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byJoseki Ko©

One of the things I've talked about most with other masters, is training and games. Some seem to believe training to be a serious business and others aren't really sure how to go about it. My personal approach is to use games. I've always figured that if I'm not having a good time I should be doing something else. This philosophy has taken over my life, I work this way, play this way and treat my slave this way.

My favorite game is the penny game. This can be used for training a slave to stay in any position. I will list my favorite position here. It's a modified Nadu.

You need to find a linoleum or tile floor. This doesn't work on carpet. Your slave kneels before you knees spread, hands behind the back fingertips and thumbs touching. Between the finger tips and thumb tips you place pennies. Now the fun begins. Start tickling or playing with your slave. I enjoy both at different times. For now lets go with sexual stimulation. This helps teach your slave to remain in position when excited. As your slave gets more and excited they will lose concentration. When this happens one or more of the pennies will drop. You'll both be surprised at how loud this is.

Now first and foremost stop stimulating your slave. Let them stew in their own juices. Now the type of punishment is your choice. Not all punishments are effective with every slave. Some like pain and will enjoy the spanking, some love being exposed and cornered etc. Pick the type of punishment you wish to inflict and inflict it.

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. So as soon as your slave is done with the punishment repeat the game. You may play this as often as you like. I've always found it to be a fun game and my slave loves the attention.

Teaching your slave to cum on command is also a highlight not to be missed. You can accomplish this by installing what is called a trigger word or trigger. Important safety tip. If you do this right it is possible that your slave will never again be able to cum without permission. So make sure that this is what you want to accomplish. Some Gorean Masters want their slaves to come as much and as often as possible. If this is you, don't train your slave to use a trigger.

Tie your slave on the bed face down and spread eagle. Lay a rattan cane across her arms or whatever you intend to discipline her with. Tell her to cum when you say the word NOW, or whatever word you choose. Tell your slave that if they don't cum when you say now they will receive twenty stripes with that cane. If they come before I say the word NOW they will also be given twenty stripes with the cane. Make sure they understand this.

When you are ready start running your hands over her. I prefer to use my hands because I can stimulate more than just her tit's and clit. I know us guy's have one basic spot. Blow us and we cum. On a woman her entire body can be an erotic zone. So run your hands up and down the full length of her. Take note where she moans and return to that spot. Now the fun begins try to drive her to the very edge of cumming. When you think she can't take any more stop and go drink a soda eat something just take a break and let her calm down. Then go back and repeat the process, again drive her to the edge but don't let her cum. Have another soda and start over. This time drive her to the same point. You should be good at finding it by now. Line your fingers up on her clit and yell your trigger word as your fingers enter her. Make sure she cums.

Ok now this process should be repeated every day and will probably take up to a month or more to set. Remember the experts say it takes 30 days to make a behavior habit and just three days to break it. So expect to be at this awhile. When your done you will be able to say your trigger word and she will cum on the spot. (Highly entertaining at parties)

I love using the trigger word in front of some of our vanilla friends. The looks I get from her as she cums quietly so they don't know are very enjoyable. Don't over use the trigger but do enjoy it.

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