tagFetishTraining Him to Take Dick Ch. 02

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 02


(I opened a big can of worms when I made a pact with my buxom lesbo lover Claire. Claire decided to dominate me first before she took her boyfriend's asshole. I was her guinea pig to practice on with her strapon dildo. My asshole would be good and stretched before she would take Carl's butthole!)


I had just fucked Michael in the asshole with my 8in. strapon dildo taking his virgin ass. He was so turned on by my fucking that he actually came for me as I stimulated his prostate gland with the bulbous head of my silicon dildo. I was so proud of him I took him into the shower afterwards washing his devirginized asshole, I knelt down and licked his newly fuck ass. I pushed my tongue so far up his ass he thought he was being fucked again by my dildo. I did such a good job performing analictus, Michael's dick actually got hard again. I stood up and bent over allowing him to pleasure himself with my own asshole; his just reward for bending over for me. Because he had already shot his wad several times, he lasted for a good long time which gave me some regrets because I really didn't want him to get used to fucking me in the ass again. I concentrated on squeezing his shaft with my anal muscles until Michael shot one more wad deep inside my colon. To punish him for fucking my ass, I chained him to the bed forcing him to sleep that way alone all night long. I left a pitcher on the night stand just in case he had to take a pee.

Still horny I got on the phone inviting myself over to Claire's house. I was so excited we talked all night long in between 69 sessions. Claire sucked my clitoris so hard I came several times and when I awoke in the morning it was still sticking out of its hood. We began to make plans to take care of Carl. Claire wanted me to be present because I was more seductive and could easily talk Carl into taking it up the ass.

That afternoon we went shopping at an adult toy store. Claire bought herself a rubber harness and a silicon dildo larger than Carl's own cock. I told her it was too big for the first time but Claire insisted because she wanted to teach him a lesson about anal penetration; showing him how much she put herself through when he fucked her in the ass. I actually liked the dildo because it had a smaller dildo on the other end that inserted into the user's vagina which stimulated your G. spot as you were fucking. It also had a working ball sack that could be filled with whatever you wished and ejaculated out of the head of the main penis. I actually went back in and purchase one for myself to use on Michael.

When we got home Claire tried her dildo on modeling her "cock" for me stark naked. My face turned bright red as Claire suggested that she use me for a few practice rounds with her new "cock", reminding me that I had already used her several times to practice for Michael. I had no excuses so I limply smiled and agreed.

Claire insisted that we start immediately so off to the bedroom we went Carl was off watching football so we had plenty of time to play. My nasty girlfriend went in and sucked off Carl collecting a generous portion of semen for her shooting dildo. Storing her sperm specimen in the small bedside refrigerator in the bedroom Claire was going to fill her dildo as soon as we began fucking. I was going to feel pretty much the same treatment I had already received from Carl but I was sure that Claire was going to put off shooting her come lasting a lot longer than Carl. A strapon stays hard all day and all night long! Claire allowed me to at least take an enema and a nice hot shower before she began to "practice".

Michael had just fucked me in the ass last night and I was still a little sore from that experience but I didn't want to disappoint my lesbian sister. I told Claire that I wanted to be her slutty slave for the weekend and she could do whatever she pleased with me. Claire looked me in the eyes and smiled then slapped my face across both cheeks ordering me to kneel down at her feet. Grabbing the back of my head she forced me to suck her "cock" pushing the dildo all the way to the back of my throat. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail and Claire was using it to pull my mouth up and down on her "cock". I felt very used but somehow it made me feel wanted inside because Claire was willing to play with me in this intimate way. Forcing me to fellate her for a good fifteen minutes my mouth was sore and pouting for her to stop. Giggling Claire playfully told me that I must have been out of practice sucking cock, telling me not to worry she was going to give me lots of chances to suck her own "cock".

We shared everything including BDSM experiences. Whenever I wished to have my butt spanked Claire willingly obliged me without question. We always played in secret and never told our boyfriend's that we took turns dominating each other. Our dominate lesbian play was none of their business, as far as the boys knew we enjoyed licking each other's pussies and fucking each other with strapon dildos.

Claire dragged me into this shower by my ponytail. Taking off her strapon she knew that she did not need it at this time. Reaching for her rubber enema bag Claire held it beneath her pussy and began pissing into the bag. I was going to get a urine enema just like I administered to Michael I should not have told Claire what I had done; now I was going to get the same medicine. Claire completely filled the bag and then connected the rubber hose. Bending me over Claire immediately stuck the nozzle into my asshole. I couldn't believe my own girlfriend was giving me a piss enema with her own urine. As the fluids entered my colon Claire began spanking my ass cheeks reminding me how many times I had already fucked her in the ass. I had used Claire for an entire month three times a week and she was determined to get me back with a vengeance. I didn't even try to talk her out of it. I was in love with her and I wanted to please her the best way I could, and if it was taking her "cock" in the ass for her I would do it and not complain at all, except to moan and groan as she was driving her dildo up my tight butthole.

Her urine flowing into me was giving me stomach cramps and the spanking was quite painful; I think Claire was getting carried away with her discipline. I cried out after every blow as she slapped my ass cheeks red convincing me we were entering a new phase of our relationship for sure. Pounding the tender flesh of my lower cheeks Claire knew exactly where to spank to get the most pain out of the blows. Claire was bigger than me and I looked up to her. I was always willing to do anything for her to please her including sharing my boyfriend whenever she wanted some extra stimulation. Now I was going to allow her to teach her boyfriend Carl to fuck my boyfriend Michael in the asshole.

When the enema bag finally emptied into my colon I was quite cramped and needed to go to the bathroom but Claire forbid me keeping the nozzle inside of me. Teasing me she pulled me close to her and gave me a long sensuous French kiss, which made me temporarily; forget about my churning belly for the moment. When she finally broke the kiss pulling her long tongue out of my mouth she gave me a swat on the butt and told me that I could relieve myself.

Afterwards I returned to the shower again to take a hot sensuous and soapy cleansing with my lover Claire. We rubbed our sudsy naked bodies all over each other. I loved feeling Claire's huge breasts massaging my torso. She even used her nipples to stimulate my labia lips and my excited clitoris. Kneeling down she massaged her breasts all over my red spanked bottom. She worked one finger into my rectum, then I felt her put another one inside of me and then another until she almost fisted my asshole. I was so turned on it didn't even hurt I began begging for her to fuck me in the ass. Claire only giggled and kept fucking my asshole with her fingers promising me the most sensuous buttfucking I will ever receive from a woman.

Leading me into the bedroom with three fingers still up my ass Claire finally took them out ordering me to get up on the bed with my butt up in the air and legs spread wide open. I was horny I would have let her fuck me with a two by four. Jumping up on the bed I put two pillows underneath my belly and spread my legs wide just as she asked lewdly wiggling my butt in anticipation of my nasty lover. Claire's new dildo and harness was dangling from her right hand. Remembering her sperm sample in the refrigerator Claire took it out and filled her silicon ball sack sticking her tongue out at me she began to strap it on. I cocked my head back towards her so that I could watch. My clitoris was actually itching for attention when I saw her push the fuckers end of the dildo into her vagina. Claire had a big smile on her face and was stroking her huge dildo just like her boyfriend Carl does right before screws us. Claire told me Belinda get ready for the best fuck of your life. You already know my new "cock" will never get soft make yourself comfortable because you're going to get fucked inside and out tonight. By the time I am through with you you'll know that your mine. Your butt hole is going to get very used to my "Dick"!

I had watched Claire strapon a dildo many times but that was to fuck my wet pussy. We have both taken dick up our asses from our boyfriends but we had never fucked each other in the ass with a dildo. The night I fucked Claire in the ass we were both drunk so we just decided to do it just to be nasty. Claire was surprised that she actually had an orgasm from me fucking her butthole. We had always felt used by our boyfriends when they fucked us in the ass. It made us feel even worse because they always bragged afterwards how they loved fucking dykes in the ass. This macho attitude was going to be broken and we're going to teach the boys that bisexuality isn't bad after all and can be quite pleasurable. Once we sobered up we made it our goal to seduce and train our boyfriends in the art of by bisexuality. That afternoon after a nice bubble bath I took Claire back to bed and fucked her in the ass again. She shot pee all over the place during the fucking and came several times. When I finished we both were covered in her urine, it was wild. I had fucked her on her back with her legs raised in a wide V. Her pee shot up into the air like a geyser soaking us both it was hot. We were both hooked on anal sex after that.

Both of us love sex, bisexual and heterosexual; we were comfortable with both men and women. We love being kinky and we love bondage and discipline. But our final line is the strict enforcement of female superiority and female domination without compromise. We both swore an oath to the goddess that we will uphold her truth. It will not be long and both are men will be kneeling before the goddess with stripes on their bodies suffering the lashes of submission. We also pledged that our men will be fucked before the goddess in a bisexual ceremony celebrating anal sex. We're also going to use anal sex to subjugate our boys and make them beg us crawling on their knees to even look at our pussies. They will be made to view our pussies as their sacred cup of motherhood, making them lay prostate and worship our Yoni.

I think I was more excited than Claire to be fucked in the ass by a superior lover rather than by a man. I was confident that Claire could get me off. Claire loved fucking my pussy with a strapon and I knew she was very good with an artificial dick. Claire is so good at it she should have been born with a dick. I have been fucked by the best of studs and none of them compete with my lesbian girlfriend Claire when it comes to fucking pussies. The coeds here at college beat our door down to get a turn with Claire and her dildo.

Crawling up on the bed behind me Claire grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart sliming her tongue up and down my ass crack until I felt the tip of her tongue push into my anus. I love getting my asshole eaten out by her. Claire has a long tongue and likes to use it like a cock pushing a deep into any orifice that pleased her. I could tell by the way she was eating my ass that she was excited filling it with saliva. I began begging her to fuck me I wanted to feel her huge cock of my asshole I had never taken such a huge cock in my asshole before but I knew that Claire would go slowly and it would be an erotic experience. Claire has a technique that she calls French kissing my anus she likes it when I squeeze my anus around her tongue as she is fucking me with it. Her luscious wet lips are pursed around the outside of my anus kissing me at the same time. It is such a turn on, it makes me cream my pussy just thinking about it. But now I was being treated to the fantasy. I was frantically rubbing my extended clitoris with my thumb nail but forcing myself not to have an orgasm because I was going to save it so that we could both come together during the buttfucking.

Good things had to come to an end and Claire pulled her tongue out of my asshole giving me a lot painful slap across my ass cheeks to get my attention. Claire promised to fuck me nice and slow taking our time to get the entire dildo into my rectum. I could feel Claire with dildo in hand begin to rub the tip up and down my ass crack teasingly searching for my anus. Easily pushing the head of the dildo into my anus, sensing my eagerness Claire ordered me to relax and let her do the pushing. I took a deep breath and just let myself go. I could feel Claire push the large girthed dildo into me the first 3in. The impalement actually felt like I was being fucked by a horse. I was getting nervous and Claire still had 7in. to go my heart rate was increasing and I was taking deep breaths through my mouth. Claire told me to keep playing with my clitoris to get my mind off the dildo. I was frigging myself so hard I thought I was going to wear it out. Rotating her hips, teasing me to open up a wider Claire began pushing the dildo into me inch by inch. The diameter of the shaft actually got larger the deeper it entered me. It felt like the end of the dildo was going to come all the way out of my mouth. I began to meditate shifting my mind into another sexual zone. I imagined that Claire's cock was real and I was her woman and I was giving her my asshole because I loved her.

The meditation seemed to help me relax and Claire was able to get a good 7in. of her dildo into my butthole. Yanking my hand away stopping me from frantically masturbating Claire slapped my ass several times awakening me from my fantasy dream. Now I felt as if Claire was shoving her entire body into my asshole. In order to get the rest of the dildo inside of me Claire leaned forward confession that she was using Carl's semen to lubricate her way into me. As she was pushing into my asshole she was slowly squeezing the balls of the dildo injecting me with Carl's lubrication. I had fucked Claire's pussy many times after Carl had fucked her never needing any lubrication. I took another deep breath forcing myself to relax even more and gave Claire the go ahead to push inside of me. Grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling them as far apart as she could Claire opened her mouth and let out the scream of the banshee shifting her hips forward driving the dildo all the way into my rectum. There was so much pressure on my bladder I really wanted relieved myself but I wanted to wait until she flipped me over and fucked me on my back. Cheering loudly and spanking my bare ass cheeks Claire celebrated my impalement.

I didn't want to bitch but the continuous ass slaps were beginning to be quite painful. I tried to calm Claire down begging her not to spank me anymore. Seeming to come off of her high she felt disappointed warning me that after we were finished I was going to get the strap and the cane to finish the celebration of my submission to her. I had some issues with using my boyfriend Michael that I have asked Claire to deal with; she promised that by the time she got through with my discipline I would not have any more problems with Michael as far as dominating him was concerned. Being submissive to Claire sometimes gave me problems dominating Michael and so Claire was going to deal harshly my attitude.

Slowly rotating her hips in circles Claire was grinding me into the bed sheets opening my asshole convincing me with more slaps on my sore asscheeks, encouraging me to relax for a long buttfucking. I turned my head around and told her to go ahead and begin fucking me. That at least stopped her from spanking my ass because she grabbed my cheeks pulling them apart with her long fingernails digging into my flesh. I could feel her huge "cock" began to pull out of my asshole. When only the head was inside of me Claire grabbed my ponytail yanking my head back as she plunged the dildo back into my anus. I could see the clock on the night stand it was three in the afternoon. Claire began to driving the dildo in and out of my asshole like a bitch in heat. By the time Claire tired, it was a good forty five minutes of continuous pounding to my bowels. Dripping with sweat and having a very sore asshole I could hear Claire began to cry out just about ready for her first orgasm. I was frankly diddling my own clitoris and as Claire screamed out I came with her.

Pulling out of my asshole Claire forcibly rolled me over on my back, grabbing my ankles bending me almost two skillfully pushed the dildo back into my dilated butthole. I knew what Claire wanted she wanted me to let lose and give us both a glorious golden shower to celebrate my submission to her. She wanted me to shoot a geyser just like Claire had done to me. I had to pee so bad that would not be a problem. The huge dildo in this position was putting even more pressure on my bladder. I pulled Claire to me and gave her a deep yearning kiss. I even attempted to push my tongue into her mouth so she could suck on it. Staying in her dominant mode this seemed to enrage her Claire who bit the tip of my tongue so hard I could taste blood and she was sucking on it. Part of my initiation process I learned never to push my tongue into her mouth unless she asked me to. Showing me who was the boss Claire stop sucking my bleeding tongue and then forcefully pushed her tongue all the way down my throat choking me. Salivating down my throat Claire was feeding me her spit possessing my mouth. I knew this is a technique used in magic for control. I submitted to the kiss and allowed her to have me. Taking my lower lip between her teeth she began fucking me really hard and not letting go of my lower lip. The fucking was intense and within five minutes were both climaxing again. The dildo in this position was giving my engorge clit enough stimulation to get me off and it was awesome.

The moment Claire came she released my lower lip and cried out pushing the dildo all the way into me so hard my bladder immediately let lose like a fire hose. I didn't know it at the time but as we were crying out in orgasmic bliss Claire was busy squeezing the balls of her dildo injecting me with the rest of Carl's sticky semen. Because I was bent in half my urethra was pointed upwards. My hots stream of urine was squirting Claire's belly but gravity bounced the fluids back all over me and the bed. Soon we were both completely soaked in hot sticky urine. With the dildo still a deep inside my butt hole Claire and I began to let loose and laugh finding each other's faces and giving each other a congratulatory kiss. Claire unstrapped her harness from her hips leaving the dildo inside of my butt hole. Holding the shaft she began to move her hips up and down fucking herself on the dildo that was inside of her vagina. Watching her glassy eyes staring into space I knew she was still on that orgasmic plateau and just wanted more. Claire has an insatiable appetite for pleasure. I used my anal muscles to hold the dildo inside of me while Claire enjoyed herself on her end of the dildo. I could tell by the way she was moving that she was stimulating her G. spot with the head of dildo and at the same time diddling her clitoris. It didn't take long and Claire wildly came falling backwards pulling herself off the dildo.

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