tagBDSMTraining Day

Training Day


It was October of last year when I decided to visit my favorite music/book store on Hospital Hill. This one in particular is less than a quarter mile from my apartment but I decided to drive since the sky threatened to rain.

After listening to some selections I wandered to their enormous magazine rack. This one contained every one imaginable from several countries. There were even porn magazines which were sealed in plastic to prevent the place from becoming a library. There was one without a sleeve that caught my attention. It was a S & M magazine that was dog eared and torn; exactly the reason why the items are wrapped in the first place.

No one was on my aisle so I pulled this one off the rack and quickly perused page after page of bondage and sex. My heart raced as I felt my arousal build silently. I did not notice a woman walking past but I heard her exclaim a huff of disapproval. I turned her way to make fleeting eye contact and knew for sure her sound was intentional. The woman was middle aged and wore a non-defining dress that I imagine old European women would wear. She looked away with indignation as I became defensive.

“Bitch”, I muttered under my breath.

I decided to continue flipping through the magazine out of spite even though she was long gone.

After ten minutes or so I left the store without buying anything. Standing next to my car I fumbled for the right key when someone approached me from behind and covered my mouth. I had only an instant to respond before I passed out. There in a public setting someone had knocked me out with chloroform and brought me to an unknown place.

I awoke in total darkness with a throbbing headache. I was stark naked and hanging by my feet when I heard two people talking. I let out a holler and the sound of footsteps approached. The door opened and the room was filled with light. Two women came in and helped me from the ceiling bracket and onto my feet. It took a moment for me to regain my balance and let the blood rush subside. I recognized one of the women from the book store.

“Where am I and why am I here?” I asked.

The women ignored my words and grabbed my penis. I flailed and scrambled away in surprise. I was quickly cornered and wrestled to the floor.

“HOLD STILL!” they shouted.

Both women outsized me and subdued me with a knee to my throat. Once again a hand grasped my cock and scrotum as they fastened a strap of sorts around it. They pulled it tight to the point of near agony.

“OW!” I bellowed.

The pain of needles lessened as the pull of the strap let up. The women stood up and gave the leash a tug. The sensation of needles returned as I sprang to my feet. Already I was being conditioned to silent orders as this device punished my actions. As they pulled me forward my hands automatically seized the leash. My hands were quickly batted away and brought behind my back for a set of handcuffs. The steel clicked as it bit into my wrists. Another tug of the leash and I was in motion.

I was led down a hall and to a room where we were met by a very large woman. She was at least six inches taller than my six foot frame. She probably outweighed me by fifty pounds as well.

She walked behind her desk and sat down.

“Why am I here?” I asked.

“That’s a fair question,” she replied.

She looked at a piece of paper before deciding to answer.

My attention was caught by movement in the corner of the room. Once the two women left I thought we were alone. Then there was a little more movement. I noticed four upright shapes that appeared to be black body bags.

“Those are slaves,” the woman said. She continued looking over the document in front of her but could sense my curiosity.

The people were standing at attention from within a tight, zipped up bag. One was clearly a woman from her stature and height.

“Again, why am I here?” I asked.

“You have been chosen for a life of servitude. You are now my slave and you have no more free will.”

“What? How? Why me?” I pleaded.

“You will be broken, trained and sold. I will receive the entire proceeds of your sale to another master.”

I looked around the windowless room for a possible escape.

“You cannot escape. You will be broken of that desire in due time.”

My mind raced.

“I have money. My family has money and will pay you more,” I begged.

“This is not negotiable. Some things mean more than money. This is an industry and your services are needed. You are dead to the outside world.”

I sank slightly in my chair and stared at the floor.

The woman pushed her chair back as her wide hips arose from behind the desk. I stared at her snug jeans as she walked towards me.

“You can help decide how you want to serve your future master,” she said with a hint of consolation.

It was a lose-lose situation and I didn’t ask.

She reached for the leash but didn’t pull on it.

“On your feet!” she commanded.

I stood up immediately and looked in her eyes.

Without warning she gave the leash a vicious yank.

I screamed and nearly doubled over as the spikes cut into my nuts.

“No eye contact!” she shouted.

She turned and headed to the door as I followed her gait. Her sizable butt swaggered as she quickly walked with confidence.

I tried to keep up. I thrust my crotch in front of me in order to create slack in the leash as I hobbled pitifully along.

We suddenly stopped at a door while the woman slid a card through the security scanner. The door clicked and we went inside.

“This is where you’ll be stripped of your physical identity. You’ll be shaven and any tattoos will be sanded off.”

She gave me a once over.

“You don’t appear to have any tattoos. Too bad,” she said.

A burly man in leather walked in and nodded to the woman.

The woman turned to me and released the diabolic collar from my genitals.

“Obey my workers. You will see me again.”

I was grabbed briskly by the man in leather. The upper half of his face was covered in a leather mask but I could see his grin as he shoved me against the wall.

The leather man held my throat with his forearm as he waited for the door to closed behind the woman. The moment it shut the man brought his palm down with a painful slap across my face. He slapped me three times before he nearly knocked me out. This man lived to punish people and wasted no time in forcing me to submit.

I immediately cowered for him to stop.

“Get the fuck up!” he shouted as he slammed me back against the wall.

With one hand against my throat, he grabbed a leather strap and buckle attached to the wall and fastened it around my throat. I pressed my back to the wall to ease the tension from my throat. He reached over and grabbed electric shears and began shaving my head. He blew in my face to clear it of the trimmings. Once my hair was off my head, he began to shave the hair from my chest and before long grabbed my cock. He gripped it tight as the shears contoured my genitals and legs. The man forcefully spun my body around as the tight leather collar burned my neck. My wrists were still cuffed behind me as he pulled up on my arms. The pain in my chest was unbearable but he lowered them as he worked the razor down to my buttocks.

He kicked my legs apart and dutifully removed every last bit of hair.

He walked away momentarily and let me catch my breath.

I could hear him preparing something but couldn’t get more than a peripheral view of his activity. It seemed like an eternity before he returned.

“You’re going to like this, slave!” he seethed.

He was lathering up foam and rubbing it on the lowest part of my back just above my butt crack. A razor blade shaved any remaining stubble from my back before he surprised me with a red-hot branding iron. I felt as though I’d been shot as my body went numb. He held it in place for five seconds before I could smell my burning flesh and passed out.

The collar was the only thing holding me up when I regained consciousness and it was nearly strangling me. I stood and leaned into the wall as the leather man put away his branding gear. My back was burning with an indescribable pain. The man returned with some sort of oily salve that he rubbed over the burn.

“They tell me I got to do this. I’d rather burn you some more,” he said as he rubbed his other oily hand around my testicles.

The salve helped soothe the burn which was done under protest. The leather man was too sadistic to take credit for that.

His probing fingers were my next cause for concern. I heard his heavy zipper drop as he pulled his cock from his pants and began to prepare it for my painful finale. I remember wishing I was dead at that moment and hoping for some sort of mercy. He was lubricating his cock and I guess that was the only mercy I would receive.

Suddenly the security door clicked. The leather man stuffed his cock in his pants and jumped away before the door opened.

The big woman was escorting a new slave into the room.

“All finished?” she asked.

“Yep!” the leather man replied.

The new slave woman looked terrified and I could not give her any reassurance. I had no idea what we were in for.

“Did my new slave cooperate?”

“No, he did not. This one needs a painful lesson.”

I could not have been more accommodating and was now being punished some more. I didn’t know if that was his typical response but as long as he wasn’t the one meting out the punishment I was okay.

I didn’t realize my nose had bled from the earlier blows but the woman could see there had been some sort of trouble. She unfastened the collar and led me out of the room. I turned to see the leather man waiting for our departure before subjecting the slave woman to our unfinished business. The door closed behind us and no more than five seconds later the corridor echoed with the slave’s shriek.

“That man is sadistic!” I chimed.

“He is a kind man. You’ve seen nothing yet,” replied the woman.

“You’ve been obstinate and you will now be punished. No more talking!”

The woman shoved me into room and picked up a phone.

“Yes…the two of you. He’s ready now.” she said into the receiver before slamming it down.

She took a key and unlocked my handcuffs. The steel had already cut my skin deeply and caused bruising. I examined my wrists and moved them to make sure there were no breaks.

The door opened and the two matronly women each grabbed my arms and stretched them to opposite sides of the cell. They swiftly fastened my hands and took positions: one in front and one behind me. The big woman handed them each a whip and without delay they began to strike me in intermittent blows. I writhed in pain as my knees collapsed and I hung in place. I was screaming with each lash before the big woman interrupted the session.

“Stop, stop!”

The women were already sweating profusely as they remained in their places. The big woman approached me and stuffed a large bit into my mouth. I could not help but notice her nipples were erect and poking through the thin fabric of her tank top. Like her, the two knobs were larger than life and I found myself aroused at her cleavage in front of me.

I hadn’t noticed the two women unbuttoning the upper half of their dresses and shedding the tops from their shoulders. They were winded and out of shape and I could see beads of sweat running down their fat arms. They wound up and began striking me as before but this time I saw their pendulous breasts sway with each blow. The sagging boobs hung down to their waistlines and I had to wonder: Who were these women? How did they end up here?

The big woman watched my entire punishment with an unapologetic stare. Her nipples remained at attention but that was no remedy for my burning skin.

When the whipping stopped she approached me slowly and grabbed the length of my shaft. I hadn’t noticed I was erect and at attention. She remained silent as she examined my erection and gave my nuts a gentle squeeze.

I stared down her top before I sensed she was looking at my face. My eyes met her brown eyes and she smiled. Her teeth were perfect and I watched her lips as she began to speak.

“I said you could determine the nature of your servitude. You’ll do well in the sex trade. Perhaps I’ll keep you for myself!” she said with a wink.

I was beaten and compliant by the time I was released, handcuffed and led away. We passed the same slave woman being escorted along. She was now shorn from head to toe and was also bleeding from where her tattoo had been. We made eye contact briefly as she was led to the punishment room. The big woman brought me to a room with a dozen or more slaves in their body bags. This time they were laying down as if in a morgue. I was brought to an empty bag and forced to climb inside. The bag was upright and attached to something that limited its movement.

“This is where you’ll slumber. If you move, you’ll be restrained. If you speak, you’ll be gagged and so on. You’ll only get one chance and that’s it.”

I wasn’t sure I’d fit but the bag seemed to have been made especially for me. She zipped it up and I was in complete darkness. I felt a jolt and could tell the device was lowering me into the horizontal position. The woman shut the door behind her and there was silence. I could hear an occasional shift and a cough from the other slaves as they obligingly rested in their coffins.

“Hello?” I asked.

There was only silence.

“Hello. Anyone there?”

Still no response except for some shifting and another cough.

These people were either sleeping soundly or too scared to utter a word.

“Are we being monitored?” I asked.

Suddenly there were several little coughs. My question had been answered.

An hour or so later, the slave woman was brought in and placed in the bag next to me. I wanted to say something but didn’t want to jeopardize our relative safety.

I decided I needed to sleep if I was to remain sane. It was difficult but necessary if I was to make the break I needed. The doors were all secured and the windowless rooms made me think we were underground. I would have to commandeer someone in charge. This could take awhile.

I was almost asleep when I heard the door open. Someone walked in and was quickly checking on the slaves. I could hear the zip of the body bags as the person hurried around the room. This was no ordinary check. Soon the person reached my bag and unzipped it. Sure enough, the leather man had not forgotten his unfinished business with me and broke into our cell for the sole purpose of retrieving me. He wrestled me out of the bag and dragged me across the floor. He returned to the bag and zipped it up.

He came back to me and began dragging me down the hall by my feet.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I’m going to set you free, pretty boy!” he said with sarcasm.

“You’re going to get caught. The monitor saw you.” I said in desperation.

“I am the monitor, motherfucker!”

I knew I was in trouble as he dragged me into a janitor’s closet. I was flat on the floor as he turned to close the door. I noticed him look both directions before closing the door and could tell time was of the essence. I noticed a hunting knife strapped to his leg and a baton on the other. He was nervous but determined as he flipped the lock.

He dragged me to my feet with ease and punched me in the face. He held me up by the throat before beating my face some more. I fell back as he released his grip and stumbled against a wash basin. He pulled his baton out by the time I turned around and walloped me in the abdomen. I was half-expecting this and braced myself for the blow. After three hard blows he spun me around and I collapsed over the basin. I was sucking air and was close to vomiting as the sound of leather man’s zipper filled the room. He pulled pants to his knees and let me have it. He was much stronger than I and probably trained in martial arts. I knew that there was only one time I’d have an advantage over him and that was during orgasm. His cock penetrated me and lifted me off the floor as he violently pumped away. My instinct was to move aside but he brought his baton around my neck with both hands and was bent on breaking my neck. I held my breath as he furiously slid in and out of me. The pain was excruciating but I knew he was about to come. I acted as though I’d passed out by giving up the struggle and he released his grip. He slowed as I felt him pump his load with a regular pace. The moment he pulled his cock from my hole I turned and punched him in the face. He was hardly phased as I ducked to grab the knife from the sheath. He delivered a left blow to my head that sent me to the floor. But not before I pulled him down with me and stuck the knife into his throat. He continued with numerous painful but futile blows before coming to a dead stop. He was on top of me and I was covered in blood and semen.

I had to get him out of the leather and wash up before my big escape. His clothes fit loosely on me except for his mask. I stuffed his body under the basin and made a break for it.

I quickly made my way down the hall but was struck with an afterthought. It occurred to me I could try and rescue the slave woman if my disappearance had not yet been discovered. The door was closed and the security card granted me access. I had no idea if the big woman was on the other side but there was one way to find out. I opened the door and was met by the same scenario as before. All was silent.

I unzipped the slave woman’s bag and pulled her out. I had a good sense of direction and which rooms I’d already seen. I chose wisely which led us to a stairway and to the outside. The exit door sounded a high pitch alarm. It seemed like we were in an old business park near the Port and it was probably the middle of the night. There was an older business pick-up within a hundred meters with a key above the visor. This was our way out of there. I drove the slave woman to her apartment. I promised her I’d contact the police when the time was right in order to make an effective raid on the compound. She agreed to wait until she heard from me. I continued on to the store where my car still sat. I had a nervous feeling as I found the hidden key and started toward home. I was sure I was not being followed and entered my apartment with the lights off. I stared out the window for awhile and thought of my plan. I would write the police a letter and write another one to send in the mail in case it didn’t fall in the right hands. I chose not to go into great detail but explained that there were people involved in the slave trade and their exact location. I finished writing my letters and realized I was still wearing the leather. It had dried by this time and was feeling tight. I peeled it off and caressed my whipped skin. The welts were beginning to soften but I could feel my bruised ribs. I took a long shower and pulled my gun from the closet before going to sleep.

I woke up mid-morning with an erection. I’d dreamed about my ordeal and the big woman in particular. In spite of all I’d been through, I hadn’t pleasured myself to the thought of such depravity. It was wrong to capture unsuspecting, non-consenting people for slavery but I was oddly excited to have been a part of such activity. Where else could I have been subject to such debauchery? I gripped my throbbing cock and pumped it into ecstasy.

Although I came all over myself, I wasn’t completely satisfied. I had to see the big woman again. Even if I had a police escort. Well, maybe if the police showed up a little later, I thought. Finally, I devised a plan that would safely satisfy all my wishes.

I dropped the police a letter containing the security card and sent another one from the post office. This would give me until noon the next day to see the big woman before the police decided to act. Hopefully they would act or I’d be in deep shit. I also told the other slave woman to tell the police if all else failed.

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