely but very, very close. I could almost see it the bottom was so small it just covered her slit.

When I got home from school I would immediately go to my room and look out my window se if Bonnie was there in her yard. If she was there, I'd quickly strip down and jerk off until I came like a fountain watching her. I moaned and wanted her so badly!! Some days she would turn over while I watched and show me her beautiful ass and legs. Like I said, they were so round and firm and sat up nice and high under that small piece of cloth that barely covered it.

While she lay on her back she would undo her top and some days when she sat up I'd get a good but quick look at some, if not all, of her tits for a few seconds. I dreamed of fucking her like that, from behind driving my hard cock into her as I held each tit in my hand feeling the nipple grow harder and longer. I love to see that little patch of material on the bikini bottom that covered her ass and pussy holes. I wanted to run my tongue up that patch and then pull it to the side and lick and fuck her. My dick hurt so badly for her. So bad!!!

Other days, if I was lucky, I'd see her lying on her back and I'd watch her as she would adjust her bikini bra from time to time so that her big tits wouldn't pop out the top or sides of her suit. Sometimes she would adjust her bikini bottom too to make sure her pussy wasn't hanging out. Oh how I wanted to see that part of her body. But seeing her touch herself, even in that innocent way, drover me crazy with desire and lust. She would always face towards my window giving me the maximum view of her long silky body.

Imagine a healthy male, 18 year old watching her beautiful body! Bonnie was a very special woman and you can imagine how I jerked off and shot loads of cum as my cock screamed to do it each afternoon. I soon learned to use a towel or paper towel to catch the cum so I didn't have to clean it off the wall or floor.

And, as I played with myself, I'd think of all the lustful and so many nasty things I wanted to do with her and to her body. Then each night with the memory of her in her bikini and I'd thing of fucking her so hard as I got my release again.

At 18, it brought out all the nasty sexual things guys think of doing to a woman as they masturbate. She never failed to excite me and stimulate me and I'd cum like a mad man looking at her or at the photos I had of her lying out in the sun each day.

No she didn't know I had them. They were taken with the digital camera with the great zoom lenses I got for my birthday from my mom. It was a very powerful zoom and I had many close ups of her covered breasts with their nipples sticking hard against the bikini top, and that camel toe between her long athletic legs, and some more of her round firm ass.

My favorite photos were some of her with a tiny long wet spot between her legs. It would show the outline of her pussy slit fully against the bikini bottom. I wondered if she was fantasizing about something or if she was just hot from lying out in the sun that caused that wet spot. I of course knew it was because she was worked up over some wild sexual dream she was having!!

I had been able to take one, just one, with her nipples hard as hell and showing over her bikini bra. God what tits she had. But I only had one of them. I took it as she was adjusting her bra. I also had one where her right breast was fully showing until she realized it and tried to adjust her bra to cover it. Waiting and hoping had paid off for me that day!! GOD! I used those photos the most and jerked off so hard looking at them over and over again.

I was lusting all the time for my sexy neighbor. Some days she would stop in and see my mom and I'd fly down the stairs to see her in person. Every opportunity I had I'd said: "Hi" or just rush into the room to see her. She would always say hi back to me and talk with me like an equal not some kid.

Bonnie smelled wonderful, not from expensive perfume, just her natural scent was so sweet. She would walk past me and smile and I'd inhale her sweet aroma as I'd watch her ass wiggle in her shorts or slacks. She always looked wonderful, so fresh, clean and smooth. I was sure her skin was warm, soft and to the touch everywhere and I wanted so much to see and especially touch every inch of her. I dreamed about laying between her open thighs just touching and licking and kissing her pussy and upper inner thighs as I made love to her. God how I shot my load thinking of doing just that to her!!

My cock was always semi-hard or completely hard when I saw her in person or from my window. Nothing was better than to cum as I was day dreaming of making long slow lover to her after I had fucked her like hell that first time. I'd do anything to see her or be near her. I was so hooked on her she was like a drug.

I was sure my mother and she both knew how I felt about Bonnie. Mom always smiled at me and would tell me to settle down and behave, things like that when Bonnie was around. I had heard Bonnie tell her she felt it was sweet and kind of flattering to her that a handsome young guy like me would fall all over himself to see her and be around her. Mom and she would laugh some but I didn't know why or care, I wanted to be with her so badly.

When summer came around again my mother told me I needed to get a summer job in order to help pay for college. I was attending college near our home, that's all I could afford, and she insisted I'd get a job. The economy was bad, actually it sucked. So when Bonnie offered to pay me to cut her grass, paint some rooms in her house and help with other projects during the summer, my mom accepted without talking to me. The deal was I'd work for her as long as I didn't find a job paying more some place else.

When my mom told me about the job I was good with it that was for sure. Hell I'd work for free as long as I could be near Bonnie.

The day school ended I was ready to go over to Bonnie's house at 8AM!! My mom told me she would call and then I should go over. She smiled and told me I'd better be good alone in the house with her friend Bonnie. Then she smiled and wiggled her finger at me. I blushed like hell, knowing that my mom knew for sure how I felt about Bonnie. As I ate breakfast she continued to tease me a little and smiled at my blushing.

Around 10AM Bonnie called and my mom told her I had been ready since 8AM!! They both laughed again and then my mom told me to head on over and to wear old clothes since I was going to help Bonnie paint today. I rushed up and changed into a pair of old shorts and a tee shirt. Then I went out the back door and hopped the fence and saw Bonnie standing in the door still talking to my mother on the phone. She smiled as she saw me rushing to her door.

She was dressed in an old cream color tank top and a pair of shorts that had paint on them. I couldn't help but notice the top was ripped a little at the bottom but it was tight at the top which showed off her wonderful large breasts. I could see her nipple outline just a little as they pressed against the front of the top. Her shorts were nicely fitted to show the curves of her rear but the leg openings were kind of wide and loose. My first look made me think how I could easily run my hands up under each leg opening and rub her pussy as I knelt in front of her and worshiped her pussy. My cock jumped.

When I stood there looking at her tits she said, "Ah Bobby, my eyes and face are up here."

As she said that, she used a finger to lift my face up towards hers. I blushed like crazy and she smiled and told me: "Follow me Bob we are painting the upstairs spare bedroom today and first we have to move all the furniture to the middle of the room."

"BEDROOM!" Oh God my brain was working over time. But I walked behind her watching her ass wiggle and sway as she walked up the stairs.

When we got to the bedroom it was large with a bed and some other furniture in it. I began to move it myself since it wasn't that heavy. She stood there looking at me working and said: "Bobby you are very strong and you have a very nice body."

I didn't think and said that she had a great body too!! She smiled and said; "Well thank you sweetie. But, I didn't think guys your age even notice a woman like me; I mean I'm so much older."

I told her she wasn't old and that she looked like a 20 or 25 year old. She smiled and came over and kissed my cheek saying," You flatter, I know you're just being nice. But thanks, it makes me feel that all the work outs and things I do to stay in shape are working!"

She smelled wonderful as she stood so close to me. I told her again I wasn't just saying it that I felt she was beautiful. She smiled at me and said we should get started. And we did.

There wasn't much that happened but work, work, work, until lunch. She saw me looking at her a lot as she painted one side of the room and I did the other. When she caught me looking at her bending over, or reaching up high she would just smile. I had a hard on all morning and I was sure she knew it.

We stopped at lunch time and she told me she had lunch and we should take a break and eat. Again I followed her down the stairs and watched her body again as we walked into the kitchen. God she was so fine!!

Now it was hard to be in the same room with her upstairs painting without getting a hard on. But, now I was sitting with her alone in her kitchen eating lunch and talking. Her tits were so nice and looked so firm against her tank top. She sat with her legs crossed and her foot bouncing up and down. Her legs were in great shaped, and her thighs.....her thighs were so good to look at!!

She asked if I was happy that high school was over, then she asked about my class load in the fall when I go to college. She then asked if I was excited about going to college. Then she asked what I was going to do this summer besides work for her. She kept the conversation going since I was in a fog just being in the same room with her. Well I did talk but she knew I was very nervous.

We chatted a long time and she told me about her life and that her husband had left her and went to follow his dream of being a boat captain who owned his own boat in the Caribbean. He now had his own 50 foot sail boat and a new much younger Caribbean girlfriend. She told me her boy who was about my age was with his father all summer and that she was glad I was there to help with the work she needed done, and for the company.

Bonnie finally said good ridden to her old man and that she was glad she decided not to go with him 3 years ago. He had been a jerk all his life. She sort of confided in me and seemed to want to talk about it. I listened and at the end told her that I felt her husband was a fool for leave her.

She smiled and thanked me. Then she took my hand in hers and asked me why I felt that way. I told her I felt she was very beautiful and very nice and now that we had chatted I was sure she was a very easy person to be with too. I told her I was sure she was a good wife to him and he took advantage of her. She told me I was very insightful for my age.

She smiled a lot and touched my arm a great deal as we talked. Then she asked me if I was happy working with her. I told her very happy.

We went back to work and worked until 3PM. Then we took a break at 5 PM and we had sodas and a snack sitting on the floor in the bedroom. She sat cross legged right in front of me! All I could do was look between her legs directly where her cunt would be under those shorts. Again she used a finger to lift my face up towards hers and smiled.

She took my hand in hers as asked me: "Bobby, I would like to ask you something. It's sort of special Bobby, but it's also sort of a personal thing and I am not sure how to approach you about it. Also I don't want to embarrass you or make you upset."

I stumbled and stuttered but finally was able to say: "Ask me anything Bonnie. It's OK. I love talking to you."

She waited a second and then said: "Your mother is a little worried about you Bobby. And after we talked I am too, you're a nice guy Bobby."

I asked her why they were worried and about what?

She said: "Well it sort of personal but I think we are friends enough so I can say what she and I have talked about. It involved your social life and your sex education with the ladies."

I was stunned and said: "My social life and my SEX life!! What did she say? What is mom worried about?" God, this is embarrassing!"

She said: "No it's not bad she is just worried about you that's all. You don't seem to date much and she is worried about you."

I was getting more worried and said: "You have been talking about me with my mom about sex!!"

Bonnie said: "Well she felt it might be easier talking to me rather than her, you know she is your mom."

I was wondering what the hell was going but I finally said: "Well go ahead and ask me now I have to know now."

She smiled and said: "Well let's start this way Bobby. Do you have a steady girlfriend? You know what I mean, I know you don't call it that these days, but that's what we called it back in my day! Do you have a girl that you see most of the time, say more than any other? "

I said: "No not really, but I have dated some girls. Oh wait, I do have one I been dating for the past two months or so, I guess I have been dating her more than any others."

She smiled and still held my hand as she smiled and said: "Good that's good Bobby."

Then she bent in closer to me and asked: "Have you ever had sex with her?"

I said: "No."

Then she asked: "Have you had sex with any girl yet Bobby?"

Again I told her: "Sex what type of sex, ah.....what do you mean?"

She smiled and said: "I mean....I know oral sex is all the rage now in school, so I have been told, but I'm talking more like you know sexual intercourse, screwing."

I blushed and held my head down and said softly: "No! I have really wanted to but haven't done any of that yet. I have done some things but not those, not the oral or intercourse."

She patted my hand and smiled at me and then said: "So you're virgin. I mean an intercourse virgin. I'm sure you have masturbated. Right?"

I was blushing like crazy and looking at her body wasn't helping my cock or my brain!!! She sat there with her breasts and those nipples harder now and sticking out more against her top. Sitting with her legs crossed gave me a great view of her inner thighs, long legs and my imagination of her pussy under those shorts. God I loved looking at her body!

She said: "I'm sorry to embarrass you Bobby, but I need to talk with you about this for your mom."

I told her it was OK.

She said: "So then I guess you masturbate a great deal don't you?"

God my face was like a beet!! I was really embarrassed. She touched my face with her other hand and said: "its OK Bobby don't be ashamed or embarrassed, we all masturbate sweetie. I do it, you do it, hell sweetie even your mom does it I'm sure."

It didn't help me to think of my mom masturbating. I was still blushing hard. We talked a while longer about my dating life, or lack of it. Then she asked me again about my masturbation and I told her: "Yes, I do that a lot."

She smiled at me and asked: "I'm sure; a young healthy guy like you most likely has to do it a great deal. So how often do you do it?"

Before I could answer she told me: "I do it almost every day Bobby. Sometimes I do it more than once a day. It helps with my stress and makes me feel good. There's nothing wrong with it Bobby, everyone does it. I'm telling you, everyone. If they say they don't they are not being rueful with you."

"So how often do you do it, be trueful with me now, I told you I do it everyday", she asked"

I told her: "Yea, I do it at least once a day, and once a night. Mostly I do it twice a day, sometimes even more."

She said: "At 18 I'm sure you could do it more that that. So what do you think about when you do it, your girlfriend, or a Playboy photos. What?"

She smile and continued: "What makes you cum the best?"

She said cum and I smiled and blushed and said: "Sometimes I think about that girl, or a girl in school. Sometimes I look at photos, and sometimes..."I didn't finish my comment.

She said: "And sometimes what Bobby. What else makes you cum."

I hesitated and then said: "I think of other women. "

I looked down and said: "Sometimes I think about you Bonnie, you and your bikini as you lying out in the sun. I see you from my window. Sometimes."

She laughed and then said: "Oh Bobby you think of me? How nice. That's very flattering Bobby to think that a handsome young man like yourself would think about me and my bikini and cum! WOW!! Oh Bobby.....you really think about me?"

I said: "Yes, you look so great in that little bikini, and your body is so nice. I do it when I see you lying out in the sun. I sit by my window and watch you and I do it."

"So you spy on me you little devil, from your bedroom window", she laughed and then she patted my still very red face.

I had told her my biggest secret and she said: "If I ever see you I would wave and maybe even flash you. Would you show me your hard cock if I do?"

She asked me if I would like that and I told her: "OH God yes!!!!! I love looking at you and I would definitely show it to you."

She thanked me again and kissed my cheek again as she stroked my face with her soft warm hand. She looked at me and said: "Well I'm glad we can talk about this Bobby. Oh and I'm very happy I could get you off. Tell me Bobby; was it a good cum for you?"

I told her hey are always some of the best whe3n I see her. She kept touching and patting my face. Then she said: "Thank you baby! Thank you for being honest with me. And thank you for making me feel so good about myself. Imagine a young man like you looking at me in my bikini and cumming because he wants to fuck me. "

Right Bobby? When you do it you think of fucking me don't you Bobby? And when you cum I bet you are inside me fucking me like crazy, aren't you", she smiled as she said it.

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